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Forget multiple apps for dating - we’ve baked all of your favorite features into one app. Discover people nearby, view their photos, wink for free, plus even more:

• Exciting new matches every day
• Get a constant flow of matches with Stream
• Say yay or nay quicker with Mixer
• Search like a boss with our powerful filters
• Never miss a connection with push notifications

We’re #1 dates, relationships and marriages. That’s more than free dating sites like POF, Bumble, Tinder, or OkCupid.

And unlike Zoosk, Badoo, eHarmony and Hinge, Match is home to the largest pool of singles in online dating—that includes gay dating websites, lesbian dating and plus size dating.

How do we do it? Our matching algorithm delivers only the single men or women that meet your standards.

Today, 1 in 5 relationships start with online dating. Why not join the most proven matchmaker and start chatting?

From gay dating to Asian dating to bbw dating, Match is the dating website where memberships become relationships. Get the singles dating app free and be a part of the best in the dating game.

We have multiple subscription options to choose from, starting as low as $21.99/month:
- Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of your purchase and auto-renews for the same price and duration period as the original one/three/six month package
- Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
- No cancellation of the current upgrade plan is allowed during your active period

At any time, you can review our Privacy Policy at
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Glitchy and freezes
SciCutie on 2/20/2018
Had high hopes for the app after what I spent to join. The app is glitchy and often doesn’t load or freezes (so you end up restarting the app multiple times in a sitting). The algorithm also needs improvement as matches appear that are desperately outside of my search criteria and matches that I’ve previously X’d out appear repeatedly. Two weeks in and so far not impressed with the app. In this mobile digital age, this app just doesn’t stand up.
Shame on Match
Countrytino on 2/20/2018
I paid a 6 month subscription and in that time I only got 3 emails. Not Match’s fault, maybe I’m a horrible writer. But I wrote many emails. I tried to be positive and it just didn’t work out. Again not match’s fault. But what was really discounting from Match is that on the last night of my subscription I checked it out one last time to see if any last minute kick someone had replied back but no luck. The next morning I wake up to 9 email replies!!! Come on Match!! I’m supposed to believe that in 7 hours somehow 9 people decided to email me? And obviously I have to pay for another 6 Months to read these fake emails? Shame on you Match!!! And now I can’t delete my account. Horrible app can’t believe I fell for the commercials. Horrible!!
Insecure Website
Pushba on 2/20/2018
I have used Match for many years and it’s been horrific. I blocked a user because she was crazy. My account was hacked by the user and she changed my profile with malicious things. Match would not disclose to me what was posted or even cared that a woman was stalking me and hacked my profile. I joined Match again a few months ago and my credit card information was hijacked with a Man in the middle attack. $300 was charged from a hacker overseas. I work in IT Security,so I know what I’m talking about. Match hates Men and will reject a mans profile for any reason. Yet women can post their email addresses to spam guys offline. The fake female profiles are not reviewed and Match will post it, but a mans profile will get rejected for any stupid reason. Match will do anything to take your money. Stay away from this unsafe website!
They WILL Rip you off!
D. Hickey on 2/19/2018
I signed up for a 6 month subscription and was mildly impressed with the actual dating results. When I chose to discontinue my membership I did so a full two weeks ahead of expiration of my current subscription. 4 days into the following month I see a charge on my credit card for $140 for the next six months. I Immediately contact match to let them know I canceled. They respond that apparently I did not complete my cancellation properly and have been renewed for 6 months. I tell them that was not my intent please cancel the membership manually and refund my money. They basically tell me to get lost and they will not refund my money. I tried to appeal to someone over the phone also and they told me tough luck. Horrible customer service. I challenged the charge with my credit card company/bank and they got the money back. I recommend this if they charge you against your wishes. Mostly I recommend finding another service, they only care about taking your money.
App doesn’t work.
Jjaudtin86 on 2/19/2018
I’ve been trying to use the app since last night. I’m a paying member and the app, mobile site, website and even the help link (manually Typed in) are all down. I’ve tried on two phones, an iPad and a desktop. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. Most up to date version of iOS also.
SPC.Ty on 2/19/2018
Bad customer service, they will bill ur account for a whole year up front even thought they don't show that on their website , and they wont refund you any money back . Baaaaaaaad services , that’s why they advertise on tv .
Worst Ever
Kabvevdnndmnsnnsnnxlslqn on 2/19/2018
