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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 2.7.10 Sep 11, 2008 May 18, 2016 40.4 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.7.10

Bug Fixes


Grocery shopping made quick and easy with the features you expect from the #1 grocery shopping list app. Build lists from our extensive product database using text, barcode, or voice search; sync and share lists with other devices and the website; find related coupons and much more!

"Grocery iQ takes the old-fashioned grocery list to the 21st century" ∼

"Helps you when you're grocery shopping…sync up with your friends or your roommates or your family's list" ∼ The Today Show

"We all want to save money, so why not use your iPhone? The king of coupons is Grocery iQ...If you regularly shop at a grocery store or other retailer, be sure to install their app" ∼

"If your shopping list is currently the back of an envelope that you’ve scribbled some items on (mom!), then it’s time for you to check out GroceryIQ." ∼

• Lists: Build grocery lists quickly from our database of millions of items.

• Aisles: Create custom aisles and reorder aisles for any list.

• Favorites: Easily add frequently purchased items to new lists, search and filter favorites to build lists quickly.

• History: Keep track of what you've checked out and filter history by list. Easily create lists from history items.

• Multi-Barcode Scan: Add multiple items by simply pointing your camera at any product barcodes.

• Voice Search: Use advanced voice search to create your list.

• All List Items: Never forget an item again by viewing all items in "All List Items". Toggle your lists settings to view "All List Items" on any list you choose.

• Store Locator: Find nearby grocery stores and add your loyalty card.

• Sync: Sync your lists with the website, friends and family.

• Coupons: Search free coupons, view recommended coupons, print, email or add coupons to your store loyalty card.

• Item Details: Add price and description, customize package types, weight, quantity and more.

Start simplifying your grocery shopping today!

