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Great organized and efficient service
linda from MN on 1/23/2018
Professional, polite strong young men greet you and assist you in selecting beach’s f water equipment. We rented beach umbrellas and chairs. They hauled them to our location and set them up. Each umbrella has a rented tag attached to it with your corresponding rental number. An organized and efficient system.
Very Useful!
lindakimberley on 1/23/2018
Over and over we have found the TripAdvisor App very useful. Gives us up to date reviews and opinions on hotels, restaurants and attractions. We rely on it a lot and have found places we’d never have known existed without it. We like to eat at non-chain, locally owned restaurants and this gives us a guide to places we want to try. We are often very pleased with our “finds” while traveling!
White possum Grill....surprised!
paystone on 1/23/2018
What a nice surprise.. headed home after a trip to the mountains and was looking for a lunch place..( not fast food)... great food, great service and great prices with great variety... just Great!!
Best Place
Irish55j on 1/23/2018
Came to Bag of Nails in Centerville, Ohio during a Christmas vacation visiting family. Great place for fish. Great atmosphere. We will definitely be back in May.
My Go To!
1queenb4u on 1/23/2018
I don’t make a move without checking trip advisor. App is very user friendly and the reviewers are pretty honest. Love my Trip Advisor!
I always check TripAdvisor while planning a vacation
DebSpag on 1/23/2018
TripAdvisor is my go to site for trip planning. I always sift through the positive and negative reviews, comments, and photos to get a good variety of info on places we might like to see, stay, or dine.
Pankaj is an outstanding server!
klong49 on 1/23/2018
We had a wonderful time in the Quoin Lounge of the Novotel Delhi, thanks to Pankaj. He was friendly, asked about us and our travels in India, and gave us excellent service. This experience was a great to end our visit to this fascinating country! Best wishes, Pankaj!
Love Love Love Trip Advisor
SoapDopeGirl on 1/22/2018
Anytime I am looking to check out a new restaurant, adventure, road trip or vacation the first place I go to is Trip Advisor. I rely on all the reviews, and I also write reviews on any and all new experiences that I have with hotels, restaurants and airlines. I wouldn’t dream of booking anything without first going to Trip Advisor.
Your mileage may vary
ussenbyprise on 1/22/2018
Most of the time, I have a positive experience with Trip Advisor, but there have been times when that isn’t so. Hours have been incorrect, restaurants have been long since closed, locations have been inappropriate for the folks I planned to dine with, that sort of thing. However, I have found many unique and interesting places to dine and explore, and I’ve become more active in helping to improve the information by updating it when those little snags happen. Trip Advisor is user-driven, and travelers have to help each other out to get the best results from the app.
Fix this issue.
labradorpepe on 1/22/2018
Can’t get access to my IPhone pictures, thus, cannot review my trips with photos.
Great Travel App
AnthJoriTurch052213 on 1/22/2018
This app really helps people not feel so lost during their travel, anywhere.
жир бомба
tyomich777 on 1/22/2018
офигенное приложение на отдыхе
Flamingo Las Vegas
Dee129111 on 1/21/2018
Awful. Don’t waste you money. Rooms were not as advertised and dirty. Old overpriced hotel.
Useful App for travelers
sporty dog on 1/21/2018
I like this app as long as it doesn't become too commercial with hotels and such. It's pretty handy to pull this up in a new place and see what's fun to do.
Overall good app, but...
Travelin' Mike on 1/21/2018
No issues with this app, except it doesn’t link to my iPhone photos correctly. It only shows some of my available photos. Can’t find a setting to fix this.
Las Canteras Restaurant
lapeque1 on 1/21/2018
Suspiro a la Limeña an expensive dessert for the amount. In shock!!!!
Xhitxmanx on 1/21/2018
Great app very helpful if you wanna compare hotels , attraction ...., or promote your business
Just bad
Fgtxr on 1/21/2018
Awful UI makes it really hard to do anything
Always use this app
Sigmtnsurf on 1/21/2018
I always use this app, like some have said read everything with a wary eye, mainly the negatives unless they pile up about the same thing.
