Shazam Encore

Shazam Entertainment Ltd.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$2.99 Music 11.8.2 Nov 09, 2009 Apr 16, 2018 108.3 MB iOS 9.0 or later 12+
New in version 11.8.2

Thanks for Shazaming! We’re always working hard to make the app faster and better than ever. Update to the most recent version to enjoy the latest and greatest Shazam.

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Shazam Encore - the best of Shazam without the ads!

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by more than 100 million people each month to identify music, get song lyrics, and now to discover the music that artists discover themselves.

"Shazam is an app that feels like magic"

Identify music instantly and share in the thrill of music discovery with the artists you love.

See what top artists like Drake, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled and others are Shazaming.

• New discoveries from artists you’ve Shazamed appear automatically
• Follow new artists with a tap of a button and see what those artists are Shazaming
• Stay up-to-date about new singles, albums, and videos from the artists you follow

• Enjoy music lyrics and YouTube videos
• Preview songs and add them to Apple Music or Spotify playlists *
• Launch Pandora radio based on artists you discover *
• With Auto Shazam we'll keep finding tunes for you even when you leave the app

• Stay in the loop with Shazam’s real time charts
• Quick links to Apple Music and the iTunes store
• Connect Apple Music or Spotify to play full tracks in Shazam
• Check out recommended tracks to discover new music
• Find out what’s popular in your town, your country and the world

• See what your friends are Shazaming when you connect your Facebook account
• Share your discoveries through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more...

• Launch Shazam on your Apple Watch to name that song in seconds, right from your wrist!
• See your past Shazams with a simple swipe up
• Use Handoff on Apple Watch and iPhone to buy the song on iTunes, watch videos, and much more

• Shazam visual recognition gets you more - tap the camera icon on iPhone to Shazam posters, magazines or books; anywhere where you see the Shazam camera logo
• Visual recognition also works as a QR code reader
• Buy tickets to see your favorite artists in concert
Use Shazam as much as you like – it’s unlimited

• Previewing and buying music requires the iTunes music store in your country
• Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
• Facebook uses interest based advertising. More details:
• Some features are location, device and app version dependent
• For more information on Shazam’s privacy practices, please read the Privacy Policy, available at

