AB Classic

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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 7.9.3 Dec 11, 2009 May 24, 2018 159.6 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 7.9.3

We addressed some minor issues in order to improve the user experience. Thanks for playing, and keep popping those pigs!


Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs' defenses!??

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ defenses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.??

If you get stuck in the game, you can purchase the Mighty Eagle! Mighty Eagle is a one-time in-app purchase in Angry Birds that gives unlimited use. This phenomenal creature will soar from the skies to wreak havoc and smash the pesky pigs into oblivion. There’s just one catch: you can only use the aid of Mighty Eagle to pass a level once per hour. Mighty Eagle also includes all new gameplay goals and achievements!??

In addition to the Mighty Eagle, Angry Birds now has power-ups! Boost your birds’ abilities and three-star levels to unlock secret content! Angry Birds now has the following amazing power-ups: Sling Scope for laser targeting, King Sling for maximum flinging power, Super Seeds to supersize your birds, and Birdquake to shake pigs’ defenses to the ground!??

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#1 IPHONE PAID GAME in more countries than we can count!

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Important Message for Parents

This game may include:
- Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
- Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners.
- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.

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26477266 on 8/20/2018
I have been playing Angry Birds for many years, and with the new update I have enjoyed Angry Birds even more. But, I found a bug. The TNT shield does not work in Angry Birds mighty league.
jp6409 on 8/19/2018
WAY, WAY, WAY too many ads. The game is fun when you can play it. You spend as much time watching ads as you do playing. I may just go ahead and delete it.
Too many ads...
flutterbydragonfly on 8/19/2018
There are way too many ads that play for entirely too long. It’s ridiculous.
Darude Sandstorm
SonicGamerPro10 on 8/19/2018
Seriosuly? A Rank System on your free game? Thats what Angry Birds Friends is for! Oh, and Darude Sandstorm on the mighty league menu. Please Rovio, go back a few updates and make the only thing “paid” about this game is its actual price.
adeadhead on 8/19/2018
This app crashes over and over. Very frustrating. Don’t waste your time.
BrinkaBrink on 8/19/2018
I re-download this game every couple months or so because I love it and I’ve been playing it for years. Every time I download it there’s some new money grabbing feature that makes the game harder and harder to enjoy. The whole irony is the fact that it’s now called “AB Classic”. It is SO far removed from what this game used to be.
I loved this game when I was a kid
somebigboi on 8/18/2018
Why did they get rid of the real Version of angry birds
Stop trying to sell me stuff and let me play.
Browncoat Cowboy on 8/17/2018
Stop trying to sell me stuff and let me play.
Fun Game
Brayden Cortes on 8/17/2018
I first downloaded this game on January 23rd, 2011 on my iPhone 3GS. Seven years later this is still one of my favorite games on iOS. Angry Birds is such an addicting game, I used to play it for hours a day.
Ada Ruin this
Adebacker on 8/17/2018
This used to be one of my favorite games. Now my son loves it but even he gets frustrated with all the ads the pop up. Nearly every other level has them. It’s ridiculous. I can’t play it anymore.
In a horrible state
aaronbandy on 8/17/2018
Game was good, super good, but now with the new update it’s trash. You literally have to use consumables to progress so the game is unplayable unless you use the stupid consumables. I do this and I’ll play it again and give it 4 or 5 stars
Not anymore
Laugh-Giraffe on 8/17/2018
This game used to be great. It now it’s not. Seriously, wrenches!? CAKES!? WHAT WILL THEY COME UP WITH NEXT!? GOATS!?
Please make this game great again!
what the truck23 on 8/17/2018
Angry birds was my favorite game! When I played this as a kid it was fun! Simple challenges, easy goal, and great physics! But when 2017 came around angry birds was spamming adds more than ever! I can’t play 2 levels without getting a add for candy crush or that fish game! Here is 1 thing I want.Stop spamming adds!
Irritating glitch
Momomatic on 8/15/2018
I complained last year at least, about the game freezing. I stopped playing for a long time because of it, just started again and it STILL does it! Very frustrating.
