iHeartMedia Management Services, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Music 8.13.0 Oct 07, 2008 Jun 26, 2018 152.5 MB iOS 10.0 or later 12+
New in version 8.13.0

• Bug fixes and performance improvements


All Your Favorite Music. All Your Favorite Stations. All Free.

Unlimited streaming music, thousands of live radio stations, playlists for any mood or activity plus podcasts all in one app. iHeartRadio is easy to use and best of all, it's still FREE.

Download iHeartRadio today and start listening to your favorite music live radio stations, and podcasts!

The Best Live, Local Radio Stations
• Discover thousands of live and local AM and FM radio stations near you and from cities across the globe
• Listen to top radio stations, music, news, sports, talk and comedy
• Hear sports stations like ESPN Radio, Fox Sports and more

Free Playlists perfect for any moment
• Listen to any of thousands of hand curated playlists. Organized by mood, activity, decade and genre to make it easy to find something that’s the perfect soundtrack for any moment.

• Stream the most popular podcasts from NPR, Gimlet, How Stuff Works, ESPN, Pod Save America and from personalities like Anna Faris, Colin Cowherd, Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, Bobby Bones, Barbara Corcoran and more.
• Follow your favorite podcasts and download episodes to your phone to listen offline

Play Free Artist Stations
• Create personalized music stations based on your favorite artists using our library of millions of songs covering genres like Country, Top 40, Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, Rock, Alternative and more.

The Ultimate Station Made Just for You
• 'My Favorites Radio' collects all of the songs you love in one free personalized station.

Premium Features
Listen absolutely free with ads, or take control of your listening experience with iHeartRadio Plus™ and iHeartRadio All Access™.
• Search and play any song with our library of millions of songs on demand
• Save and replay any song from the radio
• Enjoy unlimited skips
• Download music to your phone to listen offline
• Create unlimited playlists

