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Yelp has over 135 million reviews of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a new pizza place to try, a great coffee shop nearby, or need to book a haircut, Yelp is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, explore, and relax. The Yelp app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Yelp features:

Food Near You - Find Restaurants
• Find the newest and hottest restaurants in your area
• Make reservations, order delivery or pickup—all from your phone
• Filter restaurant search results by price, location, open now, and more

Search for Nearby Businesses, Services, & Professionals
• Discover great local businesses, from hair salons to trusted doctors and movers
• Read millions of reviews by the Yelp community
• Home need repairs? Find the best rated contractors and handymen
• Find great deals offered by local businesses, get quotes instantly, and book appointments

Beauty - Pamper Yourself
• Find highly-rated salons, spas, massage therapists, and more
• Book appointments through Yelp at the most relaxing staycation destinations

Search Filters
• Filter your search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and hours of operation
• Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business, or make reservations directly from the app

Other Features
• Read expert user reviews and browse through beautiful photos of each business
• Write and read reviews, check-in to local businesses, upload photos and add tips for other Yelp users

Find local restaurants, read expert customer reviews, and start searching for businesses near you with Yelp.

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Great for quick review search!
Kamelredman on 6/24/2018
I love yelp for finding new places and doing a quick review search. Nothing better than yelp!
Kingsberry Waffle House
Ken 1464 on 6/24/2018
Do not never go to this place the food is over price my son had a side of pancake and they charged 7.69 for 2 chocolate chip pancakes and when I complain the owner only took off 2.00 I ll never go there again the waitress was nice but that is it
We love this restaurant!
Linda_mo on 6/24/2018
The food is delicious and we’ve never had a problem with the staff as others have. It’s family friendly!
So unsanitary
jesy1981 on 6/24/2018
I was there this Sunday they burned my first pizza and waited for about 30 minutes for my pizza just to get out of the oven ... the lady that was charging touching money went straight to served the pizzas and she was touching her face and nose without washing her hands ! they need to send workers to food handling programs now !
It’s Pretty Good
Sasha Davis on 6/24/2018
They need more pictures of the food and menus for certain places and the outside of the establishments. For lots of the restaurants I haven’t seen pictures of the outside/front. Just the inside. How are we the customers supposed to recognize what the place looks like if we’ve never been?
Bad food
dcdinner on 6/24/2018
Bread had mold meat was slimy and management was not polite to my son in uniform
slaninaj on 6/24/2018
Filters reviews
They hate women who are replubilcans
Da da da da dumb app on 6/24/2018
They hate women are are republicans. Don’t eat here.
LI Access Limo
Bite@mySwagg<33 on 6/24/2018
This LLC only has one damaged limo. Limo came on time with a damaged limo. There are a scam!
roadster gary on 6/24/2018
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80Kay on 6/24/2018
There are "updates" EVERY DAY but none of them actually update or fix anything. Ridiculous! How about you just take the time to figure out your update and when you've got it, THEN let us have it?
I hate your app
diaperspinguino on 6/24/2018
I’m telling all the people of the country to not get your ap
barackobama1108 on 6/24/2018
I’ve only used this app a few times in the last few days and it’s been incredibly helpful! I found a lot of good services in places that are super close to me that I had no idea were there. Highly recommend!
Virginia trucker
virginia Trucker 2 on 6/24/2018
I still have bowel problems after I had lunch on June 9th
Great waiter and great food!
SydneyJL on 6/24/2018
We were six people who went after a concert and the waiter suggested a feast! Unique combinations of seafoods with a delicious $70 bottle of light cold sake with a hint of anise. One of the sashimi dishes had truffles in oil . Yummmmmm! I would go again and highly recommend it.
Red Hen resteraunt Lexington Va
itsyjhumbo on 6/24/2018
