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This app was last updated on: Jun 20, 2017
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New in version 7.3

Quick access to Sonos tips right inside your app, a direct link to live, real-time customer care help, and more.


Sonos is a system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components designed for every space in your home. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device.

Feel the music come to life when you immerse yourself in Sonos sound. Hear every song as it was meant to be heard and every instrument as if you were in the studio or the front row.

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to stream different songs in each room, group rooms together, or hear the same beat everywhere.

Listen to all the music you love, no matter where it lives. Imagine your music library, music services and more than 100,000 free radio stations, podcasts and shows blasting off the walls of every room.

No rewiring. No complex programming. Place your Sonos speaker anywhere in the house and connect to your home WiFi network with an intuitive mobile app. Build a house of sound, one room at time, and control your entire home audio system from your phone or tablet.

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As good as ever
obc_spike on 7/21/2017
Lots of players and like every one
Awesome system!!!!
Rob Co. on 7/21/2017
The app works fantastically a perfect marriage of hardware and software.
IshbuDigital on 7/21/2017
I have it connected to niles speakers and it sounds amazing
Great System!
gigabyte1124 on 7/21/2017
I've had sonos for years and it just keeps getting better and better. The Plex integration is amazing!
Big Al 1940 on 7/21/2017
One of the smartest decisions I ever made. Works great for both TV and music. Sound is fabulous, and ease of use is great. So easy to add speakers to, and have the same or different music throughout the house. Strongly recommend.
Second to none.
Tcatmissile on 7/21/2017
Sonos is hands down the best surround sound home theater experience available. If that's not enough , the fact that it practically installs itself should make it a must buy for anyone that doesn't enjoy wiring their home for sound. Then of course the Sonos app and tuner , the option of merging your personal music collection into the player and more. I have the play-bar , two rear Sonos 1's and the sub. The first movie I watched (Sully) I turned the sound up to test the new speakers. It actually sounded like a 747 was landing in my living room.
Works fine
King Lou on 7/21/2017
Wish it was easier to get music from some services but that probably isn't the app's fault.
I hate titles on 7/21/2017
Everything is great about the app, except for it being able to only control the volume from only 1 remote
Love the whole thing. Use the speaker for my business and it runs smooth with the program
Loveshyia1087 on 7/21/2017
Simple and powerful
YoDudeYoDude on 7/21/2017
I love how easy to use and how powerful it is to easily view my past entries. It feels professional.
Very seamless. Great sound
Enrique Ross on 7/21/2017
Friendly App for Great Sound
Dourq on 7/20/2017
I have the surround sound set up in my family room and 4 other speakers throughout my home. Absolutely love them! Beautiful sound for movies and music. The interface is smooth and user friendly with Pandora and Spotify. I like that I can use different Spotify accounts in different rooms throughout the house. The only minor set back I've noticed is when I'm using the Spotify app and changing the volume of the Sonos speakers it seems to lag and almost not sync up correctly with the level of sound. I don't know if that's a Sonos app problem or just the interface working through Spotify.
Works very well.
SB122 on 7/20/2017
Have owned a Sonos system for years, software has improved greatly over those years. Essentially flawless!
Lately Not as Good
batoller on 7/20/2017
Tap on an album to see songs and it loads the entire album into the queue-what a pain on iPad Air2 iOS 10. I'm not pressing the Play All indicator either. Prefer the older functionality. The "old way" worked better for me. The new way takes ~5 sec. per song to delete from the queue--for every song you don't want to play. Developers may need to program in better granularity on the graphics/functions. Note: This occurs when first loading queue, after first songs loaded into queue it functions better for some reason.
Love it
eksplorr on 7/20/2017
Love sonos
Not ideal
VAM52 on 7/20/2017
Good speakers, lousy app
Abner H on 7/20/2017
Love it!
Ed4376 on 7/20/2017
Easy to use and regularly updated.
Simple to use
NJ food lover on 7/20/2017
Put in our beach house. Can play outside, downstairs, upstairs all different play list.
I love it!
Cineaste64 on 7/20/2017
Use as my home theater and I love it!
Slmojgcv on 7/20/2017
Very enjoyable!
The future of home theaters
wiseninja on 7/20/2017
I have a play bar and a sub, and plan to get two play 3 speakers to serve as rear speakers---not because I need to, but because I want to. I would highly recommend Sonos to anyone. It is so easy and convenient to control the sound systems and seamlessly switch between sources from pandora, to TV, to my personal library--and so many more.
Love it
Rick_Cooper on 7/20/2017
I'm still new to it. Just got started with a PlayBase and already have a Play:3 now. Love them both and the app is great. Though I wish I could access my favorite podcasts through my favorite apps I can use Stitcher or just use my AppleTV.
Why would anyone buy anything else????
sammywhammy123 on 7/19/2017
Keeps dropping internet
Sathnorwood on 7/19/2017
I cannot keep the Sonos online. I have to reset it about twice a month. Very frustrating!
Love Sonos
Hkgcoutd on 7/19/2017
