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It’s so effed
xgravity23 on 2/19/2018
Where to start. First: BRING BACK GROUPS APP. PERIOD. I want it. I need it. I’ll use your platform more if I could drop in and check my book club and podcast community in 2 minutes without any other distractions. Second: You think your algorithm is so smart. Well, it feels really dumb. I want to mute certain people, pages, and ads (which I know affect$ you), and I want to see certain people and pages, and the occasional ad. I want today’s ads, and certain people’s posts no matter when the last time was that I interacted with then on your platform. That is the part you haven’t figured out yet. Bring back Friend Lists. Make them more prominent. Then pay attention to that. Third: I DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO KNOW THE LAST TIME I WAS ONLINE. Until you remove that feature or allow users to opt-out I’m not using messenger. Let us control EVERY ASPECT of our privacy. I have some very good reasons for not wanting certain Fb contacts to know this. It’s so 2009 of you, Fb; grow up.
I hate that messenger is not in same app
COTY THE ASSET on 2/19/2018
I just wish when i said do not notify me again it did not notify me again that and have messenger in same app then ill get ur stock
Put everything back how it was
xXZander808Xx on 2/19/2018
No longer plays video sound
rsheldon86 on 2/19/2018
The app no longer plays sound on any videos on my iPad 4.
Spec0008000 on 2/19/2018
I really wish you wouldn’t decide when I’m done with a video, I’ll tell you when to go to the next one thanks. Every update makes things worse
Worse Than Ever
Thisjunkdontwork on 2/19/2018
When are you going to give the option to share a post to Instagram? It’s available on Instagram but not Facebook???
Can’t see
MrRomeroStyle on 2/19/2018
Facebook where’s news feeds? I can’t see my event or my friends family lost slow fb loads and a lot of lagging. Wow that’s in suppprt. My LTE data is find but the problem is Facebook give no news feeds any group still can’t see. Example can’t see comment can’t see likes can’t see profile all none fix it!!!!!!!!
Album trouble
Angelvaldezanon on 2/19/2018
Won’t allow me to move a video into another album without deleting. Can’t find solution.
Can’t move videos to different albums!!!
Vv270000 on 2/19/2018
So I’ve been having trouble moving videos to different albums. And I realized that it can’t be fixed. It’s not the same as pictures it doesn’t give me the option to move the video, or remove it from that album without deleting it. I want to keep the video on my timeline. I simply want it in another alum. Help???
No funciona
Wikitoac on 2/19/2018
No quiere actualizar
App too big to download on cell data
Denise555000 on 2/19/2018
App too big to download on cell data. Once an app gets too big to download with cell data and requires WiFi to use I no longer can use it. I’m not going out of my way to find a computer to download then copy and transfer it.
Stinks u can’t access messages
1999 called on 2/19/2018
Need a separate app to view messages, what year is it? 1999
Filled with ads
Utdugfgusry on 2/19/2018
Facebook is now filled with useless and bias ads! My news feed is nothing but ads!
Completely annoying
Elg616 on 2/19/2018
My account was hacked. I’ve tried to access it and all of my attempts have failed. It says my password is wrong. When I tried to change it, by getting a code emailed to me, after ONE try it says I’ve tried the code wrong too many times and to try later. There is NO options for tech support ANYWHERE!!! All I want is to access my account!!! How the hell do I access it when EVERY option Facebook gives me DOESNT WORK?!???
iPhone X
Alex Pada on 2/19/2018
First off, I have a 100Mbps Wifi in my house and even though I’m right next to the WiFi unit, Facebook would hang up and not connect or refresh the feed. Things I’ll stop uploading or not load at all. I’d have to close and reopen the app multiple times and also REINSTALL multiple occasions to get the feed to load at all. I’ve used the Facebook on my laptop and for some reason I have no issues at all. I just deleted the app entirely and use Facebook through my google chrome browser installed on my phone x. Horrible app.
App is crashing
Love USA for ever on 2/19/2018
After the last update the app is crashing all times. I start type i comments is crashing or trying to replying is crashing too. So not sure what’s going on.
