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FIxed bug with images not loading in order history and the “For You” feed.
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Up To 70% Off Designer Brands. Find Something New Every Day!

Download our app and discover what's next: an ever-changing assortment of top brands and one-of-a-kind experiences, tailored to your wants and likes — and meant to inspire every facet of your life.

Plus, plenty of other perks of shopping Gilt on the go:

• Luxury and designer brands, all up to 70% off retail: Valentino, John Varvatos, kate spade new york -- to name a few.

• Sales start at 12pm ET on the dot: Bonus sales begin at 9pm ET on Sundays and Wednesdays.

• New inventory daily: Sales are exclusive and last just 36 hours. This means supplies are limited -- perfect for on-the-go shopping.

• Mobile-exclusive sales: Designer deals that you can only purchase on our app -- because half the thrill is being first.

• Real-time reminders: Our app will notify you when sales start, when your waitlist items become available, and more.

• Gilt City: Shop offers and exclusive experiences even when you’re out and about in your city. Gilt City has national deals as well as local ones in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

If you’re a fan of Gilt, we’d love to hear from you:
• Please take a moment to rate and review our app.
• You can also email us at

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Evak001 on 8/19/2017
Great app!! Love the deals and the simplicity of it!!
Not first quality goods
Non-friendly farmer on 8/16/2017
They try to sell damaged goods/factory seconds as new merchandise and then try to scam you into keeping them. Buyer beware!
Great value and style
Andtherewastheflashlight on 8/16/2017
Since I found this app, I check it on the daily!!!!
Great customer service
Dpv27 on 8/15/2017
Customer service was very helpful on a package sent to the wrong address.
KN2346 on 8/12/2017
It's a good app, the payment page is fussy though and keeps asking you to confirm your CC# over and over again....don't love that, doesn't seem secure.
App works very well for me
Brullotj88915 on 8/11/2017
I normally visit the website on my computer or tablet -- but when using my phone I use this app. Overall it's pretty good. Better than trying to scroll through a website even on a large phone screen.
Terrible customer service
ASixish on 8/11/2017
Just ordered a bed frame from these guys and it was delivered with some low cost moving company that only had 1 person doing the delivery. If you can imagine 1 person trying to haul a king sized bed frame, yeah exactly. So they ask my pregnant wife who was home at the time to help him unload and move items into the house. Way to save money for yourselves and still charge me for shipping and handling. I should give you the bill for shipping and handling. Amazon has way better service. Houzz is pretty good too.
Awesome comprehensive order history
FakeRandom on 8/10/2017
I've been shopping a lot on gilt and rue la la before, mostly on rue la la. Now returning to my old habit, I realized that Rue La La does not show holistic order history, whereas gilt showed the record for even orders in 2013. I am really happy to find that I even have $300 or so credit in gilt. Browsing my order history, I found a lot of outfits, shoes, and bags that I use now. Satisfying experience.
Love it
Vlasta220687 on 8/7/2017
Great app!
Horrible experience
benderino on 8/7/2017
Bought an imported kitchen item for a gift. Arrived in only it's own box (with picture label) on outside which means two things: 1) the label ruined the surprise 2) not properly packed for shipping. But WORST OF ALL the item wasn't new! It had been USED!! So embarrassing as it was given for Mother's Day. Update: Stopped working after 6 uses. Can't return it because it was on special discount. And to top it all off, that special "discount" is the same price for a brand new one at Costco.
This app sucksssss
ZFlo on 8/4/2017
Just downloaded, never used Gilt before. Tried to buy a dinner coupon and when I put in payment info, it cancels the order and says deal is no longer available (contradicting the coupon, which says it's good for another week). Tried a couple payment methods and nothing works. Fine. I'll keep my money.
No problems here.
sunshinesprite on 7/31/2017
I use Gilt primarily for the health & fitness deals in NYC. (I think I've bought 2 articles of clothing in like, 7 years.) Never had any problems. Gilt has basically kept me active with Pure Barre (at a deliciously discounted rate) for a whole year. :-)
This is one FABULOUS app!!!
One Thrilled Customer on 7/29/2017
This app is NOT a scam. So to all of you that say it is, you're INCORRECT. I have purchased so many items off this site since 2009. It is a fantastic app where you can find some incredible deals. I have a winter jacket that I purchased here in 2012 and it is a great jacket that is timeless and warm. To all of you that say bad things about this app, be gone with you.
Great offers
5star_re-v.u on 7/28/2017
I love the app and the shoes/ clothes selection they offer.
Technical Problems
1-2mia on 7/27/2017
Lots of trouble trying to add a credit card. Frustrating.
Ghosty Tunes on 7/26/2017
Pure excellence!
Lacking some options
mellonjos on 7/25/2017
App doesn't have a favorite section like the website does, and it shows the waitlist and orders in a little tiny box frame, rather than a full screen like the rest of pages. I rather go to website.
Poweralleys on 7/25/2017
