Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free News 3.8 Dec 08, 2009 Jun 12, 2018 28 MB iOS 10.0 or later 12+
New in version 3.8

Bug Fixes and enhancements.
Better support for iPhone X.
App now shows status bar.


Check out WBNS-10TV NEWS, the best way to get your local news, weather, sports and other content. We provide our news content, formatted to fit the iPhone screen.

We have a lot of great content. Here is some of what our app has to offer:

* We time stamp news to help you get a sense of the timeliness
* Our sports scores are updated during the games to keep you up-to-date
* Weather radar and animated radar help you to see what is going on and what is coming up

We strive to provide you with the best in local news and info, so check out our app and watch for updates as we make it even better.

This app requests location to help customize content for you. We will provide location information and information about your use of the app to our advertising partners in order to customize the ads displayed in this app and other apps you use. Please review our privacy policy for more details and for your choices.

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Jdubu2008 on 6/15/2018
I used to like the app for everyday news, now they updated the app and seems like I get way to many ads to be worth having it anymore. I see enough ads on TV so I deleted the app.
Too many notifications
Notnamednick on 5/22/2018
App sends way too many notifications. also if you open it with Bluetooth off, you get a pop up telling you to enable Bluetooth so the app can connect to a device. There’s no way to disable this popup without turning off Bluetooth (I have no Apple Watch so this feature is useless to me).
News not very current
Check in ohio on 4/27/2018
I just went to check POLITICS from my 10TV news app and the posts are 3 weeks old! I’m checking out another news app.
I love 10TV and the app isn't bad but...
Chasero13 on 3/22/2018
I love 10TV and the app isn't bad but the recent update includes photos in the notification. It doesn't really seem necessary and isn't a big deal on the phones notification. But now on the iWatch, you can't just glance and read the notification. You have to manually scroll so see what it is. Clicking the notification doesn't take you to the story which would be nice. Amount of notifications are generally ok... but during Grammies, Oscars or some sporting events, they seem to push a notification for every little action that happens. I don't need an alert after every award is issued. Biggest thing for me is the photo with notifications on the watch. Please consider removing that.
Chill out with the notifications!!
Buckeye chris on 3/13/2018
The notifications are out of control. Please slow them down! In the last 2 hours I’ve received 14 notifications about a court case and 22 total! 22 notifications in 2 hours! I don’t need more then one notification about a specific news story and I don’t need one for every story that’s making the news. Luckily I was able to find the setting to turn them off at nighttime so I no longer had to wake up in the morning to 20-30+. I love 10TV but I’m very close to deleting this app.
Shortyman2016 on 3/8/2018
This app used to work effectively but now it won’t update. It won’t let me open it while I’m connected to my WiFi. When I open the app using my data it only shows old news. Needs to be re-evaluated.
RAC2011 on 3/2/2018
That’s all.
I took the time to write this review...
Misawa Slim on 2/7/2018
Because this application’s school closing look-up feature is nearly unusable. I tried to look up by county and school and I received an “illegal” error. When I instead searched by just county, my school wasn’t listed, when IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. A competitor’s app gave me the information, without a glitch.
No Alert Sounds
Dsprizzle on 2/6/2018
I get alerts but I never get an audible alert tone. I have triple checked and it’s turned on under my notification settings. It has been this way for a long time and I was hoping they would have fixed it by now. iPhone 7 and my iOS is up to date.
WBNS Channel 10 School Closing ‘Commercial’
Principal Pat on 1/6/2018
KUDOS to whoever came up with the idea of doing a commercial of kids’ reactions to school closings! As a newly retired school administrator and teacher, I laughed aloud at WBNS’ depiction of kids learning that school was CLOSED! The ONLY suggestion I might make is to add School STAFF reactions. Having ‘taught’ the ‘Official Snow Day Recipe and Dance’ to students and staff, alike, for over 30 years, I can speak with authority that their JOY at such news is pretty similar! Patricia Lucas (614-886-9856) ‘Longtime Loyal (and still Laughing) Listener’
Generally pretty good, but....
Kimgtk on 10/29/2017
Notifications do not take you to that story. Also, currently the app goes to a blank black screen. Sad face. The anchors rock though!!
Won't stop with OSU!!!
Kimmba24 on 9/30/2017
Downloaded this app to get news and information and all I ever get is crap about the OSU football team all the time!!!! Give me a break. Do you ever say anything about your Blue Jackets hockey team by the way!! Deleting this app!!!
Not good
Audiophile Tom on 7/29/2017
Everytime channel 10 updates they have to put pop up advertisements, everytime they do I delete app. You can't read news cause the ads open. Not worth having!!!
It's okay could be better
Lugooooooooo on 6/30/2017
When I receive notifications I click on them and it doesn't go to that story. Would be nice to go right to the notification you clicked on to read about
hbaldwin82308 on 3/18/2017
My only complaint about this app is when a notification pops up and I click on it to open the app, that news story isn't there to read for 10-15 minutes. Don't send me the notification until I can actually read it please. Otherwise I enjoy 10TV very much!
App forcecloses
Ctnj3787 on 2/8/2017
