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• Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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The Weather Channel App for iPhone is your best option for accurate forecasts and timely local weather alerts. Make confident decisions this fall, whether you are planning for the day, the entire week or the next 15 days!

• Learn what the forecast is, whether hourly, daily, weekly, weekend or 15-day.
• Cognitive Home Screen: Changes based on your current location, weather, and time of day, so you get your current conditions plus the weather info you need most.
• Hurricane Central: Monitor tropical storms and hurricanes and get safety and preparedness tips. When a tropical storm or hurricane forms, track it and stay safe with Hurricane Central.
• Detailed Current Conditions: Get “feels like” temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more.
• Weather Maps: Fast-loading radar maps show past and future doppler radar.
• Severe Weather Alerts: Stay safe with real-time National Weather Service notifications of severe weather including severe weather warnings about lightning, hail, flooding and severe storms.

• Need weather information to help plan for road trips, picnics, camping or hiking? – the app lets you track and read detailed weather information in multiple locations around the world.
• Dress, pack and plan appropriately – know the rain and wind forecasts, tides, sunrise and sunset times, phases of the moon and even pollen counts!
• Get high-risk allergy alerts directly from the home screen, links to allergy insights, and a daily pollen outlook with our improved allergy tracker.
• GoRun Forecast: Like to run? Now you can create a personalized GoRun Forecast to help you answer questions like “When should I run?” “What should I wear?” “How far should I go?” Scroll to the Outdoors module in our app to try it out, and let us know what you think at

• Watch our morning show “The Lift”: a 6-minute weather show that airs first on your app. Join Domenica Davis as she covers breaking weather, cool science, and amazing nature clips first thing in the morning. Available on your home screen weekdays from 6-11 a.m. Great for people on the go!
• Weather News: From severe storms to straight-up bizarre weather occurrences, we’ll keep you up to date.
• Stunning Imagery: Amazing background photos match your current weather conditions.
• Sponsors allow us to bring you The Weather Channel app for free

For those of you who want an ad-free version of our weather app, it is here! Our iOS app includes a $3.99 in-app purchase to remove all ads for 1 year. Simply go to the Settings menu in the app to complete the purchase.

• Get precise weather updates, rain and lightning alerts and more of your favorite features right from your Apple Watch.
• Watch Glances: To activate The Weather Channel Glance, open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone, go to the "Glances" section, click "edit," and add "The Weather."

To activate the new The Weather Channel watch face complication, press firmly on the watch face that displays the time and tap "customize." Then browse to the complication showing an umbrella icon.

Forgot your phone? Access many of the top app features on the web, wherever you go: find us at, like us on, and follow us on Twitter @weatherchannel.

We respect your privacy! Please check out our Privacy Policy, which can be found here: and our Terms of Use, which can be found here:

We love feedback! If you love our weather app, please rate and review us in the App Store. If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at with any suggestions or questions.