Have purchased several things from Gilt and have been pleasantly surprised with both services and restaurants A+
Kshygnou on 7/22/2017
This app is definitely a scam. They let you order, place your payment information and send you a confirmation email then nothing happens. You have to send them an email to inquire about the status of your order and they reply with some lame excuse like the billing address was wrong. Well if the billing address was wrong how did the payment go through in the first place and why did you take the money from my account and return it the next day . I think when they realize that they don't have the item they give you some excuse and go on. No notification no emails. I had an occasion and was traveling, I waited for the item twice and it never showed up! I had to go shopping last minute. It looks like it's a scam!!!! Don't waste your time.
great app
Lovelynes on 7/20/2017
Great products
Marketing scam
a320drvrso on 7/20/2017
This app used to be a good app with some good deals. But now it's just a scam to get you to return an purchase the "clearance" stuff nobody wants. You order popular stuff and are led to believe that you'll go to the shopping cart, pay and wait for delivery. But instead you are waitlisted for your items. Then you get emails saying it's available, but it isn't. They then suggest things that are similar. It's a waste of time and not worth the frustration. There are apps that actually deliver.
Erikapari on 7/17/2017
Favorite shopping app. Great deals
All around awesome
missmillard on 7/13/2017
Aside from a top brands and prices, Gilt separates itself from the pack with incredible customer service - real people answer your call, or email - nobody else is doing that!! Just a great app that keeps getting better
GFash1 on 7/12/2017
Fantastic app
Love Gilt!
Anna3Z on 7/10/2017
Love this site! So much to offer at great prices too! Spend my evenings shopping and never have to leave the house!
I need Gilt rehab!
LucyVanPelt666 on 7/9/2017
I have spent way more money on things that I should have but they're all lovely and they make me happy. I really am addicted to Gilt and the app is so easy to navigate. The waitlist function really is awesome. Some things I never thought I'd get a notice on but many of my favorite things have come back into stock and I've been able to purchase them. There of been a few times where I've needed to contact customer service either by email or phone. The representatives are extremely helpful and pleasant to talk to and the turnaround time on the emails is very quick – within 24 hours The only improvement that I would like to see is more of the pertinent information in the descriptions-i.e lamps. Whenever I'm looking at lamps more often than not there is no indication in the description as to what the wattage is. If you're contemplating buying a lamp you need to know how bright it is. I assume that's partly on the manufacturer for not supplying the info but if Gilt was to make sure they have all the specs before the putting the listing up it would be helpful. With that said, again, customer service has always been able to get me an answer within a reasonable time but while comparing several items It would be a lot easier not to have to wait up to 24 hours to get the information. Sometimes the items sell out so fast by then it's already gone. But on the whole I absolutely love the store and the app and beautiful items that they offer at greatly discounted prices.
Low tech app
Gracie2me on 7/8/2017
I've been a long time Gilt member using the app for shopping needs. Honestly with all the technology out there today, why make it so hard to update personal info requiring you to log in again via the web just to do that? Maybe I've been lucky with other shopping apps where I DO NOT need to do that extra cumbersome step.
Fave online shopping site
CRMIDI on 7/5/2017
Great designer deals. You'll get lost just looking! Love Gilt!
Definitely don't love this app
Roots a on 7/2/2017
This is great for browsing and shopping. But when it comes to actually managing your account it's completely worthless. When you access your coupons via the app, the links are not live and you can't save your coupons or even select voucher numbers to cut and paste them and enter them into the respective page. Vey pretty, but not a whole lot of functionality here. Have had to go back to the web page every time.
App is terrible
619northpark on 7/2/2017
This app constantly says "something went wrong and there is no internet connection". So while I AM connected as I write this review, I have to give 2 stars for lack of usability.
Glitchy app but good support.
ricowens on 7/1/2017
App checked me out automatically without my final consent or ability to add a discount. I immediately emailed and called first thing in the morning. Anna, from customer support, assured me it would be taken care of as it had not left the warehouse, and when I called back later that day, Danielle patiently confirmed that it had in fact been cancelled. Thank you, Anna and Danielle.
Love Gilt
Duncky on 6/28/2017
Love the offer and prices. And excellent customer service. Don't like slow shipping or returning items back. Don't like how is not possible to apply for a refund via the app. One has to open the bowser to get more info about shipping and returns plus it takes forever for some things to ship or to be acknowledged as returned.
App Okay, Company Bad
Ninja96 on 6/27/2017
Beware of final sale items as Gilt will not offer a return, refund, or credit. (Many of their shoes are final sale, so it's difficult purchasing items such as these from their online store.) Not worth the hassle, as their customer service is subpar and their inventory of all items is limited.
