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This app was last updated on: May 31, 2017
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New in version 5.1.3

Minor updates and stability improvements


Up To 70% Off Designer Brands. Find Something New Every Day!

Download our app and discover what's next: an ever-changing assortment of top brands and one-of-a-kind experiences, tailored to your wants and likes — and meant to inspire every facet of your life.

Plus, plenty of other perks of shopping Gilt on the go:

• Luxury and designer brands, all up to 70% off retail: Valentino, John Varvatos, kate spade new york -- to name a few.

• Sales start at 12pm ET on the dot: Bonus sales begin at 9pm ET on Sundays and Wednesdays.

• New inventory daily: Sales are exclusive and last just 36 hours. This means supplies are limited -- perfect for on-the-go shopping.

• Mobile-exclusive sales: Designer deals that you can only purchase on our app -- because half the thrill is being first.

• Real-time reminders: Our app will notify you when sales start, when your waitlist items become available, and more.

• Gilt City: Shop offers and exclusive experiences even when you’re out and about in your city. Gilt City has national deals as well as local ones in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

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Gone downhill fast
TZ2inLA on 6/26/2017
I've been using GILT regularly for over seven years to purchase high-end clothing at good prices. Customer service had for the most part been pretty good, but for the past year it seems to have gone downhill fast. First, I've had to return more items than I ever had to before because the size guide is essentially worthless. Almost everything I bought lately fits too small. Second, the only way to exchange something is to purchase a second one, return the original item and wait for them to reimburse you the price for the second item and/or give you credit, even if they mistakenly sent you the wrong item. Which leads to my third point: refunds can take up to a month or longer to post back onto your credit card. I returned something at the beginning of this month, the post office tracking system says the return agent received it, and almost three weeks later I still have not received my refund. Finally, the Insider Points system is a joke. I tried checking to see if using the insider points would give me a lower price than a discount code I had. I ended up using the discount code and not my points, but my points were still deducted on my account. When I asked customer service they told me that I "redeemed" the points, even though I didn't actually "use" them. I'm pretty much done with GILT.
Leslie A V on 6/25/2017
Still shopping and loving Gilt! My daughter introduced me to this site. She has purchased beautiful items at great prices, for several years from Gilt! I now only purchase from Gilt. It is, in my opinion, the number#1 shopping site on the Internet.
This is an app function review - not a gilt review
k.dorfman on 6/25/2017
There is no way to print a voucher from the app. But my order/voucher says I must bring a copy of the voucher with me. Not sure if the company will take it from my phone I call Gilt customer service, which answered very quickly! I was sure that I was doing something wrong but - no- apparently it is by design that you cannot print from the app- and I was told it was b/c lots of people don't have the capability to print from their phones......huh? Gilt- Please allow printing off the app on phones!!
Love Gilt
LosBozos on 6/23/2017
My only suggestion is to have the ability to divide out the shopping cart to ship to different addresses. Otherwise, the quality & saving are great.
Easy & Fast
Herelle on 6/22/2017
Ouuuuf!! Thank you to the Technology, we can shop from any where; I will admit it That Guilty To spend here, but thanks any way GILT 😊😊
Best app
Billydowndaskreet on 6/22/2017
Best deals in town and online really like this app.
Love Gilt
Quimby33 on 6/22/2017
This app is my guilty pleasure. I can always find unique items at a great price!
What's not to love?
pilateswithnancy on 6/19/2017
A few technical errors but for the most part love this App!
Worst Customer Service
Tiare1978 on 6/19/2017
I have been a loyal customer to Gilt for some years. This past year I have had several packages go missing because they outsource through USPS. I have reported these and they simply say they can't and won't refund me because USPS says items were left at my door front. I even made police reports for missing items. I have had to go through my credit card company to get these reversed and had to fight them on this. It's a simple vendor responsibility that if you say you use FedEx and don't get it to the purchasers hands. You must refund the item. I have a high tech locker box that they are not using. This is simple and poor ok behalf of Gilt. Don't expect customer loyalty in return.