Thumps down and screw this resteraunt and all the workers. When people quit going to your nasty resteraunt then you can find another job you bunch of snowflake idiots.
20 minute wait
MarkHogsett on 6/24/2018
just to hear they only had a few drinks available... what a waste of time
Serfas on 6/24/2018
If you like/love wine and supporting small businesses... go here! Such a pretty place and great staff to help you taste and select! This is a must see!!!
Not eating here!
imarepublican on 6/24/2018
I am a Republican and my money isn’t welcome at this restaurant, so I’ll never know if the food is good or not. It may not even be in business much longer.
Rateyou on 6/24/2018
Awesome city explorer
Must read
EveryNameIsTakenpkiinjhhvb on 6/24/2018
My go to for reviews
Red Hen Restaurants in Lexington, VA
PokerMissy on 6/24/2018
Way to sanitize the Red Hen Restaurant on your review page. I think customers should be aware if a restaurant shows amoral and bias actions against well behaved patrons.
Bad restaurant
CJsPapaw on 6/24/2018
Manager is a very rude person. ALL people ought to stay clear from her and the restaurant
Save yourself
droppin facts 101 on 6/24/2018
This place has its hype per the location. However, if you want a to enjoy a sports game be prepared to enjoy trivia questions & answers so loud that you can’t even think straight. After asking if they could lower the volume enough to have convo with our waitress who only came to serve us once while we were interested in brunch in a time span of 45 minutes.. they could care less. No exaggeration - almost every other person sitting around were not happy and requested to end the trivia game and one by one the bar cleared out. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were to happen again as clearly there is no consideration toward customer requests.. enjoy at your own risk.
Chantelle was great!
daisy3422 on 6/24/2018
We had brunch today and it was delicious! Our waitress Chantelle was amazing! We will be back!
Jessielopez on 6/24/2018
Very useful and fast results when looking for something near u
Please fix; app keep crashing while add pic
Jmommy07 on 6/24/2018
Please fix. Can’t add pictures using iPhone. Keep crashing. Never had the issue before and I’ve been using app for years. Please help.
yelp is my first love
spongebob.squid on 6/24/2018
love yelp with all my heart, legit use it everywhere
Yelp plays politics
cabaIIote on 6/24/2018
Despicable actions by the creators of this app, playing politics with complete disregard towards users.
Howard sprague on 6/24/2018
Friends don’t let friends eat at the Blue Hen....GO TRUMP!!!
Love the service
Les❤️Lisa on 6/24/2018
Always loved Kirklands but then both stores near me closed. Recently visited the Deerfield beach store and both times every sales associate was more then pleasant. I wish I remembered all their names but yesterday’s visit with Bri was exceptional and the young man working today. Really like Kirklands affordable enough that you can change your decor with what is in. This coming from a 36 year retail person. Without good customer service we can all shop on line. Keep it up👍
Rosy Leonard on 6/24/2018
I would never eat on this restaurant. They asked the President’s press secretary to leave because she works in the White House! How much lower will some people go? They should go out of business.
Round table pizza
Nimbus BOB on 6/24/2018
Medium comb pizza, dry and not very good
Travel means food to me
meal to meal on 6/24/2018
Yelp is always there... ahead of me Scoping out the best, from casual to fancy, from basic to exotic, from menus toambiance. I really appreciate it because when on the road it is stressful To have to research places just To get a Meal. Thank you yelp.
Love it!
Shelby Wiggins on 6/24/2018
I use this app for everything. Totally recommend!
Are you in the food service business or politics?
MRS.BIEBER (future be jealous!) on 6/24/2018
I’m looking for a lovely restaurant for dinner not a lesson on someone else’s political views and morals. I will pass on this political venue. Politics ruins my appetite.
Kclark49 on 6/24/2018
10/10 do recommend
Cadillac Express Carwash
BARBIEBC1 on 6/24/2018
Been going here for years on State Highway 249 they put in some new machines that are overcharging people and they wanna argue that it’s your fault instead of making things right bad way to do business beware beware they are going to make some money over charging people
I haven’t eaten here but I’ll put it in my list
Alexthewonderful on 6/24/2018