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Sync is too difficult
vongoolo on 5/21/2018
My wife and I are both on iPhones and we haven’t been able to sync our lists for over a year now. It really cripples the utility of this app.
Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus on 5/20/2018
App can’t find HP ePrint/Air Printer. How do I delete or change store addresses.
Good with a couple of frustrating gaps
Jav2924 on 5/19/2018
I have tried a lot of grocery apps and this is about as good as it gets from what I can tell. However, there are a couple of irritating things about it. I wish I could search the current list for items to uncheck. It’s frustrating that the search only adds new items. For this reason I always prepare lists on the web site. I also wish that there was an undo function. I have the app open while shopping and often end up accidentally checking off an item. It’s really frustrating. Also, sometimes I need a specific brand of an item. It does not always find them. It would be great if it could store pictures for items. Lastly, the isles are ok but not exactly how my grocery store is set up. I wish they would partner with grocery stores such as Wegmans to retrieve items and their locations. I would use the wegmans app which has the location for all items. However, the list feature on it is terrible so I gave up on it. At a minimum they should allow customization of the isles used in the app. All in all a decent app that could be much better.
Cyz 12345 on 5/18/2018
Scanner does not work, history is accumulated and only erased one item at a time. I do not recommend this app. Not easy to print coupons
Needs improvement.
JLYTRanch on 5/15/2018
Most items that I try to scan are not in the app. It would be nice to rename/edit categories (eg. I would change Fruits/Veggies to Produce), & reorganize them to fit the way I shop through my stores (eg. I go to Produce first & always Frozen foods last). This app throws everything it doesn’t know how to categorize into the Other category. I know I can recategorize—if the category is in the app. How about being able to create categories? Would like the ability to add stores. Instead of just listing stores, it would be nice to choose a store & create a list. The store that I use most doesn’t even pull up in this app, so I can’t sync it with my loyalty card.
Doesn’t sync
debdavispa on 5/13/2018
This app is supposed to sync but it does not - supposed to but no good help to explain why
Great app
TDoggit68 on 5/12/2018
I don’t understand all the “1 star” reviews unless the are from when this first came out. I love this app. It’s not perfect but does what I need it to do. Reliable. Could update with new products more quickly but that’s not a big deal. Coupon feature works great if you have a little common sense. Good job. Hope to see more features added.
Deleting it today
RogerTheriault on 5/2/2018
After using this app for years, sharing lists with my wife, we have realized it has fallen behind. Too many glitches. The last straw was once again having our synced list fall out of sync and being unable to fix that by re syncing. I just installed a replacement app AnyList and it is far better, even in free mode, but I think we will pay for a family plan.
Can’t arrange aisles
Evaluated2 on 4/24/2018
See above.
No longer syncs
LanDog78 on 4/23/2018
I’ve been using this app for years and I have always loved it; until it recently stopped syncing with my husbands app. I’ve tried everything to re-establish the sync with no results. It is useless now and I’ve started researching other grocery apps to use.
Used to love
MackeyCheese on 4/22/2018
When we first downloaded this app, nearly 10 years ago, I loved that this app. It synced with family members’ apps, provided coupons for our list items, allowed for multiple lists, and was easily edited. Unfortunately, the app no longer syncs with my family’s apps, so it’s useless for our needs. Maybe the app developer will hear the users’ feedback and will fix this issue. Until then, I’ve deleted this app, and am looking for a new shopping app.
Decent app for 1 user; many problems
ARSullivan on 4/21/2018
Not a bad app unless you want use features it hypes. The following does not work: sync lists with others; loyalty cards (only supports Brookshire’s and Meijer with no option to add/suggest others); if/when sync starts working its only option is to share all your lists. The last update was over a year ago so author seems to have abandoned this app.
Printer doesn’t work
Flashsnake77 on 4/20/2018
Please fix the printer option, it says have to connect to wifi but my phone already connected to wifi. And it says anout HP printer, does it mean it has to be HP?
Love this app!
Jnadel on 4/9/2018
I really love this app and use it daily. I like that I can sync with my husband so he can see the lists on his phone too. I’ve used this app for several years. Recently my store remodeled and I can’t figure out how to edit the store aisles order. Help please!
Favorite grocery app
Will_delete on 3/29/2018
Favorite grocery list app. I wish it worked with amazon’s Alexa though and to save time I have switched although I hate the new app and many others.
Print button doesn’t work
dezineRR on 3/27/2018
