Walmart – Shopping and Saving


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 18.8 Nov 02, 2009 May 16, 2018 194.3 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 18.8

Discover the new Walmart app.


Our award-winning app saves you time and money.

• Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below.
• Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay.
• Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online.
• See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store.
• Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services.
• Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills.
• Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone.
• We put the difference from any lower prices in your area on an eGift card! Savings Catcher compares your eligible in-store purchases for you.

Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35.

Save money. Live better.

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Savings Catcher
Yorktown visitor on 5/24/2018
This is wonderful!!! If you shop even once a week at Walmart use it
Love the app
Part time P on 5/24/2018
I really enjoy the app-when I have to return things I don’t have to look for my receipt. Also enjoy getting money back!
Since latest update my iPhone odd behavior
Red racer on 5/24/2018
Since the recent update I’ve noticed slow behavior that I’ve not seen before. I’m pretty sure it traces back to the WMT app. My phone is slow to update apps that have async process running and takes several seconds to become active. Maybe I’m wrong but I suspect it traces back to wmt app.
Why did I update
Gutta Butta on 5/24/2018
Hate the new layout and icons
Never Have What I Want When I Get There
EwBear124 on 5/24/2018
Your Howell Walmart Never Has Any Propel (Watermelon OR Lemon) IN STOCK whenever I come. Propel’s shelves Are ALWAYS EMPTY. What can be done to change this before I have to start ordering my goods from AMAZON? Signed a disgusted customer - Ed Bannon from Jackson
Walmart is the worst
MrW0nderfuI on 5/24/2018
Who treats their customers like this? Order on-line and wait 7 days for product. Order only states “processing” for 7 days. When the item reaches the delivery day you get an e-mail stating “in stock item” is on back order. Are you kidding me? Order an in stock item and wait 7 days for Walmart to say it’s not in stock? My 1st and last time using the Walmart app. BOOO!!!
WalMart app
Riley's Mom-Sandy on 5/24/2018
Awesome app! If only it were searchable.
Lovvvveee itttt
Acarter32 on 5/24/2018
I prefer online shopping and Walmart get me right every time
dmschwarz on 5/24/2018
So easy to use. Love it.
Savings Casher
IdanyaRB on 5/24/2018
Me encanta, gracias a Walmart que me brinda buenos descuentos y me premia
I’m all in!
Nitagoose on 5/24/2018
To anyone thats has doubts about using this app you are losing out. You are already purchasing these everyday items so why not get rewarded for it. I personally love this app.
Me gusta waltmart solo lo que no me gusta el trato de una mujer alta
Arytel on 5/24/2018
Visitó ese waltmart todos los días pero el servicio en la puerta incómoda con uno de los asociadas
Waiting for my order
Heroe3000 on 5/23/2018
Amazon is on time , all the time.
JJ mor on 5/23/2018
Good App , reliable , help me to improve my shops.
Best thing ever!
Debow2012 on 5/23/2018
This is the easiest way I have saved money on groceries! Been doing it for several years and I have saved over 500.00!!!
plms44 on 5/23/2018
I had paid $3.33 each for a six pack of coke, I bought two 6 packs and Hy-Vee had it for $2.50 a six pack. I feel I should get the difference.
Queen of Blackjack on 5/23/2018
I love Walmart. The only thing that upsets me is the fact that lots of times the shelves are not stocked. Lots of employees, but not doing anything, with their heads in the shelves talking on cell phones. Stuff with expired dates still on shelves, old meats and some dirty items.
Mr Paso
Mr Paso on 5/23/2018
Great way to save as you spend.
Product Review
Photoldy on 5/23/2018
I’m not able to post any reviews on products I have purchased
Savings catcher
$$$ money saver $$$ on 5/23/2018
I would give it five stars if it didn’t take a month or more to evaluate the receipts. Definitely could use some work on the amount of time it takes to get results.
Walmart app
Sycob on 5/23/2018
Sometimes the connection is slow and it gets frustrating but it sure is convenient!
nonscanner on 5/23/2018
Do not like the scan and go register. Employees are standing around doing nothing when they could be at a register checking out people with large orders.
Savings catcher...
Beck199319 on 5/23/2018
I use the Walmart app primarily for the savings catcher. I don’t have time to clip coupons or run around to different stores to chase sales. It was wonderful in the beginning as I almost always got money back. But then something changed. The savings catcher rarely finds a lower price and gives me money back. Disappointing. I’m almost to the point of not using because it’s worthless.
Pretty App, but In Store? Well maybe...
mhpdfp on 5/23/2018
“In store” still isn’t reliable and now search turns up unexpected results and millions of those. Seems Walmart has opted for style over substance with their last couple of updates. Pretty useless as a in stock checker before heading out to the store and only serve to irritate those who actually do shop at Walmart.
Won’t login
Ltgjsnjz on 5/23/2018
The app won’t let me login. Keeps saying there is an error
Shop Miles on 5/22/2018
Reward Catcher 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Patty01pink on 5/22/2018
Reward Catcher is not like it used to be. Walmart has cut a lot of the stores. My Rewards balance has been the same for a long time. I’ve decided to stop scanning my receipts. It’s not worth it anymore!! Target Walgreens CVS Family Dollar Dollar General How are you suppose to match stores for pricing if these stores are no longer on your list to match? 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Crash issue and random cancellations
experimentAngrybird on 5/22/2018
