AniMatch: Animal Matching Game

Lima Sky

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$0.99 Games 1.8.1 Oct 15, 2008 Nov 16, 2017 13.3 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.8.1

Support for iPhone X


AniMatch is great FUN for kids and adults alike!

"This is a MUST HAVE APP for anyone with an iPhone and YOUNG KIDS... The buttons are BIG and very easy to navigate, the animal sounds are wonderful and the 'little jiggle' the animals do when you succeed at a match had my kids very excited." - Customer Review (US)

"Excellent! (*****) - My 6 year old is always grabbing my iPod to play this... I have to admit I have found myself opening this app and enjoying it myself. A+" - Customer Review (US)

"Kid Perfect (*****) - Lost my Touch to my 3yo over this game" - Customer Review (US)

"Animatch is FANTASTIC!!! (*****) - ... a must have app the HOLDS THEIR ATTENTION and develops memorization skills. My 2 1/2 year-old toddler love this one. She can play alone, or we take turns and make it a fun game together. Excellent for distracting them while you finish your dinner and wine at a restaurant!!" - Customer Review (US)

"Very Addictive even for adults! (*****) - I can't stop playing this game since installing it. Love the graphics and animal sounds" - Customer Review (US)


Now with retina display graphics and native iPad support!

AniMatch has reached the #1 Top Paid Kids' app spot in the USA, France, and Germany, and has been a top selling Kids' Game for over two years!

***** AniMatch was mentioned in the NEW YORK TIMES Travel Section as a great game to have on trips for restless kids! and was featured by Apple in "BEST KIDS' GAMES" *****

Kids LOVE AniMatch!

With its super-cute animal graphics and funny animal sounds, AniMatch is perfect for kids, but loved and played by grown-ups as well, who often get it for their kids and then end up playing it themselves.

AniMatch will keep your kids educationally entertained, all the while developing their concentration, memory, and cognitive skills, and teaching them what sounds animals make. AniMatch will also keep your kids quiet while they play it again, and again, and again.... right when you need that much-needed break in a restaurant, on a plane, or in a car.

While kids can play the game all on their own, it is even more fun when you take turns and play AniMatch with them! And, costing less than a pack of bubble-gum, it will be the best money you've ever spent.

AniMatch was designed to be kid-friendly! There are no complicated menus for kids to get confused by, or multiple options to get lost in. The moment the game loads, kids can start playing it right away - it is so simple and engaging that we have seen even 11-month olds interact with it! And 2 to 6 year olds just can't have enough of AniMatch!

This adorable pairs match concentration game also doubles as an animals sound machine.

- UNCOVER A NEW ANIMAL WITH EACH PLAY (31 different animals in total, 10 shown in each game)
- Educational and fun animal sounds - each animal will make its sound when flipped
- Develops memory and cognitive skills
- Keeps kids entertained
- High score and best time
- Adorable graphics
- Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!