Coupons don’t print because you can’t even press the print button! App is useless
Needs Work
Control45 on 3/26/2018
This is a good idea for an application but it needs a lot more work before it’s useful. First get the proper addresses for the stores, then make sure you have exhausted the information about the products you list. Follow that paradigm in all things and you will have an application to be proud of.
Sync quite working - need it back!!!
KittyRoyseCity on 3/23/2018
App is SLOW and wish it had more choices of savings cards to use for coupons. I've been using the lists for a couple of years and appreciate the organization!
New printer
Biggi Girl on 3/21/2018
Bought a new printer. It is connected with WI-FI , but the app won’t let me print. Says ‘printer not WiFi connected. Can’t use at all for printing coupons.
No way to edit the list
Smorris70 on 3/17/2018
I must have used this app years ago because when I downloaded it there were already 6 things on my list. There’s no way to take the things off the list. Clicking edit only lets you edit the name of the list not the actual things in the list. So I looked to see if I could just make another different list and NOPE. This app is about useless. I uninstalled.
Printer Issues
~{KeKe_BaBii}~ on 3/14/2018
Would be a great app I guess if it would recognize that my printer & phone are connected to the same network.
Too many unwanted coupons automatically appear on main list
Stargaret on 3/12/2018
Makes it harder to view active list
Once a nice app!
Reubens on 3/11/2018
Not anymore! A few years ago I liked this app, could do thing's others can’t, like scanning the barcode of a product to add it to the list. No even new apps (March 2018) do that and the ability to sync with a web based app. Something happened, the company behind this app stop updating the app years ago. At this date, I think the app has been abandoned by it producers, as many other apps slowly die this way. As many other apps the producers, never tell you the cease of operations for the app, so you have to realized it by yourself. Sadly there is no good groceries app on the market yet, new apps don’t even has bar code id, iPhone X support, etc. Maybe some day far away in the future! 😕
Supp82 on 3/9/2018
I used to love this app. My wife and I used it for about 6 years. Then it quit syncing between our phones. I tried deleting and re-installing, signing out and back in - nothing worked. I see a lot of other users having this same issue. Without the syncing feature, it simply doesn't meet my needs. I'm trying other apps.
Too tied to paid advertisers
jimkbobl on 2/20/2018
I live in New York. I don’t hop in a car and drive two miles into Queens to go grocery shopping. There are several perfectly good grocery stores within walking distance of my location. But Grocery iQ only lists its sponsors several miles away from me when I try to locate a store. Similarly, I enjoy a variety of uncommon products. They all have barcodes, but Grocery iQ doesn’t recognize them and doesn’t make it easy to add them to my lists. I don’t want to be forced to list nasty prefab sponsored name brands when I have much tastier healthier products available—with barcodes of their own. I chose this app for the scanner capabilities, but it’s sorely limited by the way sponsorships dumb it down. What should be a very convenient tool for your customers is gummed up by your preferential attention to your advertisers. Create a more democratic, consumer focused shopping experience and I’ll be back.
Needs work
jimmyjabe on 2/16/2018
Do you buggy! Many times won’t allow me to alter the name of the item.
Coupons not honored
Diehajqd on 2/15/2018
Almost every time I try to use a coupon - which is part of the reason to have this app - stores WILL NOT HONOR THEM because (a) it always says at the top “coupon expired” even if it shows elsewhere that it’s valid through a future date, so it looks PHONY, and (b) they have no bar code the merchant can scan. Really a dumb couple of snafus for a coupon app.
Good list, but....
kenincup on 2/12/2018
The list database is quite good, but there’s some serious problems. First, the app hasn’t been updated in a year at least. This probably is the reason for the two issues I’m experiencing. The sync function between accounts doesn’t work. The hack is to have someone else sign into your account, instead of emailing them a request to sync. And it crashes whenever I click on the loyalty card tab in the coupon section. I think they seriously need to come out with more frequent updates, assuming they haven’t abandoned the program.
Great app
SM-HSM on 2/9/2018
My husband and I have used this app for years. Overall, it’s reliable and extremely useful. Occasionally we get snafus where our lists don’t sync, but for the most part, we don’t have problems. Biggest issue now is every time I open the app I get a “we’re unpacking - this only happens once”.
Except feeling lied to...
javajackie on 2/9/2018
So I love this app and I have used it for years. The only thing that annoys me is that almost every time I open it there is a loading page that says something to the affect “we are unpacking our groceries, this only happens ONCE so it won’t slow you down in the future”. But it happens ALL the time. 🙄
App no longer syncs with my wife's phone