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For Feedback and Help
Tell us how we can improve by sharing your thoughts at https://help.iheart.com!
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Love all the choices
Papa nitzh on 7/18/2018
If you can’t find what you want your not looking
Meh not my thing
Pandaluv21 on 7/18/2018
You know, not EVERYONE has the money to buy your stuff. So when I wanna listen to stuff on the radio it pops up something I gotta buy. I don’t want a free trial, because I know it’s gonna pay without me saying I don’t wanna renew.
The ads
spikitis on 7/18/2018
It was great until the ads came. They can get to be too much. Ten minutes straight of ads. Then cut half way into a song, after it plays more ads.
3.5 to 4.0
lowcountyr letgo on 7/18/2018
I love radio. Not just playlists so that part is great. But there are time when a playlist is awesome. So I upgraded to get the skips and NO commercials. Except sometimes there is a commercial... My main complaint though is if there's a 👎 option, why the heck do you keep on playing that same song/artist!!!! If I give a thumb down that means I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT. EVER!
I love this app
syd😘😘😍 on 7/18/2018
I love it
Great! Love it!
xoxosaraisdaprincess55 on 7/17/2018
Only thing I miss scan option with the radio.
Was great now NOT
I’m tired of the constant searching in the middle of songs. My other apps I listen to don’t. Please fix it or I’m going to delete your app.
Stop with recommended stations
conservative on 7/17/2018
If I say no interest, not for me.. I don’t want this to show up each time I check stations. iHeartRadio has a very VERY biased liberal agenda. Admit it. Your business isn’t doing well, you are looking for buyers.. you PUSH stations that I would never listen too. There WILL be a replacement to iHeart, and I look forward to it.
Used to be amazing for the Apple Watch.
Kaiser Von sheisser!! on 7/17/2018
This app used to be amazing, you could start IHeartRadio from the watch, it would sync perfectly with the app and display all content. You could like and unlike songs and have amazing control. Now the Watch app is basically useless. Can’t start up IHeartRadio from the watch, it never syncs to content. It has no controls that work really what so ever. Which is frustrating because it was amazing.
Perfect first impression/onboarding
Mezerimay on 7/17/2018
Logged in for first time - and in 5 minutes I’m in love. Station categories well thought through, personalized recommendations spot on, log in experience a piece of cake. Looking forward to personalizing the experience, I see great potential! PS for the product team: what drove me to try it out is my Toyota car music system - kept defaulting to iHeart radio app. I’m glad I tried it. :))
More skips please
kittenslover50000000000 on 7/17/2018
I wish we had more skips
It’s ok
Vamp2727 on 7/17/2018
When I put an artist in I want to hear that artist, not 10 songs by others and then 1 of the one I want. Also, if I hit thumbs down I don’t want to hear that artist. Please stop playing the artist when I hit thumbs down.
Hitting stop button made me purchase
Ads12356 on 7/17/2018
There is a bug where hitting the stop button made me purchase a subscription. I don’t even see where the purchase button is but the stop button is so tiny and doesn’t function right. I had to crash the app and restore purchase. Hopefully that works.
intimidating2ubyfar on 7/17/2018
Gets my spirit ready for work. Keeps me company on my train ride to work and home,
Poor service
hopsing234 on 7/16/2018
Playing radio is not consistent. Now it only connects for a few minutes or cycles an ad over and over. It used to work much better. Is this the result of not upgrading your equipment as you get more users and stations?
Never connects?
Fatbody5000 on 7/16/2018
Sitting in Boston and can’t get the app to connect at all. Have re-downloaded it and everything. “Check your network connection and try again” but I have checked my network connection, and I won’t try again.
Scammed into Subscription
Maffia man on 7/16/2018
Went to click the pause button and an add came up with the subscribe button, ever so perfectly, ended up being right over the pause button. In an effort to not subscribe, I clicked the home button to get out of it and it took my thumb print, confirming the subscription. Tried getting my money back and just got robotic emails back. There’s no way this was just a coincidence.
Lot's of self promotion
Wordman on 7/16/2018
I use iHeart to listen to a few radio programs. But, with the app you get TONS of iHeart music promotions and repetitive rock artist features, none of which are of interest to me.
The same commercial.
Ernielovers on 7/16/2018
I am so tired of hearing the same commercials. quip toothbrushes and “The big hurt”. Please. I don’t mind commercials but I will never buy either on of these products. I refuse to subscribe to yet another monthly charge so I will be heading over to tune-in pro app. Let me know when you are finished running these adds. I’ll come back.
Too many commercials
krrushing on 7/16/2018
I used to love this app on my iPhone. Now it’s all commercials. When you select a station it’s IBM video, then a toothbrush commercial, then a GNC commercial next a car commercial. If you change stations guess what, toothbrush commercial, GNC commercial, car commercial, ugh. It’s also not as easy to use. I use Tune-In now. Sorry Clear Chanel and Cumulus. This has become bloatware. If you fix it I’ll be back.
Ciwboyredneck on 7/15/2018
I was charged 5.99 for a free app and didn’t tell me until I checked the balance on my card and it said 5.99 monthly charge going to delete this app since Free means I pay 5.99 a month no thanks
Song loading
thushmaster on 7/15/2018
When I play a station the next song always has trouble playing I have to close and reopen app every time after each song and that doesn’t fix the issue. I just paid for full access to the app, it worked better when it was free
Not worth paying for
tony4193 on 7/15/2018
I bought a membership to see how it was and the unlimited skips are nice but you play a Garth brooks radio station and I sniped the song 24 times and gave up looking for a Garth brooks song it started repeating songs and never once played a Garth brooks song very in happy