Luma Hotel on W. 41st
J. Benny on 1/21/2018
Irving was absolutely phenomenal! My family will come back and stay at Luma because of his kind, attentive, and supportive service! Definitely 5 stars! Thank you!
sOgrandma on 1/21/2018
My friend, her son & I stayed at this hotel for one nite since it was snowing and late at night. Our destination was Chesterfield, VA. The bed was comfortable, the pillows were lumpy. The lamp shades were broken. I can’t really imagine that this is a costly item and was very surprised to see them. If a hotel wants to keep their reputation as a 4 Star hotel they need to realize that this is unexceptionable and should be replaced. Not sure when the room was dusted , but I had to take a tissue and dust the headboard and tv as well. These are important factors in whether I would return or not. When I stay at a hotel I am spending my hard earned money and expect the room to be perfect. I will say breakfast was nice with a wide variety of items to eat, cereal, muffins, waffles and different juices. Country inn needs to pay attention to many things to make visitors experiences a pleasant one. I will say break
A must for traveling!
TitusPhoto on 1/21/2018
We travel quite a bit for our work. We use Trip Advisor all the time to find new restaurants and places to visit on our down time. Love this app!!
Love this APP
RyanBeckyJ on 1/21/2018
Love love love this app. We travel a lot during the year for family, work, sports and this app is great. With the users and patrons providing the feedback you get a real feel to what to expect. Every time we have visited a place that was recommended on Trip Advisor it has been spot on. We don't use any other app! Download this app and you wont be sorry and won’t need any other app!
Most consistently helpful consumer-driven reviews
Arcee__co on 1/20/2018
Tripadvisor has been my go to site for travel and restaurant information since 2009. It is powerful and reliable because of the sheer number of reviews,Allowing one time or regular users the ability to gain information and yet make their own decisions. Best of all it is 100% free.
Why call it Eagle Cafe?
Alamdar Arastu on 1/20/2018
We had our office Christmas Luncheon (12/14/2017) at the Eagle Cafe. We were about 20 people each with a very customized order. A long white cloth table was reserved for us. One of our colleagues had ordered her lunch online and behold she was served lunch on arrival complete with her drink! She finished eating by the time everyone else got through looking at their menus! So why did they call this the Eagle Cafe? The views of the Bay were great and so was the service and the food was really good. We paid good money for it. Who cares about money at a Christmas party? The restaurant has been serving the good folks of San Fran since 1928 when the place was a shack on the water. So go to the Eagle Cafe if you can on your next eat out! I enjoyed my roasted shrimp lunch.
Eldorado casino Reno Nevada
Patty 1632 on 1/20/2018
Lots of fun on slots. Easy to go to favorite slots on each visit. Enjoy!
First time international travel
DickieD19 on 1/20/2018
Coming from someone who is trying their first time international travel solo, I love the app because it’s on the go and everything you could possibly need is right at your finger tips
No go
Thdangx on 1/20/2018
This ONE STAR is for CRAIG the MANAGER. I went for a birthday dinner. We had a table of 10 with a reservation. At first everything was fine. The server asked us for our drinks and food. Nothing out of the ordinary. We got our food and we were having a good time. Food was good and tasty. I had the scallops risotto. My fiancé had the short rib ravioli and some wine. Then at one point my fiancé heard someone walk by and say “SO loud.” We had no idea who it was, ignored it and continued with the night. The restaurant was all loud and our level was normal compared to the atmosphere. You couldn’t hear someone talking across the table. So it was a loud atmosphere overall. Plus, our table was placed right in the middle of the restaurant near the door. The bar was behind us so it was a busy area. Then when we got our $450 check, we were splitting it amongst ourselves. We were surprised that they charged $20 to cut the cake for us. It would have been okay if we knew but no one mentioned any cake cutting fee. Half the table was still finishing up the dessert. Then not 10 minutes in, we heard someone yell to a server “they’re not leaving!” What the hell?! Were we suppose to hear that?! My fiancé confronted him and he had nothing to say and shrugged it off like he did nothing wrong. Most of the table has worked in a restaurant before so we understand if they needed the table.. But talking about us behind our backs was not the way a manager should behave. The most I would do is probably order take out for the food and not the service.