Great App
LuisE1980 on 6/18/2017
Great Products, Great Discounts, Great Customer Service!!!
Good App
DudleyDoohDar on 6/15/2017
Easy to move around, loading time and product view is fast. Much better than I expected.
Great styles, nice customization
owenslr1 on 6/10/2017
Quality products at reasonable prices
Gilt shop
Marcy4844 on 6/10/2017
Best way to shop!
Love Gilt
crazyaboutsales on 6/9/2017
I have found some really great deals on Gilt. I think they have a good variety of designers and brands, and the app is easy to use. Sometimes shipping takes a long time, I hate waiting! I had a question about my account, and the gentleman that I spoke to at customer service really took his time with me, walking me through changing some of my info. He was very patient and friendly, good customer service is very important to me!
Handy app
Aegipan on 6/9/2017
Works well. Like the Apple Pay option.
Love Gilt, Love the App, LOVE the Prices!!!
Bakery Story/Team Lava on 6/7/2017
The app is so easy to use...maybe too easy as far as my bank account is concerned. Lol. But the brands/designers curated on such a wide range of products & being offered at such amazing prices is pretty hard to beat. They do additional promo discount offers often. Yes, there may be restrictions, as there are with most promotions, but who can complain when you're already getting discounts from 30-70% on designer merchandise! Not to mention 30 days free shipping when you pay just $9.95 with your 1st order for the period. You can also build your profile, waitlist items for them to notify on, favorite brands & items for notifications, set alerts for upcoming many things. LOVE this app! Get it now! Right now!
MMPHTunes on 6/7/2017
Its been many years that Ive shopped on here and this has been a consistent great service and amazing offer for quality at ridiculously low prices.
I love Gilt
Michelle5280 on 6/6/2017
I love Gilt. Furnished my 2nd house via this app. January deals you cannot beat, my show closet rocks.
Amazing. Loved it, but loving it even more!
Jecco2012 on 6/6/2017
I've been a Gilt member even before Saks parent company bought it. Loved it before, and loving it even more now that Saks is behind it. It has a lot more variations as they curate stuff everyday. I sometimes buy fr Gilt before, but recently been buying a lot more. A couple of months ago bought 2 PAIRS of AUTHENTIC Fred Perry sneakers for only $120, and right now, package just arrived, 2 PAIRS of AUTHENTIC Gucci eyeglasses for ONLY $230 -it was already on sale, plus an additional 20% off!!!!!! Simply amazing!!!! And all these purchases are free shipping too!!!!!! Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm a very satisfied customer, hence made the effort of writing this review!!!!!
Easy to use.
Nessie1080 on 6/5/2017
I just started using Gilt, I have to say that I love it so far. Excellent clothing and hassle free. I would definitely recommend.
Great products and easy to use
Imeanreally? on 6/2/2017
Love it. Simple, fresh and on point.
Buyer beware
Altogirl on 6/1/2017
All I can say is read the fine print, and that being a Gilt "insider" is a joke. After offering a 20% site wide discount, in big bold letters, they refused to honor it, pointing to the terms and conditions in the fine print that limited the total discount to $50. Shame on me for not being more careful. Shame on them for not having more respect for a longtime customer (who has given them a LOT of business) and using such tactics. If it didn't require using a lot of negative energy, I'd pursue other remedies, but they're not worth it. The app works fine but the merchant is unscrupulous. Case closed
Kkrrzz on 5/31/2017
The recent orders and current orders when viewed the merchandise is not showing anymore It's empty- I have to double double click the link of the " dress I ordered" before I can see what I bought Once seen it actually takes me back to shopping the same merchandise I bought I only want to know when it is going to be delivered and what is the current progress of my order - I'm disappointed with not being able to see Also there were times the merchandise posted is not the right description and price - this happened to me occasionally Hope you can fix it In addition to - the app has slowed down tremendously - it is not as fast as I used to know it - very delay Abbie
Easy to use and easy check out. Love it!!!
SaraB2012 on 5/31/2017
Love love love the app
Love, Love, Love
jlartym on 5/28/2017
This site is so addicting! I purchase from them often and have never been disappointed with my purchases. Try it once and you will be hooked!!!
Trudyfluzi on 5/25/2017
