Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Co.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 5.5.1 Dec 18, 2009 Jun 15, 2018 99.5 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 5.5.1

You spoke and we listened!

- Logged in users on multi-passenger itineraries now have the ability to retrieve their own mobile boarding passes through our apps and mobile website.


Ready for takeoff? Our new app is your digital pilot, guiding you through the Southwest experience. It’s packed with easy to use features like express checkout and mobile boarding pass with Apple Wallet. Download our new app and see where it takes you next!

Features include:

• Check in, book, change, or cancel air reservations

• View your upcoming flight’s status, boarding position, and gate information from the home screen

• Access your Mobile boarding pass and save it to Apple Wallet

• Book or cancel rental car reservations

• Check flight status

• Add EarlyBird Check-In® to an existing reservation

• Enroll in and access your Rapid Rewards® account

• View travel and weather alerts

• Access helpful airport information

• Use our Bag Sizer to measure your items that are destined for the overhead compartment

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I ❤️ Southwest Airlines
Laurie Olson on 6/24/2018
❤️Southwest! Easy and always reliable! 1st choice when flying!!
Great app
N. Dream on 6/24/2018
It’s a great app
Great app
CoralCaper on 6/24/2018
Very user friendly and quick.
Weekend fun
Dudogug on 6/24/2018
I love Southwest always dependable for a quick girls weekend at the beach leave the office Friday night and be back Monday morning No vacation days needed.
Time saver
slimini ricket on 6/24/2018
Easy to use and helpful
Great app
WhvwRaul on 6/24/2018
Easy, simple and fast.
Mobile boarding pass not working
Sbonc on 6/23/2018
Kind of a hassle. Defeats the purpose of having an app
Love it.
Dream Big Worry Small on 6/23/2018
Makes it super easy to book, change, and cancel a flight within in minutes. Great for someone who is constantly on the go. And I love that they make it so easy to change your flight if you need to!
Relatively Easy App!
Newer Player on 6/23/2018
I found the Southwest app easy to negotiate and locate a fare that worked for me.
Easy Access
007sTiger on 6/23/2018
Fast and user friendly!
Pages keep closing
Texaschickski on 6/23/2018
Not sure what’s up with the app. I use it all the time. It keeps closing pages on its own without me touching anything. I’ve been halfway through booking a flight multiple times and it closes. Rebooted app and phone. Still doing it. Finally had to call to book flight.
Easy, simple and intuitive
kelleyfoust on 6/23/2018
Does what you need. Simple and intuitive interface.
Zac T***** on 6/23/2018
Flying is swell.
Halikula on 6/23/2018
I’ve been flying Southwest as much as possible. I also use my Southwest credit card for everything, love the miles. Thank you for being so great.
Boarding Pass
Charlie from Hilo on 6/23/2018
Ridiculously convoluted to generate a boarding pass.
Creating an account
Srspl5127 on 6/23/2018
This is the worst app. I have been trying for the past hour to create an account so that I can login an check in for my flight and every user name that I create already exists. Can you not suggest a available user name? Instead I spend hours wasting my time trying to find a user that never works. I finally had to check in as a guest!!!! This is a Horrible app!!!
It’s not delta! Unable to track bags
Southern Bek on 6/23/2018
You can’t use the app for media on the aircraft and unable to track bags!!!
Not good for frequent flyers
titacalzada on 6/23/2018
The I phone app not good! I can’t log in. Have had to change password several times
Not too much happiness
joyledonne on 6/23/2018
Check in problems Unable to obtain mobile boarding pass Continues to kick me off when I try to sign in
Check in
g mendez on 6/23/2018
I am only allowed to view my boarding pass, not everyone that I’m flying with.
Good, not great
andyt563 on 6/23/2018
Good functionality, but not updated for several new features Apple has made available in iOS. Face ID, password and personal info integration (so you don’t have to type in all your details), and integration with Apple Pay would all be useful features that would make this app a solid five stars.
Disparity Between Mobile APP and Web Site
NMSOB on 6/23/2018
It would be helpful if the necessary Error Messages were EXACTLY the same in both programs. But, they are not, thus confusing a newbie to the APP. Southwest’s IT Gurus need to get their act together, or, alternatively, SWA needs to hire high-schoolers who are more savvy about what APP-Users need.
Convenient App but Needs a Few Enhancements/Fixes
Jus10James on 6/23/2018
The app is probably one of the best airline apps out there. A few recommendations/fixes: the Past Flights feature does not work in the app (the is the reason I’m rating 3 stars), there is no way to recall a boarding pass (I got on a flight the other day and they had us get off due to a mechanical issue and when I went to board the new plane I couldn’t recall my old boarding pass), and maybe a bit of info about the airport that you’re flying to/from (a list of restaurants, maybe a terminal map, etc.).