I canceled my subscription for this app a couple of years ago because I hated it; it’s terrible!! I still get charged on my credit card till this day $130 a month!! DO NOT GET THIS SCAMMY APP!!
Fake accounts
darktowers on 2/18/2018
There is a lot of fake people on this website, people from Russia try to contact me, with a fake account, they say they live on Sacramento area. And that’s only lies.
Very bad response rate
JeyJeylo on 2/18/2018
They talk about having tons of matches and great response rate and they don't. And if you want more of anything, they charge you for it. Horrible
Its super cool
nasloandrizzy on 2/17/2018
Like the coolest app in the coolest cool
Terrible App
Disappointed user 16885229 on 2/17/2018
It rarely loads, the same matches get repeated as I scroll through so you’re seeing the same 20 people. Not all of the profile features are available in the app so you need to use your computer to complete your profile. Pretty upsetting considering you pay to use this site. Had I read the reviews first I would have chosen a different site to spend money on. It’s also frustrating that there aren’t any personality questions like POF and other sites. Your ‘matches’ are based on if the pick the same generic set of hobbies as you (like ‘coffee’ ‘book club’ ‘sports’). While the quality of people is better and there are fewer fake accounts, I expect more personality-based marching from a paid site. Very disappointed. Additionally, I shouldn’t show up on someone’s list if they don’t meet MY must haves. Half of my messages are from people who are the exact opposite. They make enough money off of these subscriptions, this should be better than a free dating site.
Scam that wants to take your money
Jmayo20 on 2/17/2018
You can’t do absolutely anything on this app without Match trying to make you pay for their subscription. It’s just wants your wallet. Sticking to tinder
False advertising
Delta421 on 2/17/2018
Been using the app on and off since my last breakup. I will admit it is far better than Tinder or Bumble and the apps alike but this company has begun using false advertisement to get people hooked. I went a period of about a month without a subscription but retained the app on my phone. All the throughout he month I would receive notifications that new users wanted to talk, sent me messages or viewed my profile. It said I had about 14 unread message waiting for me. So, I resubscribed expecting my luck had turned for the better. The 14 I read messages was 2 and the all the notifications miraculously went away. I would expect better from this company. Take this review as you please. The app itself and functionality is about what you would expect.
In app purchases
Jdnehjebeenbs on 2/17/2018
You should at least do a 2 week free trial or something. Instead of making people spend money right away. Can’t send messages or anything. It’s ridiculous
Buyer Beware Borderline Fraudulent
Phone Dude on 2/16/2018
Site is designed to get you to pay addl $$$ to get profile reviewed.... Be careful providing CC / auto-renewal scam. Keep track of transactions & service.
Avoid this app
ShaunRulzYoFace26 on 2/16/2018
If you want to do anything on this app you have to pay, and they will let you know it. Someone sends you a message, gotta pay to read it. Someone likes your photo, gotta pay to see who they are. Now if you do pay, the least you are going to pay is $50.
sir zam on 2/15/2018
Why is it cheaper to subscribe from the web page(41.00 6 months) than the app (121.00 6 months)
Mloya33 on 2/15/2018
I have a feeling that is a rigged site for subscribers to be forced to have to pay additional fees to have the opportunity to be seen more. I feel like some profiles without pictures are fabricated, some profiles with a single picture are also the same. Overall, My impression of is someone else is getting richer at the expense of others who are truly looking to find someone to share their life with. This is my second go around at Match and will have to say it is a repeat of my first encounter and hoping my last as I will not ever use it again. I don’t recommend it. Big disappointment user.
Why would I pay???
Me2337 on 2/14/2018
Why would I pay to sign up when just from the free portion it’s just as bad as all the free sites. Fake profiles and shows me matches for ethnicities that I did not check. Waste of time! You’d do better in a bar!
buffalogirl716 on 2/14/2018
This site/app is horrible. The matches barely respond and the quality of them is poor. I tried to cancel my membership after one month but was not able to. Don’t waste your money. Bumble is free and better quality.
Don't pay for an app you can get for free
Gohomeroger on 2/14/2018
I got the app just like all the other singles Match is trying to convey. But let me just tell you, it's the proposes the same features as the free dating apps. Not only that, but it's expensive.
Hard to deal with
Davidizawesomerthanyou on 2/14/2018
Every time I attempt to upload my profile video and photos it crashes! I just spent 60 please fix this ASAP!
Useless without paid subscription
JoshSchaup on 2/14/2018
Not a great selection pool, and unless you pay for a subscription, you can't read any messages or see who's viewed your profile. Just because two people like coffee and movies doesn't mean they'll have anything in common or be even remotely a match. Note to the gay community: Scruff remains by far the best of the dating apps around.
Warning: App subscription renews automatically!