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What’s the point?
jeross. on 1/23/2018
I love having the weather at my fingertips. But what’s the point of having a 2 week outlook if you guys change it everyday??
My “go-to” weather app
Dudley500 on 1/23/2018
Reliable. Love the travel piece!
Barbie2692 on 1/23/2018
I love this app!
The Weather Channel
LmaeO24 on 1/23/2018
I love the weather channel
mimischu on 1/23/2018
I love the weather app. It is my go to so I can dress appropriately.
Inday710 on 1/23/2018
I use this apps almost everyday or needed. Great apps love it ❤️
Very useful
KarenKF on 1/23/2018
I am happy with the app. I like how accurate the forecast is and the ease at seeing other cities' weather. I also like the ratings for running and flu and allergies. Would be great to have a better forecast map.
Thedad51 on 1/23/2018
One of my favorite apps.
Can't get into it
Food &Food on 1/23/2018
Can someone help me I'm having a lot of trouble getting into it for 4 days now. It keeps telling me it quit.
Great Ap!
Lars for LaCrosse on 1/23/2018
Have had it for years. Love it. Open it many times per day.
Best weather app
Liz12495 on 1/23/2018
I have downloaded so many weather apps and this is the best on yet, so much better than the one that comes with my phone. I love watching the weather channel on tv, and I love having the app on my iPhone wherever I go.
Swipe needs to return
Gamblingdog on 1/23/2018
The App was more user friendly when you could swipe to the next city... now you have to use the search...not as uF
E.Figueroa on 1/23/2018
Enjoy the weather app! Keep up with the good work.
Ramona alexander on 1/23/2018
I enjoy this app. It is accurate. I like the 15 day and 48 hr forecast
Great app
Rae021780 on 1/23/2018
I love using the Weather Channel app for accurate weather forecasts. It is user friendly and easy to navigate.
Weather Channel App is Great
5316-User on 1/23/2018
My sole weather app. Improvements in weather radar greatly appreciated. A local TV station weather app runs poorly so I don't use it any more. Feature I use most often is ‘future’ radar.
Truckers wife
Karenraesmith on 1/23/2018
As the wife of trucker driver I love this weather app! I know my home weather at a glance, which is awesome! With equal ease I can see the weather wherever my husband happens to be right then. The app is easy to use and always accurate.
My Most Used App
Rockheads Rule on 1/23/2018
As a Hydrogeologist conducting Environmental Investigations and Remediation in the field, this is my “go to” app to keep close track of the weather. I check it at least 10 times a day. Keep the improvements coming!
The weather
Fliznick on 1/23/2018
This is one of the best apps !! I would recommend it to everyone who likes to keep up with the weather😄☀️
Love this app!
Mrwolf41 on 1/23/2018
I love the Weather Channel
Love it!
RAguirre0531 on 1/23/2018
I use this daily! Living in FL the weather is constantly changing and love that the app makes changes accordingly.
Great Weather App
GingerAlix on 1/23/2018
This is my first go to app when I need to check the weather. I appreciate the warning’s that are given. I also enjoyed the videos and news feed they have that update me on what’s happening. Some things are just a little bit late but for me it’s OK.
Great app
bobpaynePH on 1/23/2018
There are others out there, but this is the best overall. Lots of details, great charts, forecasts, can have multiple locations you regularly check.
Great app
Tosinabi on 1/23/2018
Forecast is accurate
Depend on Weather App
Florida Sunshine 656 on 1/23/2018
With family scattered in different cities and states, I’m always checking my local weather and theirs. Really helps us when traveling to know what we will be driving through. I love the alerts and reliability of a true weather source that is always dependable! Thanks for your service.
Always on track !!!
DaveeeyDee on 1/23/2018
Does a very good job of informing my family on upcoming weather predictions.
Good job weather channel
Bingo013 on 1/23/2018
Love this app the updates are very convenient and much appreciated!
20gallons on 1/23/2018
I usually check the weather before I go out or take a trip. It makes it easier for me to dress for the weather.
Great App
Bobby-Calif on 1/23/2018
I use this app all the time. You see I’m an avid fisherman and I need to know what the weather before I hit the lake. Great app and would highly recommend.
It's ok
po0psmith on 1/23/2018
It's ok.
Papa1020 on 1/23/2018
Great app
Thestarsndmoon on 1/23/2018
The app is ok but has bugs and doesn’t update weather properly. I travel so depend on road conditions. Need more info on roads in areas and accumulations.
Retired and traveling with wife and visiting our families
Silver man 1 on 1/23/2018
Great coverage and very informative, I travel a lot and I put in the cities that I need to go to which is great to know ahead of time what to expect! Thank you
The weather channel
19jo37 on 1/23/2018
I agree with J-sees. Takes longer to load. Was better before “with Watson” was added. Still my preference for weather since problems seem to be correct ed.
Best weather app iv had no matter what town I’m in it works good
bigbillcook on 1/23/2018
Works good
Auntie Barbara on 1/23/2018
Love TWC App. Look at it all the time! A day without it would be a sad day!
Best weather app
Ldr43 on 1/23/2018
Have tried several weather apps. This one works best for me and is user friendly. Every now and then there is a glitch. I think that was the user’s fault or my phone itself.😬 Use it always for weather update.
Check everyday for an update
Mjd8on on 1/23/2018
The best!
Great app!
ETFlash on 1/23/2018
How I always get the weather so I can plan my day!
Great app!
Topoychris on 1/23/2018
I use this app before I do anything like trips and outdoor activities. Great app!
Spanaran on 1/23/2018
Good app. Never many issues. Wish privacy was taken more seriously.
Use daily
1grazi on 1/23/2018
A lot of fluff that I don’t use, but still use daily
I mean it does what it says it does
*Mellerz* on 1/23/2018
I honestly can’t say it terrible because it’s not. I’m not the type of person that looks at the weather for fun, I legitimately need multiple weather apps the gauge how the weather is going to be. I use different weather apps because all of the weather apps grab data from different sources. So I compare them all and I’m good to go.
moose5474 on 1/23/2018
Always available with the latest no matter where you are
Great app
MacDuck3949 on 1/23/2018
Good App
MsTexMac on 1/23/2018
Would be better if bring back swipe sideways to see other locations! Hate that this feature is gone. Will probably delete app if not brought back.
Temp on icon?
Zinger717 on 1/23/2018
Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the outside temp be on the app badge? Yep. It sure would. You don’t even have to give me credit for that idea.
Very good, but...
KaiBearX on 1/23/2018
I would like to see the storm tracker function a bit better. It doesn’t allow you to select the storm you want to track, but instead gives you a generic page. I would give it 5 stars if that function could get up and running.
mjmkodak on 1/23/2018
Easy to use. Good weather app.
Great App
Sheiks me on 1/23/2018
Very user friendly and reliable app. Weather is usually very accurate along with weather update media videos.
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