The first is great but, too many sequels has ruined he franchise
The Human Pigeon on 8/14/2018
Mighty league
Judycomo58 on 8/14/2018
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed angry birds for years but the mighty league is terrible. I’ve repeatedly asked for help and gotten nothing. I’ve spent money on power ups and coins only to have the game freeze up and when it works again I lose my coins and progress.
What did you do???!!!!
Hii sir on 8/13/2018
What happened to angry birds. If anybody if gonna like the game it’s gonna have to be the part where you don’t have to earn stars for more levels. Revert it back to a older version please
Nice one rovio
Oats ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) on 8/12/2018
Retroactively putting ads in a paid game. Way to go. 💩🐦💩
More advertising than game time
MrBobt1 on 8/12/2018
This game has now turned out terrible! Every five minutes you need to watch a 30 second advertisement to activate scope for only 5 minutes. They you watch another advertisement.....over and over! Then another 30 sec advertisement that occurs between levels again and again. You spend almost as much time watching ;advertisements than playing game - again horrible!!! No option to purchase scope or remove advertisements. Takes any fun out of this game and is very frustrating...
Culby87 on 8/11/2018
This game used to be awesome, now it’s weird and has adds all over the place even though it was a paid app back in the day. Sad
Season AngryBirds Player
Jimmy*65 on 8/11/2018
Great game but....
skeeter gray on 8/11/2018
I love playing this game but I’m so sick of the ads. They get longer and longer. Honestly, I would play a lot more if I didn’t have to watch the long ads. I lose interest. Please stop.
Angry Birds
nikkirnp on 8/11/2018
I like it but it keeps freezing up on me. I deleted it and am downloading it again to try. Hope it works.
Ads on a paid app??
Songbird81 on 8/10/2018
There are ads after each turn now on a paid app. Guess I’ll delete this one. I’m not spending 30 seconds on ads between turns.
Downgrades and glitches that make the game unplayable
the dew master on 8/9/2018
Remember back when progressing through the game was simple? Well in the latest update they made a decision where you have to earn stars to unlock more levels!!! That is such a downgrade, what is even worse is that you have to watch an ad every time you enter a new level! Sometimes the game will just crash for no reason, and the classic red is not there in the golden egg section, these are unbearable glitches and downgrades that ultimately weaken and kills: not only the game, but the franchise in general. Rovio if you continue these downgrades with every angry birds games then this franchise is going to die. Rovio: if you can fix every angry birds games and return them to their original updates then you could save the whole franchise. If you don’t then you will disappear and be forgotten, So start fixing every angry birds games and return them to their original updates, and then people will start loving the angry birds franchise, As you revive the franchise and make your games great again.
Great but needs work
Philgrrr on 8/8/2018
I love this game but it crashes regularly, I reach the top 100 and top 10 in the master league and never receive credit for it, and developers, PLEASE STOP GIVING ME STICKERS EVERY TIME I LOG IN OR GET AN EGG. No one cares about stickers especially when I had a ton and then they were just deleted so I could be “rewarded” them again.
Normally love it
ZX-chick on 8/8/2018
I love this game, but in the might league, I watch the video for the sling scope, and it keeps freezing. I’ve been purchasing the scope to use, but halfway through a level, it freezes again
Unlocking seasons takes too long
Deathmatch Gamerz on 8/7/2018
Enough said
$anGry# on 8/6/2018
Keeps crashing. Don’t get it not worth the hassle. Better games out there.
The Ads!!!
Jenn060809 on 8/5/2018
Who can take my $2.99, 3, 4.99....to get rid of ads!?! I only like this version. The other versions have too many lights, bells and whistles going on. My senses aren’t that deprived.
Classic my cloaca.
Jmdkln on 8/5/2018
People who download the original version of Angry Birds don’t want a bunch of reworks and addons. They’re people like me who played the game back in the day and made multimillionaires out of a bunch of Finnish nobody developers. You’re welcome. Enjoy the megafranchise the original loyal users built for you. The simple formula was what made it work back in the day. It’s still basically in there somewhere, but the game reminds you about every fifteen seconds that there’s all kinds of new micro transactions waiting to occur.