Log in
Capt Jimma on 6/23/2018
Not sure why, but when I’m logged into the app or website, when I go to book anything I have to login a second time... frustrating but otherwise a good user friendly app.
Always amazing app
annahannah912 on 6/23/2018
Love southwest never pay for luggage !
Yay for SWA!
bb1053 on 6/23/2018
Always easy and efficient to check in and get boarding pass!
I love Southwest
cheriep58 on 6/23/2018
Southwest Airlines has been my favorite for more than 30 years and they continue to get better in service.
Easy and accessible @ fingertips
Yo teacher on 6/23/2018
Easy to use and always up to speed! Love the app and convenience!
Nvytrvlr on 6/23/2018
For some reason my flight will not show up in the app because I didn't book through the app. It's been very frustrating.
The only thing is
OregonRain on 6/23/2018
Only problem I see is that the boarding passes have to be done individually instead of done as a trip. Just an annoyance.
johnnyg007 on 6/23/2018
How do I get boarding pass on phone please? I’ll look around some more.
Love it!
TravelingTeachA110 on 6/23/2018
Easy and convenient! Love it!
Great Flight Attendant
Steve 1948 on 6/23/2018
Had a great flight from San Antonio to Kansas City. Ms Cook was the best Flight Attendant. She the very enjoyable. Thanks Ms Cook.
Love the app
ndeesg on 6/23/2018
I love the ease of use of the Southwest app especially when it comes to checking in! A well organized app. Southwest is my airline of choice because you always know exactly what you’ll get. Lots of flight choices and super nice employees! Luv SW xo
Collegegrl95 on 6/22/2018
The app is very user friendly and provides all the information on will need when flying! Would highly recommend to anyone who is going to fly southwest!
MRSTYREEJONES on 6/22/2018
Thank You Southwest!! I’ve FINALLY, retired from the military and my children are all graduated from college and it’s this Mother’s time to START traveling for MY PLEASURE‼️‼️‼️ You WILL— be seeing MORE of ME♥️♥️♥️
Southwest is the best Airline
JustWings88 on 6/22/2018
Nough said
definitely not doug on 6/22/2018
Great app
New version doesn't work
Sweetmercy on 6/22/2018
I have an older iPad and the old app doesn't work anymore. It tells me to download the newer version but it won't download since I have an older IOS......can you fix this bug!
Freq points
ScottH2000 on 6/22/2018
I have taken many trips I never would have been able to otherwise because of their generous freq flyer program.
Awesome Airline!!
jo143jo! on 6/22/2018
I love flying SW every chance I get!
The best
wayno247 on 6/22/2018
Fly southwest or not at all. The best without a doubt.
App review for southwest
champster18 on 6/22/2018
Sorry app will not work at Disney !!!!
The best
JadeNBK on 6/22/2018
Southwest Airlines is literally the best airline I’ve ever flown! Because I have had such good experiences every time I fly with them, I absolutely refuse to fly any other airline. For once, there is a company that treats their customers with respect.
I pad
jp abq on 6/22/2018
You need to have a p pad friendly app. Love you SWA
Poor Service
Rrrottt on 6/22/2018
My family and I were separated despite checking in at the exact same moment. During previous southwest flights, families with kids were prioritized, but with my flight, my little sister was FAR away from the rest of us and the personnel refused us from boarding along with the other families with children. They claim to have a fast boarding system but the reality is that the waiting happens in the tunnel to the plane. You still have to wait for quite some time. Even worse, the person in charge of checking tickets blamed the CUSTOMERS of being slow for the delayed departure. Everyone was all ready and the plane ITSELF was delayed for almost 2 hours disregarding the time it took for everyone to board. Very disappointed in their lack of respect toward customers and low quality.
Crash issue
Froggies67 on 6/22/2018
Great except for this new issue since Being on iOS 11.4 on iPhone 8 Plus and the app keeps jumping back to the home page when I try and book a second flight. It does it over and over with a flight already scheduled.
Good for booking/ cancelling
allofthee on 6/22/2018
Need to improve WiFi connectivity. Rarely able to use app for WiFi during flights.
What is the point if I can’t get the boarding pass on the app
me109765483 on 6/22/2018
Can’t access the boarding pass? Come on
Terrible update, requires latet iOS on an iPad?
powerful user on 6/22/2018
Terrible update, won't work except with latest iOS! Why would any one use the latest iOS? Rather than keep it compatible with previous iOS versions on an iPad? Older version of app that worked fine has been discontinued, wish southwest discontinues its old planes as well.
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