Why no expansion card slot? on 2/13/2018
Cancelling this app was a pain. First a search for instructions, then a 9 step cancellation procedure. Interesting how it’s so easy to purchase a app yet so difficult to cancel the auto-renewal.
Very disappointed
Jdv_iv on 2/13/2018
And like clock subscription end yesterday and I got flooded with emails... worst dating app in the game....(updated 2/13/18) I have been on and off over the years. Meet a few girls, been on a good amount of dates, date a few for a few months but nothing stuck. I get my fair share of emails/replies/likes etc but every time I get off the app within 24-72 hrs I get flooded with them. They are all bots no way anyone who averages a few a week get 3-5 a day for the first few days off app. I recommend against joining go to one of the free apps. Again WORST dating app not worth the money at all.
A dead dating app
Create nickname here....... on 2/13/2018
There isn't any other members on here within a 2 hour drive from me. Bad move on my part paying for a 3 month subscription without checking first. Match refuses to give refunds as well. Match has really turned into a complete joke.
Messages sent from iPad app
Poppy freefly on 2/13/2018
I’m really questioning if my messages are even being sent from my iPad app? Usually when I send from my iPhone app they get read and I see that they at least view my messages but when I send from the iPad app, they don’t ever even get read! That’s pretty crappy especially when your playing around with people's potential relationships and lives! Please check this out.
Worst dating app ever
ccw69 on 2/12/2018
Nothing but fake profiles or inactive profiles. App sends likes from women but when you message them they never respond. Hmm!!
Not worth your time or Money
SharpShooterRuger on 2/12/2018
This app is pointless unless you pay them a minimum of $42.99 just to send messages and to see who is interested in you. You can be interested in anyone on the app but to take it any further you will have to cough up $45 for a month up to $120 bucks I think it is for a 4 or 6 month subscription. All in all it’s not worth the time and money.
Stop, back up, and step away from this
tgieselman on 2/12/2018
Comparatively exorbitant subscription fees, then they want to charge you for in-app purchases to get priority views and that type of thing, and then it turns out the app itself is garbage. There are 3-4 different ways to express interest in people - who knows what anyone of them mean? It’s also clunky to use and the only reason I’m here is because I’m trying to figure out how to cancel my subscription, which, not surprisingly, is proving much more difficult than you’d expect.
Not worth the money
Globberoo on 2/12/2018
It’s really expensive. I was just trying it out but i had to pay like 30 bucks for 1 month and unfortunately majority of my matches I was not attracted to due to them being much older or larger than I. I stopped using it after a week but still had to pay the stupid 30 bucks... it really isn’t worth it. Thanks anyway.
THarte on 2/12/2018
Haven’t gotten one match yet. I will be cancelling my membership as soon as my month is over
Snowbound 2015 on 2/12/2018
I'm a guy who would like to see who it is I'm talking to. After tossing a month of cash to this silly app, I now can't see a single daily matches profile pic. I don't pay people to not find someone. I'm already good at that for free.
Zero stars
Haydes Cignus X1 on 2/12/2018
I joined on a Saturday night & by Sunday morning access to my my account was blocked for no reason. No explanation. No nothing. I hadn’t even tried contacting anyone yet, much less even finished my profile. I emailed their support & in a few days was told I’d been terminated & they refused to even say why. I intended to become a paying subscriber, but not now or ever.
They want you to pay for every single thing!
You’re VERY limited to what you can do on this site. And when I say very limited. You can only create a profile and look at profiles. You can’t see who’s viewing you or view messages without paying their ridiculous membership prices. They don’t even offer a free trial to see if you would even consider making a purchase. Unless you’re that desperate to find someone this may be the site for you otherwise, I wouldn’t dare.
So frustrated - a ripoff!
Sunspirales368833 on 2/11/2018
Automatic subscription just recharged my account without ANY advanced notice. So irritated with this app!! I want my money back.
Frustrating as hell
unsubmitted on 2/11/2018
I’ve been on for almost a year and it’s like I’m the only one interested in actually finding a relationship. I send polite emails only to have them ignored constantly and when I politely ask for a chance I still get nothing. I want my money back
Not fall for it again
Ziti4958 on 2/11/2018
It’s kind of funny that I’ve been on match for two months and maybe had five messages!? Just so happen my subscription is expired and in one day I suddenly have 32 messages and 99+ people interested? Anything to make you pay again! Nothing but a s scam to make you pay again. not falling for that again. And what happened to money back guarantee? Been on here over a year found nothing!!
Not worth the effort
GAsingleguy on 2/11/2018
Waste of time and money if you are a man. You will have to send out dozens of messages to get even one reply. Suspect lots of the profiles are inactive.
Third time is the charm?
Beedubbb on 2/10/2018
