Sonos Controller

Sonos, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Music 8.6 Oct 28, 2008 Jun 13, 2018 111.1 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 8.6

Improved sound for Playbase, an easier way to add new speakers to your system and some reliability improvements and bug fixes.


Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that fills as many rooms as you want with beautiful, immersive sound. Stream via WiFi. Play any song, podcast, audiobook or radio station, and enhance your TV and movie experience.

Move music around your whole home.
Choose what plays in any room or everywhere, and easily move music around your whole home. Everything stays in sync.

Stream everything with one app.
Access over 30 music services. Play on-demand Internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. Search all of them at once, and save your favorites to My Sonos.

Find what you want. Fast.
Simple navigation lets you quickly find and play what you want. Easily set up speakers and customize settings.

Better over time.
Get the best listening experience with software updates and tips for making the most of your Home Sound System.

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I love Sonos in general
Deadmau5pro on 6/20/2018
The speaker is beautiful! I use several PLAY:1 speakers and they’re amazing. The app is alright. I rarely write reviews but the app has been real buggy. It keeps force closing since the latest update. Even before the update, it would delay a lot. Hopes this gets fixed. I use the app a lot but I’m tired of the constant opening of the app. Maybe it’s something on my part but then I do have a iPhone 8plus so I’m not sure what’s causing it.
Sorry but honest
TTGN64 on 6/19/2018
Difficult to set up, crashes and forgets what music I was playing, difficult to link with my Apple Music account, just don’t get why I have to use this app with poor UX and functionality to play music thru a speaker instead of just being able to simply Bluetooth
Scott GPa
Scott GPa on 6/18/2018
Sonos is great in that every room that has a speaker can play a different type of music. My wife likes easy listening high school age poop music. I like classic 70’s rock. You know , back when men were men and women were women. Thank you Sonos for building quality equipment that brings joy to the neighborhood !
Too many updates
A ship full of apples on 6/18/2018
I just want to listen to music!!! It seems there is an update almost every time I open the app!
Enjoying my Sonos app
Gabby5479 on 6/18/2018
Really like the app so far especially since they added audible back as a service. It makes it easier to listen to books I don’t have to use both apps and airplay. I can simply pause, skip ahead or play directly from my remote app. I think it sounds better too playing through Sonos instead of air playing. Because the way our system is setup I would normally have to have the tv on when airplay which prefer not to and now I don’t have to, yay!! I am happy it’s easier to group rooms now I know this was part of previous update but I had yet to rate until now.
Idk what happened
Ericf686325785316 on 6/18/2018
I keep getting a message saying the app can’t find me WiFi. I have to keep unplugging my router and Sonos bridge in order to play music. Plz fix
Too many commercials
jdtiirv on 6/18/2018
Too many commercials
V 8.6 Crashes Constantly on iPhone X
JG in SB on 6/17/2018
Just like the review title says. Crashes constantly on the iPhone X. Usually after browsing songs in Apple Music. Also it STILL doesn’t work to retune speakers with TruePlay using the iPhone X and also the iPhone 8 from what I have read. Both phones have been out for over six months. Oh yeah and the icing on the cake is that you won’t learn that TruePlay doesn’t work on your iPhone X until you have completed the entire process and it freezes indefinitely on the last step. Since SONOS knows this doesn’t work (I learned about it when I tried to find info in their forums...and there is info about this) it would be kind of nice if they popped up a warning at the START of the process to let you know you can’t do it on your particular hardware. So why do I still rate this app a 4? Because overall it is still an awesome app. I’m optimistic SONOS will fix these issues (hopefully soon) but in the meantime you should be aware of them.
Update doesn’t work
Done (finally) on 6/17/2018
My Sonos worked great, then I updated and nothing works
Problem!!! Help
AJSurace on 6/17/2018
Major problems with last update
Waste of money
Vegathunder on 6/17/2018
Last update rendered all my speakers completely useless. Tried all trouble shooting tips on Sonos support page and still no luck. So much money spent on something that only works half of the time.
Bluetooth device is poor...
