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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 9.2.25 Oct 27, 2008 Jul 05, 2018 194.6 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 9.2.25

Made to measure! With this release, we’ll start rolling out a new tool to allow you to measure distances and areas, anywhere on Earth.

Recently updated/added 100 cities in 3D including New York City, London, Paris, and Amsterdam. New, high-res imagery in parts of 21 countries.


Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D buildings in hundreds of cities, and 3D terrain of the entire globe.

Zoom to your house or anywhere else, then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. Set off on a unique adventure by rolling the dice and hopping between random locations. And see the world from a new point of view with Voyager guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more.

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Useless elevation data
CongoCopperMiner on 8/16/2018
For US, the only elevation unit choices are integer miles or km. No decimal places. How useless is that? How about meters or feet, or at least add a few decimal places for km or miles?
Why not?
Arastashatchet on 8/16/2018
Why can’t google just update its maps every month or so? I mean, I’m looking at things that are more than 3 years old! I know it’s easily possible and there’s no reason why not. It’s not like looking at a more recent picture of your house or home town would breach national security or anything.
ldbaker2 on 8/15/2018
Needs the time line in the iPad app so we can see older photos while being mobile!!
Satellite map
Destiny Plex on 8/15/2018
The map didn’t update
Una de las mejores de Google!
Luis2519 on 8/14/2018
Google Earth ha sido una de las aplicaciones que me ha ayudado a explorar diferentes ciudades de varios países del mundo y, gracias a ella, puedo saber más de las localizaciones de ciertos lugares de ciudades que me gustaría visitar! #5stars.
Kingknog15 on 8/14/2018
The earth is flat
calgory on 8/13/2018
Beijing road map does not correlate with the satellite image correctly
Update looooooong overdue! Come on!
nyctraveler42 on 8/13/2018
I love this app but not in its current state. Please please please please update this app. I can’t believe Google doesn’t have enough coders to handle updates on a regular basis.
Not enough features
Mr sell your home on 8/13/2018
I am a Realtor and need to be able to view historical imagery on my iPad Pro. Please add this feature.
Out of date
waiting updates on 8/13/2018
Come on Google. How about an update for Googlemaps for iPhone.
I got to see Europe
Guitar Max on 8/12/2018
My love lives in my house in Germany and the view was very clear. I could almost inspect the roof . Now I can not see anything very clear
It’s cool but
Shortcake 143 on 8/10/2018
The copyright date of 2018 doesn’t match up to the pictures. Please update your pictures in street view. I do enjoy the 3d it’s very cool.
Ninjas+katana on 8/10/2018
SO OUT DATED so old and can’t see most of the newer stuff!! And what’s this about all the stuff looking like CLAY?? You might think so what? Look at it from street mode. Geez. But SUPRISE it’s not there at the newer stuff and if it is, it’s just open area NOT like the clay building you see. In my opinion, the new voyager thing is making it WAY slower than it was before. Just saying. So think of that before downloading this rip off. And btw I would do zero stars if there was a zero star thing. This app had so much potential two years ago. It was so much better before the update that ruined it. :P More stuff I’m adding more stuff, ok so when I looked at my house near a school when you look at during street mode is an open field it’s there so when I went back it was the old OUTDATED stupid frickin open field oh and exactly WHY is my house still looking like that????? And PLEASE make it like the good old google earth PLEASE!!
Aug 8 2018
gm wondering on 8/10/2018
When do they update..if I look at my house still has hot tub on deck I haven’t had for 5years
More of an geo-encyclopedia than a useful tool
fretbuzzdude on 8/8/2018
If the app worked as a tool, you would be able to save your places and them be viewable on any device login. Also, you could save or cache locations for off-cellular use. I’ll stick with GPS Kit. Great for just browsing around looking at stuff on your spare time though.
aesbenj on 8/7/2018