I love it
dean ambrose fan 233 on 7/15/2018
This app is awesome I prefer this music player to pandora they have limited adds
Subscription is bogus
ftnessguru on 7/15/2018
I upgrade to listen to music of my choice yet iHeartRadio still restrict access. No thanks Not going to pay more to listen to music I want.
Therealportajohn on 7/15/2018
I see all these people whining and complaining about this app? Why? Your complaints seem to make no sense? This app is amazing! ESP when you can listen to your fav radio stations that are 200 miles away!! Keep on keeping on iHeartRadio! Love it!
kerryh51 on 7/14/2018
I hardly listen to normal radio stations now this is the best I tried others and this seems to be the best so far. I take I heart everywhere. Thank you
Pokemoster1234532 on 7/14/2018
Would have given 5 stars if you could play any song and if you could add a few more FM stations that’d be great, otherwise a fantastic app to listen to your favorite radio stations. This is gonna be such a lifesaver on my new trip tomorrow!👍🎤🔥🎶🎵
The best
Aribpink on 7/14/2018
This app is a life saver it gets me pumped up and ready to go
Apple Watch
rjwilk on 7/14/2018
Super glitchy on Apple Watch. I used to have pandora but switched so I can control my songs from my watch and it’s almost to the point of unstable now except to change songs. Volume never works on the watch app and The app was freezing up yesterday
I love this app!!
Big Hoss 7 on 7/14/2018
I haven’t read all of the reviews here so I’m not sure what the low reviews are about. But from my experience (on iPhone and iPad) I’ve had no problems with bugs or anything! Great for discovering new music! Saving your favorite music! Love the playlists!! Love that I have access to radio stations! Let go of Pandora and now I just have this and Spotify.
boboritosunarito on 7/14/2018
This app is way better than pandora
Not happy with I❤️Radio!!
GSD_Fandom on 7/14/2018
At first I loved it. I really did. I spent a lot of time setting up all the music I wanted to hear and had absolutely no problem with it; listened to it all the time. I played it in the car, while I mowed the lawn, did my housework , I even told my sister to download it who lives with me. I get all the music from my era back in the day with no issues. Just great!! AC/DC, LED Zeppelin, Bono, Poison, Tesla, some bands from then I didn’t even remember. Then all of a sudden, I get on and it tells me to redo it all to my preferences again. Fine. I do it again. Set it up and go. Then it says to reset it all up again. Pisses me off. Now it’s about once a week asking me to reset it up. I get on my lawnmower to go and start my music and I have to set my preferences again. A. Bunch. Of. B.S. I am getting a new phone very soon and not renewing this app. Do not have time for this crap. Sorry need to stop that.
! Is iHeartRadio Censoring? You wrecked it!
cookiefan22 on 7/14/2018
I’m kinda mad... I had no problem before, the station I liked to listen to always came up first, now everyday it suggests what I should listen to and I actually have to do a search EVERY DAY! I would like to listen to 1130 in Milwaukee which is of the talk variety- I’m really wondering if iHeartRadio is actually Censoring?
devtu on 7/13/2018
It keeps paying when I deleted the app
Its good
dean trash on 7/13/2018
It’s good you should use it
potatopost on 7/13/2018
The app is often glitchy and doesn’t load. Even the desktop version.
Signed me up for PLUS when I didn’t want to
dlr7474 on 7/13/2018
Put itself in a mode where I just touched the home button and I was signed up for plus when I didn’t want to and there is no clear way to unsubscribe. I need to start using the radio station app rather than this criminal app
Love the app
Harry_head on 7/13/2018
Really enjoy the app I use it at work easy to customize your stations!! Simply awesome!!
Cancellation process is FLAWED OR HIDDEN
Toxic Dodge on 7/13/2018
I tried to cancel but it says I have to cancel the same way I subscribed. Well. I tried the app, the App Store and the computer. NOTHING. I am seriously ready to blow a fuse. It should NOT be this hard!! I am waiting on a reply from support.
Jennings 80 on 7/13/2018
Absolutely love it. It is so easy to work. I referral it to all my family and friends
IHeart Christmas station stopped playing
Emily Isaacs on 7/13/2018
When I click on the IHeart Christmas station it just sits there spinning and won’t play. Works fine on my computer but not on my iPhone and it was working fine yesterday and now it just doesn’t.
It takes to much data
tiavita on 7/12/2018
How do I cancel my subscription I don’t want to keep paying anymore but I been trying to unsubscribe but doesn’t give me the option to UNSUBSCRIBE It only gives me the option to UPGRADE PLEASE I NEED YO UNSUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!
Off beat
kingofNewNorway on 7/12/2018
Terrible app, I’ve wasted $14! Too difficult to build play lists. Cancelling as soon as I can figure out how.
Need People not Machines on 7/12/2018
This app might be good if it actually connected to anything.
Sleep Time
Winstephen on 7/12/2018
Love the app with one objection to an update. Put the Sleep Timer back on the main page. Currently it buried deep under the little gear. REALLY BURIED!
Sophia Yurt on 7/12/2018
Thank u so much!! I love this app So much! I think u sould add more skips tho!! I love it still!! 🙂
Buyer beware!
Hoffenkugel on 7/12/2018
This app will subscribe you and charge through iTunes without your knowledge. I’d uninstall but I’d still get charged anyway.
Bad quality!
Conga Man on 7/12/2018
I listen to talk radio and the stations are always cutting out. It continues to repeat sections of station play and commercials.
Gammon, j on 7/12/2018
I downloaded iHeartRadio because I was having such fun listening to the radio lately. I thought I could continue my listening on my run with iHeartRadio. The ap started with one song then played ten minutes of ads... I gave up after that and stopped the ap to listen to my music. So glad I didn’t pay for that experience.
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