Chase Mobile®

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Finance 2.675 Dec 15, 2008 Jul 11, 2018 184 MB iOS 10.3 or later 4+
New in version 2.675

• Enroll in Bill Pay to pay your bills anytime, anywhere.
• Depositing a check? We’ve made it easier through auto capture.
• We’ve swapped logos for images on the dashboard to better match many of the cards you carry.
• New look and feel presented to Home Lending and Auto customers when viewing their account information.
• It's easier than ever before to view your combined investment total.
• Learning & Insights is a new educational hub that will help you on your investments.


Bank from almost anywhere with the Chase Mobile® app. Manage your accounts, pay bills, pay people, deposit checks, transfer money, all safely and securely with your iPhone.

Whether you’re on the go or curled up on the couch, day or night, with the Chase Mobile app, you’re in control of your accounts.

Check your account with just a few taps
• Simply swipe to see your balances without signing in using Account Preview.
• Sign in securely with Touch ID® or Face ID® (iPhone® X only) and don’t worry about fat-fingering your password.
• Monitor your checking, savings or credit card activities.
• Keep track of your credit and debit card rewards that you’re saving for your next vacation.

Manage your accounts when you’re on the go
• Set up a travel notification for your debit and credit cards to let us know if you’ll be away.
• Opt in to Account Alerts and set your notification preferences so you can keep tabs on your account activity.

Move money without stepping inside a branch
• See how much you owe and when, plus schedule a payment for your Chase credit card, mortgage or other loan or line of credit.
• Pay other bills such as utilities, service providers, and credit cards.
• Use Chase QuickPay® with Zelle® to pay back your friends for lunch, your babysitter for the week or nudge your brother to pay you back for mom’s birthday gift.
• Split the check with a group – we’ll do the math.
• Snap a picture and deposit checks with Chase QuickDeposit®.
• Transfer money between your Chase accounts.
• Reload your Chase Liquid® prepaid card.
• Send wire transfers.

Connect with Chase
• Find the nearest Chase branches and ATMs and get directions.
• Speak with a service representative 24/7.

To use the Chase Mobile app in Spanish, be sure your iPhone® language setting is set to Spanish (Asegúrate de que tu iPhone® esté configurado en el idioma español)

Some features are available for eligible customers and accounts only.

Face ID, iPhone and Touch ID are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

There is no charge from Chase, but message and data rates may apply. Such charges include those from your communications service provider. Delivery of alerts may be delayed for various reasons, including service outages affecting your phone, wireless or internet provider; technology failures; and system capacity limitations. Any time you review your balance, keep in mind it may not reflect all transactions including recent debit card transactions or checks you have written. A qualifying Chase transfer account is required to transfer funds via text. Phone Alerts are not available for Chase Basic CheckingSM account.

Deposit products provided by JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. Member FDIC
Chase credit cards are issued by Chase Bank USA, N.A.
Equal Opportunity Lender

