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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 8.2 Jul 11, 2008 Jun 20, 2018 180 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 8.2 is now optimized for the iPhone X!
At, we regularly update our app to give customers features and fixes that will help them find their perfect stay.
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Search for deals & book your next trip! From last minute plans to your summer vacation, you’ll find your perfect stay for the right price.

Whether you’re away on business or looking for a relaxing retreat, get rewarded with Rewards. For every 10 nights you collect, you’ll get 1 night free*.

Top 3 Features - book your hotel now!
1. Discover hotels with our in-depth sort and filter options
2. Save your favorite hotels to compare amenities & prices
3. Book your hotel in just a few simple steps

• Get instant savings with Secret Prices on selected hotels
• Use our “Tonight’s Local Deals” feature for last minute bookings

• Choose to pay online or when you stay at the hotel
• Save your payment details for fast & secure bookings

• Our map-view shows you the hotel location at a glance
• Select popular landmarks for hotels nearby

Download now - your perfect hotel is just a tap away!

*The maximum value of your free night is the average daily rate of your 10 nights. Your free night does not include taxes and fees. Account Summary Balance updates after stay has been completed.

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truevaluedecorating on 6/20/2018
Very disappointed in I use it ALWAYS for my travel. I was loyal. When I reached my 10 night- I had wanted the free night. Those details were in my confirmation email and on the screen when I booked, congratulating me that I had earned a free night. Well- I got charged by the hotel. I called the hotel and they said call I called them. After about 5-8 emails waiting for this to be put back (credited) on my credit card by it is still not resolved. All these notes are in my account. I have lost trust and do not recommend this app for anyone wanting any rewards. They do not care about your loyalty. Also- the customer service email that uses..... well they never respond or take care of their customers.
Wow! I saved huge bucks
chris c from virginia on 6/20/2018
I saved a large sum $ by booking my hotel stay at
hdjendyej on 6/20/2018
Great Hotel App! Free nights included!!
His Beloved Son on 6/20/2018
Love this app, especially the free or discounted nights, and the ease with which to find rooms last minute!!
Keeps getting worse with every update !!
rkaul on 6/19/2018
I have used the app for about 5years now and every time I get back to it the experience is worse than before. I find myself searching hotels on Expedia or TripAdvisor and then coming back to to only make the purchase. Even the purchase experience is now getting painful. If it wasn’t for the collected nights I would have stopped using it entirely. The quality is just not there.
Good website, or so good app
majorgeneraldave on 6/19/2018
1. There should be a “Previous Stays” section. The existing “Manage My Bookings” doesn’t intuitively indicate that you’ll find your past bookings there. Much more importantly: 2. You really REALLY ought to be able to re-book a previous hotel. There ought to be a “book again” button right there. Failing that, there should be a clickable link to the hotel’s listing. If not that, you should at least be able to copy the hotel name so you can paste it in the search page. NOPE. You can’t do any of those things.
App Crash
delaynealvarado on 6/19/2018
This app crashes whenever I try to open it
Easy and Convenient
Kangotango on 6/19/2018
I love because of the extensive hotel information and reviews.
Not do great
Deputybug on 6/19/2018
The cc I usually use had expired. Trying to update the card aspect on this app is non existent.
Ease of use
Faithfulyurs on 6/19/2018
Great app! Easy to use, great offers! I have used this app for all my vacations and travels.
Expired free nights
FamilyGirl78 on 6/19/2018
Who can afford to travel enough in one year to get one free night before it expires in 12 months? Not me! Only businesses or people who have a lot of money & can travel so much in one year can earn their free night. 😕 I try to use every time I travel but not nearly enough until my free night expires! It becomes frustrating. Please don’t let our hotel points expire so we can actually earn our ONE FREE NIGHT.
Great company, great app
Nataly06 on 6/18/2018
I am a huge fan of I can always find a reasonably priced room, in advance or last minute. Customer service is second to none. And the app is soooooo easy to use. Could not ask for more!
Everettmm on 6/18/2018
Love this App.
Chiguy46 on 6/18/2018
Hotels makes it very easy to book and the rates are great as well I have used 2 free rooms after booking 10 nights
Easy and convenient
Odillon1 on 6/18/2018
Love to use the hotel app. It makes booking a hotel very simple and convenient.
The worst experience ever
vicrivera on 6/18/2018
I’ve been tring to transfer my points to a new email address & it seems that the rewards program takes a month to review their emails
Thought I got ripped off but I got comped a free room
Hdhffjffjjkkll on 6/18/2018
I arrived in Italy, lost and low key trying to stay calm. I arrive at my reservation and the door was locked. So I found a new place to stay and while I was at my new place a representative called me and said they were trying to reach me all day because my hotel I had originally booked was undergoing emergency maintenance. I told them I had to get a new room but I still needed a place to stay the day after that. They called back and comped me a free room and set me up with a different hotel reservation! Saved my life!
Great site
Sleph on 6/18/2018
My only issue is that I would want to be able to put more than 3 children on my request when I book.
Doesn’t update bookings
Rossian Roulette on 6/18/2018
Continues to show completed bookings as still upcoming. Doesn’t show several upcoming bookings despite my manual entry of confirmation code and name, I tried both on website and on app, kept pressing update icon to no avail. And if it finds these bookings it doesn’t save them all on my phone! CRAP.
Awesome app
kjbrenn on 6/18/2018
Very easy to use. Great deals.
Stay where I want
surly john on 6/18/2018