Oriental Garden in Monroe GA-BEWARE!!!
Xbadboy on 1/20/2018
Beware! No intergrity for food or service. We ordered Sweet & Sour Chicken, picked it up, and took it home. When I got home, the meat was not chicken and very hard to chew. So I immediately took it back to get it resolved. The person behind the counter told me it was pork. I said no problem just replace it with the chicken. She came back from the back and informed me that because we ate half of it, which we didn’t eat any of was disgusting, and because they marked as pork when I called it in, even though when I picked it up confirmed chicken, he (owner) would not replace it with chicken. I then asked for a refund. They refused and pointed to the sign that noted “no refunds”. (Now I know why they post no refunds) So basically they got my order wrong, gave us disgusting food, refused to correct it and kept my money even we couldn’t eat the food. Culture of greed! #donoteatorientalgardenmonroe
Veggie Burger?? What did you do?
Slr1 on 1/20/2018
Why did you change the recipe for the best veggie burger ever? Me and my many friends were addicted to it. Now it has beets and not very good. Please go back to your best veggie burger anywhere. Was a very loyal patron. It wasn’t broken...why change. Please let us know online if you change it back.
Noah’s restaurant and lounge Punta Cana
Lynn A B on 1/20/2018
Great food selection and terrific service. They will send a car to take you there and back. Don’t miss this gem. Ariel and Robert are great hosts.
Discounts over safety
Newbee3355 on 1/20/2018
I do really like using trip advisor for vacation planning. From hotels to restaurants to attractions it's always up-to-date and accurate. My disappointment lies in their blocking of very important reviews concerning travelers' safety. They had been aware of several incidents regarding Mexican resorts FOR YEARS with proper documentation and police reports but routinely blocked the information. My safety and the safety of my family comes before my concerns of clean bathrooms and I have lost some confidence that Trip advisor administrators have my best interest at heart. I will continue to use this website with that information in mind.
Solid gold soul
lynnprejean on 1/20/2018
This is an outstanding group. Hoping for a nicer venue for this group. Even at this less than stellar stage at Bally’s they were fantastic. Well worth seeing
Why we contribute
Lisa May Pete on 1/20/2018
Before I launch into this mild wish list, I would like to acknowledge that I write reviews for my own enjoyment, and I am very grateful for all the information that I receive from others. This is still where I go first for recommendations. I have had disappointments, though, as things have changed. I miss the map that showed me how much of the world I have seen. I wish my readership and helpful vote badges would group together. I wish I could hover over a badge and see more about it and how far away I am from the next level. I don’t understand the LEVELs for contributors, and it would be neat if I could feel as if I were still doing something...still becoming something...still waiting to be discovered, to join, to be a part of...some type of recognition. Can I easily search LEVELS and see how many contributors there are at each level? See the different writers, follow them if I like their travel style? See how I relate? Why do I feel as if the development portion for the community of contributors has slowed or been been diminished?
Back button is frustrating
DB reader on 1/20/2018
While I love the content on TripAdvisor, I hate the app. Who else puts the back button on the bottom?! It is so frustrating, especially in the forums, to read a post and accidentally hit the “<“ button up top out of habit and it jumps completely out of the forum. I have to go through the menus again to locate the right forum again. Others must have complained. Why don’t they fix this!
It’s TripAdvisor! What’s not to love??
Kickbuttbeastly on 1/20/2018
As an avid traveler I use this app all the time! Can’t go anywhere without it! Don’t know why it asked me three times in a row to review it but here we are. 5 stars.
Annoying AF
Royalstream on 1/20/2018
It gets too much in the way, asks too many questions and in the end I couldn’t find an easy way to find a coffee shop, yes, like a Starbucks or something similar. You would think that should be easy.
