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App last updated Feb 19, 2018
New in version 5.2.0

- Quickly add Chips, Chips & Guac, or a Drink to your order in the bag to complete the perfect meal.
- Manage your subscription to Chipotle Offers & News. Look for it it in your account under Preferences. You can sign up for the occasional email or text.
- We've made your pickup time clearer after you've placed an order. You can also tap the pickup address for directions to your food rendezvous.
- Fixed an issue with reordering Veggie Burrito Bowls, Thanks to Lois in CA.
- Improved tap'ability and layout of navigation icons
- Display improvements throughout the app
- Minor improvements for iPhone X
- General bug fixes


Resolve the age-old question of “what should I eat?” with Chipotle. We’ve made it easier than ever to order and pay, so you can go from craving to enjoying food that’s made with real ingredients faster than ever. With a quick swipe, you can customize your burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos to perfection. Then go straight to the register at the time and location you choose, skipping the line like a boss.

Apple Pay
- Paying is even easier now with integrated Apple Pay.

Guest Checkout
- Food now, account later.

Reorder Recent meals
?- Relive the glory of the past - order your favorites and recent meals with just a tap.???

Add Promotions & Offers?
- Add both olde tyme paper and digital offers to the app. We’ll hook you up at checkout.

- Store a gift card and up to two credit cards, making checkout quick and painless.

Chipotle is scientifically proven to help you feel less hungry after you’ve eaten with us (at least that’s what we’ve heard).

