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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Sports 6.1 Jun 02, 2009 Jul 02, 2018 143.8 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 6.1

[+] The Scores tab added some extra muscle. Games from every sport you care about, at your fingertips. Tap between your favorite leagues, and use the new calendars to browse full season schedules.
[+] Ever wanted to know how your team plays against sub-.500 squads, or who has the best record in extra inning games? We’ve got you covered with enhanced standings pages for baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and F1.
[+] We put in work at OTAs, so you may notice that the app boots up a lot faster now!


Stream live games, check the latest scores or watch the best highlights with the best brand in sports: ESPN. Pick your favorite teams and leagues to get started.

Highlights and scores from what you care about. Your feed will dynamically change based on what you need to know. From news about your favorite sports or favorite team playing right now, the home tab has you covered.

Fast access to scores for your favorite teams and leagues. We curate the top games of the day so you can keep up on the NBA playoffs or the MLB's latest rivalries. Want more scores from a particular team or league? Just add it as a favorite!

Stream events on ESPN networks, including MLB, NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball games and more. Watch on-demand shows like Get Up! or First Take. Subscribe to ESPN+ for access to thousands of events; Binge on great documentaries such as O.J. Made in America plus get access to exclusive shows like Details, featuring Kobe Bryant's inside perspective on the NBA.

Subscribe to your favorite ESPN Podcasts like the Lowe Post, or listen live to ESPN Radio.

Live Streaming with ESPN+:
Subscribe to ESPN+ for thousands of live events. Get games from around the sports world, both live and on-demand, along with access to ESPN's best films and new exclusive shows. Watch anywhere, on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Live Streaming with your TV provider:
ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network Plus, ESPNews ESPN Deportes, and Longhorn Network are all available to stream live in the ESPN App. Access to live video is determined by your TV provider and package and, in some instances, your Internet service provider.
*Due to contractual limitations with certain content, especially play-by-play broadcasts, there are times when the schedule that's on-air won't match the schedule that's online. If you have specific schedule questions, please contact the station directly by visiting their website.

ESPN+ Subscription Terms
-Access ESPN+ for $4.99 monthly, or $49.99 annually. You will automatically be billed for the full amount of your subscription every 30 days if you purchase a monthly subscription, or every 365 days if you purchase an annual subscription.
-Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase, unless you are offered and are eligible for a free trial. If you receive a free trial, you will be charged when your free trial period ends. Your account will be automatically charged for renewal, at the above purchase price, within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. If you cancel prior to such 24 hour period, you will not be charged for the following applicable subscription period.
-Your subscription may be managed, and you can turn off auto-renewal, by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase.
-No refunds for the current subscription period are granted. Cancellations of the current subscription take effect at the conclusion of the current subscription period.

Terms of Use -
Privacy Policy -
ESPN+ Subscriber Agreement -

Before you download this app, please consider that it includes advertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within mobile applications by using your mobile device settings (for example, by re-setting your device's advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads).

Please note: This app features Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information. You may also visit Settings in the app to opt out of Nielsen measurement.