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Worst bank ever
Ryneel on 7/19/2018
Wish we go back too Washington Mutual don’t know why I’m getting a service fee like I work for my money don’t need a bank to charge for holding it in my savings and checking account this is ridiculous.
Deleting app extremely annoying updates
Bee85827472 on 7/19/2018
Dear chase mobile I’m officially deleting your app. It seems that every time I attempt to sign in to my account to view my balance I’m informed that I cannot simply login to my account without updating the app first. There’s no point in having a mobile banking app if you can’t use it whenever you need to without it being a hassle. Would rate 0 stars because I can’t even access my account conveniently! Might as well just sign in through the website on my phone.
Tired of all the forced updates
ImmunologicalSynapse on 7/19/2018
Is this something one wants to see every few months? “We regret the inconvenience, but to continue using this app you must download the latest version”. I just want a simple app that works reliably, not with bells and whistles. When will developers learn that consumers don’t always want the bright and shiny things which are not reverse-compatible? Design a solid, simple app that works with all devices, then stick to it.
Meh; too many mandatory updates, and for what?
hauss5 on 7/19/2018
Strange glitches in common things I try to do on the app (logging in, depositing a check). And the app requires updates too frequently. Most usage is quick-hit variety. If I have to update the app every couple of weeks, I may as well use the Chase website to accomplish what I need. The app updates take too much time compared to the convenience/time savings of the activities I accomplish on the mobile app.
apicho on 7/19/2018
I love it! It’s so easy to use
sang to on 7/19/2018
thank you
Worst Bank ever
LLES0296 on 7/19/2018
By far the worst bank you could ever bank with. Random fees for no good reason. Making you negative in your account because of random fees. I will never ever recommend Chase to anyone. Thanks for screwing me over. Banking with you was the worst decision ever.
HolJo14 on 7/19/2018
Nunca e tenido problema con chase es un excelente banco y muy accesible a nuestras posibilidades
No Longer Recognizes Password
Roxy_99 on 7/19/2018
Since the most recent update, Chase acts like it doesn’t know me anymore.
Make it easier to sign out!
rickpedone on 7/19/2018
The app is ok. But It seems like I have to hunt around to find the sign out button. You should be able to sign out no matter where you are in the app. This is important if your on the go. Or your in a place where you don’t have the time to look. Thanks
Constant updates
CJECSQ on 7/19/2018
Where I realize technology changes, having to update the ap all the time is a pain!!! And it doesn’t let you quickly log in to check balances before having to update, there is no warning. My other main complaint is the photo deposit of checks. Where it is clear enough of a picture for me to see and it to pull the numbers off the bottom, it still says not clear enough to deposit. It was never that much of an issue until a few updates ago...those dreaded updates!!!!!!!!
Freeze Account
Zigbert43 on 7/19/2018
Unable to freeze my account the way Discover allows in case you misplace your card but feel you will find it. Nice so you can block charges without the hassle of getting a new card and account number.
tula chula on 7/19/2018
I’m so happy 🤗always everything is so good 😊
I’m running out of passwords!!!
Laxball33 on 7/19/2018
Just about every week this stupid app says to log in with my password which no longer works for no reason at all! It then tells me the password I just created a week ago and wrote down is incorrect and I have to go through the whole process again!! I hate this app! Truly do and I wish I didn’t like the credit card!
Easy to use, good functionality
Mr. Doug T on 7/19/2018
This app is easy to use and has most of the functions that I need for routine banking. I especially like the deposit feature, which allows me to make deposits from home or anywhere. The automated photos for check deposits are helpful and save steps, making it faster and easier to make deposits.
Constant password issues
Tarkus697 on 7/19/2018
The app itself is great. However it seems that every time I try and login, my password needs to be changed. This has been happening since I started using the app. Horribly inconvenient to have to change my password every time I use the app.
The best bank
martucha15 on 7/19/2018
So easy to navégate with Chase application any where, you have every thing ion the application .
Last update rendered the app useless
DHFromTheV on 7/18/2018
This app worked great until the last update, which was compulsory. Now I must use the mobile site because each time I attempt to log in, I am directed to the App Store to download an update that has already been downloaded. I hope the developers fix this issue soon.
7 try on 7/18/2018
The updates we written by a sadistic person or just an idiot
Password reset
Angry person 100 on 7/18/2018
The amount of times I’ve had to reset my password because it wouldn’t accept the CORRECT password is unbelievable. This really needs to get fixed, it’s the most frustrating waste of time having to fill out all the information needed to reset it and still have to create another stupid password that has more requirements than I have money in my account
Ama2888 on 7/18/2018
This app constantly makes me reset my password because there’s been “too many log in attempts” after I try to log in one time with my correct password. I have to reset my password at least every two weeks with this app. It’s ridiculous.
Getting old having to update every time I open the application
ErtugrulA on 7/18/2018
I understand when there is a “have to” reason... but I just want to open the app and use it without having to update it once.
Poor website design
chasemedown on 7/18/2018
Using the “forgot user/password” is horrible. Go check it out!
Check deposit
JMM MOM on 7/18/2018
First time depositing check by phone w/o my son over my shoulder to help! Success!!
Bad capture for check when you take a picture to deposit.
linlin adam on 7/18/2018