I tried this app and now I want to remove it, but it won't let me delete it, at first I tried to delete it and it did, but when I restarted my phone I saw this white something cover it says "Google Earth" at the bottom and when I delete it via my phone settings, it won't let me.
Rev L.P. on 8/6/2018
It’s free because who wants maps from the year 1815??? Really guys ? You can see a golf ball from space but you can’t update? Come on at least two times a year wouldn’t break you. Who wants Satellite pictures from 1984?? Spend some of that google cash and update!!!!
Liked the previous version
Froggirl298 on 8/6/2018
I DO NOT LIKE this new version. You can’t set and name a pin, and your gps location does not move with you in real time like the previous version. It seems that the only thing its good for now is looking around the world. I used the previous version driving the backroads, using my location to ensure I was on the mining claim I thought I was on. Now it doesn’t have the capability of following me in real time, making the app virtually useless to me now. 😤😤😤
MGRS Formatting
EnverYürek on 8/6/2018
Please add MGRS formatting feature to Latitude/Longitude formatting in settings.
Slow, outdated, and awful software
#plssendhelp on 8/4/2018
I used to love google earth about two years ago, but after a new update, the whole thing went down hill. First, the satellite view of some places, for example San Francisco, was out dated by at least three years. Second, the new up date doesn’t include Wikipedia shortcuts, or simple explanatory anymore. And, you can’t turn the stuff off the settings that you don’t want, like let’s say you only want road feature on, well tough luck be cause it doesn’t allow that. Lastly, if you scroll around eventually at least on my tablet, the app closes and shuts off for no reason. This app has so much potential and it’s a shame that it is like this. I hope google can fix there problems soon.
Images don’t load in
fffufhgggftrufu on 8/4/2018
Awesome And Very Very Fast
i wike trains :) on 8/3/2018
This app is awesome And very very Fast And Good One of the best apps I’ve ever had Love it. great 👍🏻
Will You EVER Update?
Super Star App on 8/3/2018
Images are YEARS old. Took my pool down and painted the house years ago. Nothing has changed on Google Earth, though. Pool still there. House still old color. Geeze.
Cool, but could be improved.
Funkemunky on 8/2/2018
I love that I can almost anywhere in the world and see it as though I’m there. However, I think the app could definitely have a much better UI (that doesn’t need a tutorial). I’m glad a tutorial is included, but no one has the time nor cares about reading through it. Google has been well known for having great UI’s with little to no learning curve until recently. It would be great to go back to those days.
Yorkjenn on 8/1/2018
I agree with James alexander 84. I would love to see how houses and land scapes have changed!
Update the map
miodzv46 on 8/1/2018
Update to 2018
It’s like looking at an old map
AmanAnan90 on 7/31/2018
Seriously, I might as well pull out an atlas from 2005.
Google Earth
she-lah on 7/27/2018
It really needs updating my house look like this over 10 yrs ago. Guys you need to update new data really , please I would really like to know what things look like now , not long before. Please
Uptade ?
Finikkin 90 on 7/27/2018
when is the last update coming ?!
I love looking around the World But
Ejtpa1 on 7/27/2018
There's things that's come out last summer that still haven't shown up on here please make sure it's updated and check your satellite too there's something wrong
Really cool
letter 652-vg6 on 7/25/2018
I like satellite view it cool
Need to highlight borders!!!!
Me px on 7/25/2018
I love the app, but its easy to go from one state or country to another without realizing it. Apple Maps does great at showing borders, but Google Earth is great at everything else. Also its very easy to turn the compass by mistake when zooming in, there should be a way to disable it.
No alternative on the market
dekema2 on 7/24/2018
I don't like Google at all, but Google Earth is the one application that everyone should have on their phone. I am the kind of person that uses Apple Maps for navigation but Google Earth and Street View for "exploring," especially as a roadgeek. With the new A9-A10 processors moving is buttery smooth compared to my old iPhone 5s. Currently though the app won't open, so this review is subject to change. Also, the removal of map caching is a detriment. But on a good day this is a great app.