constant crashes
dsblack on 8/4/2018
Used to be a lot of fun, but now it freezes so frequently that I literally can't play an entire round in the Mighty League tournament because it simply can't go that long without crashing.
8-bit dragon on 8/4/2018
The game is fun but having to use stars to unlock levels is annoying and is making me replay levels just to progress
Mammothx on 8/4/2018
I used to play it a lot as a mental break. I haven’t played in while, until today. Now the game is crap. I don’t want constant in-game ads for more gold, or get this power up. I’m deleting it. The game used to be fun. The updates have turned it into money grubbing BS that takes away from the game.
Levels still locked
im_stewie_griffin on 8/2/2018
I passed the second set of levels and the 3rd one is still locked. It’s been locked for a few days now
I deleted the app after having it for years.
WildBastion on 8/2/2018
I... can’t believe this. I am so disappointed in this. I haven’t played the game in a while, but found that I had an itch to fling and break some stuff. So, I tap the icon for angry birds, and what greets me? Garbage. So much of it the game becomes unplayable. I paid for AB back when it was the only one, when it cost some money, and that was it. I got a fair amount of play from it, I will admit. But that game is gone. The stages are there, the physics aren’t different, there aren’t game breaking bugs, but the game I loved years ago is gone. Every level transition I get asked to buy currency. I get shown an ad. Every action I take is delayed somehow by greed. In something I paid for, where the transaction was complete. I do not care if the devs needed more money, or if the studio was in danger or any of that. It means nothing. You changed what I bought, and made it unplayable and unenjoyable. It is a shame that things like this are allowed to happen.
Ruined by constant ads
Bike pump on 8/2/2018
I used to play Angry Birds all the time. When I’d get a new phone, I’d immediately go back thru all the games levels. Now a 30 second ad pops up every four or five scenes - I’m sick of it and never play it.
Forget what everybody says that's bad about it. It's great!!!!!
AZC07 on 8/1/2018
The game is crashing
ridanashed on 7/31/2018
Whenever my iPhone is connected to WiFi network , the game takes so long to load and then it crashes and close .. so please find a solution for this issue
It’s boring.. I don’t get ads at all
SasiPasu on 7/30/2018
I wish I can see ads.. but not enough ads. Deleted the app
OG Game
 on 7/30/2018
Still my favorite app. Lots of memories.
Stuck more than not
Kettlecook on 7/30/2018
Every time I play, the game sticks. Frustrating so I play other games in hopes they finally fix it
Omg the ads!!!!!
Black Barbiiie on 7/29/2018
Way too many ads and they are too long. I don’t enjoy AB anymore. 😑😑😑😑
Too Many Ads
SlimFyne on 7/29/2018
This game is a classic, but it’s impossible to enjoy with so many ads 🤦🏽‍♀️😒 Even after watching an ad for an extra bird, there have been times where another ad plays. It’s to the point that I sometimes exit the app and do something else. There are tooooooo many ads. I’m definitely deleting this app AGAIN if the ads don’t slow down.
Deleted after the fourth level
Whats a yelp on 7/28/2018
3 stars Bc it's as functional as it was half a decade ago. Never playing again bc I have to constantly click my eyes peeled for pop ups and in-game purchases that load ads that I can't skip. This app is an L
Ads, with a bit of Angry Birds
AcuDrew on 7/27/2018
Sure, it’s still a good game. The unmitigated tragedy is that *everything* requires an ad. And I don’t mean a 10 to 15 second ad, I mean an ads that last for 30 seconds to one minute. You have to do this to get any features without paying, and sometimes randomly while you’re between levels. Of course, I don’t mind looking at a few ads in exchange for a free game. However, these ads take up too much time for this arrangement. <presses Delete>
Way too many ads
Knbus03 on 7/26/2018
Don’t bother! Ads are RIDICULOUS.. not worth it one bit!
Angry Birds
Reena Patel on 7/26/2018
Screen freezes!!!!
dcelder on 7/25/2018
Omg when is an update coming to stop the screen freezes? I’ve lost at least 10 dollars in power ups because the screen freezes when I’m in the mighty league!! Is there any way to get a refund on all the shockwaves I’ve purchased???
I would happily pay for no ads, won't let kids play atm
eegoresome on 7/25/2018
I have 2 kids I'm sure would love this game, as I did - but it is so ad riddled right now I won't install it again until they allow me to disable them. Add another in game purchase to turn them off.
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