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Love it!
1shelliebeans4u on 2/19/2018
It’s so handy I just do my order on line and by the time I get my errands done dinner is too. It’s very easy to use from beginning to end.
No more cash option
Joe45671234 on 2/19/2018
Some people do not trust burrito chains with their credit card info, so until the option to pay with cash is back, this once useful app is shelved for me.
Can’t use gift cards
dan_schan on 2/19/2018
I have a few gift cards that I’d like to use for orders through the app, but you can only enter 1 gift card at a time. And if the amount on that card is not sufficient for your order, you can’t pay for part of your order with the gift card and the remainder on a different payment method. Need to allow for multiple cards, and for gift cards to pay for part of an order.
Is there a way to pay in store
Kverdi on 2/19/2018
Apparently paying in store is impossible to find or impossible in general. Deleting app. I don’t like filing a bunch of cards on different apps.
GPS Auto-Select Nightmare
zeppelinchick on 2/19/2018
Placed an order for dinner on my way home from work. I used the “reorder your last” option, stupidly thinking the app would reorder from the same store as well. Turns out the app uses your GPS to automatically select the restaurant that’s nearest to you AT THE EXACT MOMENT of placing your order. Didn’t notice until I arrived at the Chipotle near my house, 30 minutes from where I work, wondering where my order was. Turns out it was waiting for me 30 minutes in the opposite direction. Drove to the restaurant that actually received my order and finally picked up my food. Drove back home (all of this in rush hour traffic) and opened the bag. It was the wrong order. The receipt was correct, but the food they gave me was wrong. Instead of chicken I got pork, instead of black beans I got pinto, there was no lettuce, and the guacamole was brown. Called the restaurant to speak with the manager and ask him to refund the incorrect order. He refused because their policy requires you to come to the restaurant and speak with them in person. I wasn’t about to drive up there a second time in rush hour traffic, so there goes 10 bucks. Not paying attention to the GPS was my mistake, but I know I’m not the only customer who’s had trouble with it. That combined with the restaurant’s refusal to refund my card for their mistake was the final straw for me. What a terrible experience.
Removing Cash Payment Is A Bad Move
pastormatt08 on 2/19/2018
My wife and I used to make weekly trips and order in the app and select cash. It never held up the line of the experience. Now it’s removed to preorder with cash. Not a fan.
User freindly
Square,circle,triangle on 2/19/2018
The app is very user friendly and easy to use my order was ready when I got there and correct Debby J
Ok app
Premed111 on 2/19/2018
The app doesn’t let you order quesadillas so that is unfortunate and there is no way to make specifications to your order where you could request a quesadilla. Other than not being able to order quesadillas it works pretty well.
Redsaux2271 on 2/19/2018
I really really miss their old app! It was so user friendly - it always gave me a list of option for locations, not a map. And i always struggle to swipe the app UP to pay!!!! I ordered 5 times in a row today from the app after i showed up to the store and it wasn’t there! And it still wouldn’t go thru! Ugh! Please bring back to older version!
Double meat
Seves Iphone on 2/19/2018
How does one order double protein or full order of 2 proteins.
Decent app, lacks an option to pay in-store :(
Matthew Donovan on 2/19/2018
This app used to be great when you could order online and opt to pay once you arrived to pick up your order. Now, however, you must use a card or ApplePay to order from the app. For me, that's a major drawback, as paying with cash means not being able to order ahead. :( Please re-add the option to "Pay In-Store", then this would be a 5-star app.
Swipe up for pay never works
AshpharmD on 2/19/2018
You place your order and get ready to pay only to find that the app won’t allow you to swipe up to pay as it requests. Extremely frustrating. Apparently this is a common problem.
Can only customize 3 items
N/A 1234 on 2/19/2018
Why can’t I customize more items like I can at the store? Subway also offers unlimited customizations. At least allow 5 customizations. Most people probably don’t use it anyway.
Gift cards
oCORYo on 2/19/2018
Love the latest updates, could we get a feature to add multiple gift cards and merge balances to just one card?
Works every time
20dubb20 on 2/18/2018
I am happy they changed the time slots to get food faster. Best app. I use it all the time
It makes ordering difficult
Joyce_Mary on 2/18/2018
With the old app I could simply reorder an old order from my regular store; now not only does it not allow me to select a previous order (meaning I now have to go through and click all ingredients), but it orders from the closest chipotle, not my regular store. I ordered some chips and guac from the app. And did not realize that it ordered from the Chipotle closest to me at the time of purchase, not the one near my house. I called the store that I had mistakenly ordered from and requested a refund. I was told that I would have to contact customer service in order to get my $3 and change back. Why? Three bucks isn’t worth the fuss. Thank goodness I hadn’t ordered a burrito bowl 😡. Also, I like getting the vinaigrette on the side with my bowl but because they took away the “notes” section, I have to ask for it when I get there. Unfortunately when I ask for the vinnie, the cashier gives me a pained look as though I’m inconveniencing her by making such a painful, labor intensive request. If I could send the request with my order, I wouldn’t have to deal with the attitude and the employee wouldn’t have to have an attitude in the first place. Win, win in my opinion. Tl;dr PLEASE FIX THIS APP
Wheels for on 2/18/2018
My experience with the app is that is very glitchy. This was my first time using it and shame on me for not checking the confirmation screen. But I just accidentally bought 10 worth of chips and cheese by accident. Just saying the app is clunky
Great app
Tmekia on 2/18/2018
Very easy to use and you can customize your order just the way you like and it beats standing in line, you just puck up your order and go. I only wished the offered some sort of rewards program.
Steph9931215 on 2/18/2018
Works well but I don’t like the swipe up to send your order thing. I seem to have a hard time doing that every time
piece of cake and fast as lightening
kay kilpa on 2/18/2018
Ordering on Chipotle’s app is simple and quick. I can order en route to picking it up or over an hour before arriving, and Chipotle always has the order ready, hot and fresh. Even with ordering more than one meal for my family within the request, there is never a sad mixup of what was ordered when I get the bag opened at home. Thanks Chipotle!!
iPhone X can’t order anything.
Stuntjake912 on 2/17/2018
I have always used this app to order chipotle. Until about 3 months ago when I got a IPhone X, the complete order button is way in the bottom of the screen. You cannot select it.
Careful while scrolling.
Stevearino64 on 2/16/2018
While scrolling things get selected and unselected. So be careful that you don’t accidentally change the veggies for sour cream and ruin your wife’s dinner. There is no option to file a complaint within the app either.
koolkidjazzy on 2/16/2018
