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- Updates to ticket management


Stay connected to all the action during the Open, August 22 to September 10, 2017.

Key Features include:

The interactive home screen offers fans an immersive experience into the US Open with immediate access to live scores and latest news, photos, and videos.

Scores – Analytics & Insights by IBM
LIVE exclusive point-by-point scoring updates, completed match results, statistics, match insights and IBM Keys to the Match during the US Open.

Guest Information – Presented by American Express
Your digital concierge, a chatbot that will answer your questions in real-time all powered by Watson. Guest Information is your source for all your US Open questions ranging from transportation, on-site food & drink, scores, schedules and more.

Grounds Map -- NEW
The US Open interactive grounds map is your mission control to best navigate the grounds. Find out the score on every court, where to find a drink or your favorite food, and where to map out your next move.

Buy and manage your tickets securely through the official app. 2017 US Open Tickets are now Mobile. Use your phone to scan your ticket at the US Open gates.

Other Features
Live Streaming, Highlights, Official Schedule of Play, Player Bios, Draws, Event Guide, CHASE Charge & Watch, and Bracket Challenge.

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Make it Harder to Navigate
spumoni25 on 9/9/2017
Make it harder to navigate please. It's just too simple. ...not.
Wackadoodle on 9/9/2017
Pathetically stupid app
scheißgeyser on 9/9/2017
I feel like they're messing with me. You go to today's schedule and I can see all kinds of info on matches that are over, but absolutely nowhere does it tell me when the main event is? It's lunacy? I mean, Slam Track is awesome, but I literally had to close the app and go to ESPN to see when the final is.
Great radio!
Taxgurl on 9/8/2017
I had no problem with the app. My favorite feature is the radio. It helps greatly when you want to discreetly follow the action. I just wish it had 2 channels: Ashe & Armstrong. They did switch back and forth a bit during the quarterfinals/rd of 16 which I appreciated. Also the Draw is under the More tab.
Badly thought and horribly executed
Lettore storico on 9/7/2017
Worst app out of the 4 slams. Difficult to navigate and designed in way to keep you far from what you need. At least it is easy to improve as any change will be an upgrade :-)
Terrible App. Was Fine Last Year (2016)
Calimsk on 9/7/2017
The user interface was changed this year. It wasn't intuitive and lot of the features were difficult to access. For instance, the player interviews were difficult to find. Some of the features, like schedules, were difficult or impossible to load. The video links to live streaming didn't work -- they didn't open ESPN app for instance. Overall a terrible app in terms of usability and function. It should have never been approved.
SMartano on 9/7/2017
No easy way to filter draws you want to follow, no easy way to filter schedules for men's and women's singles etc. Needless details such ad court numbers while missing the big stuff. I deleted this as quickly as I downloaded it once I realized how bad the design is and how much easier the info is to get elsewhere.
Incredibly frustrating
Baicy on 9/6/2017
Trying to look up past matches is impossible. Tournament = DRAW! Where is that? Google is easier.
Who is the idiot???
3-time All-American on 9/6/2017
Could it get worse? Probably not! This is a terrible app that makes it almost impossible to find stuff, unless you have a couple of hours to spend figuring this out. Total frame hit out of the Stadium!
Fails at simply updating the score.
fonehome on 9/5/2017
Every single day I have used this app it eventually stops updating and must be force quit and restarted. Throughout the day switching between many apps this one always stops refreshing the score yet when tapping Match Details the score shows up but going back it still is stuck at some older score. Very dissapointing. The user inverface is also bad. Completed scores and draws should be buttons available as shortcuts at the bototm instead of players and news or at least let us customize them. And also the player seed numbers don't show up in the draw if their name is too long so nearly impossible to see what seed is playing.
Total absence of draw / points / $$
Jay71tal on 9/5/2017
This is easy to do. It is important information for real fans to have. Amateurish to not have this. It also takes too long to update completed matches. On the plus side the scores are updated quickly. Am not enamored with the stats section for an ongoing match.
Might be good if you go
Richard in Washington on 9/5/2017
