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Ready for takeoff? Our new app is your digital pilot, guiding you through the Southwest experience. It’s packed with easy to use features like express checkout and mobile boarding pass with Apple Wallet. Download our new app and see where it takes you next!

Features include:

• Check in, book, change, or cancel air reservations

• View your upcoming flight’s status, boarding position, and gate information from the home screen

• Access your Mobile boarding pass and save it to Apple Wallet

• Book or cancel rental car reservations

• Check flight status and setup notifications

• Add EarlyBird Check-In® to an existing reservation

• Enroll in and access your Rapid Rewards account

• View travel and weather alerts

• Access helpful airport information

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LUV Is not just In The Air
DddddaMenace on 2/17/2018
Southwest airline is the airline of the people! No baggage fees, no cancellation fees, no change of plan fees. NO FEES, PERIOD! I love LUV!
Easy to use
Jeniqua_m on 2/16/2018
Easy app to use. Love that you can make changes or cancel with no fees. I've booked several flights for free using my southwest rapid rewards!
Not user friendly
Lz0j57fw on 2/16/2018
I find it difficult to check in without memorizing the confirmation code. Also, the application of funds requires confirmation codes.
The Best
Opa Brian on 2/16/2018
Southwest is the best airline period. As frequent flyers, my wife and I are always pleased to see the friendly folks at Southwest and secure in the fact that we can rely on great service, timely departures and on time arrivals. It runs circles around driving!!! See you tomorrow as we travel to Raleigh NC for another lacrosse game at High Point University. Go Panthers and go SWA!
Horrible airline app
Workout daily on 2/16/2018
You need to know your confirmation number before you can look up your flight. You need to know your confirmation number before you can see your reservation. That information should already be in your account. Bad app.
Love Southwest
Sundaywalk on 2/16/2018
Best airlines hands down. Easy app to boot!
Southwest Mobile Rocks
SplashMeV8 on 2/16/2018
SW mobile keeps me informed with reminders and makes early checking a breeze. Go SW!
Need to join the paperless age.
Raul TRex on 2/16/2018
User friendly. But the app still requires the traveler to print a paper boarding pass.
Saving flights for easy access
save flights on 2/16/2018
Need to be able to save flights for easy access to boarding pass and flight info
Southwest Airlines
T. Pana on 2/16/2018
Great fly in the sky!
kjacob on 2/16/2018
Great service and scheduling but seats keep getting narrower... can only use SWA on non stop flights ...
The best!
Gilmark on 2/16/2018
I will only fly Southwest unless it is impossible. I like the friendly crew. The fares are fair. I like the ability to check in two big suitcases and carry-on another. I have used the cancellation policy many times in the past due to bad whether or illness. Keep doing a great job.
Southwest; undoubtedly the best!
i2amNiz on 2/16/2018
As a frequent traveler of Southwest Airlines, whether I am using the mobile app, checking in at the gates, settling into my seat, and or en route to my destination, everything at Southwest Airlines is superb. Flying Southwest, there is humor in the air, as well as kindness, concern, and understanding of their passengers plight. Who can ask for anything more!
On the plane
Ffegdyfufgyhytcfjdf on 2/16/2018
Flight attendant’s shouldn’t let people who are on the A group save more than 1 or 2 seats for people in their group that are on the B and C groups. I’ve been flying with southwest every other week for the last 3 years, and have seen parents or elderly couple separated because of the multiple seat saving, sometimes 2 and 3 rows. That’s not fair. This should be addressed. Other wise, You guys are great.
Bull sh-t
Expert Word picker on 2/16/2018
That’s what your policy of early check in is!!
Nowack1 on 2/16/2018
She was a super hero today helping me get to my sick daughter! So appreciate her quick searching skills and Compassion!
Easiest travel app out there
jbrownklee on 2/16/2018
You can do everything with this app- that is why SW is my go to airline- ease of booking, check in and use.
Sooooo Easy...
Y3SZUUR on 2/16/2018
Great App!! Point, Click, Purchase, DONE!!
I only Fly Southwest
Da Will on 2/16/2018
I’ve been flying a long time. And I’ve flown with other airlines before and none of them are as professional and courteous! Oh and they are fun too! Thanks guys!
Too many features missing
B0S0XFAN on 2/16/2018
This is not one of the smartest travel apps in today’s world. The basics are covered but life isn’t always basic. I have to login to the full website too much to complete reservations. Ever heard of a travel credit? Why can’t we apply them in the app? This isn’t rocket science. That’s just one out of many issues I have.
Check in
HerbTurd on 2/16/2018
Can’t do it
I won’t fly any other airline!
TJO Music on 2/16/2018
Southwest makes travel easy and fun. I love the Southwest app, customer service reps, and the whole flying experience! Probably the best thing for our family is free flight changes, and we take advantage of it frequently. Thanks, Southwest!
If it’s Southwest Airlines...