The app is randomly cancelling orders after taking my payment, please fix this issue it has done this twice today and customer service can’t seem to tell me why this is occurring.
Great app
Bismarck10000 on 5/22/2018
I love the app absolutely amazing easy to navigate and easy checkout great 👍🏾
The Blonde Cookie on 5/22/2018
New design - whoop-de-doo. Wish y’all had spent more time on making a search engine more responsive, less stupid, and less interested in promoting things I’m not in the LEAST bit interested. And YES, there are those of us out here that actually DO know how to enter a search string withOUT using extraneous verbiage.
Too many errors
MomMagale on 5/22/2018
Too many times the app fails to read the receipt and it’s a waste of time to try. Especially frustrating when the receipt is $300 - $400 dollars. I think I see a pattern here.
Cannot use walmart pay
😃love books😀 on 5/22/2018
At self check out cannot use Walmart pay. Falcon, CO store won’t connect to the internet
Walmart the best
Okokdeena on 5/22/2018
When you buy something at Walmart, use Walmart savings section to scan your receipt. About 3 to 5 days, you can earn money. Got to love it.
Great App
Eagle Mtn on 5/22/2018
I use this App every time I shop at Walmart. Enjoy the rewards I get back so I can turn around and buy more 😊. Great App to also check my receipts to see what I paid for something.
Me encanta!!!
Ivette23 on 5/22/2018
Todo lo que necesito lo encuentro aquí y a muy buen precio.
Savings catcher
tmcduff on 5/22/2018
Thanks so very very much for making app faster to scan receipts
Saving catcher
Rich Vera on 5/21/2018
This is a useful tool if you take the time to reek its rewards. It’s not hard but take your time to scan. Every purchase and develop a free app that will save you money in time.
Last update
Rickysline1946 on 5/21/2018
The latest update of 5/16/18 screwed up my ability to access the app and open purchases without many, many tries!
go tell it on the mountain on 5/21/2018
We shop there all the time because we can get all sorts of things there besides groceries.
Savings Catcher
Leon del Sur on 5/21/2018
Todavía estoy esperando me resuelvan el que no puedo utilizar lo acumulo lado en Savings Catcher. Quedaron en avisarme, ha pasado con na semana desde que me comunique y no ha sido asado nada.
Undertrained and Undervalued Staff
KJBustos on 5/21/2018
Every Walmart visit I can feel the pressure to use self check outs and the absence of cashiers. I have had terrible experiences at self check out due to lack of staff training. I constantly take longer in my shopping trip rather than bother an already over worked undervalued employee to help me. They will most likely be irritated by me or uneducated on where to actually go. They will not take me to what I am looking for they will just give me vague directions because they can’t leave their area. But you’re Walmart and you’re too big to fail so I don’t know why you even ask for feedback. You won’t increase your employees wages or hire more staff so that everyone can be happy at work and make your customers happy. Your profits will never waiver because you will always be there to provide the cheapest prices for people in poverty. You will always be able to offer the cheapest prices because you pay for the cheapest labor.
ShaRutherford on 5/21/2018
Terrible app with bad third party sellers
Charging shipping fees to store
Rachel4338 on 5/21/2018
How can I delete these last 2 app updates? They have completely ruined my shopping confidence with Walmart. It is charging shipping fees for store delivery. It’s also giving different prices once you click on an item. Please add back the different categories on your front page and give more filter options. It’s too frustrating to find items with the way you have it now. There was nothing wrong with your app and website before. Why does everything have to be changed, because most of the time it’s not an improvement. Not sure I trust your current ordering process.
I like it! Great app! Life saver!
jessalynn2009 on 5/21/2018
I really enjoy this app. Although I don’t shop online, it’s still an amazing thing to have because you can add your receipts and it automatically gives you back money when there are savings. It’s been my life saver in many occasions especially since I live on a tight budget right now. If you shop at Walmart often I definitely recommend this app. The savings may not be a whole lot at a time but after a while they do add up. I’ve used it for so long it’s like second nature to me now to add my receipts as soon as I get home. And if you ever need to return something and let’s say you throw away your receipts it’s right on your phone. So no hassle. I shop at Walmart very frequently so I definitely find this app useful.
Love where this is going....
Sheila 518 on 5/21/2018
I love Walmart! I love that you are investing in this app. Is there a way to coordinate this app with your grocery app? I save all my receipts in one app but can’t use them for groceries. Why are they isolated from each other if it’s my same account?
Apps problem
marsh rd on 5/21/2018
Everytime i wanna use the rewards in the store the apps is not working cant use it. I really wish they didn’t change the system i like the gift card that they sent to the email before its user friendly.
When it works it works
Frohawk17 on 5/20/2018
I have used the Walmart app to pay more then once and when I used it today it was garbage, it acted like it didn’t even know my account or anything but when I landed at home flaming mad it suddenly logged me in ..... majorly inconvenient !!!!! When you don’t have a wallet on you and you feel confident this is what happens!!! This needs to be fixed immediately
Very bad
Lazar33 on 5/20/2018
Very bad app to find what you want
Why so many updates?
Crysta0326 on 5/20/2018
I understand updates...but I don’t understand updates that are pushed out weekly without any noticeable changes. What are the purposes of the weekly updates? Why are we not seeing any improvements or changes?
patty102568 on 5/20/2018
I love it
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