I love how easy the app and product is to use. It sounds great and I listen to much more music because I have it!
Great system, great app
Maeander500 on 7/19/2017
Over time I have purchased Sonos for each room in my house and I love the versatility the system offers. The app is great allowing for playback from multiple different streaming sites (e.g. Pandora), from a songs on a mobile device like an iPhone, and from a library on a NAS or PC/Mac. Really great App.
Love it
x4ulquiorra on 7/19/2017
Love the app and love everything about Sonos. Very user friendly and totally worth the price!
Getting better on connectivity, highly suggest to have youtube available
앛이ㅏ낱 on 7/19/2017
Youtube will be very useful to have
Sonos rocks
Talking Santa on 7/19/2017
Highly effective way to automate whole home music system.
Can't select songs
theplatz on 7/19/2017
Apple Music integration doesn't work well. Songs regularly can't be added to the queue or selecting a song will select a song at a random offset to where I tap.
Awesome app
Atlhungry on 7/19/2017
I Love everything about Sonos. Just wish they had an Apple Watch component.
Bob &Susan on 7/19/2017
We "bit the bullet" and invested in a Sonos Sound System when we bought our new home. BEST decision we ever made! Amazing sound throughout our entire house and outdoor living space. And when we want to select which areas of the house/outdoors we want to turn off /on, we simply program through the Sonos app on our iPhone. We customize our private playlist or play Pandora. My favorite thing about having Sonos is when our guests enter our front door and their immediate reaction is "Whoa! That is awesome! How do you get that sound?!?" Yep. We got Sonos.
Great app!
Madhanealem on 7/19/2017
Working better now.
10+ years using Sonos and never looked back!!
Jrocket02 on 7/19/2017
Using Sonos for 10+ years and I just keep adding more units. Solid performance and sound quality, company keeps software current and fresh and the easiest electronic device(s) I have ever setup. Easier than Apple products. Super easy to use. Not sure what I would do without Sonos!
Simple, my 1000 cd's are all ready to go - from any device, playlists instantly started.
rtekosky on 7/19/2017
I'm very happy, after years using audiophile.pc designed expensive hardware and software no longer supported by olive I am finally in a safe place. And anyone can control the muxic with the app. Congratulations- u deserve it
Must Have
cometrobin on 7/19/2017
Sonos is a must have. If you are a music lover like I am (over 5 years in band, chorus, been dancing since 8 years old) Sonos is for You!!
Love Sonos but last update poor
Jimk114 on 7/19/2017
The app no longer indicates what is playing correctly when playing a podcast from my iPhone. Thus I cannot fast forward or rewind, I also experience random changes which cut off and change to another in a queue.
Simply the best
EZE Bart on 7/19/2017
I do not know why anyone else would have any other system. Just awesome!!!
Best addition to my home after internet!
Burjo the Parthenon on 7/19/2017
Sonos makes my mornings smoother and my night cooler. I gave put one or more in 3 rooms of my home and they are used every day.
Love it
Drewlrdn on 7/19/2017
I love my Sonos system! I use it a couple hours everyday. It's amazing. finally lock screen controls
The best
Monteca on 7/19/2017
I got very frustrated with Apple play so I got Sonos and then it all went away. Really awesome sound system with great control. You can't go wrong with it.
Feels like 2010
IphoneAppReviewer2015 on 7/18/2017
The app works and does what it needs to but with the ease of use of apps from the old days. A lot of going back and forth to find things. The best thing to do is not use the app at all and use Spotify directly or others. Maybe one day they will catch up and allow you to AirPlay. The hardware is amazing. The software is mehn...
Mostly great, one occasional painful drawback
Axeshreder on 7/18/2017
Pros: Necessary to control Sonos on IOS devices. Good control over zones (Zone technology rules!) Cons: Sometime the app version gets out of sync with Sonos system and I can not access room settings (including equalizer and TV auto play) for weeks. Over all a pretty good app you really have choice?
does its job
Lucyloveydo on 7/18/2017
it works well sometimes but has a hard time staying connected to my sonos. overall I like the app
Need better Apple Music interface.
bigzack on 7/18/2017
Works well, simple
D76512 on 7/18/2017
Works well. Five stars for improved integration with Apple Music.
Fidman4u on 7/18/2017
By far the most versatile wireless sound system I've ever used in 40 years. Incredibly useful.
Was hesitant for a long time, but MAN, this system is absolutely terrific! Sorry I waited so long.
Bermax722 on 7/18/2017
We moved to a new home and we needed to address the AV situation. I previously used an AppleTV in conjunction with a laptop to enable my iPhone to control the music out by the pool. That required a first generation AppleTV to shoot an analog signal to my zone 2. That got old real fast! I was convinced by an old friend that Sonos was the way to go and he was absolutely correct! We now use Sonos sound bars under the other flat screen and a Sonos connect to go through the 5.1 home theater system. A Sonos connect amp to power our Lanai speakers and a Sonos play in the bathroom. It is awesome the way you can create zones and groupings! Mate it to Amazon Music u limited and Apple Music and you'll never want for anything else! Bernie B
Good fidelity, so-so with Apple
Ron Tate on 7/18/2017
I like my system - 2 play-1's and a subwoofer - but Apple's proprietary hold on it's iTunes sometimes make it have some connectivity issues. I have purchased a Boost to also allow the system to have a dedicated wifi to itself.
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