I travel a lot by bicycle and train. I find decent to great accommodations on my routes without having to bike, cab or walk out of my way. I also enjoy the discounts offered and extra perks. Hotels.Com has made traveling a breeze.
Always available
Beautiful's and TT's Music on 6/17/2018
Every time I want to book a room, is always available.
Not working
Sar234567 on 6/17/2018
I updated and every time I try to open the appt. it crashes. HELP!!
Love this app
945Zippy on 6/17/2018
Great easy to use app. We travel a lot and like the idea of 10 rooms get one free. Thanks
Quick and easy
ArwenGame on 6/17/2018
We love using when going on vacation, we never plan ahead and can easily make last minute reservations that fit our budget.
Not really a deal.
L-Diablo on 6/17/2018
I made a few reservations in the past and the app gave ok deals. But if you just go to the actual hotels site or call you can pretty much get the same deal! And the rewards you get for reservations actually expire! So unless you’re a frequent hotel booker then I’d forget this app all together! I am! Delete!
Not cool
CO outdoorsman on 6/17/2018
Some friends and us were booking rooms simultaneously. Their price was $20 less because of the mobile app. So we download the app, booked the same room, same hotel and our price is $15 higher. The site also had a promotion to refer a friend and get $50. We tried to refer a friend but it wouldn’t take the benefit from that either. Not impressed!
Very buggy and could use a lot of work
Knick-kname on 6/17/2018
I hate when sites tell me how many people are looking at this and how many have been booked in the last 24 hours. Seems like cheesy pressure tactics that turn people off. Maybe just me but I do things my way thank you very much. They all do it and should stop now. Whoever stops doing it will get more market share bc it's annoying as heck The app has not improved in a while. Getting buggy and unstable And slow.
Terrible app
Cesargparra on 6/17/2018
This is a terrible app, unfriendly, not what you would expect from a brand like this at all. If you had an email account attached to it and you change it, you will loose your night rewards.
Great App!
Kennyntk02 on 6/17/2018
I love this app so much, it’s very convenient for me to book a place to stay at anytime! It’s easy to use too!
Easy, convenient, and good value!
BosRamoni on 6/17/2018
Stop asking.
JasonMc on 6/17/2018
Stop asking me to rate your app. Automatic 1 star.
Birdiepooch on 6/17/2018
Easy, quick, informative, use it for hotels over seas and domestic. Never an issue.
WacoRickD on 6/17/2018
This app crashes my iPad.
Account sign in issues
P11 Rok on 6/16/2018
Sign in doesn’t work. First, you can’t copy and paste into the password field, and second, the captcha is a random scattering of flashing red dots so it’s impossible to provide the letters (since it’s just random). I can’t find a way around this so it seems there is no way to login to my account.
Very Reliable
Anencephaly Mommy on 6/16/2018
I have used competitive companies & been let down with their services. Not once has had an issue with my services. When we did have an issue, the hotel & company worked hard to solve it immediately. Definitely great deals & rewards!
Hallyluyah on 6/16/2018
Simple and convenient!
Can't log in!
Todd978 on 6/16/2018
I can log into the website via Google... the app only supports FB or its own login. So, I can't log in!
Love it !!!
Ronnie_2727 on 6/16/2018
Great app !
Hotels don't seem inclined to make good
dpcwollmann on 6/16/2018
No accountability.
Excellent Customer Service
Danette McBride on 6/16/2018
I have to say the customer service that I have received every time I either have an issue or question they have gone out of their way to help. I would recommend to anyone.
Prices—TOO HIGH!
LadyMegM on 6/16/2018
This app needs work. On the website you can see the specific room with photos and details. But, mainly—the prices are too high and don’t fluctuate much. Use the website while not being logged in for better deals. Only reason I stay on is for the free night—however it’s only $119 to add to the “free night”. Taxes and fees don’t help, but hey, this is America!
Way cheaper!
lvnlge on 6/16/2018
I tried to book this hotel through two different websites including the Marriott website and was almost 500.00 cheaper. to the rescue!!
DNPWinker on 6/16/2018
Worst nightmare, A Business trip, 6 employees, As a busy owner of a start up, I booked our product launch with a travel agency. After airline delays, we arrived, late at night and our hotel was closed for renovations. We had originally planned to anchor at one hotel and travel to vendors in the surrounding areas. I was panicked, the airport taxi-driver was giving me the “now what” look? I was in shock, flustered, then survival mode kicked in. Ok team let’s figure this out. Thankfully, I employed some some calm millennials, one whom suggested checking out! “My laptop is packed and no internet” was my analog response. Well... there’s an app for that! Cell signal and hour up and running. In less than 30 minutes, via the app, I was able create a login, and book multiple rooms, multiple people, for the first few days. Wow. Just wow! That’s what I call instant gratification! I later went back and booked multiple hotels for multiple dates as I realized that by using we did not have to restrict ourselves to one hotel. I was able to move closer to the vendors, see more of the state and saved a significant amount of money in travel costs. Additionally, as it was “last minute” we saved money and had better quality hotels due to speciality pricing!!!! No more travel agents. I will use exclusively. The hotel reviews, the google map interface, the competitive pricing and the photos enabled me to save money. I also learned about another app that day, Lyft/Uber. This is the future for businesses small and large and you earn reward points!!
Doesn’t work often
syroun on 6/16/2018
Im not sure why, but the app seldom works. Logs u out for no reason and does not accept a reset password.
Wwwhaaattttt2213 on 6/15/2018
Dave USN Ret. on 6/15/2018
I see the 5% discount show up but then it disappears.
Picky guy
Mz Mendoza on 6/15/2018
First time using the App. Very helpful booked extremely fast.
Great app
DanielleJosefa on 6/15/2018
I love using this app.
Email free night offer scan
bugofg on 6/15/2018
Your email scam for 1 night in a hotel of your choice for free is a pitiful way to treat excellent customers
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