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Free Weather 9.12 Nov 08, 2008 Aug 13, 2018 156.1 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 9.12

• Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please email us at with any suggestions or questions. If you like these changes, please let us know by rating and reviewing us in the App Store!


Get accurate local weather forecasts from The Weather Channel. Easily find all the weather information you need to plan your life with confidence.

Rain, storm or shine: plan your day, week or even your next vacation with the right tools and insights at your fingertips. The Weather Channel provides you with the weather information that matters to you, wherever you are, for the next 15 days.

The Weather Channel: Top 3 Features

1. Plan your day up to two weeks in advance with hourly & daily forecasts

2. Get your current conditions at a glance with weather data that’s relevant where you are.

3. Stay safe with extreme weather alerts and safety tips from the National Weather Service.

Plan outdoor activities with confidence.
• Planning an adventure? Check the forecast so you don’t get caught in the rain.
• Want to catch that romantic sunset or go for a midnight swim? Get detailed information on sunset times, tides, phases of the moon and much more.
• Run smart with our Running index! Find the best possible running conditions and plan your perfect route.

Keep informed on the latest weather news.
• Stay safe during extreme weather events. Fom flash floods to hurricanes, we’ll send you live alerts with safety advice, so you know how to be prepared.
• Concerned about allergies this Spring? Get high-risk allergy alerts and medical advice to help you beat hayfever. Going on vacation? Check the air quality before you go! Air quality reports are now available for the US, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, China and India!
• Be in the know! Watch our morning show, “The Lift” and join Domenica Davis for your 6-minute fix of all things weather, from stunning nature clips to cool science.

Easily access all of the weather information you need on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.
• Get precise weather updates, severe weather alerts and more of your favorite features from any of your iOS devices!
• Quickly find all the weather data you care about in one place: your smart home screen!
• Remove all ads from your weather app for a year with a $3.99 single payment in-app purchase.


Privacy & Feedback
• Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here:
• Our Terms of Use can be viewed here:
If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