iPad Screenshots
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Twanbonner on 7/20/2018
How do I unsubscribe? I get charged for something I’m not using.!
How do?
kekiku on 7/19/2018
I frequently listen to talk radio podcasts. Get Up! And Golic & Wingo are ones I listen to the most. They usually load the show by hour. But when I start with hour 1 it plays hour 3 of the previous day next. How do you listen to the show in order without making manual selections? Example hour 1 then hour 2 then hour 3.
elite pwndage on 7/19/2018
If you want a sports app get bleacher reports app. Espns app take forever to load, it lags and just takes too long to navigate to where youre trying to go
tie40 on 7/19/2018
I want a refund because I been canceled this app. They kept trying to take out the money and I no longer have it
App Crashes
MaxKalifornia on 7/18/2018
07/2018 app still crashes immediately after opening; 6 months to fix it since my last update and it’s still garbage. 01/2018 With the last update this app never works. Oops something went wrong is annoying. Don’t bother using for now.
I try to see manny’s fight wasn’t able
jcaa07 on 7/18/2018
Today I noted I had been charge 5.40 from my account what’s up with this, not able to see fight yet was charge the 5.40 fee what gives???
MD 24 on 7/18/2018
I love what the app could be.. If it WORKED! I click on am article and that's that folks, try to navigate back or to the next article and app freezes and I'm stuck in that article. Please ESPN get this sorted out!
Sad Day In Sports History
SlumpShop on 7/17/2018
ESPN now ESPN+ is far from what it was a year ago. Paying for a app that you already have a subscription for is thuggery. The app at its best is mediocre. The on-air personality are outdated. Not enough content. Again to charge for a subscription you have already. I’ll find my content on YouTube for now on. By ESPN+
Works well on the IPad....
mbpasco on 7/17/2018
But having difficulty getting my Android phone to get the subscription working. Where on the IPad do get that to work?
BulldogSteveG on 7/17/2018
Don’t buy
Bleacher report is way better
iPhone liar on 7/17/2018
Bleacher repot is better ESPN is to much clutter
Asatcomr on 7/17/2018
Still needs work
Joe1421 on 7/17/2018
Not as bad as previous versions in terms of load times and freezes, but still not as fast as it was before the favorites section was taken away. Still don’t understand that decision.
ATW13 on 7/16/2018
New “update” crashes a lot. Not and update. Please fix
I have no idea how this app has 4.5 stars...
Splyt on 7/16/2018
Simply put, it’s bad. I like to read the articles and they used to work but now all they do is load about a paragraph and then go blank the entire rest of the article. The app used to work very well but they definitely don’t care that you can’t even read most of their content. I never leave reviews like this, I’m just so fed up with trying to read articles and the app never being able to load something so simple.
Failing company proven with app
Jema7015 on 7/16/2018
The app only steams commercials with any clarity as soon as a show starts it lags out every minute or so until you get fed up. Fox sports continually drawing me away from a company that taught me to love sports in the first place. I just wish they would go back to sports instead of their political agenda and penny pinching commercials.
Bad deal
cancel my subcription now on 7/16/2018
I cancel my subscription and I still got bill. I want u to cancel the subscription now!!!!
So disappointing
Fivestarassss on 7/15/2018
The video User interface is unusable. If you pause the video than the pause logo doesn’t disappear from the middle of the screen the matter what you do or how long you wait. It’s impossible to fast forward or rewind in the video without skipping ahead by 10 minutes or skipping behind by 10 minutes. The video quality is pretty terrible as well. They need to fix this.
App is horrible
Bigslapface on 7/15/2018
This review is mostly about the quality of the connection to the servers. During the Pacquiao fight, I had to refresh the page after 20 seconds every time I tried to watch it on full screen. If I watched it on the website when it was not on full screen, it still had to be refreshed often. It happened a lot less at the beginning of the telecast, but increasingly got worse, which tells me it was a fault of ESPN’s servers not being able to handle so many users as viewership went up as it got closer to the main event.
Im crying
Jaeden U on 7/15/2018
This app just spoiled the 2018 World Cup for me...thanks
Missed The Final Games
Gmoney5399 on 7/15/2018