This app asked whether I'm going to the US Open. I said no but it still wants me to use a "fan pass" and shows the match times in the Eastern time zone. Showing the day schedule based on the court is only good if you're there or planning the event. Adding an option to sort this list would be nice. Hiding completed match scores under a "more" button further points to this not being designed for tennis fans. The home page shows results from one match, the last match played. There were many matches played on Labor Day, not even a link to see more results!? C-
Where are the brackets?
Ddffttjjkljdffvg on 9/5/2017
This is really a horrible app.
777Phil on 9/4/2017
Too difficult to find which tournament you want. Under today's schedule, doesn't even list the Del Potro match.
Worst app ever
Mailsazmat on 9/4/2017
If I had an option to rate this app less than 1 stars, I would have given it. No responses for queries for look up of schedule or results. Worst designed app.
Videos don't work
D173489 on 9/4/2017
Had to watch a 30 sec ad to see s highlight, then the highlight video is stuck a few seconds in. SMH.
renmaris on 9/3/2017
Difficult to navigate and chock full of useless features. There are plenty of good apps from other tournaments - Wimbledon, Indian Wells for example. So, there's really no excuse.
Absolute nightmare
Handro92 on 9/3/2017
Ticket management is a nightmare. They force you to use this app for ticketing and it could not be less user friendly. It also does not process check-ins at locations. The score updating horrifically lags. If they want to go "all mobile" this is an embarrassment of an app.
Um Where's The Bracket / Draw?
Itchell on 9/3/2017
Isn't the one thing that really defines a tournament the draw? How can you have a tournament app that doesn't include the draw?
Ugh! Slow Live Scores! Good only for schedule!
AnnieCaNj on 9/3/2017
I downloaded this App for our Aug. 31/17 visit. It only helped with Schedule of Play. The Live Scores never updated quickly enough and the Draws were a challenge to find. Now 3 days later, at home, the App is no better. I've deleted it. Hope they improve it for next year.
First visit
vnicv on 9/2/2017
Love the schedule. Easy to find matches, timeframes, and court location. Love the gps and help to get you where you want to go on the grounds. Love to have digital tickets and syncing abilities to Ticketmaster and ESPN. This was our first visit, and the app really helped us out!!
Better than the apps for the other Majors
Scablam on 9/2/2017
Easier to get quick access to the information you are looking for, whether it be live scores, schedule, player info, etc.
Not great
JCo872 on 9/2/2017
Most of the time live scores show up as all blank. Incredibly frustrating. Also took me quite awhile to figure out how to find draws. As another reviewer pointed, the draw shouldn't be so difficult to find.
Wrainsberger on 9/2/2017
How is it possible to keep making a worse app, year after year? No easy way to access scores and filter men's, women's, doubles, etc of ongoing matches. (Hint, I don't care what court they were being played upon!) No players bracket at all! When I can Google the US Open and see the scores automatically provided for the entire day, filtered by category, it's much easier for the end user. Guess, what....deleting this app...ASAP!
Worse than last year...
Nyjazz88 on 9/1/2017
Next to useless. For example, by the time the app updates live matches in progress, the match will most likely be over.
Focus on the key features
ROS Charter Subscriber on 9/1/2017
Fans want to use this app to check schedules, scores, and player profiles. That's basically it. Stop confusing users with all the ancillary nonsense.
Obvious oversights...
baltdbmore#1 on 9/1/2017
How is it possible to design a tournament app without an immediately accessible tournament bracket? App provides everything you don't need and not the one thin you do!
Pretty App. Too bad it doesn't work.
Bpk1976 on 8/31/2017
Nice for player info and real time scoring (available from multiple other free apps), but if you're actually going to the event it is miserable for loading/transferring/selling tickets and utterly fails to effectively handle tickets obtained from third party vendors. Pitiful.
Worst tennis grand slam app ever
Glennroid on 8/31/2017
Every year these apps get worse and worse. More advertising than ever. Ok, that's expected. But trying to find out something unusual, like scores is a chore. The whole user interface is crowded, cluttered and chaotic. If I could use the regular USPTA app, I would in a second. The only good thing about this app is that it'll be deleted as soon as the final is played. And good riddance. Whoever designed this piece of crap should really be ashamed of themselves.
Glennie millard on 8/31/2017
I may not be bright. I am also seventy years old. But after I locate the four days of tournament tickets I will try not to use this again. The us open believes that everyone should have a smart phone so one cannot print off their tickets anymore. I do not know what to do. The instructions are whack.
IBM fail again!
PJTG on 8/31/2017