57706 on 2/19/2018
Zfvjfzw on 2/19/2018
The version downloaded isn’t FB mobile, what is your problem
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jknkiuuvcjo on 2/19/2018
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Najf Alashraf
Alftlaw on 2/19/2018
Not Good
Abdul 82 on 2/19/2018
Lately the app started to shut down by itself every 5 minutes or so, very frustrating 😡
Not good
dope.679 on 2/19/2018
Face book is gay it’s like for old people
I would if I could
Hate this app worst app on 2/19/2018
I would give you a zero if I could. I’m frustrated because I want to delete videos but I can’t
Bob Hickman
Bob Hickman, Texas on 2/19/2018
You posted my acct o Cathy Robins , which is fine since I’m going blind & she is my companion and administrator so leave my acct as is on Cathy Robins iPhone. Thank you, Bob Hickman, please post my pic on my acct as these are all old friends from Texas.
Stupid ads
mickcrim on 2/19/2018
This was my favorite social network for a long time. I loved getting on and seeing what my friends were doing and I loved watching videos. Now it seems like I can’t get 15 seconds through a video before I have to watch a stupid ad. Screw that!
Just updated to iOS 11
Errekka on 2/19/2018
I can not open Facebook on safari and am having trouble downloading app Refuses to download unless connected to WiFi Everytime I try to sign in it clears the info n tells me I must first sign in even if I try to do the forgot password I don’t know how to contact Facebook other than the app n write the review I had no problems until updated my phone.
Please add browser because I c on 2/19/2018
We require adding all languages ​​in the program for easy use. For example why does not Arabic language exist in ios?
Why denied my account for nothing
TOMOKO h on 2/19/2018
I sign up Facebook today and then writing my phone and my account but Facebook doesn’t accept it. Why?
New update
Mgiff on 2/19/2018
Since I’ve updated this app yesterday the app does not work. It will not show my newsfeed or notifications. Tried to delete and reinstall - it did not fix the problem. Please fix this bug!
Dont update
daddytard on 2/19/2018
Your too late if u are just now getting the app loads of adds, ( even some videos brake for adds)spam SPAM SPAM. Think God i have auto updates off
Boo update and now no translation
Little_pig on 2/19/2018
What happen to the translation why did you take it off
More ads than YOUTUBE!!!
ZC hatch219 on 2/19/2018
Listen here, when I can’t watch a 4 minute video without a 15 second ad popping up in the middle of it. That is ridiculous. There’s already sponsored posts all over my feed. A five second ad is acceptable. But not a 15 second ad. They’re ridiculous. You guys make more than enough money on us. Why bombard us with all these ads in videos!!
Facebook takes away your freedom of speech
hate the user interface on 2/19/2018
Somebody reported me for something entirely non-reportable, a white supremacist who is pro gun, pro murder. All I did was point out a legitimate statistic and Facebook has made it so I cannot post a single thing, they have made it so I cannot operate a business, they have made it so I cannot operate a social life. Facebook however has rewarded the white supremacist, as they have been and will continue to do so.
Took buttons away
Rbbash on 2/19/2018
They took the search button away in groups which makes things really frustrating as I use groups a lot and now I can’t find things on my phone...I have to wait until I get to work and use my computer. Updates are fine, but holy smokes keep the functions you had before!! 😡
Can’t scroll videos
AndroRhone on 2/19/2018
I realized that I can no longer scroll to related videos after watching one, it just swipes back to the feed. And I see several people asking about it with no answers. Y’all need to fix this.
halla luis on 2/18/2018
Deleted because of too many adds
BrownBagLunchMunch on 2/18/2018
Deleted because every video I watched had an ad. I get every now and then but I know you’re not hurting for money Mark Zuckerberg, you can skip a few ads for user enjoyment.
Callamoo on 2/18/2018
I enjoy FB. However, I’ve been bothered by the repeat notifications on posts I have purposely STOPPED following, I don’t want to see the thread anymore! So I go to stop notifications, AGAIN, but I can’t...WHY? b/c it’s already been done!! So WHY am I still receiving the notification?? Stahp! Please fix it!
Laggy despite of good internet connection
I6r on 2/18/2018
While all my other apps are running smoothly this Facebook app keeps loading to refresh!!!
Bad update.
blackomegax on 2/18/2018
A) mid roll ads are stupid. Nobody is going to sit through an ad inserted into viral garbage videos. B) if I expand a comment it keeps collapsing it 3 seconds later.