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Trash Czar on 4/21/2018
How did we function without this App? Turn it on and you can identify the song you’re listening to but can’t place the name or artist
Album Info
warnelee on 4/18/2018
True music lovers actually care about the album release info related to a song not just the song title, artist, and a link to the streaming or download of a single song. Although the album artwork is shown, the actual album title, release year, relevant release info, etc is now all missing from Shazamed songs with the latest updates. NOT an improvement.
Vmack808 on 4/18/2018
Shazam is great!!
NVRGVUP! on 4/18/2018
Great app all around!
Keeps getting hanged
Kksr1974 on 4/18/2018
The app keeps getting frezzed after you Shazam the song in the last 6 months the app has been working very unstable
DigitalApple on 4/17/2018
The one the only app you’ll ever need!!!
Loving this App
SweetieTex on 4/16/2018
Identify 99% of music; just loving Shazam!
Love my schzam
Judycares on 4/14/2018
Just wish I could delete the thousands of past Schzams.
Wow! Shazam!
C Love on 4/14/2018
In a noisy coffee shop and app has correctly identified obscure versions of songs with a couple of seconds. Impressed!
Awful since last update
My entire list has disappeared. I’m mad. Response time is slower now. Phone is a few years old so maybe that’s why. But mainly, I’m annoyed that my list of shazammed songs is gone. Even new ones don’t appear in my list. The count is still there, but just a blank screen otherwise.
Doesn’t even work anymore
Sin city citizen on 4/12/2018
Shazam used to recognize everything even mixes in a nightclub. Now it doesn’t recognize anything. It used to recognize a TV show or a song from a commercial. If I shazam it picks up everything. Now it never recognizes anything I do not like it
My choice every time !
Marc Gaut on 4/11/2018
Other programs not near as complete Never missed yet! Merci'
Give me more
Cubesplace on 4/11/2018
Love this App
Just remembering the old days
Livingsideways on 4/11/2018
I had to have people listen, look up lyrics. Sometimes I failed, sad the great music got away. Shazam makes up for that!!!!! Love you Glenn
FUN001 on 4/10/2018
Love this App! Fast, easy to use and accurate!
One of the best!
jletoile on 4/10/2018
Shazam is uber fast... within a couple of seconds the title, singer, year, etc is all there...nice to have ability to instantly download too!
Thanks you
Th3Roshow on 4/9/2018
This app is the best, with ever created it is a genius
Used to love it
corbo46 on 4/8/2018
Way to busy apparently trying to sell me the song to tell me what year it was published like it used to. I’m just going to google the song next time as this app is now useless
SHEROC55 on 4/7/2018
I am so glad I downloaded this app I found it for my last for five phones it’s the best keep it up! SHE
Loved it but....
Joeup24 on 4/7/2018
This app was spot on and I would use it all the time. Loved it. Past update it hasn't been able to identify 1 song. It's like it's not using the microphone. I remember when it would listen it would pulse with the music and now it doesn't nothing.
Long Start Time
JFRESH612 on 4/7/2018
When you bring up the app It takes to long to tap and start the tag sometimes you have to tap it 3 times to start the tag. The old app tagged right away.
Where’s the album title?
CT Jim on 4/6/2018
This version will tell you the song title and artist, but not the album title. Why in the world is that?!!?
Yo amo Shazam
Jochavarro on 4/6/2018
Siempre es bueno tener Shazam, siempre.
扬帆德苹果 on 4/5/2018
Best app ever invented
deenie1969 on 4/5/2018
Thank you for this app. I use it pretty much every day.
Spotify connect
Raiyan Hossain on 4/4/2018
Spotify connect not working and Spotify connect option missing from settings.
Apple needs to buy Shazam
SuperShoeDiva on 4/3/2018
Because the app doesn’t work 80% of the time, doesn’t like ambient noise and no longer save the request for later. Okay it really is a subpar app that used to be better. I’m being polite.
No more Album Title
Dirtsicle on 3/30/2018
Since Apple bought Shazam they removed the album title from the info. This is a disservice to musicians and they should be ashamed.
Great App But Has Issues
sithurralde on 3/29/2018
Love the app and use it very often. However, Shazam misidentifies songs more times than I care for. On a positive note some of the songs that Shazam misidentifies for me are songs that I like and have sought to purchase. The conspiracy monger in me thinks this is just covert marketing tactics. One major pet peeve about the app (iOS & Android) and the web app is the two-factor authentication method of sending an email to valid identity. Why can Shazam use Touch ID or text a code like the REST OF THE WORLD.
Shazam (Red)
Vikki37373 on 3/28/2018
One star for discontinuing an app I paid 5$ for and then making me repurchase the exact same app for another 3$...
Topdog3180 on 3/28/2018
Siavash fallahi on 3/26/2018
When do you want to fix it?!! My shazam doesn’t open in my apple music after your third update!!! When i open my shazam in my apple music i just see this.. choose your plan and then you have already an apple music membership and then nothing!!!! (Iphone x/ ios 11.2.6)
MusixMatch isn't Spotify
juhnior on 3/25/2018
I have no idea why when I touch to open Spotify inside the app it takes me to MusixMatch which is a completely different app. That's absolutely annoying. And the option to add a song to a Spotify playlist never works. I don't know what's going on.
Great app
Momar911 on 3/24/2018
Very useful and large bank of music. Has almost every song.
Great app!
Vondrake brown on 3/21/2018
I love it
You’re getting worse
bravejoe on 3/20/2018
Leave things alone the app is getting worse
No Longer Works on Apple Watch
COLOR CODED LIES! on 3/19/2018
As the title says the app no longer works on Apple Watch. It just “listens” for an extended period of time and then says that the song has been saved and it will be named after I am back online. Something must have changed with the recent update and my phone is not offline. Very frustrating as I used to use the app daily with my watch.
What happened
xtreme777 on 3/17/2018
This app used to be great. Now it only recognizes music playing on radio that is not too low or too high volume with a crisp sound. Forget about playing songs on tv or on other playing devices.
Best App
Hink A on 3/17/2018
I love Shazam! There’s so much music that I hear but don’t recognize and Shazam always knows!
Had to knock one star
Jung Money on 3/16/2018
Had to take off a star. I had the free version, but it became unavailable and I was forced to pay for the upgraded version if I wanted to continue to use the app. Later, they made the app free again. I will give them back the star if I get my money back plus interest.
“Shazam”, in my opinion the Greatest App Ever!!!!
TxDeputy on 3/16/2018
Excellent App, I highly recommend, it’s the most fastest and easiest way to allow the App to listen to just a very small piece of just about Any song ever made and it will identify it very very quickly, then give you the lyrics, link to the original related Videos and has quick link buttons you can push that will send you right to iTunes to purchase, etc! Lastly it keeps the entire list of every recording you have listened to, so you can look at the later, especially when you activate the constant mode, which when you turn on, it will continue to identify every song you listen to for your trips, even across country, there is no limit and it runs even when the phone is off and on idle mode, which stops the App from using your charge up!! ( just push the large button in the center of the screen and hold it for just a few seconds, and it’s up and running, easy peasy!!! This App can determine the song is being sung by even in a crowded noisy area, or in a grocery store, at a restaurant or hanging your phone out the window at a stop light to find out what song the car next to you is blaring on the radio! LoL. There are a few “fine tunes” that could be done to this App, which would make it even more brilliant and would make this App one of the greatest ever made, hands down, slam dunk!!!
Great App
Ibapimpdaddy on 3/15/2018
Finds 99% of everything I look for! Very happy with the results.
It’s really 4.5 stars at least
Cred@nce on 3/14/2018
Shazam can’t find exactly *everything* I search for on the radio. Also, I wish Siri would automatically launch the Shazam app after I tell her to “Shazam” without the extra step after she identifies the song.
Total Rip-Off
Hawkshaw14 on 3/13/2018
One star is generous. Maybe Apple is screwing current subscribers independent of their buyout of Shazam? It used to work on my watch, now not really. Keep you money in your pocket.
sbtokarz on 3/13/2018
Fast & accurate results.. as long as the app doesn’t crash first
S_son on 3/13/2018
No spotify integration.
SavageGrl10 on 3/13/2018
Best Ever
It’s ok.
Samuel Scarnici on 3/13/2018
I liked it better when it just did what I needed it to do-id songs.
Great when it works
GayleHS on 3/12/2018
Have always loved Shazam, it’s one of the coolest things to come along in a long while....but sometimes I try to Shazam a song mostly on a tv show & try & try but nothing comes up I know that’s not Shazams fault but it’s still annoying. But it’s still a great invention.
Soundhound is so much better
pookerella on 3/12/2018
I do not understand why they wanted to destroy this app. It’s slow, it’s database blows and 60% of the time it doesn’t find what you’re looking for. Music isn’t only about what’s going on today, people. And even then, it doesn’t have the newest releases unless it’s major releases! All the alt and obscure stuff isn’t there, even in today’s music. And then Soundhound will find it. Maybe if Shazam didn’t spend all those years on TELEVISION NONSENSE, they would have a better app. But they did. And it’s not great. Used to be great. Not any more. #sad
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