117th U.S. Open Golf Championship

United States Golf Association

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Sports 9.0.2 Jun 11, 2009 Jun 15, 2017 82.6 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 9.0.2

- Improvements for app stability


The USGA is pleased to present the official iOS app for the 117th U.S. Open Championship at Erin Hills, June 12-18, 2017.

Key Features
- Real-time scoring, shot-by-shot data and player statistics
- Three channels of live streaming coverage, including featured groups and featured holes
- The latest news, updates and highlights from Erin Hills
- On-site map that allows fans to locate their favorite players, see upcoming players on any hole and display nearby amenities on-course
- Get championship and player alerts sent to your iOS device. For on-site fans, turn on the “On-Site Fan Alerts” to receive notifications about exclusive events, merchandise offers and memorable moments. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Alonso Fartman on 6/27/2017
For one weekend a year this app is easily the second most useful thing in my pants. It tickled my fancy quite well.
USGA shanks one into the fescue
Spoiled by The Masters on 6/18/2017
Live video has closed captioning on with no way to disable. Ads are annoying.
USGA chokes again
Reidooooo on 6/17/2017
U think for the us open they could at least match the pga tour app tracking the players. The app blows.
Well done
MNTLT on 6/17/2017
I'm not using the video but for what I needed this is a great app. Beauty in simplicity yet with everything necessary.
Good when it works
In the woods again on 6/17/2017
Good but not great app when it works (masters and British open are a bit better). However it's been very common over the last 3 days to have intermittent coverage that allows you to experience the ads with no issue and 10-20 seconds of mediocre quality video coverage then the video crashes and you get the privilege to watch another flawless presented commercial
Horrible high pitch noise needs help
jaholland21 on 6/16/2017
Horrible high pitch noise during the live feed needs some serious help. Been like that all day. Try deleting the app and reinstalling but that did not help. Please fix ASAP
Great app!
AndyT2231 on 6/16/2017
I've used this app the past few us opens and it's a good one. Only problem I've come across is LIVE video coverage is always fuzzy/grainy with the picture quality. Highlight videos seem to be in full HD, but live coverage looks 720P/480i. But it's always up to date with the tournament, the scoring tab is really intuitive and easy to use, and overall it's worth it!
Live video needs help, ads, ads, ads.
Mmmmiiilllt on 6/16/2017
I watched 3 advertisements before being able to see coverage. Once live video is going you cannot get the close captioning off the screen. If you want to check the leaderboard you have to exit the video steam and then watch another advertisement before viewing the live stream again.
No airplay?
tdnate1 on 6/16/2017
Please add airplay for videos and streaming. Viewing videos on iphone only is not a good experience.
JCM1001 on 6/16/2017
Well done. The PGA Tour app should take note
The app PGA Tour should strive to create
jhubb320 on 6/16/2017
Love this app and the stats and Bio features they've incorporated. Only wish the PGA Tour would take some notes from USGA This app I use once a year, PGA junk app is a weekly endeavor
not working on iPad
Eddier909 on 6/15/2017
not working for pad
Is there an iPad version?
iPhone User in Seattle on 6/15/2017
There is no version for iPad?
where is the ipad version?
zimway2k on 6/15/2017
I hate portrait-only apps. it's why I own an ipad. terrible, terrible design flaw. boooooo! booo, I say...!
Nice fake bird chirping USGA
Pingsude on 6/15/2017
I don't want to listen to piped in fake bird chirping. I want to hear clubs striking balls, you just can't get out of your own way can you USGA.
No iPad Version????
WorshipOne on 6/15/2017
Seriously, what the heck? I guess the USGA is too busy coming up with stupid rules decisions.
angrygolfguy on 6/15/2017
Al the app does is crash. You would think the usga has same amount of money as masters definitely not sad
iPad version
Bradyjo09874537840 on 6/15/2017
Where is the iPad compatible version?
Can't believe there is a no iPad version
Cmoraitak on 6/15/2017
Get it together USGA
Quality is horrible??
Cway1977 on 6/15/2017
No HD?? Have had it in for about 10 min and the quality is terrible. Just checked my Wifi speed and it's fine. How terrible to watch such a beautiful course on SD!!
No iPad edition...
StevenCarr27 on 6/15/2017
Why wouldn't you make an iPad edition?
mastersroxk on 6/15/2017
The Masters App works beautifully for IPhone or IPad. The US Open app appears to be IPhone only. Go to the Masters web site and it links you easily to the App Store to download their app. I couldn't find the US Open app via a search on the App Store. Nor do they have a link to download the app on the USGA web site. The Masters App automatically updates from year to year. The US Open App has a new app each year. The USGA's web site is crashing already due to traffic. What a joke. I forget which golfer said it. The USGA is a bunch of old guys with white bucket hats, blue blazers and dandruff.
Michimatician47 on 6/15/2017
Terrible! Automatically switches from landscape to portrait and appears in giant font...so far, this is worse than the Obamacare rollout
Where is the iPad version?
cdharris on 6/14/2017
I had the 2016 version on my iPad but it was no use this year. I looked for the 2017 version but it is iPhone only and does not work well on iPad. Why isn't there an iPad version this year?