iPad Screenshots
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Love this match game!
WiscBliss on 11/13/2017
My husband and I love this; I'm still trying to beat his best time. Cute images and great sounds unique to each animal. Looks good on IPad in 2x view. New animals added several times since I purchased. Updating... 3+ yrs later I still love this app.
Great for kids
Muneca108 on 11/3/2017
The sound effects are fun. A great spin on the memory game.
RolloPollo11 on 9/24/2017
Please update for iOS 11 — we really love this game!!
Update to iOS 11
Maymichael on 9/21/2017
My kids still love and so do I. Update
Macnfam on 8/11/2017
Fun for all ages!
KenzieSRNA on 7/19/2017
Update: years later I am still utilizing this game. I'm a nurse anesthetist and this game works as well, if not better than drugs, to ease children away from their parents. It's a fun distraction and they match from the outpatient area all the way to the OR, as they ride on my stretcher. It's been a life saver. I originally got this for my 3 year old and he loves it. However, my husband and I have enjoyed it just as much if not more. We are in competition and I just beat his record time. Cant wait to tell him Im a better animatcher!!!
Awesome for younger kids!
RudySolis on 12/22/2016
My children have played this for years. They started really getting the hang of the concept around 18 months. My 4yo plays it a lot too. And I'll even catch my 7yo playing it. It's one of those games I enjoy playing with them, and has been a 'go-to' for years.
npd81 on 2/15/2016
My 2 year old loves this during diaper changes and it doesn't make me feel guilty since I consider it to be mentally stimulating. I play it too, on occasion ;-)
No sound!!
The Clowns on 12/23/2015
I just purchased this app! Went by the ratings!!! There is NO sound! Please fix ASAP!
Still playing
Muppt on 11/5/2015
My kids and I all have fun with this simple, quick game. Good to play if you just need a short break.
Good buy
Paulirisbar on 7/6/2015
This app is exactly what is advertised. It is a matching app. My daughter has not played it yet, but I know this one will be a big hit. I am pleased that there are no ads or in-app purchases. Money well spent!
Great little match game!
Pocketpants on 5/22/2015
My kids love it!
L. O. V. E. it
honeysukle on 5/1/2015
Enjoy this app so much! For myself and with the kids.
Entertaining app
heavenbound68 on 3/14/2015
As someone with a visual impairment, I really enjoy this app. It's easy to match, and accessible.
Perfect for car rides
Megfw on 3/14/2015
My 4.5 year old loves this game, and doesn't worry about the timer. I highly recommend it!
It's the real deal.
Slothrop49 on 11/28/2014
A variety of animal pix and sfx keep it fun.
kennethwsmith2011 on 11/21/2014
Nothing less than terrific! My 10 year old daughter still loves this game and since she was about 5!
Great game
Hgegejsi on 10/23/2014
I'm a speech pathologist and I love using this game with my preschoolers and kindergarten kiddos. They love the animals and the sounds and I get to work on lots of goals like identification, attributes, articulation, same/different, memory.......the list is endless.
Great game for my 2.5 year old (and me)
Kayohkay on 9/10/2014
Seems to be a great simple game for my toddler.
Great memory game
Mado's Dad on 7/15/2014
This is a well designed app, cute graphics, great sound effects and engaging visual effects. Highly recommended!
Kids love this game
Dor103 on 6/15/2014
And adults do too!
SomewhereInSeattle on 5/18/2014
Just upgraded after having an old version that worked just great and now the upgraded has what appears to be a defect, blank spaces--no animals to match on several squares! So frustrating. Wish I had not upgraded. Please fix!
No variety
Maggie9094 on 5/17/2014
Good game for limited use. There is NO variety to this game. There are NO options to change the number of cards nor the animals being used. It is repetitive with the same number of cards and same animals so it makes it boring after a few times.
Yakuangel on 5/14/2014
A classic...been using it with kids for years...nothing but fun!!!
Great for little kids!
Carolina Girl 77 on 3/20/2014
My 4 yr old and 20 mo old both enjoy this game!
Fun even for grownups
Liza911 on 2/9/2014
I know this is a game for kids, but I really enjoy it and the animal sounds are cute.
Need levels!
ADWOFF on 1/22/2014
Very cute ... even addictive ... but would really love to see this as "levels"
Animals look too similar
Pro Surfer on 1/6/2014
This is good. My two year old finally understood how to play it. Unfortunately the animals look too similar - I wish they looked more distinct. Also the tiles are too slow to respond, which can sometimes confuse my kid, and incredibly AGGRAVATING for adults. However, bottom line is still good and it's worth the price😎
Smittyswife10 on 1/4/2014
My 3rd loves it!! Sounds make it even more exciting
Mnmsimi on 11/17/2013
My kid loves it! Fun & easy to use.
Great memory tool!
Mama 2020 on 10/6/2013
I really enjoy this matching game and I use it with my husband who has a brain injury. It really helps with memory! Our grandkids love it too!
"Lets play again!"
VinRim99 on 9/18/2013
My nephew loves this game! He wanted to give it 6 stars ... Ha!
Pisspotpete24 on 9/16/2013
Fun for kids and adults.
BKP97 on 9/8/2013
Kids love it
Fun for littie people
Ma MaGoo on 8/20/2013
Cute with funny sounds
Great matching game
Lskirvin on 8/11/2013
My little one loves it.
Fun for small children
Mokimmy on 7/30/2013
Fun for little ones to develop simple memory skills.
Great Fun for Kids, Adults and Seniors
Wingstars on 7/21/2013
As a senior citizen, this type of game helps maintain my memory skills. And combining the sound with the cute pictures enhances the process. For all ages, enjoy!
Noises are distracting
Henry37 on 6/2/2013
I wish it kept track of my top 10 high scores. Animal noises are irritating. I have to turn off volume and it is much better.
dmd78 on 5/30/2013
Good match game for kids.
My toddler loves it!
Hystoreechick on 5/28/2013
My almost 3 year old loves this game. He is especially amused by the animal sounds.
Great game for all ages.
Lasvegasbaby on 4/24/2013
From 4 to 34, everyone in our family enjoys this game.
Both my kids loved this game
Bandisahn on 4/20/2013
Both my kids loved this game since they were 6 months old.
Reboo60 on 4/14/2013
Enjoyable game for kids
Slim Shady 10 on 4/1/2013
Easy to use, fun for all ages. Games are quick and challenging. Took my iPad to my family and everyone took turns playing thru-out the day. Well worth it and a must have. Good Times. 😃😃🐤🐤🐍🐍🐝🐝
For grand kids
Ralph111111112 on 3/24/2013
I guess so but not me
Daisyc0514 on 3/14/2013
It ok but annoying . While being educational it's very annoying . U can't pause it like of I have a dead battery I have to turn of my iPod and when I play it again I have to start over so I think that animatch is 👎😲😤😖😒😡
Riceboi22j on 2/24/2013
Very addicting!!
Jake says Awsome!
Capstun on 2/22/2013
This app is wonderfully designed, fun, educational, and an all around great application. You will love it. Lima Sky makes high quality wonderful games. Try Doodle Jump!
My baby girl loves it
Speckulitis on 2/17/2013
She's been playing it since she was about 4 months old, and we let her play til she wins, no cheating. The sounds used to startle her sometimes, but not anymore. She loves this app!
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