Charlie Pete on 2/16/2018 must be 5-star. Simply the best as you would expect from Southwest!
App needs some work
no prompt on 2/16/2018
I’d like to be able to login using my fingerprint. After I log in, I’d like to see any upcoming flights in my account to check flight status. Then I’d like to be able to hit a button and have my boarding pass. Using this app is way to manual and clunky.
Great app
fbear74 on 2/16/2018
Southwest is known to frequent fliers for being extremely good customer service. Their app is as good as their reputation. It is by far the best of the airline apps in my experience.
Easy to use
Colonel227 on 2/16/2018
This site is easy to use has all the info required etc
Where is the mobile boarding pass option?
Weary of clicking on 2/16/2018
Can’t find it for my flights while checking in. Not a good experience.
Mobile Boarding passes
Phx Dad on 2/16/2018
Good app, but lack of mobile boarding passes for multiple travelers booked at once is awful. Do better Southwest.
Best Travel App
MSB23B on 2/16/2018
Thank you for being able to book a trip in under a minute. Thank you for being able to change a flight in under a minute. Thank that funds for a ticket transfer without a fee. Thank you for being my personal hey service for business and pleasure. Thank you for the companion pass !!!!!!
SWA Rocks
T-ba-oi on 2/16/2018
The app works great and the company works better. They have the most consistent experience in the industry with the best flight crews.
The Best!
DABlove to travel on 2/16/2018
I Love Love Love this app and especially the airline and crew. I have had nothing but great service from them. I recommend you to everyone i talk to. Thank you for making my travels pleasurable. Now all you need to do now is to fly to Canada...
Bigdaninwi on 2/16/2018
Just like Southwest service! Smooth and easy! I enjoy everything about it!
You NEED to use the app🙂!
Mabel43 on 2/16/2018
I love EVERYTHING about SW, including the app😀!! The makes everything even more convenient!!
Kresinc on 2/16/2018
There is no company nor business as awesome as SW! And did I mention how awesome the SW app is? Customer service, policies, ease of booking and check-in, on time flights, cleanliness of airplanes......none compare to SW.......awesomely 5 stars all the way! ❤️SW❤️
Bad information
Blazing101 on 2/15/2018
The app itself seemed pretty useless. It gave the original information but did not provide actual’s that were accurate. I just Google this flight number on Google and I got all the details. Seems they could do better than that on their own.
Using SWA App
MaryParle on 2/15/2018
Easy Peasy Check in! Love SWA ❤️
Best airline ever!
Ima OK on 2/15/2018
Southwest has the most caring employees and will go out of their way to make your experience the best it can be. I can’t praise this airline enough. Marolyn
New website
gbecksr on 2/15/2018
Not comfortable st all with new website / app
Early bird checkin
Susieslover on 2/15/2018
Don’t waste your money
limited capabilities
noho91606 on 2/15/2018
i fly 4-6 flights a month so i use the app pretty often. it’s interface is simple and relatively user friendly but the app lacks a lot of basic functions that i need often. there is also a lag in speed: it takes a few moments before you can even do anything on it. the app does not allow you to apply travel funds to a new ticket. it also does not save any used funds in one area for reference; i have to go through my emails and search all my cancelled flights confirmation numbers one by one. the app only saves your recent flight status searches for a short period of time, it’s gone by the next day. it also does not save any recent potential booking saves. app needs improvement.
Excellent App
Shimizuj on 2/15/2018
The Southwest app is easy to use and provides all of the features needed for frequent travelers.
Checking flight status
pcook1968 on 2/15/2018
Would be nice if recent flight status checks could be retained versus starting from scratch each time
One of the best airline apps
OnlyLookingUp on 2/15/2018
I do everything with Southwest on their app. Love it and have never had an issue!
Cannot login to app; buy can with website
proxb on 2/15/2018
As the title says, I can login to the website fine but the app fails.
Please help
OggieJim on 2/15/2018
Love the functionality of the app. But I’d feel more loved if I could use it on my iPad in landscape.
Chillin Diane on 2/15/2018
You hit a homer in SWA
What was I thinking. on 2/15/2018
Great app - user friendly and always up and running! Thank you SWA, that’s one of the many reason I fly with you guys! Dependable, efficient and friendly! Michael Carey, Va Beach, VA
Best flight app
Utahteaser on 2/15/2018
Booking a flight, checking in and following your flight status it’s so simple on this app there’s no reason to actually use the website. I’ve made last-minute plane changes very quickly and easily. I fly nearly every week and the Southwest app makes work travel a breeze.
Love LUV
Best New Workout on 2/15/2018
Great app. Easy to use
Love the app
Falcon Dawg on 2/15/2018
I am constantly traveling and my schedule changes frequently. This app make it easy to reschedule flights, check flight status and check in among lots of other tasks. Wouldn’t think of not having it on my phone.
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  • Current Version Released: Jan 17, 2018
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