Where's the iPad version????
bobbyp68 on 6/13/2017
Come on it's almost Thursday. Let's get something out there already.
iPad App for open?
AbbNorm on 6/13/2017
Where is it?
Where is iPad version ?
Mikehockney on 6/13/2017
When I search for the iPad version , all I find is the 2016 edition. If you down load the 2017 app , it looks like an iPhone only version. Also , when you search the App Store for 117th us open , you get nothing. Is an iPad version going to be available this week. Not impressed so dad , unless I'm missing something here
Great app but...
Improvements and bug on 1/16/2017
Overall nice to have when your leaving the open, watch video, however if your at the open it's better just to follow a group or stay at a certain hole rather than chase 2 or 3 groups. App was a nice touch though.
Featured groups
Dr. KHprn on 7/13/2016
Featured groups but no simulcasting for something that's available on free tv? Great decision
As inept as the USGA itself
Xxxgolfxxx on 6/19/2016
After years of watching the USGA screwing up the rules of golf and so much more I got this app for the Open this year. Then I see the USGA wait until after the match to rule on a penalty stroke??!!! What sport does that. Bad as that is the app is worse.
No shot tracking
Dmelesko on 6/19/2016
Dissatisfied with app. Would be much improved with shot tracker for players like pga tour app.
US Open app stinks
FEKPGA1 on 6/19/2016
Wanted to watch live coverage of the last round during breakfast, but the live features don't work. Tried to watch highlights, but even after downloading twice the sound doesn't work. Frustrating!!!
Horrible Format
Zac15563 on 6/19/2016
The way the app is formatted is impossible to read and really frustrating at times. Scorecards are inaccurate and tee times were not updated. Terrible app...
Just want to post my comment
Just want to post my comment on 6/19/2016
The us open app and website are terrible. The pga needs to hold the other 3 majors to the viewing standards of the masters. I would have given this app zero stars if possible. Thoughts from a concerned golf fan.
This app stinks 123412341244 on 6/18/2016
I have to turn my phone sideways to see a player's scorecard? Can't swipe between front and back nine? These are basic things that anyone who watches golf would expect. This app feels like it was designed in 2012 and never updated. Just terrible.
MikeW2k on 6/18/2016
Sound is all jacked up. Useless
Scorecards Won't Come Up
GreenCarpenter on 6/18/2016
Sad Failure: It's now Saturday, just after 2pm EDT. I've just turned on this app. Spieth has just finished 36 at +4. I want to see how that happened. But, in addition to all the other failures covered above, hitting the scorecard icon, whether on full leaderboard, individual, or individual profile, simply keeps you on, or returns you to, full leaderboard. Wonder if PGA will ever fix, much less take accountability for, or even comment on, their production of this failure
No audio. No radio feature
one brown mouse on 6/18/2016
Title says it all
Awesome app!!!
Bkelleher0 on 6/18/2016
Very pleased.
Fonts are too small...hard to read
H2ohzrd on 6/18/2016
Could be much better if it wasn't to darn hard to read the leader board. Fonts need to be larger or need the ability to enlarge the screen.
Good try but video really lacking
GrOcK1983 on 6/18/2016
Downgraded to a single start after I tired using it a bit more. Anything you do while streaming the coverage causes the video to drop. Reminder, dropped video. Adjust brightness (any in pull up menu), dropped video. Screen locks, dropped video. These are all things that the masters app had completely covered. I assume it is because then they force you to watch the commercial anytime. The fact that the video does stream, it gets 2. Other stuff is on par with any other golf app. Nothing special there.
No Audio
Jackisstill#1 on 6/18/2016
I'm not deaf yet, but might as well be with regards to this app.
No Scorecard when you turn your phone
chaydeng on 6/17/2016
That's kind of an important feature...why won't it work on iPhone?
Awful, audio doesn't work
Come on pga on 6/17/2016
No audio, really PGA??
Way too big and clunky
AugsterO on 6/17/2016
App works. For those without sound, there's a "mute switch" on the side of your phone. Flip it to "unmute" and the sound works. Amazing stuff. For no "X" on the video, click the home button, then click on tha app again, your back in the app. My only complete is it is 114mb to download. Wow.
Very poor App
Bcarvi2 on 6/17/2016
The audio only works if you turn the phone off vibrate. There are no player stats given. I expected more
Audio issues
BigDMoney90 on 6/17/2016
Functional overall, but no audio on the live stream.
No audio, poor UI in videos
OldTomMarshmello on 6/16/2016
I get no audio with any video (including ads). I see no affordance for exiting a full-screen video. I think these things should have been caught well before release. A quarter (or so) of the tournament is over. When will I be able to hear the audio and have an easy way to exit the video? Next week? I think this is a bungled, embarrassing release. There are potentially-interesting features, but first and foremost, I want to see (and hear) golf.
Impossible to read
Not a fan 12 on 6/16/2016
The leaderboard is virtually impossible to read rendering this app largely worthless. Doesn't anyone test these things before releasing them?
Not great, crashes
Jtdel9 on 6/16/2016
Excellent features, but crashes after attempting to move from one feature to the next
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