Really bad app. Most of the time there were time delays and of course you miss part of the game. Then when the championship games were on, you couldn’t watch it. No option to tell you why or how see them. So I pay for the app, I pay for the cable (cable subscription) and I still can’t see the final game? Another horrible thing about the app: can’t watch the games when you get off work (on demand). I work....I can’t watch the games live...
New version is painfully slow
jtker12 on 7/15/2018
This has historically been my go to sports app but the latest version is painfully slow even with a strong WiFi signal. 8-10 seconds to open and latency when scrolling or switching screens is painful.
Upset very very upset on 7/15/2018
This app is terrible. In 2018 I expect much more. This app reminds me of the early days of smartphones when nothing worked well but we settled for it back then because we didn’t know better. Well now we know better and ESPN should do better. This is yet another reason why I have switched my allegiance to Fox Sports 1 for content.
Nrzgsr on 7/15/2018
I ordered the espn plus. It is so hard to find anything. Where is the ufc and boxing classic stuff. I spent 31 min on hold with ESPN and gave up. Trash
Spoilers galore
ifwinterends on 7/14/2018
ESPN+ continues to spoil the results of MLS soccer games. As soon as you open the app to watch the game recording, the score is front and center. Total waste of money.
Not a sports fan friendly app!!
mindreader12 on 7/14/2018
I wanted to like this service because I enjoy boxing and mma but this app is horrendous. I can’t believe in 2018 this is the best tech ESPN could come up with. Pros: It has boxing and mma Cons: No streaming quailty settings. Spoiler alerts as soon as you open the app. Can’t watch the event right after it airs. No dvr. Can’t connect to tv via hdmi. No buttons to rewind or fast forward. I tried to watch the Pacquiao fight right after it ended but it’s nowhere to be found on the app. How is that possible. It just doesn’t make sense. I’m using the free trial to watch the fight instead the app shows Pacquiao won and the fight is no where to be found. . How does that make any sense. I would have rather paid $60 bucks for a PPV.
Ladyjugsoplenty on 7/14/2018
I downloaded the app to watch boxing. What should have been an ESPN program was made an ESPN+ event only. Enough reason to hate ESPN. I bought the Lightning Adapter and a standard HDMI cable which would show whatever was on my iPhone to the television. I went to various apps, videos, movies and everything worked. As soon as I went to the ESPN+ app, articles loaded but try live-streaming....NOTHING. I know it’s not my phone as everything else works. Called the Help Line, where I stayed on hold for 30 minutes with a recording assuring me I was next in line. Had to finally give up. Used the text help. Received an automated text assuring me someone would get back to me. WRONG! If ESPN wants to charge people $4.99 a month for a livestream app, then they need to pull their heads out of the sand and fix this crappy, non-functioning and worthless App. I am not going to be using this App again. If I could give negative stars, I would.
$4.99 for ESPN+?
Audie Boo on 7/14/2018
Not gonna pay $4.99 for streams that buffer every 10 seconds! Annoying
Never purchased it! And cant get any help!
Tasc87 on 7/14/2018
I received an email stating that I purchased the trial membership, which i did not. Called Apple support, they said not to worry, there was no record of it........7 days later i get another email saying my trial is over and its 4.99 a month. there is no record through apple that i have purchased this and its on my CC after 45 min on the phone with apple I am now disconnected and not happy.
I like ESPN, but...
SeijuroBrian on 7/14/2018
I like ESPN, but every time I try to watch a soccer game I keep getting a message saying “This event has been blacked out in your area” even with replays
App is fine, + is awful
Drogba_Legend87 on 7/14/2018
I’ve been using the app for years and it’s perfectly serviceable. I decided to get ESPN+ for the trial period because why not. Absolutely awful. There is no way to see + or activate it on any of my devices (smart tv, PlayStation, roku, firestick). I finally managed to activate it online and all I got was a commercial that repeated the same 5 seconds over and over and over. Cancelled my trial immediately.
Needs some work.
thedudeII on 7/14/2018
Streaming is terrible. Video keeps buffering. When I use YouTube TV there are no issues. This buffers every minute or so.
ESPN plus subscripTion
LC Rocco on 7/14/2018
Subscribed and paid for eszpn plus. Now I can’t sign in. Absolutely the worst app I ever used..waited for 44 minutes To talk to an agent. Am going to stop subscription ASAP. Thanks anyway..
Terrible service
Longduckdong90 on 7/14/2018
Keeps freezing. Definitely not satisfied. Am going to cancel it. Just ruined my day.
Miss seeing scores easily
BleedingEmotion on 7/14/2018