Written very few reviews, but this app is so bad. For years, IBM have been making bad apps for the tennis slams, but this is one of the worst. There are plenty of good app designers out there, who could do infinitely better. This one, you can barely find where to read the scores. The stats pages inadequate, and, taken at random, the photos galleries a bad joke.
Reggie 62 on 8/31/2017
Totally useless app. Where are the draws for quick reference?
Back to 2008
pasanf on 8/30/2017
With everyone going "vintage" this app must be the USTA's idea of a bad joke. This app is seriously bad. The graphic design is atrocious, impossible to find even something as basic as the Draws. Bland low resolution graphics. But MORE live results that don't refresh from one day to the next and require to kill the app and restart it. Same with schedule, news. Seriously, who developed this? Who got it through QA? And how did anyone in management even approve it?
Poorly Constructed
syl yarb on 8/30/2017
This is the worst constructed and convoluted app but no choice other than to use it. So difficult to follow. Scores and schedules by category should be the highlight.
Where are my seats
mad-jimmy on 8/30/2017
Nerve racking to spend almost $1000 on tickets and just get 1 QR code for two tickets that says nothing about my seats, time or stadium. Please don't have me thumbing thru emails at the gate. Thanks for the stress.
collared-dove on 8/30/2017
This app is worse than useless. Incredibly awkward to maneuver through, can't get simple things like today's completed matches. Get into photos and can't get out. Developers should be embarrassed.
New interface is bad
TravisNF on 8/30/2017
Terrible new interface this year. But I do like the bracket challenge!
The draws are there!
A_C_N on 8/30/2017
People are complaining about the and they are there! Pretty obvious!
Where are the DRAWS????
ACinSF on 8/29/2017
US open app used to be the best like 3-4 years ago? what happened!?
Genaki on 8/29/2017
Give us the draws! What a waste. Worthless
As bad as Roland Garros app
SkoobaBelle on 8/29/2017
I hope SOMEONE updates this app before final. I have an older TV so score box is so small it's useless. I rely on the tennis apps. Sadly, It takes 1 or 2 minutes for scores to update during a match. HOWEVER, best part of app is the players list with not only their names, but photos. That's terrific. Easy to find them quickly and get their stats.
frustratedwiththeapp on 8/29/2017
Such a bad piece of technology combined with thoughtless user experience. Scores don't refresh even after killing the app and restarting. Google shows more up to date scores. No way to go to score from schedule page. Perhaps no usability testing was done. Being in software industry myself, I can only feel sorry for the product team that produced this.
Ok app, worked better last year
Former ING customer on 8/29/2017
Once accustomed to navigating, can find most things. Schedule is there, must scroll through to find players I want. Awful glitch--scores stopped loading. I've deleted and will reload in the hopes that'll work better.
Clicked on "practice" -- can't get out of it
Thomasdcity on 8/29/2017
I can't see match play scores and schedules any longer -- I clicked on the "practice" schedule and am stuck in that view only. AND the draw chart doesn't show scores from completed matches. AND that bar code on the top left of the app seems to do not very much. I think this used to be a better app...
Worst Grand Slam App
SpecialAK on 8/29/2017
The live scores won't even appear when they should, it's just a blank. The navigation has gotten better, but these small things don't happen to other Grand Slam events OR their apps. It's a joke. The event is a farce, again, compared to other GS's, and the app sums it all up--cheap quality, dressed in make-believe high quality design. Same goes for the tourney.
Impressively Awful
CMessiet on 8/29/2017
This app is impressively bad. Like "Highlander 2" bad. 90% of folks who will use it just want to find the scores for the day and look at the draws. Good luck finding those in this app. Clunky and counterintuitive, it lacks value even though it is free to download.
Scores and draws absent
Kds lapwings on 8/29/2017
Very poor
All of many functions work fine
THat Consulting on 8/29/2017
Used it onsite and it was very useful.
Absolutely unintuitive. Horrible app
DuckOfPrey on 8/29/2017
It's amazing that year after year this is THE worst app of the grand slam events. It's not even close either. I am not going to bother detailing what's wrong. All they have to do is look at the apps for the other slams and use their brains. I'll use Google to find what I need, it's much quicker and has more information in regards to upcoming matches.
Great. Easy to use.
Crmiller88 on 8/28/2017
Easily accessible. Especially while being at the tournament. Great for onsite alerts and updates. Held the tickets well and easily transferable to the apple wallet.
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