Djp6968 on 2/6/2018
My wife got new iPhone 7 and since then, our phones will not sync. Tried everything multiple times! App is defective!
Useful with a major flaw
Esticat on 2/5/2018
Please please add a search feature within the app. I despise having to scroll through the whole list to mark “napkins” as needed, for example. I want to go instantly to “napkins” to mark it as needed, or edit it, or whatever. I also have a hard time recalling which category certain items are in, like gravy...breakfast, condiment, sauces, etc.
Remove from the app store
Faustus1 on 2/4/2018
Syncing and other function no longer work. App development stopped a year ago. It used to be the best app for tracking my groceries.
Simplified my life!
mizjewelz on 2/2/2018
Works so very well. 2/2/2018 — what happened?
Broken sync and no support
Steel Cor on 1/30/2018
EDIT: After finding support through the parent company I learned the app is no longer being developed. I thought this was the app to use, as it has the main features I need without much excess. Unfortunately, I must have list sync between two people, and this feature isn't working. Support emails are bouncing back. Support documents screenshots and some features don't match the actual app. Editing aisles in a list are great (finding this feature seems more hidden than intuitive), except when a list can be used across multiple stores. The ability to add a specific list to favorites items is confusing and results in duplicated favorites (should be able to select multiple lists or stores better yet). The all items feature is confusing and results in duplicated items or items not purchased. Using this for shopping near home, I know where my stores are. Why can't I select favorites there, then add them to my lists? Searching is pretty easy but sometimes items don't show up when they should and I have to be more or less specific depending on the item. Barcode scanning is great but a lot of sizes aren't listed so it doesn't find it. If you save the manual entry, you may go back and search and find it but need to add another package size. It would be nice if pictures showed next to list items and the font was smaller so you see more at once. When you add a suggested coupon it adds it to your list but doesn't clip it. I already added the item so I have to remove the coupon. When I go to coupons, it's not clipped so I have to remember, search, clip then print. So close to being right with tweaks.
Used to love, now won’t print!
JenniBuginPink on 1/29/2018
This used to be a great app, but now it won’t print. It has been a year since any updates. I guess they’ve quit supporting it.
Loving this
jan bic on 1/27/2018
I love the grocery iq app! So neat how it has coupons to correspond with items on my list as well as puts each item in a category! Love it!
Used to be great
Sinjin! on 1/23/2018
This used to be the best grocery list app, adding items by barcode was super fast & easy and the pics update depending on item size/weight! Now it seems to be way out of date....and still no way to rearrange the aisles to match an actual store! Alphabetical only? Seriously?? It's over.
It helps me to keep track of what I buy.
Bruguh on 1/23/2018
I wish that the Harris Teeter Savings card was included in the list of loyalty cards. When might this happen? Thanks for fixing the font. But now I can't customize the ails!
Why doesn't it save my unit price anymore?
Designer Hawkins on 1/22/2018
I used this on my galaxy s5 with no problems. When I finally made the plunge into the iPhone world, the grocery IQ app would not save my unit price with the items in my history (which the Android app DID). So every time I go shopping I have to update every single item while I'm in the store to make sure I stay in-budget. This at least doubles the length of my shopping trips! Please fix this bug in the iPhone app.
Used to love it
Carol277 on 1/21/2018
We used to use this app daily, and we do still use it for our weekly list, but I had stopped syncing our phones. This was the best part of the app, but for a year it has been unusable
TIPS for Common Problems (Below My Review)
ChuckHoffman on 1/19/2018
MY REVIEW I love this program! It has so many ways of making grocery shopping faster and easier. I've looked at other grocery shopping apps, and I don't think any of them even come close to this one. I'm surprised that the rating for this app is not higher. I think it's probably because many of the complaints in the negative reviews from other users are INVALID. There is a way to do most of the things that people have said can't be done with this app, but it isn't always obvious how to do that. The app could use some tutorials and/or videos to help with that. Here are some tips that may help you. TIPS FOR USING GROCERY IQ FINDING ITEMS To save time finding items in a long list, try this: Enter the first 2-3 letters of each word in the Add an Item box. For example, if you are looking for "Roasted Red Peppers", just enter "ro re pe", and the item you want will usually appear. If not, you can add it by just tapping the Add button. This process gets faster the more you use the app, because it remembers items you have put on previous shopping lists, and will show them when you do searches. REARRANGING AISLES Yes, you can rearrange the aisles for any of your stores or lists. Each one can be different! 