iPad Screenshots
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Same commercial, over and over
BNNelson on 8/18/2018
I don’t mind watching an ad or two. I do mind watching the same ad over and over every time I click on a ten second clip. That’s a bit excessive if you plan to watch several clips - which are great, but not worth the hassle.
Now useless
Mkscms on 8/18/2018
Since eliminating the profile feature, this app has refused to enable updates while pleading to have me “tap on locations” when the locations feature is greyed out. Location services are enabled, and the app can find my location in other features. My advice is to ignore this like the plague if you are using iOS until somebody figures out how to fix it.
Why mess up a great App!
Smartin89765 on 8/18/2018
This new app you have is horrible. It is so slow on my phone and iPads and now I have to find another weather app. Had it forever and you have to change a perfectly great app that is horrible!!!!!!!!!
Animated Radar TERRIBLE
Brandistew99 on 8/18/2018
The animated radar is basically worthless. As soon as you animate the map to show the path of a storm, the current storm disappears and you cannot see its trajectory. It’s awful. Also, waaaaaaay to many ads!!! Why are you restoring to the click bait and videos? Perhaps if you had a QUALITY PRODUCT you could make money from users purchasing the ad free upgrade. FOCUS ON THE WEATHER!!!!!! We should be able to rely on the flipping Weather Channel for accuracy!!
I can’t stand...
angelo grover on 8/18/2018
The new format of this app. The old format was much easier on the eyes and brain. Why can’t I just have everything simple and in front of me on the get-go...right when I open the app. I will be searching for a new weather app (as if this will make a sheet of difference to the devs.)
MonicaValcore812 on 8/18/2018
Much better than other weather apps I have used. It is more accurate than other weather apps and I trust it more. I make plans off of what this app says the weather is going to be like.
Often Inaccurate and Crashes
Old Dusty Dog on 8/18/2018
iPad Mini 3 install. Rarely does this app agree with the local forecast, so it is not dependable. It often crashes, especially when viewing the radar map, which is also not in agreement with local forecast maps. How is that even possible? On the positive side, the layout is fine and looks good.
Most accurate weather app
km3486 on 8/18/2018
Can’t beat it.
What the heck!
tythewasherguy on 8/18/2018
There was a storm that came through Buffalo ny and it knocked out power and everything but the app said no rain in the forecast even though it was a big line. Another thing is that 55.9 percent of the time it is wrong because I stayed up all night long for a storm and nothing happened 😩
Don't rely on this app in storms. You'll die doing so.
ChristianRobbins on 8/17/2018
I use the radar on this to track where storms are so if I need to go outside I know I'll be safe from lightning. When viewing "Future" on the radar, most of the time it'll tell you the storm will be over soon. 9/10 times you'll walk outside and it'll be a storm that deserves alerts. Enough with trying to be progressive with your ads and videos and just do what people actually ask for: A weather app that actually works. I wouldnt recommend this app to my worst enemy. Constantly putting out false information. Should be ashamed of yourselves. STAY FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE.
Problems with radar
Masstextnewbie on 8/17/2018
The app is good, except for the radar map. It doesn’t load properly. The map will show storms, but then when you click on it, everything goes away - like the storms won’t load on top of the map. I’ve had the app for over a year, on an iPhone X with good WiFi/cellular connection. It’s not my phone or the internet - the radar on this app is just not good. I’m deleting and will find something else.
New iPad version
Lovegossip on 8/17/2018
iPhone version is good, but I hate the new iPad version. It’s the iPhone version formatted for iPad but it’s sooooo slooooow. The old version was so much better other than it was 10 day forecast vs. 15 and the hourly forecast wasn’t great but it was so much faster. Never use the app for radar as if rather a radar specific app for that.
The weather channel
lonewolfbb on 8/17/2018
7-17-18 , the weather channel has been my go to app !, I will be closing my app and Acct !!! Hate your new app!!!! You are fools !! So sad . No STARS!
Go to app!
Ellen Szafranski on 8/17/2018
The weather channel app is my daily go to app.Always watch the videos and Radar. An occasional bug, but all in allGreat!!
Like it a lot
lexington chuck on 8/17/2018
Love the precipitation radar. It loads and updates fast on my phone. A great improvement over older versions. Reliable in seeing rain coming in the very near term.
nofun991 on 8/17/2018
The fact that nothing is tapped explains how trust worthy I feel you are😳 oh you force us to give you a one even if we feel you don’t deserve it? Typical
Weather Channel
Fusty7 on 8/17/2018
Great App
Please less stuff
Ghilliedig on 8/17/2018
Make a simplified version with less videos and data wasting fluff. I just want the weather. I also would like to be able to check the weather and listen to my podcasts at the same time. This app stops any audio I'm trying to play
Decent enough
AmericasBackbone on 8/17/2018
It has its days, sometimes it says no rain an sunny skies but yet 20 minutes later it starts down pouring. Accuracy definitely not up to par.
It’s the weather!
Shorty433 on 8/17/2018
This should always have a five star rating because they are telling you what the WEATHER is and is going to be! If you don’t need to know then you wouldn’t use this app! Thank you everyone that works at weather channel and on the app!
Dentrek on 8/17/2018