I’m commenting on what happened with Sarah Sanders at the restaurant. I have not had a meal but I suspect that it must be really good food if well known people are customers. I don’t believe in discrimination and I think it’s better to be respectful to all views. But, this was not based on discrimination of race or sex; it is an ideology the owners of the restaurant do not agree with. I don’t think it’s a positive direction for our country but If bakers can legally deny a gay couple service then this restaurant should be able to deny a customer based upon their belief.
Quinnel on 6/24/2018
Very convenient, when I travel. Always find great restaurant ect .. thank you !!
Amy Lind on 6/24/2018
I purchased a Groupon (for 4) to bring my children to the Strawberry festival on 6/23. It clearly said on the Groupon it can be redeemed for face value at a later date ..... It poured 6/23 and my kids were so disappointed so we went 6/24 to play instead and I asked to redeem our Groupon for face value AS STATED on the groupon. We were told it was expired and we were NOT able to use it. I listened to a rant about how the farm always gets screwed by the Groupon’s. I showed him the Groupon and explained that my children were autistic. I was told that was irrelevant 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️. I left with two crying children. I am mortified I would never go there again I will never buy anything from there again and I will never recommend this place to ANYONE ..... SHAME on you Rich .... I’m sure YOU don’t have special needs kids but if you do I hope nobody ever calls your children irrelevant ....
So soso
Sahakousha on 6/24/2018
We had dinner there the 3 of us ordered appetizer and main. Nothing went right from there. Only one main was eatable the rest cold not seasoned or came at different times. I wipe this one off my list. Seriously overrated. Thanks god I am a dem or I would have been thrown out too!!!
No introductions needed
Luthedude on 6/24/2018
Definitely top ten most important apps of the smartphone era
2nd & Second
Auntie Eid on 6/24/2018
They are open! A positive. I ordered the scrambled egg skillet $9.25 and one pancake $5.25 (!!) Hmm....the skillet was hot and very good. However, the pancake appeared to be a last minute afterthought and turn up rather pathetic and over cooked. When mentioned to the server, surprised and moved on. No mention of eliminating from the bill. It may have been the time of the morning but not quite as attentive unless sitting at the counter. In any case, avoid at all costs the overpriced pancakes and find your local IHOP or Denny’s.
New app trashes best features
Change We Can Believe In on 6/23/2018
Where did the nearby feature go? Where is the actual menu from their website? This new app design is not helping.
Probably my favorite app
3%dave on 6/23/2018
I love constantly trying new places to eat as does my girlfriend, yelp has enabled me to find great places to eat no matter where I am. Though I do use yelp for all kinds of things, primarily for food. I am originally from a small town so usually it’s just word-of-mouth but when you’re somewhere new that’s not very easy so yelp to the rescue. Wether you’re in your home town or on vacation yelp is a great app to have
The food was Not what I expected!
Rhode Islands #1 Foodie on 6/23/2018
So it’s my Birthday weekend I’m looking for a great legit Italian restaurant to eat at and I end up with nothing but disappointment. The Meatballs and Ricotta appetizers that we had ordered were bland and boring sprinkled with some disgusting mozzarella cheese that barely melted. Our chicken Parmesan Entree was awful with such a small amount of pasta I honestly could’ve made it better myself at home (at least mine isn’t frozen). Anyways...... the bartender failed to tell us the specials but when another couple showed up with a suit and tie and decided to sit and stay for dinner .. Oh my did the specials pour out of her mouth. That’s ok because the manager will be hearing from me this week. I had a great night but this place as a joke.
Staff lacks professionalism.
Nriley3 on 6/23/2018
None of the waiters or waitresses were friendly. The manager in duty lacked professionalism and was rude. I was very disappointed coming there with this type of service.
Good app
Pga33 on 6/23/2018
I must have previously written this because it appeared when I wanted to write my review: I use it when I'm travelling to find virtually anything I need. Could use some work, especially in the area of mobile inputs.
Cherealtor on 6/23/2018
Awesome app
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