Cant save places or easily sync them from somewhere else
Andgfneisijd on 7/23/2018
Im going on a trip with my family somewhere soon and recently saved a bunch of places on google earth on a public library computer, assuming it would auto save to my account bc usually google is awesome like that. so i download the app so i can see what i had previously saved and it turns out the only way you can do that is by going on the computer you saved them to and manually moving them. and!! not only that but you cant even start all over again because you cant even save places on the app at all! so if you just want to look around places with no way what-so-ever to save the info that you find, then this is the perfect app for you!
Update please
Twetede1984 on 7/22/2018
Can we please get an update it’s all old pictures
needs time travel
ispeakoof69 on 7/22/2018
This app is great but can you add the time travel tool where you can go back in time? I would really appreciate it for that.
My bad! I found the way to measure!
Chooch440 on 7/22/2018
I was looking for a specific "measure tool" icon but I learned that you must long press on the map to bring up the measure tool. This wasn’t clear in the initial articles.
Location share
mr upsetter on 7/21/2018
It doesn’t nothing at all useless. It used to let family know my exact location. Now nothing fix it!!!
Older than dirt
Sithlord14 on 7/21/2018
This is so outdated the images are from before March 2011. Proof is if you search for Fukushima nuclear plant, the image shows an undamaged fully functional plant not one that had 3 reactors go into full meltdown from being destroyed by the tsunami. This is a shame. I was hoping that at some point they would update it but apparently they could care less. I give one star only due to the fact that it does let you see some pretty cool stuff. If it could just be UPDATED!
Pretty Nice
zmamainthehouse on 7/20/2018
A cool addition to this app would be to see inside of public buildings such as schools, stores, and businesses. Otherwise, it’s super useful!
Please tell me how to measure
xXNikkiTheSavageXx on 7/17/2018
Saving to “My Places” isn't available yet!
czechboy62 on 7/17/2018
Bravo to Google Earth! Saving favorite locations to “My Places” is a fantastic feature that’s available on the Computer version; however, it’s not available yet for iOS and Android devices and that’s the reason for the 2 star rating.
History buff
Meo686 on 7/16/2018
I read a lot of history books, mostly war. While reading I can go to those places and see them. I spent 25 month in Vietnam. I can return to the places there that I fought. I can see the changes that have happened since 1967. Thank you for this service so I can go back and visit mine
bamaman1313 on 7/16/2018
Needs updated map of earth. Bamaman1313
Cartoon Images⁉️
Asholeio on 7/15/2018
What in the world...? I got this app to actually see CLEAR images & REAL satellite data...Not to view the world like a poorly animated cartoon!! It doesn’t look real!! Your best bet folks, is just to stick with the Street View app. Those are at least clearly precise images in 3-D view, Satellite, whatever you need! Let’s try harder on this app Google...
Great for fans of obsolete data.
iamhondo on 7/15/2018
Why build a modern app and supply old data? Google — that’s why. Directions are wrong. Maps are wrong. Aerial shots were taken by the Wright brothers. Every other online map system has more current directions and views thanks to up-to-date data.
Pretty to look at but not usable as a tool.
Blonde Dogs on 7/14/2018
Program lacks capacity to store points, measure distances or lay down circles. Pretty...useless...compared to laptop version.
Good but not up to date
Toxic creeper on 7/13/2018
This a great app but not 100% up to date like how some of the areas are 3D but the rest are only 2D but they also need to take the picture again like at Disney the pandora land isn’t even close to being finished and it was done last year I also liked when their were pictures every where but now you can only use 20 pictures per location including Atlanta GA airport but on the other hand it is kind of a good app
Since update 9.2.25 the app is crashing
WatermanCPT on 7/13/2018
Good day Google Earth Devs. Since this new update I can no longer open my .kmz ‘s in the app as it would crash right away. Kindly address soonest as I can no longer use the app since this update
Arestio on 7/13/2018
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