As a weather channel viewer I would have expected the IPhone app to be as accurate. I think you spend too much time trying to show videos of other areas weather and forecast and should consider that I need my weather app to give a better more accurate radar and forecast local to my location. Weather bug app has you beat considerable more as a app. For example, yesterday it was lightning and thundering and rain drops were falling, but your radar showed no rain and partly cloudy forecast and weather bug radar showed accurate radar and rain in the forecast.
rgr17 on 8/17/2018
No App is perfect including this one; but it is accurate & dependable more often than not. And when it is not accurate, you’ll probably be thankful it wasn’t.😅
Not Good
Eldercee on 8/17/2018
Don't work with my iPad. Keeps showing I need to update. Latest version that works with my iPad viewing is so I can't see the data displayed for all the excess clutter. Difficult to work with.
Not good
Bstar1998 on 8/17/2018
Never accurate, can’t trust it. Not the day of, not their “15 day forecast” none of it.
paige 💜 on 8/17/2018
This app is so slow
Excellent app
annnell on 8/17/2018
Weather channel app is always accurate
Life saver
clover1725 on 8/17/2018
I got struck by lightning at the beginning of summer. It was minor but traumatized me. I immediately downloaded the app and now I’m prepared for storms, and know when to stay inside. I love the lightning tracker. I wish the radar map was easier to navigate and use but overall satisfied with the app.
Weathe app
Garflan_the_Great on 8/17/2018
Where I live, predicting the weather is at best a fifty-fifty proposition. This weather app hits the mark as well as the experts that live and work here for most of their lives. I have used this app for several years, and find it to be very handy. The videos are entertaining, but not absolutely necessary and tend to slow down the loading of the information. A minor nuisance, nothing to get upset about. Keep up the good works.
Weather wow
cricketnoise on 8/17/2018
Great app. Does everything it is supposed to do!
New app is coming
Turbo444 on 8/17/2018
I was prompted (through this app) to watch a video and give feedback on a new Weather Channel app that is not released yet. The app looks great, but I was especially impressed with the video experience. This video preview is genius! Because it shows not only what the new app will look like & the new features, but because it also serves as a personal, excitement-building tutorial. So I already feel comfortable using a new app before I even download it. Looking forward to it!
Planning and decision-making tool
Ms. Marple, play7009626 on 8/17/2018
I live in a place where highs can vary 20 degrees day-by-day, and we often have sudden downpours and hailstorms (summer) or snow storms (winter). This app not only helps me to plan ahead, but the alerts have been very helpful for scurrying around to lock up against sudden weather changes. Also, the running conditions and pollen count features have been immeasurably helpful. And finally, i travel a lot and like to prep in advance - keeping an eye on destination weather patterns two weeks in advance makes for better-prepared packing.
1234636764 on 8/17/2018
Best weather app ever
My Go To for weather info
Ga Chef on 8/17/2018
Love theWeather Channel app! I check it all the time for weather updates!
Never Right
Joy#Lynn on 8/17/2018
As I’m sitting here in the pouring rain looking at my app which says no rain all day I wonder why I even bother looking at it. No lie it is wrong every single day. Switching to something else.
Dock-boy on 8/17/2018
This app is AWESOME!!!!!
ecainer on 8/17/2018
Like others, I had been a longtime user of TWC Max. It was perfect. Then you updated and pushed us to this crappy version. It's terrible. Here's what I want/miss: single page 10 day and hourly forecast with temp, percent rain, and wind, with an option to check the radar. That's it. No videos or ads or maps or any of the other clutter you're forcing on us now. More is not better. I would pay a lot of money just to be able to hide/customize what is shown. It is SO cluttered.
.BellaS. on 8/17/2018
Not very accurate in temps, but, overall generally good.
Dbl 5 on 8/17/2018
I’m in the transportation business and it serves as a tool for us.
The Go To
Regular Guy from NYC on 8/17/2018
Good for hourly reports on weather.
Lots of info
mrtwoshoes on 8/17/2018
Works great! Love the weather radar feature! Interesting videos!
Waste of time but fun on 8/17/2018
Please no more videos.
frankie marie c on 8/17/2018
Love the running conditions section. Really useful for picking out a good time.
Awaybeach on 8/17/2018
Lots of good information and easy to use and navigate
Awesome app!!!!
Birthday Time on 8/17/2018
I LOVE the app!!!! I don’t really watch the news on tv so the videos are a great way for me to know what’s going on in the world.
Njb000009864 on 8/17/2018
Radar is awful. Use accuweather.
Love it
Mekalvin on 8/17/2018
Always tells me what I need!
Its the best app
baseballstaristrash on 8/17/2018
This app have told me all the weather i need to know thats why i put this
NEVER works!
Sir Beegletooth on 8/17/2018
This used to be my go to weather app. However, for the past year, the app simply shuts down or is super glitchy on my updated iPhone. We have 6 iPhones in our family and does the same thing on every one. Looking for another app that actually works.
Great app!
LittleLeo88 on 8/17/2018
I love the new version of this app! I’ve always been a fan of the Weather Channel app but this new version is a lot more user friendly. I wake up every morning, glance at the weather and watch a few of the short clips. 10/10 would recommend
Very Accurate
Sandeebythesea on 8/17/2018
I always use the Weather Channel app for up to date weather. I like the Radar living on the Gulf of Mexico, our Weather can change so fast.
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