Very bad capture for check when you want to take a picture to deposit.I tried 10 times,neither work.I gave up.
rhondared2 on 7/18/2018
The easiest app to use! Love the convenience
Forcing updates
michael cumberland on 7/18/2018
Good app but forces you to update (which means you can’t access your records) when you may be in the middle of something really important. Please change this, extremely annoying.
Horrible horrible horrible!!!!!
JoyVLG on 7/18/2018
By far the worst financial institution you could pick!!! If I could have rated them a zero I would... but unfortunately, they make you give them at least one star, also a joke. Their website has been down for 3 days!!! I can’t even log in and add my bank account to pay for services!!! You call their customer service department, get transferred to 3 people and not one knows how to help!! Just the worst!!!
VINTTI on 7/18/2018
Find all time fast and easy
Can’t log in
Whatnxt09 on 7/18/2018
Help. I haven’t been able to log into the Mobile app for almost a month. I can use the web but when trying to log into the app it states “we are temporarily unable to connect to Chase....” I can’t make a check deposit at home. Very inconvenient
Terrible updates
BirdloverOO on 7/18/2018
Auto capture is terrible. Takes picture too fast, not allowing time to put the camera over the check. It should stay selected OFF auto if you’ve opted to take manual pictures. Every update makes this app worse for depositing checks. KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid.
Messed up sign in process
Aleksey2011 on 7/18/2018
Locks you out and tells you to change password, Touch ID is turning off for no reason. Never had such a terrible experience with any banking apps.
KbarUpIt on 7/18/2018
Ever hear the expression, Keep it simple stupid (KISS)? Well, this’s app is just.....“acceptable “. It needs a rework with emphasis in KISS.
Does not work for iPhone 4
Dobbs Ferry Guy on 7/18/2018
4/5/2016: App says it's older version requires iOS 7.0 or above, but my iPhone 4 has iOS 7.1.2 and this Chase App will not open at all. Instead of being in bed with Apple and effectively forcing you to buy a newer model iPhone to use Chase Bank App, they should work on making product backwards compatible, thus increasing (instead of decreasing) the number of customers who can use it.
Seriously - fix the app
Dr. Baughman on 7/18/2018
It worked fine. Then after update it didn’t. I had enough issues with ATMs in Colorado Springs- this all makes me want to find another bank.
Mrs.Sunshine2120T on 7/18/2018
This app has its uses, sure, but it is a very annoying and frustrating app. Why? Because so often it makes me sign on without my thumb and that in itself is Not the issue. I use my thumb (fingerprint) to sign on but then it stops on it’s on and ask for a password. The issue is once I do, one time, with my CORRECT password , it says that I have too many attempts and to reset my password. After 1 attempt it says this. After 1 attempt of the CORRECT password it says this. I have created a new password so many times. I write my password down because I have to change it so often. I don’t know if it’s a bug or something but it needs to be fixed.
mrvelis on 7/18/2018
Simple . Period .
Check image capture
ny11418 on 7/18/2018
Horrible. Usually takes numerous attempts to deposit a check.
Polghttf on 7/18/2018
It’s ridiculous that we have to update the app so often. It should be optional for one and second, the download takes forever. For as long as it takes, upgrades should be yearly not monthly. Rating 1 Star
Easy to use!😊
Miss C😊M on 7/18/2018
This app is easy to use so far. I have been with Chase for years and I can’t complain.
Uppilot on 7/18/2018
I’m sorry to is very inconvenient to have to upgrade before utilizing the app! It seems that, monthly, I must upgrade to use the app and most times I am traveling! Sometimes it is not possible to upgrade due to poor cell service signal and no wifi! So, there you are......trying to make a payment in the middle of the night and WALL-AH... “You must upgrade before using this APP”! What a pain in the....I rest my case!
Useless with finger print feature
tapioca123xyz on 7/17/2018
The login process by design is flawed. After every update it will require you to sign on with your password, even if you have the fingerprint enabled. Well for those of us who forget their password (hence the fingerprint) it is a ridiculous process, about once a month or so. I then Have reset my password at least once every 30 days and can only do if I have my wallet on me because of the stupid requirements.
Customer service superstars
RyderRachy on 7/17/2018
All Chase employees I have worked with are kind, compassionate, and so helpful! Thanks for be so great even in hard times!
Jen55ram on 7/17/2018
Can you please stop forcing me to update app in order to keep using it!!
Constant password changes
Katangd on 7/17/2018
I have been banking with chase for many years but am so frustrated with this app. I am forced to make reset my password multiple times a month. It has gotten ridiculous.
Review of on line service
1nomadman on 7/17/2018
Just started today. Seems ok, but not wowed. Maybe I’ll change my mind after more use.
Log out
a.alnounou on 7/17/2018
Great app, but need easier log out
dave biochem on 7/17/2018
New auto capture needs work
Mr lobo on 7/17/2018
The chase app was good until this last release. And the fact they force you to upgrade is he last straw, to make me close My check in account. I’m only keeping his app for credit card, and switching to another bank for checking. I know how to use my iPhone camera. I don’t need auto exposure to take a photo at the wrong time. Now it takes 3x as long to deposit a check. What are the developers thinking? Stop fixing something that isn’t broken.
Waste of time
im begging you fix the app on 7/17/2018
This is probably the worst app I have ever used. It’s impossible to login without having to change your password every time you try to use it. Nothing on it works. This app is so bad that i actually get my lazy butt up and go to the bank then try to deal with the half hour of pure frustration that is trying to login in.
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