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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Music 8.4.49 Jul 14, 2011 Apr 16, 2018 147.5 MB iOS 9.0 or later 12+
New in version 8.4.49

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Spotify is the best way to listen to music on mobile or tablet.

Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection.

Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything.

Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium.

Free on mobile
• Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode.

Free on tablet
• Play any song, any time.

Premium features
• Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer.
• Enjoy ad-free music.
• Listen offline.
• Get better sound quality.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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Best app ever
chago4508 on 4/22/2018
I love this app it has all the music you like and only plays the music of the artists you chose no other artist
Way better than Pandora
JMcGaLaw on 4/22/2018
Wow, that’s all I can say. I used to have Spotify when I was younger, but downloaded Pandora just because, and forgot about Spotify.. I’ve recently gotten bored with Pandora’s minimal playlist selection (compared to Spotify) and it’s playing of the same songs with very little variety. Spotify has better selection, less ads, and is all together a better app. Keep up the great work! One Con... When I watch the ad that’s supposed to grant a half hour of uninterrupted ads it never works! Instead I get hit with another ad shortly after :/ JLaw
Spotify is epic awesome
holplake on 4/22/2018
I love the new version of the app makes it a lot easier to create playlists on my iPhone! Epic awesome app!
mess up songs on 4/22/2018
sometimes you guys can mess up songs
What the heck??
peppelon on 4/22/2018
I can’t continue listening the playlist after i leave the app for a while App closing and opening by itself Can’t pick up where i was left off
Sleep mode
mininoe48 on 4/22/2018
Add an option where you can set a timer to have music to stop. People love to listen to music when they sleep.
Better than I imagined!
lukcurtis on 4/22/2018
Easy to use, great selection!
So so good to those who want to listen to music
sg_duy123 on 4/22/2018
In love with all the playlists, especially is daily mix, the song quality is so good, nothing to complain about it 💯
Still one of the best
anon0001920 on 4/22/2018
Title say it all
The new update is hot trash
20 something in Chicago on 4/22/2018
For full review please read the headline
willgetcha on 4/22/2018
I would like the ability to mute individual songs in a playlist without having to remove them completely. Is that possible?
Not cool
Ccaammiiilllaaa on 4/22/2018
The update is butt.. like where can I repeat the playlist? Like you can’t even look up friends playlist! And you pick an album and other songs of that artist come up like no I just want that one album songs!
Suquami-ten on 4/22/2018
Works great! haven’t found a song yet they didn’t have!
Expected more
Angry-junkie on 4/21/2018
I am really disappointed on the fact that I can't choose the exact song to listen to. I don't want shuffle, I want this playlist in this order, or this song. I can choose specifically on my computer, so why not on my phone?
I have no control on 4/21/2018
I play an album and it plays a while another song that’s not in the album.
Sam 🤪 on 4/21/2018
spotify honestly saved my life. if i didn’t have all my music whenever i needed it i would probably of killed myself by now. so thank you spotify for being so iconic.
Karen Blackmon Caldwell
KB Caldwell on 4/21/2018
Just trying not to be a burden...
Thank you💕
your_EX193 on 4/21/2018
Thank you for all the best songs they are they best. It’s a great opportunity to have this job. Thank you guys❤️
Love your app
doodlemaster37474 on 4/21/2018
I love your app I can listen to my favorite music
Amo esta aplicación
Johana♥️ on 4/21/2018
Es la mejor aplicacion
mudslurpy on 4/21/2018
No more adds plz.
Spotify is Life
Corinjah on 4/21/2018
I’ve been with Spotify for 3 years now and I have so many year mixes and artist recommended just for me. It’s my most reliable music source.
UI is terrible
Nik Mys on 4/21/2018
UI is terrible. All in want to get to are my playlists and podcasts. But I have to jump though so many hoops to get there. I already am a premium subscriber. Stop trying to recommend me useless genres and songs I have no interest in. I’m paying for unlimited access to MY curated content. Please go easy on the recommendations.
Da best!!!
Claudepod on 4/21/2018
Spotify is tha best!!! All access all the time!
Shuffle play
LebronDidIt on 4/21/2018