Gone downhill fast
TZ2inLA on 6/26/2017
I've been using GILT regularly for over seven years to purchase high-end clothing at good prices. Customer service had for the most part been pretty good, but for the past year it seems to have gone downhill fast. First, I've had to return more items than I ever had to before because the size guide is essentially worthless. Almost everything I bought lately fits too small. Second, the only way to exchange something is to purchase a second one, return the original item and wait for them to reimburse you the price for the second item and/or give you credit, even if they mistakenly sent you the wrong item. Which leads to my third point: refunds can take up to a month or longer to post back onto your credit card. I returned something at the beginning of this month, the post office tracking system says the return agent received it, and almost three weeks later I still have not received my refund. Finally, the Insider Points system is a joke. I tried checking to see if using the insider points would give me a lower price than a discount code I had. I ended up using the discount code and not my points, but my points were still deducted on my account. When I asked customer service they told me that I "redeemed" the points, even though I didn't actually "use" them. I'm pretty much done with GILT.
Leslie A V on 6/25/2017
Still shopping and loving Gilt! My daughter introduced me to this site. She has purchased beautiful items at great prices, for several years from Gilt! I now only purchase from Gilt. It is, in my opinion, the number#1 shopping site on the Internet.
This is an app function review - not a gilt review
k.dorfman on 6/25/2017
There is no way to print a voucher from the app. But my order/voucher says I must bring a copy of the voucher with me. Not sure if the company will take it from my phone I call Gilt customer service, which answered very quickly! I was sure that I was doing something wrong but - no- apparently it is by design that you cannot print from the app- and I was told it was b/c lots of people don't have the capability to print from their phones......huh? Gilt- Please allow printing off the app on phones!!
Love Gilt
LosBozos on 6/23/2017
My only suggestion is to have the ability to divide out the shopping cart to ship to different addresses. Otherwise, the quality & saving are great.
Easy & Fast
Herelle on 6/22/2017
Ouuuuf!! Thank you to the Technology, we can shop from any where; I will admit it That Guilty To spend here, but thanks any way GILT 😊😊
Best app
Billydowndaskreet on 6/22/2017
Best deals in town and online really like this app.
Love Gilt
Quimby33 on 6/22/2017
This app is my guilty pleasure. I can always find unique items at a great price!
What's not to love?
pilateswithnancy on 6/19/2017
A few technical errors but for the most part love this App!
Worst Customer Service
Tiare1978 on 6/19/2017
I have been a loyal customer to Gilt for some years. This past year I have had several packages go missing because they outsource through USPS. I have reported these and they simply say they can't and won't refund me because USPS says items were left at my door front. I even made police reports for missing items. I have had to go through my credit card company to get these reversed and had to fight them on this. It's a simple vendor responsibility that if you say you use FedEx and don't get it to the purchasers hands. You must refund the item. I have a high tech locker box that they are not using. This is simple and poor ok behalf of Gilt. Don't expect customer loyalty in return.
Great App
LuisE1980 on 6/18/2017
Great Products, Great Discounts, Great Customer Service!!!
Good App
DudleyDoohDar on 6/15/2017
Easy to move around, loading time and product view is fast. Much better than I expected.
Great styles, nice customization
owenslr1 on 6/10/2017
Quality products at reasonable prices
Gilt shop
Marcy4844 on 6/10/2017
Best way to shop!
Love Gilt
crazyaboutsales on 6/9/2017
I have found some really great deals on Gilt. I think they have a good variety of designers and brands, and the app is easy to use. Sometimes shipping takes a long time, I hate waiting! I had a question about my account, and the gentleman that I spoke to at customer service really took his time with me, walking me through changing some of my info. He was very patient and friendly, good customer service is very important to me!
Handy app
Aegipan on 6/9/2017
Works well. Like the Apple Pay option.
Love Gilt, Love the App, LOVE the Prices!!!
Bakery Story/Team Lava on 6/7/2017
The app is so easy to use...maybe too easy as far as my bank account is concerned. Lol. But the brands/designers curated on such a wide range of products & being offered at such amazing prices is pretty hard to beat. They do additional promo discount offers often. Yes, there may be restrictions, as there are with most promotions, but who can complain when you're already getting discounts from 30-70% on designer merchandise! Not to mention 30 days free shipping when you pay just $9.95 with your 1st order for the period. You can also build your profile, waitlist items for them to notify on, favorite brands & items for notifications, set alerts for upcoming many things. LOVE this app! Get it now! Right now!
MMPHTunes on 6/7/2017
Its been many years that Ive shopped on here and this has been a consistent great service and amazing offer for quality at ridiculously low prices.
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