App freezes and force closes when opening an alert. Please update and fix issue. Thanks!
Daily news
Alexautotech on 2/1/2017
The app is ok at best, sends notifications that when you click on the app aren't even there. There "sponsors" or ads are snuck in to make you accidentally click on them making them look like a real story which is very annoying.
Too Many Notifications
avtiger27 on 12/21/2016
It's borderline harassment how many notifications 10tv sends out. Some of them are the most trivial stuff too. Finally had to delete the app.
Too many pop up ads
CMH reader on 12/10/2016
Used to like this app until the numerous pop up ads after an update. Stick with Channel 4 or Channel 6 app where the is much more info and no pop ups.
Such a waste
mrjwbr on 11/20/2016
Live video? "This video is not encoded for your device". Oh yeah? If you can't get it work, don't offer it.
Needs breaking news filter
Cas__man on 11/16/2016
I like a lot of the alerts and the function of the app, but I'd really like a way to filter out certain "breaking" news. Categories like sports, traffic, crime, weather, etc would be very helpful!
Live streaming
Awsumtime on 10/18/2016
Never worked for me. I tried for a couple of days and gave up. So disappointed. I deleted app.
Much better
Gormagon9999 on 10/12/2016
I really enjoy the latest update for the app. It runs very smoothly, ads are less frequent, and it's much more appealing.
10TV Update
Jenrw74 on 10/11/2016
New interface is nice but I HATE the new icon! It looks like there's a black status bar on the bottom of it. It's distracting from the rest of my home page.
Rightaboutitall on 10/7/2016
10TV is the best channel there is. I'm retired, so when I sleep in late the app allows me to catch up on things I missed during the morning news.
Old format was much more user friendly and useful
Cj at on 10/5/2016
New format is cumbersome and difficult to use and review. Last version was awesome.
Boozefiighter13 on 10/2/2016
Great app love 10TV
Awesome app for news
lilmis006 on 9/30/2016
Great app! My suggestion would be that when I get a notification about a breaking story and I click on it, it takes you to the home page instead of that actually sorry and I usually can't find the sorry then or later if I were to click on the notification again.
Fathertyme6 on 9/30/2016
Love the app... can have all the news on the go... thank you
10TV - The Worst
E.C.G8423122 on 9/29/2016
If I could rate this app less than 1 star I would. Articles have terrible spelling and grammar, misinformation, and so many errors that it is difficult to tell what is going on. But let me stress this point, many times information communicated by 10TV is simply incorrect and inaccurate.
Best news
kttimberline on 9/29/2016
I always watch 10 Tv news... the best.. love it.
10 tv
Anne Oakly on 9/28/2016
I love 10 TV. It keeps me informed and up-to-date on the latest news. And it also gives me information that I didn't know.
Very Unhappy!
Seafaring Mustang on 9/28/2016
I have been using the app for a very long time. It is part of my morning routine and helps me catch up on what is happening around central Ohio and the rest of the country. I really do not like the new version though. Please change it back to the previous version as it was much easier to navigate.
PapaJim18 on 9/26/2016
App. Needs a lot of help to make this a number 1 app. Updated news is lousy getting it updated during the day.
Best News Channel/Application in Central Ohio
BaileyLauran on 9/26/2016
This application could not be any more up to date. All current and breaking news released right away. You can set alerts so that they pop up on your locked screen as soon as possible. Can't go wrong with the reporters and cast at 10tv news!
Alerts need to be in newsfeed
cbusjenny on 9/26/2016
I greatly dislike the disappearance of the alerts. They are not referenced at all in the app if you tap it to get into the story in the newsfeed. At least include the little bit of news you have for the pop up alert on you news app.
Don't pander to advertiser money
clairelover97 on 9/25/2016
I tapped the article link for 'Sandy Hook 2 Year Anniversary, involving families of Newtown suing gun manufacturer.' Immediately pops an add for Nordstrum. Impossibly bad timing. And tasteless advertising. Ignorant. I'd pay for an app that didn't link tragedy to advertiser profits. Sad sad 10tv. You could do a lot better.
Horrible news app
Thekissle on 9/25/2016
Never works horrible app
With new design on 9/23/2016
The new design is more difficult to navigate. It was much better when the headline was under the picture instead of on the opposite side of the page.
Great App!
T75G on 9/23/2016
A good way to stay up to date with all the central Ohio news, weather, sports and traffic.
Very little up to date news, obnoxious ads.
Jeni357864 on 9/22/2016
The little news that is there is often days old. The ads block the screen and pop up.
Wonderful App
Njptfp on 9/22/2016
Love this app ...
I love watching 10TV
Abanjira on 9/22/2016
Enjoy reading updates. Love 10 tv The best in Central Ohio in my opinion
App was awesome
QuiddityOils on 9/20/2016
Until they got ads! Now, the ads are annoying and not useful ones. And, the weather seems to be always messing up! And, the alerts do not match the stories in the feed!
OLD news
CK LK Gator on 9/19/2016
Stories are often posted days earlier. Need to update more frequently
Great App
Bbgood9876 on 9/19/2016
Covers the news very well.
Slap shot 18 on 9/19/2016
When I receive the alert flash and then proceed to the app for an update, it is not on the news feed. I wish the news feed would update at the same time the alert flash is sent.
Can't scroll
OhioDad on 9/14/2016
This app was great until ios10. Now I can't scroll down on articles! *Update-if you experience this problem delete and reinstall. Changed from 2 stars to 4
Kentgah on 9/13/2016
Covers Columbus area news very well.
Love this app!
KASSI <3 on 9/11/2016
I love the notifications
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