Every time I use shuffle play it starts off with the same songs I have over 100 songs on my playlist and I hate to use skips but I have to because shuffle play only wants to play the same songs
nieeerrr on 4/21/2018
Nnniiirreeerrrr it’s cool
The best
Gianni jimenez🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 on 4/21/2018
It’s a good app to listen to music 🎶
Some mistakes
Baskcygwjsgzuabshsisb on 4/21/2018
I don’t like that u can’t skip this should be applied cmon Spotify
Killazkiller on 4/21/2018
I love Spotify... but whenever I’m want to add an album to my playlist I have to individually click them on my iPad. Please fix this to where you can select or just add the whole playlist.
disapointedddd on 4/21/2018
Don’t like latest update
Where did my songs go?
Alliebear12049 on 4/21/2018
I had saved songs on my Spotify now with the update they’re gone and I don’t know where they are so now I’m sad because all of my songs are gone and not all of my songs were in a playlist
MajoraMonado on 4/21/2018
Well worth upgrading to premium, my music library has opened so much thanks to this app!
Great app!
Calstargym on 4/21/2018
This is an amazing app!! One thing, when my family switched from premium to family premium, I couldn’t find all my old playlists. Otherwise great quality, good songs!
north laguna tuna on 4/21/2018
Happy customer, never a issue. Offline great for BFE work. Download download download albums!go catch some fish!
peppermint1137 on 4/21/2018
Great music and selection, but is sometimes not connecting and it takes a little while. Other than that great!!
ImsoKJ on 4/21/2018
Spotify is amazing and I love it! Definitely 5 stars
New Update
catwomvn on 4/21/2018
This new update is horrible. You deleted my saved playlist with over 300 songs. Completely gone.
Skips like biscuits
skippy dhdvxv on 4/21/2018
Good but y’all need to add more skips please I want to enjoy my music but I want to be able to have more skips I’m able to do that
My favorite app on my phone
scccrrrraaaa on 4/21/2018
This is the best music app I have had so far! It is user friendly and with the bug fixes and updates it only gets better! With other music apps it will make you pay for tracks one by one but with Spotify it’s all free! You don’t get unlimited skips but it is over all better music quality, adds the behind the lyrics feature (tells you about the song and interesting facts), and it might not give you the unlimited skips but I think a few per hour (don’t quote me on the skips you get per hour that’s just what I heard) overall it has nice ads and many other things to enjoy!😋👍
bxhxhdh on 4/21/2018
Spotify review
emm_ld on 4/21/2018
I think Spotify is great it has all of my favorite songs
Love It
Ljpam on 4/21/2018
I love this app for listening to music. It's so easy to search using the microphone option.
Wow but..........
Trayne80 on 4/21/2018
I love this app I use it all of the time when playing games or on road trips or even before a game but I am a little upset when I saw a couple weeks ago that a survey was open and it says if you do it you get a month of add free music and so I did it and it didn’t work so I am a little up set...... and I get that when you guys give us add free music for 30 minutes but sometimes that doesn’t work either so I would just like to ask that you guys please work on it........ but any way it’s a great app I wish that their was more like it
Shuffle option needs to be fixed
AvilesP on 4/21/2018
What’s the deal with the shuffle option not actually shuffling songs? C’mon now...
Best radio out there
The Cupcake Girl on 4/21/2018
Really good
Apple Watch support?
gus_2507 on 4/21/2018
Would be great if it had support for Apple Watch, will go back Spotify if there’s support for Apple Watch. Apple Music will have to do for now.
Shuffle Not Truly Random
tvieso on 4/21/2018
Curation of weekly playlists is great. However... Shuffle, once again, plays only recent songs. Stop it. Make it true random. Please. Jesus.
This is a terrible app
bloked number on 4/21/2018
This app is terrible every time I try and listen to music it keeps skipping parts of the song. You guys need to hurry up and fix this before you guys lose a lot of users
🤑the_lit_Phienix🤑 on 4/21/2018
It’s lit
This is my only problem so far
2Sadmama on 4/21/2018
So far I have not had a problem with this app on premium or free, but when I hit shuffle for the playlist on free it dose not shuffle it starts from the beginning then goes down and I have to listen to the same songs when I play this playlist and I don’t want to listen to the same songs over agin from the beginning I wish it would just shuffle.
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