jntyhe55 on 6/17/2018
I have a smaller speaker that is plug in but Bluetooth. It is very difficult compared to my Apple devices to connect to Bluetooth. Once connected, it often disconnects on its own. I was thinking of installing throughout my house with Sonos but now am questioning that decision. Would like to hear from your support before i invest in the rest of my house. These issues are both app and speaker related.
Very disappointed
Lomity on 6/17/2018
Skips constantly playing music on my phone but plays streaming media ok. My Sonos 3 is new but can’t do airplay2. They should rev their products over time vs. leaving it out of date. No bluetooth and no aux in. My first and last Sonos product.
andrew.rod0927 on 6/17/2018
The Sonos 5 is built to perfection, amazing sound! The app however is garbage. I have tried resetting and restoring my app on my phone to see if the songs will stop cutting out! Why destroy something that was not broken with your new updates! I will be dumping Sonos and moving on to Bose! Sonos should also be ashamed of themselves on the responses they have when responding to others asking them to erase the app and reinstall it again, or switching Ethernet cables! I have never had to erase an app and reinstall it and Sonos is asking people to do this! Sonos I’m done with you guys and I am not taking this up with tech support! Good riddance 🗑!
NEPLOBOY on 6/17/2018
App is still a bit unstable. I have very fast ISP speed consistently above 100 MPS, but Sonos still cuts out periodically. Maybe the latest update will improve stability. Time will tell.
Why so many updates
hannah.madhuri on 6/17/2018
You’d think that an app with such a constant stream of updates would be actually functional, but no. It skips songs randomly, stops playing for no reason, and it seems that whenever I want to listen to music I HAVE to update something first. Maybe condense some of these updates. Or make them actually contribute to the quality of the app. Otherwise it’s a great speaker.
AirPlay 2 support
breiter406 on 6/16/2018
I love my new Sonos One and the app works great. I just cannot wait for AirPlay 2 support. Please hurry up and release it!!!
Run away from sonos
espencers on 6/16/2018
I thought I would write a review of this system while I wait for another required software update. There is always some drama, and if your friend wants to play music a friend sent them, forget it. You can only use it for commercial music unless you have a degree in engineering. Just get Bluetooth or airplay where whatever would come out of your phone comes out the speaker instead. I’m about to throw the whole system in the swimming pool.
The aggravation
Krissyv227 on 6/16/2018
This app is great when it works. But that’s the problem it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it will stop in the middle of the song and begin to play another song. And it will do this over and over until you stop delete the app entirely and reinstall and reconnect. Now that might not seem like a big deal to some people but if you’re in the middle of dancing or in the middle of seducing a lover This can be quite aggravating.
Great until update
Metallicomeback on 6/16/2018
Worked great until the latest update. Now all messed up. Can’t play Pandora. Insists on adding it to “My Sonos” instead of just launching the station. When added to My Sonos, it won’t play. Thanks for the update. Not.
Updates broke my controller
somebodysomewhere6969 on 6/16/2018
Your updates disabled my add music services option and removed all my music services
If it ain’t broke...
Cld3 on 6/16/2018
Latest update claims to improve sound quality of Playbase... wait, what?!? What exactly was wrong with the sound quality that warranted monkeying with it? I hesitantly updated my Sonos system to v8.6 and and am very disappointed with the “improved” sound quality. Both audio and music now sound flat; the audio is lacking the depth and richness that I had prior to the update. I went through the Trueplay tuning process again as recommended in the app but to no avail. Too bad there is no way to roll back an update as I really liked they way my 5.1 system sounded prior to the latest system update.
Liked old version better
Dudeman01010 on 6/15/2018
This app is slightly more confusing then the old version
Bad app
shinobi_j on 6/15/2018
Speaker sounds good, app is trash. Keeps crashing.
Major disappointment
Ducati997 on 6/15/2018
Forced updates now?! They’re irrelevant and I don’t want to do it. I want to play music but I have to wait on a download. TERRIBLE
TampaKD on 6/15/2018
Good not great speakers and software is a buggy nightmare. Try shuffling a playlist with Spotify it groups artist not shuffle. Sonos was my mistake.
Love the Quality not Reliable
Ediablo on 6/14/2018