Latest update the worst
Eveshine4 on 2/18/2018
Still one of the worst apps out there. Latest update removed search function in groups and makes it impossible to open albums in some groups. I use Facebook for business mostly but will be getting away from in later in the year. It soon will not be the best social business platform out there. Almost anything would be better.
Worse with each update
Raptor Hawk on 2/18/2018
The original concept of Facebook to bring family and friends together electronically has devolved into a platform for crass commercialism, selling off of private information, and promoting hate and divisiveness. It’s only use to me has been the occasional download of a family picture that I’d not received yet. I see so little use of FB anymore by my family and friends that I assume it is slowly dying off. And I still agree that most of the ‘updates’ have made the app worse with each version. The last few updates have caused my FB ‘Newsfeed’ to frequently fail to list anything, or only show a couple of days worth. It constantly wants me give access to my local Contacts info, which I will never do. And the online status/recent activity time is missing for my Friends. A failing app due to its failing model. Time for a new, less-intrusive app. Functionality and features which users prefer just gets worse with each update. So many people I know have greatly reduced or completely dropped their use of FB that it seems pointless to keep updating. FB just seems to make this worse with their app updates and accelerates this inevitability. What ever happened to keeping the customer satisfied? Update: I still think this is a bad app and bad concept (Facebook, in general) but let me add my dislike and displeasure to FB's ridiculous decision to *force* people to use a completely separate app for messages. I can only assume this was done to gather more info and further reduce our privacy by instituting another app with separate license and privacy policies. Just another app to mine your data and monetize your data for FB. Messages were working fine, why force people to change unless there is some financial benefit to FB. Also, interesting to see plenty of 5 star, positive ratings which are brief and don't really state why it's 'great' and 'awesome'. Seems pretty suspicious to me. Also seems strange that a few ratings discuss problems or otherwise negatively criticize the app but then show 5 stars!?
Life is so much better without FB
Birdlegs007 on 2/18/2018
I used to love FB. Now that I know the Russians were trying to influence me, my family, and friends through fake FB pages, FB disgusts me. I can't believe FB allowed that to happen.
Market Place
MarcDaYoungin on 2/18/2018
this update isnt any good , I cant even get on the marketplace ‼️
Mark Schwartz
Cuse man on 2/18/2018
I find it difficult to get into my Facebook acccount they ask for my password which I enter but they say it is not correct. Please help me
Links broken
Merchon on 2/18/2018
Notification links are broken on iPad. I click a notification and get “Can’t Connect”. But same link works on my iPhone.
Haven’t been able to use in weeks
App not working for weeks on 2/18/2018
This app just crashes immediately on my phone and no matter what and I haven’t been able to use in weeks. It’s now happening on my iPad too. Both my iOS and app are fully up to date. WTH please fix.
Lex1234567890123456789 on 2/18/2018
I hate the update of the cover photo in the background when you upload your profile pic. Ugly....
How did this get through QA?
dlwiest on 2/18/2018
The most recent version is seriously broken, to the degree that I’ve been using the browser version instead on my phone. Comments keep being double or sometimes triple posted, text fields keep being reset as I’m typing, viewing a comment from my notifications takes me to the post but not to the comment itself... the whole update is just a total disaster, and I have no idea how it got through QA. Does Facebook not have some iPhones to test updates on before they push them?
👎👎👎👎👎 Facebook = PRAVDA
planeKrazy on 2/18/2018
Facebook has tolerance for everything that’s on the ‘left’ or ‘ultra-left’ spectrum of our political divide. If you’re a centrist or lean somewhat to the ‘right’ you’re out of luck and your views will be suppressed. A good friend posted a 9/11 memo picture with caption to always remember. Within minutes his account was banned and he had to start a new one with the help of the trusted friends feature. I and several other of his trusted friends wrote to Facebook asking why his account had been shot down? (We had snap shots of the last message he posted). No response from Facebook. Frankly the seemingly ‘random’ erasing of peoples Facebook accounts is very worrisome. I say random but in reality their preferred “FB erasing victim” seems to be a conservative user, some of them have had their accounts for more than a decade. My friend was just such a case. No way to appeal, Facebook simply won’t respond to emails and messages. One day you have an account and the next day you don’t. Never thought an American company would be so vehemently anti-American. To “GIM8789” reviewer - I totally agree with you!
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