These people are great. I'm not a big spender but I find such great bargains and check them out sometimes more than once a day. Stay in business, I need you.
Great App
Wustlmd on 5/24/2017
Great app with awesome deals
Gucci frames
Teach72 on 5/23/2017
Just received a pair of Gucci frames from the Gilt website. Flawless.
$10 charges for returns
behave on 5/20/2017
First time returning items bc colors did not map to the description and they charge $10 for returns. Who does that?!? Gilt does.
Addiction ACCEPTED!!
CashBash76 on 5/20/2017
Love this site and literally had to turn notifications off! I decided to put the GILT app inside my "SPLURGE Box" icon so I won't catch a glimpse of the logo when I unlock my phone! High quality items with great selections and unique features like "Waitlist" and "Favorite Designers". Refining the vast assortment of purchasable items is handy. GET GILTY GUYS!
Dope app
Slim 0802 on 5/20/2017
Browsing is much easier and the checkout process is quick.
Extremely slow shipping
cmstm on 5/20/2017
Shipping is very slow. I have placed 2 orders and neither have arrived within the estimated delivery window quoted at the time of purchase.
Easy to use
Real person giving a real rating on 5/16/2017
Easy to use and very clear. Love the app
Great Shopping!
WV Shopper on 5/16/2017
I have been shopping with Gilt for around 6 years now, and have bought jewelry, clothing, shoes, boots, and a stunning beaded clutch, plus other items. I could never have afforded these items without the discounts Gilt offers. I have been able to purchase beautiful UGG boots at wonderful prices, which I love. Great Website! You really do save on the items you buy.
Great app
DaRia629 on 5/16/2017
Easy to use and make impulse purchases. Love the favorites feature.
Shopping made easy
Something kreative on 5/14/2017
I don't like shopping but I find myself buying things from gilt or gilt city more then I should. Good easy app.
Love Gilt
Smk527 on 5/14/2017
I look every day but purchases are special treats for me! Quick shipping, happy with all purchases.
Best ever shopping apps!!!!!!!!!!!
Yueer723 on 5/13/2017
Best ever shopping apps!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Gilt Except For...
Gagagalore on 5/13/2017
There are no ratings. Most everything I buy is of the highest quality but it would be nice to have a rating system like Zappos. Sometimes the clothes are not true to size. Or, the colors and textures are a bit off.
Easy to use
MiyaCaliGirl on 5/12/2017
The app is easy to use. The prices are good and it looks like the quality of the clothes looks nice. It's my first two orders, and I haven't received the clothes yet. But so far so good.
Great deals on designer clothes!!!
Ppicpy4 on 5/12/2017
This is a must try! For those of you who like to. It designer clothes at basement prices. Highly recommend!
Hate the new update! Too slow
Jannat123 on 5/11/2017
Gilt is one of my favorites shopping app. I have been using it for year, with out any problem. The recent changes that were made has so bad.... app freezes, it's extremely slow.....pls bring back the old version!
Great app
carlbeats on 5/11/2017
Everything ordered is top notch!
Unlimited shipping for 30 days??? Come on!
CWads on 5/8/2017
The app is actually quite good, prices are ok, not great and the no return policy for some markdowns is absurd, who is going to spend a couple hundred online, only to find out it doesn't fit or you don't really like it and you can't return it?!?! And the shipping needs to be a better deal... unlimited for 30 days is just cheap! Zappos does both ways for free, Amazon Prime is for a year, certainly you can do better if you want to treat your customers the right way!!!
Worth the option
BacchusDeLyon on 5/8/2017
Good offers on a wide variety of one man's treasure and another man's trap.
Great App
jhoneychum on 5/7/2017
I was so happy how easy it is to get great deals. Excellent for Kim Kardashian products❤️
Don't use it much, but when I do.....
PittBullsRule on 5/5/2017
It's worth having on my phone. They send lots of emails (more than I would like). But generally the deals are good. At the very least it's informative of "who is who" and "what is hot". Especially living in LA..... gilt helps keep me in the know. I've had he app for years now.
Easy and Chic
Hawks Stalk on 5/5/2017
Love Gilt and love the app. Easy to navigate and great items that never disappoint! Very satisfied.
Great selection but no way to manage likes
marchetype on 5/5/2017
Nice to be able to 💛 items but there doesn't seem to be a way to find them again later.
Love Gilt; easy app!
Djgillis87 on 4/30/2017
I use rue la la and gilt for almost all my purchasing. Gilt is more high end and the app is much easier to search and filter. Be careful, it's addicting:)
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