The sounds quality it’s amazing but my songs always lose connection or cut off at the same time on certain songs on my playlists which is frustrating.
Don’t like the latest update
rich2360 on 6/14/2018
Don't like the latest update that put “Settings” further down the list and off the main screen.
The best of the best!
ardilla y mapache on 6/14/2018
The more Sonos you have at home the better. I love music and having Sonos really makes me enjoy it more. The sound is great and it’s excellent when I’m entertaining.
Speaker is fantastic
Fmillathisusernameisnew on 6/13/2018
App rarely connects to speaker on the first try. I have to unplug and re plug then toggle the WiFi before it MAYBE connects to my iPhone. It has been connected to the same WiFi for two years and this only started happening last year.
Sonos is crap
Flippy2011 on 6/13/2018
Sonos is crap. That is all
5% up time Buy a blue tooth amp system
eurotable on 6/13/2018
This WAS a great product, now is just one big UX mess. My system never runs properly consistently for more the one day. The updates are terrible slow and you usually have to re set up entire system. The smartest thing to buy is a bluetooth amp connect any speakers you want then stream any music you want from your phone or tablet no need for Sonos It’s antiquated technology now. 😆
Does not work with Apple Music
Scott3694 on 6/13/2018
Tried everything, will update if they can fix it.
Alphabetical Order
Stevemazich on 6/13/2018
There is still no option to put Pandora stations in alphabetical order. So stupid.
Hopeful with update
Elmorellu on 6/13/2018
My husband loves sonos. I love the idea of sonos - but am constantly frustrated by the glitches in the interface. I go upstairs and am in the middle of listening to a podcast through sonos and it stops. When I push the button it starts over. It seems when they fix one problem a new one arises. I just want to be able to put it on from my phone and have it work without constantly having to futz with it.
Won’t update
Apple-Mark on 6/13/2018
Keeps on saying error! Updated: okay Working
Update BRICKED my system
JLdog on 6/13/2018
My anger with Sonos is boiling
Horrible update
Corgi Dog on 6/13/2018
Updated app and now I have no control over anything. App no recognizes any of my Sonos components.
Lil ttyl on 6/13/2018
Sonos has been in my family ever since I was a kid. I was thrilled when I was able to purchase this system for my apartment There is no better feeling than walking inside your home/apartment and being welcomed with your playlist playing in all the rooms or just the rooms you choose. This truly makes my home feel like home. All you need is WiFi and a smartphone!
Not good for business
stephen mono on 6/13/2018
Constantly cuts connection from WiFi and loses speaker pairing, tech supports best suggestion was “reset the WiFi”. We run a bar off of this system and it’s been a gigantic headache
Cuts out
CDC III on 6/12/2018
Sonos speaker constantly cuts out and skips songs half way through. Not what I expected. Speakers are. It even far away from my router
Great sounds
wriky on 6/12/2018
the songs it pulls in are phenomenal ,sounds great to! small glitch here an there but so what. still worth it!
hlopez242 on 6/12/2018
Works nice nice sound
No Apple Watch App
Mark Cody on 6/12/2018
This is such a cutting edge technology, it seems counterintuitive that I can’t control it from my Apple Watch?
jolumeme on 6/12/2018
Tiene un sonido #1 lastima que no tiene Bluetooth
What is going on??
Nickcinn on 6/12/2018
I have no idea how this new-version of the app is now organized. I keep thinking the problem is me but after several months of using the latest updates, I still don’t have a clue. This after using Sonos for more than five years without any major issue like this. Not amused.
Audio wonderful. Software not.
Scott A on 6/12/2018
Same review as always: the audio quality os Sonos products is superb— just unbelievably, insanely great. But they keep asking you to review Sonos, a request that comes from within the (sometimes downright infuriating) software, which is just not a good idea, Sonos, because your app is, well, loony. I cringe each time an “update” arrives.
Sonos player five
busterbubba on 6/11/2018
Excellent sound Love being able to choose different music channels for different rooms And run my streaming with ease
Sound is good but always have to reset
Dogzer on 6/11/2018
We have to reset the speakers every time we watch a movie or play music on speakers.
Sonos is awesome
quepaseo on 6/11/2018
i bought this for my music, but had the installer put it in as surround on 65 Samsung. It has actually saved me money because my wife now stays home all weekend watching movies instead of shopping. The sound for all genres is fantastic!
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