Used to love the app so I could see an actual score. Now you have the main page full of speculation and LeBron James. It doesn’t even show my “favorite” teams on the page if you scroll. It’ll show me updates from sports I don’t even have marked at all! I shouldn’t have to tap 4 different times to see the score of the literal only event on right now. Trash. Deleted.
Please Hide Scores
JBird77MSU on 7/14/2018
Now that ESPN has taken over for MLS LIVE, you absolutely need to put an option in to HIDE SCORES. When you go to watch a game replay or just to see one game and want to watch other games later, it drives me nuts that you see all the live game scores no matter what. For a sports network not to have this I cannot understand, isn’t that just common sense? This can not be just a soccer supporter concern, right?
Pay to watch
king kufu on 7/14/2018
I use this app about 4-5 times a week, usually to just check a few scores. While I completely get that ESPN has every right to make as much money as they can, and it’s everyone’s choice to pay or not, I really don’t understand why people want to pay $5/month to watch ESPN+. I have occasionally in the past watched something on ESPN3 through my tv subscription, but I think anyone paying for ESPN+ on top of already likely paying hundreds if dollars a month for tv and phone streaming has a problem man.
530iKJ on 7/14/2018
the espn app has come in clutch so many times that it’s been on all of my devices since it’s conception. Highly recommend
can’t read articles
jongheuk on 7/14/2018
i love espn’s relentless efforts on american sports but this app had a huge bug, which i cannot read any articles there. score updates and some videos work well, but as most espn contributors believe, articles are alpha and omega in its prolific history. sad for not reading them in hand.
Where are the Rugby Sevens World Cup Scores?
hubrisless on 7/14/2018
Get on it world leader.
The worst
katehasse on 7/14/2018
I’ve never written a review for an app but I’m so frustrated with this one that it merited it. Very annoying experience that ended in me not getting to watch what I wanted and not being able to cancel the free trial I signed up for.
Poorly Optimized App
ashfordgeetp on 7/14/2018
This is such a great app but the issue is the stream quality on Apple TV .No matter how good my internet is ,while sport always buffer and result in poor video quality.I have used other sports app like Fox Sport and this works fine but espn is an issue .Please resolve
Horrible app
Vet2711 on 7/13/2018
This used to be good maybe they don’t care about iPhones X but wished they would really spend the money on this to make it worth while
Love ESPN app but...
Akiman69 on 7/13/2018
I downloaded your last update but the only way i can see the app is through celullar data. I use wi fi on my home and nothing happen please help me with this
You can do better.
Agentdylan on 7/13/2018
I have notifications turned on for any breaking news of my favorite teams. I don’t want notifications on 32 of the best nicknames in the NFL. idgaf
Paying for ESPN + is a waste for tennis anyway
M4rc1tym3 on 7/13/2018
They don’t let you watch live like semifinal tennis matches. What’s the point in that so I assume we cannot watch live finals either. We pay for the subscription so we don’t have to pay the cable companies. Very poor service in that regard.
Buggy, and many draw backs
cegdan on 7/13/2018
Very slow app, actually wished I could get back the older version(about 3 or 4 versions ago) It was much more responsive then. Also wish there was a way to turn off all the video crap if I wanted to watch I would go to my TV. I like to read my sports on my ipad. I might be a minority in this but a switch in settings to turn on/off video crap would be nice. Also tennis section is atrocious when I want to see results of past matches the only choice I have for dates is January. Big opps.
This app blows like a grandma without her dentures in......
the real sports fan on 7/13/2018
I don't understand how the 3rd place match for the world cup is in an hour and there was no mention of it on your scores or even when I went specifically to the world cup mini feed. Step your game up. This should be the BEST SPORTS APP! You would think i could figure out what time a WORLD CUP SOCCER MATCH IS....and not have to google it! Will delete if there is no point to have.....make ESPN app GREAT AGAIN! No ones cares about stories....give us scores and results! ACTUAL SPORTS!
BenBogle12 on 7/12/2018
Can you guys make a single app that works?
SlobOnMyNob on 7/12/2018
I have been getting a lot of notifications about sports that I couldn’t care less for. Honestly I don’t care if there is a tennis match on. I’ve gone through the app multiple times and I for the life of me cannot figure out how to turn breaking news off.
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