1. Go back to the list of stores (tap Lists at the bottom left). 2. Tap Edit at the top left. 3. Tap on any store name. 4. Tap Change Aisles. 5. Tap on the right end of an aisle, then drag up or down to rearrange the order). * You can also rename any of the aisles in that same place. It appears that changing the aisle name will automatically apply to all stores; you won't have to do each one separately. CREATING NEW CATEGORIES You can create new categories that you want for yourself. 1. Follow the first 4 steps in the Rearranging Aisles instructions above. 2. Tap on the Add (+) button. 3. Create whatever categories you need. ADDING TO FAVORITES Yes, you can add to the Favorites list. When viewing the details for the item (quantity, store, description, etc.), tap on the star (to the left of where you change quantity). ADDING STORES Yes, you can add any store you want, whether or not GroceryIQ knows about it. Tap Lists, tap the + button, then enter whatever name you want. It will save that name, and you can add any items you want to add to that list. SHOPPING AT MULTIPLE STORES Some items I do not want to put on only one list. I might buy the item at one of several grocery stores. I have a grocery list for each store. So this is what I do: For any items that I want to show on multiple lists, I tap List Items, then All List Items. Then I add the grocery items to the list. When I go shopping, I select the store from List Items, and all of the items I want to buy are listed in order by the aisles in that store! (Just make sure you have rearranged the aisles for each store.) It's very handy. HOLDING ITEMS Yes, you can add a "holding area" for items that you want to hide from the list until you are ready to check out. 1. Create a new list (see instructions above), and name it "Hold for Checkout." 2. When you want to hide an item that is on your shopping list, tap on the arrow at the right of the item to edit the entry. 3. Tap on the list name, then select "Hold for Checkout". 4. When you are ready to check out, tap on the name of your shopping list at the top of the screen, then select "Hold for Checkout." REQUESTED ENHANCEMENTS FOR THE APP There are some improvements I'd like to see: 1. Synchronization between Devices I set up sync between my iPhone and iPad. They synced once or twice, then don't sync any more. 2. More In-App or Online Help The app could use some tutorials and/or videos to help with the features that I explained above. To the app developer: You may copy those instructions and include them in the app. 3. Coupons Having access to coupons is nice, but you cannot use them in the store, unless you print them or the store has a loyalty card. Having to print coupons just isn't worth the bother. Instead, I'd like them to appear on screen, so I can show them to the cashier, or hold in front of the barcode scanner.
Needs to support AirPrint
inkydinkydoo on 1/18/2018
I use this all the time, but it REALLY needs to support AirPrint, for those of us on iPhones. Sure would make the included coupons a whole lot easier to use.
App won’t sync
Currently Irritated on 1/16/2018
We both have the app and though, it allows you to sync lists with another person, it is not user friendly to allow that to happen. It is a great idea but execution is a failure.
Once was a great app but no longer.
Skeezicks2 on 1/16/2018
This was the best free shopping app at one time, but there are two major issues with the current version. First, you can no longer arrange the categories to match the layout of the store. That was a great feature. Second, and most importantly, you can no longer sync your list with your spouse or whoever. The option is still displayed in the app but when you select it you get a spinner that never ends. R.I.P. Grocery IQ.
The app works
Notyouriphone(2) on 1/15/2018
It's great for when I'm going shopping being able to check off what I need and being able to see the approximate price I'm going to pay let's me budget my groceries in advance and meal plan before I go shopping. The one thing I don't like is that the history portion doesn't work right. I can't scroll all the way down in the spice section because my list is too long I believe hope they come up with an update to fix that.
Don’t waste your time
PHILJD on 1/15/2018
If you want to sync your list with others, don’t waste your time. It doesn’t work at all.
Nice Grocery App - would like more features
MobileMommy4 on 1/15/2018
I really like this app. I’ve been using it for years to organize my grocery shopping & other odds & ends. I wish Giant Eagle’s Loyalty Card could be added. I would also like to save recipes here & add ingredients to my shopping list. Syncing lists with my husband has been very convenient, however, for some reason, this feature stopped working.
Horrible app
toni769604 on 1/14/2018
Waste of time...
Siri and iPhone X support please
Chadillac on 1/14/2018
Great app but it seems like they forgot about it, there is no Siri or iPhone X support. I would pay for an upgrade to add items to my shopping list with Siri and have an updated interface! iPhone X is letterboxed
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