I just got the iPhone X and the app doesn’t work at all on it.
No wear to add special instructions
Pmydus on 2/16/2018
You guys need to fix the app so you can add notes for online orders. For instance I wanted to ask for light cheese and sour cream and I couldn’t.
Good, but lately
WaldorfMember on 2/16/2018
App is good but freezes on iPhoneX. I’ve had to delete and download several times.
Jesse leachwitz on 2/16/2018
The new app is certainly more aesthetically pleasing, but functionality seems to have been given some backseat consideration. Ie: to choose payment method you have to swipe up, it usually takes me one or two tries to make this work instead of just bringing up my control center. I do like how you can distinguish “light” vs “extra”. Overall, the app works. It gets you burritos. What else could you want?
heated beyond belief 05 on 2/16/2018
It’s Chipotle. Need I say more?
Nice. Apple Wallet, please.
Gregcheersykes on 2/16/2018
Thanks for nice new update. Looking good! ***I wish I could do a split payment. I have $3 left on a gift card, and then I’d like to do the rest on a credit card!*** Wish I could also put my gift cards into Wallet app (formerly Passbook). Thanks! Love that the app has Apple Pay, but now you just need it in stores! 😃
Can’t customize orders
bjceee on 2/15/2018
Nobody needs 210 calories of rice in a burrito bowl. Why can’t I ask for a half portion? Why can’t I get extra beans? Seems like it would be easy to implement. Can’t use this app until they add some basic functions.
It’s helpful:)
Charlene <3 on 2/15/2018
I use it all of the time to order/reorder food. Only thing is there’s been times when an extra item has been added to my order without my knowledge. It’s already happened 3x with an add on item such as chips & queso. Other than at, it’s easy ordering.
Works but buggy
cmit2007 on 2/15/2018
I can get my order to eventually work but it requires some finesse around the bugs. I cannot add an item to my cart with a topping on the side (specifically the guac on the veggie) even if I’ve ordered it in the past. I have to start the item from scratch and leave the setting at default. Once it’s in my cart I can edit it and select “on the side.” Also the location has always been correct but the app doesn’t tell me where the order is being placed. If I click on the option it takes me to the map and makes me re-enter the zip and select the store, but if I leave it alone the order has always been placed at the correct store (we only ever buy at one) even though there is not an indication of what store the order is at.
Only one very small complaint
Coach Riley on 2/15/2018
I love to order online, but I DO wish if I wanted full scoops of black and white beans that I’d be able to order them online, rather than only being able to order 1/2 scoops of each.
Pure garbage
Sacfury on 2/14/2018
Everything is fine until the end where they tell your to “Swipe Up to Complete Order”. But that doesn’t work. Why not just press a button? Why would swiping up be better or more convenient or easier than just pressing a Submit button. I looked online and it looks like this has been a known issue for a few months, but they still have not addressed it. I want to give them my money, but they won’t take it. This is trash.
Watts2013 on 2/14/2018
I think every once in a while you should give out a free burrito or two every time we place orders online or call them in
Can’t swipe up to pay
K.M-H. on 2/14/2018
Loaded in Cc info and order was not placed. Too bad I won’t be coming in again
Chipotle is my life
Breezyy0717 on 2/13/2018
Y’all are THE f***ing s**t like I give y’all 17 stars outta 5. Keep doin you chipotle, don’t you ever change.
Chipotle app
y9400 on 2/13/2018
The release of the new app was a huge disappointment and a waste of time to whoever came up with it. Not only is it harder to use, but it’s annoying too. So much so, that I chose to wait in line rather then ordering through it. At one point it started having a glitch in which no matter how many time you swipe up to pay, it was just not happening!! It was the most frustrating thing ever!!! KEEP IT SIMPLE!
Kyliaahrenee on 2/13/2018
Lifetime of free burrito bowls would be cool
Unable to pay/order
frewtlewpz on 2/13/2018
App works fine and looks good but whenever I finalize the order to checkout and pay it crashes. Has been like this for a month or two.
burrito slayer on 2/13/2018
Fast service
swiisher on 2/13/2018
This is an easy to use app.
Great with one major flaw
GreenPrell on 2/12/2018
Update: This app automatically selects a Chipotle to order from. It doesn’t select the last one you used, the one on your way home, or your favorite Chipotle. It selects the one that’s closest and never tells you it’s doing this. I just now hit Reorder and it ordered it from a _different_ Chipotle than the original order. It is _infuriating_ to go all the way to our usual Chipotle only to find out our food is across town. And there’s a reason we don’t use that Chipotle: it’s awful. On this most recent order they didn’t have white rice or taco shells! Chipotle, PLEASE FIX THIS. This bad Chipotle and the good Chipotle are both on the same very long street so it’s nearly impossible to notice the wrong one has been selected. I will keep rating this one star at every release and recommend people away from this app until this is fixed. Original review: The v5 series of this app is finally everything Chipotle’s app should be. In addition to being pleasant and straightforward to use, it goes above and beyond with features and fixes that may have felt too “specific to you” to ever be included. For example, Chipotle locations now include landmark information. So if there are two locations on Excelsior Blvd, one will say “next to Whole Foods” so you know for sure which Chipotle you’re choosing.
I eat more now on 2/12/2018
I eat chipotle more now just order pick up and on my way to my ex gfs house. My wife never suspects a thing
Bvegors20 on 2/12/2018
Chipotle app is the best
Create account issue!
BrokeNCYDES biggest fan on 2/12/2018
I’ve tried multiple times to create an account with Chipotle but each time it says it’s ‘unable to create an account at this time’. I’ve tried several different days to create an account on both the app and the website but still cannot get it to work. Other than that minor issue the app is fantastic. Very easy to navigate and is very user friendly.
Not working on X
Kelly Hough on 2/12/2018
Just keeps drawing a pepper nothing else.
Good to go
Brad_Garcia on 2/12/2018
Never had an issue and my food is always ready on time.
The best
tupapichulo on 2/11/2018
I just wished I had a Chipotle closer but that doesn’t stop me from driving an hour each way just to have it, I love it
If you want extra
SusieQILoveYou345 on 2/11/2018
The only reason I’m giving this a 4 Star is because you have to watch when you select your toppings. I selected steak and I chose extra steak (I thought), but after paying then picking it up at the store I later found out for some reason the app changed it on me, or it just didn’t take when I slid and selected extra. Next time I will double check it before I checkout. But the location I ordered from was great and the workers were nice.
i love chipotle. i do.
kiyas mom on 2/11/2018
i really love chipotle. like so much i can eat it two times a day everyday. but this app wont let me sign in. at all. no matter how many times i wait or press sign it. it says it has a problem and try again later. this has been going on for awhile now. i hate it
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