I’ve tried this site several times. To their credit I did get dates. Unfortunately it seems to be dependent on your geography. I have had to set a 150 mile radius to get many matches because I live in northern Louisiana. I haven’t had much luck either in preview mode or as a paying customer. I send the messages and check the daily matches which usually contain women I have said “not interested” to in the other search areas of the app. I think it is way too expensive but I’ve tried POF, Zoosk and OK Cupid and they’re all garbage too. Update: a month and a half of messaging people and zero dates, zero communication with anyone at this point. Total waste of money. Save your time and energy and just got to a bar instead. At least you can use the money you’d spend on this piece of junk site and get drunk instead.
No Differentiators
roomonthebroom on 2/10/2018
This is a legacy product in a sea of apps/products developed with a mobile first mindset. Subscription model that still asks you for micro transactions. Spend 1/4 of the money on a largely free tool and you’ll be way more satisfied. Lots of things you can do on match that don’t seem to have levels of significance between them (you can like photos? You can wink? You can match with people or like them or something? Why are all these different?). It does allow you to specify details about yourself but does nothing to display what your dealbreakers are to others and still lets them contact you. Felt like a waste of time. Womp womp Edit: the developers response proves my point about about the complexities of interacting with others... in practice, it’s ways for people you ignore the messages of who you don’t want contacting you to continue to interact with you.
How do I give negative stars?
1970ChevyC10 on 2/10/2018
I did absolutely nothing wrong and was deleted and blocked. They won’t give a reason why. They say an inquiry for information on my account was sent. I have no idea what that means other than they block you from ever using that email account ever again. None of this make sense. Definitely use a different dating app.
Christianstangle on 2/9/2018
This app is trash. I ended my subscription because they gave me one match a day that lived an hour away. Two days after my subscription ended I had 8 messages waiting and 4 people interested. I also had 20 matches to go through. Match is a joke. Save yourself some time. Highly qualified is a joke. They were all an hour away and pretty far away from my preferences. I emailed support about it and still haven’t received anything.
Blazingimmortal on 2/9/2018
Literally can't even send a message without paying the subscription. Might as well make the app have a 60$ cost. It's really annoying that you have no choice but to pay.
Really dislike the “boost” feature
Mike85337953 on 2/8/2018
We are already paying to use your platform and now you are implementing new ways to try to get us to pay even more? This has made Match less original and still costs more than the others.
A waste of money
awasteof$$$ on 2/8/2018
I have tried other free apps that I didn't see any lasting results from so I decided to try match. The app is glitchy - way more than the free apps. They will also charge you for another 3 months automatically even if you don't want it because of the "terms of use". BUYER BE AWARE! I called the day after a $77 charge appeared on my credit card and they wouldn't refund ANY of the 3 month subscription. Not even 2 months. They wouldn't even transfer me to a supervisor, "because they won't refund any of it based on the terms of agreement." They are a money grubbing company with a sub par app. Even if I had luck on the site and wanted to cancel it because I found somebody they wouldn't help me because of the terms of use. Better to save your money and check out bumble or tinder or any of the other free apps. Waste of time and money.
Not useful
BriMagz on 2/7/2018
This app/site is actually worse than the free apps out there. I set my profile for specific age range and distance. I'm said the oldest I am seeking is 31. I have people age 35 - 60 messaging me constantly. There is no way to weed out these people so I find myself wasting so much time clicking on profiles. There should be a way to hide your profile so only people you are seeking can find you. I did a 3 month subscription because it was cheaper than one single month and man do I regret paying it! Wish I could get a refund.
It’s a money scam.
Hakufanboy on 2/7/2018
They say they are there to help you. But all I see is them asking for money for anything even on top of the membership. I haven’t had any views or reply’s at all. Feels like every account on there is fake.
alex9971 on 2/6/2018
A lot of fake profiles. Ripoff. Same stuff you can get on free dating sites and apps.
Terrible scam
Leaa427 on 2/6/2018
If I could give them 1 star, I would. I’ve used free dating apps before and have had success. I have never seen one date from this website and it’s because no one is using it. They also charged my credit card account without my permission and are refusing to refund which is of course stealing. I’ve spoken to 2 different representatives so far and no luck. Based on reviews I found online, I am not the only one. Apparently this is how they make the bulk of their money. Don’t waste your time or money. Download okcupid, bumble, tinder, etc. you’ll be more likely to get a date.
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