Good app but needs more for ‘my trips’
Lucyroks on 1/20/2018
I like the My Trips feature. However, I wish it was sortable by lodging, restaurants, etc.
kymfromtexas on 1/20/2018
We happened across this hidden secret and returned three times during our 5 day stay at a nearby resort . The bar staff abby and Carlos were awesome . Food great ! Conversation was perfect . Felt at home . Met a lot of others there and referred others as well . Nancy is the owner and is very kind and runs a great place . Thank you for everything !
Everything was absolutely incredible
Morro137 on 1/20/2018
From the very beginning the check in was great, the view was right on the ocean, they have free ocean activities, and they hospitality from every single employee was great. I am a sales manager from another hotel, and to see how much everyone appreciates their job makes me happy to be here. Beach captain Larry and security Dennis got us coconuts from the tree and information. Sam at the bar was talkative and helped us with everything. The rooms were clean and large. I would recommend this place over 100x as the price is also fair for how wonderful the hotel is. Will come back!!!
Review for Fadi Julani
Patricia Jemal on 1/20/2018
I cannot express my gratitude to Fadi Julani, I came in thinking I was getting a standard room but to my surprise he gave me an executive suit, which included numerous complimentary additions despite the fact that the hotel was fully booked! This room made my 25th anniversary one I would never forget- I am truly satisfied with this hotel and their services!! Thank you Fadi:)
Great App
BusdriverPhil on 1/20/2018
I always check with TripAdvisor before going to a new hotel or restaurant. I rate just about every restaurant and hotel I visit.
Never Leave Home without It!
Romperkitten on 1/20/2018
I always take individual reviews with a grain of salt, it’s the overall rating I tend to look at. TripAdvisor is the best for making your list of Sites to See & Things to Do! I plan my touristy stuff before I leave home and would never do so without TripAdvisor!!
Like sleeping in a museum
51 yo wife on 1/20/2018
My husband and I had a romantic get-away to the elegant and historical Martha Washington Inn. We enjoyed the outdoor hot tub, relaxed in the heated pool and sauna. The Inn is very well maintained and staff were informative and kind. Complimentary port by the fireplace in the library was a wonderful end to our delightful evening.
Transparency lacking
100%Gayboy on 1/20/2018
Find that the app is geared towards selling TripAdvisor picks instead of letting me choose how I want to see information presented. For example, every time I look at hotels, the choices are listed by a nebulous default rating of “best value”. There is no way to default to listing by a different variable- such as customer or hotel rating. I also question the integrity of the ratings, especially when I’ve stayed at a hotel that missed the mark but it has top ratings by lots of people with a history of little or no prior reviews.
zzsand on 1/20/2018
The room was cold all night with the heater blowing mostly lukewarm air. What appears to be blood spatter under lampshade and on base of lamp is gross. Food crumbs in the drawer. Coffee and tea in common area is sold by Starbucks. Way better and nicer deals in the area Country Suites, Clarion is older but much more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
Beautiful Bali
Tuchuru on 1/20/2018
Yesterday I booked a tour with Gaori tours and I was extremely pleased my tour guide Mr Kaka was most informative and kind, a great driver and knowledgeable about the history of each area. I would recommend this company and specially Mr. Kaka as a tour guide.
Days Inn Trinidad Colorado
Julie Gangemi on 1/19/2018
Myself and a friend stayed here while visiting family. I lost a family heirloom ring when it slipped off my finger in bed. I didn’t realize I’d lost it until we were 200 miles away. I pulled over called the motel and they sent someone to check the room while I held and they found my ring and overnighted it to me the next day. Honesty is big in my book. Thanks
Does not save reviews in progress well
BrownRecluse18 on 1/19/2018
This app is fairly intuitive and overall tends to work well enough to fit my needs, but it does not save reviews in progress well. If for some reason you have to get out of the app, chances are only a tenth of your review will be saved when you come back. Tried to upload a photo and it took me to the settings — when I was done and went back my review was all but gone. Frustrating.
Great app
DirtyR on 1/19/2018
I have used both the app and the website for years. It’s one of my primary sources for searching for activities and restaurants.
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