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SoundHound, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Music 8.6.1 Apr 27, 2010 Apr 19, 2018 90.4 MB iOS 10.0 or later 9+
New in version 8.6.1

Bug fixes and improvements


Music discovery, identification, & voice-controlled player with 300M+ downloads and billions of songs discovered.

Hey, what song is that? SoundHound 8 makes it simple to discover music playing around you. Whether you’re in the car or out and about, open the app, hit the big orange SoundHound button, let your phone listen for a few seconds, and we’ll tell you exactly what’s playing! Some folks have called it pure magic, and we tend to agree.

SoundHound comes equipped with “OK Hound…”, an incredibly powerful way to interact with SoundHound through your voice. “OK Hound…” can help you navigate the app, discover new music and playback songs hands-free. Simply say ‘OK Hound...’ from any screen and say a command! Hound is built with natural language understanding, so speak like you would with a friend.

Discovering new music is only half the fun of SoundHound. We’re music lovers too, so we’ve created an incredible experience for you to relive your discoveries with our music player. Connect your Apple Music or Spotify accounts to listen again, build playlists, explore music across genres, and find new favorites - all with real-time, karaoke-style lyrics through LiveLyrics®. Don’t have an Apple Music or Spotify subscription? No sweat, we have you covered with our free, built-in YouTube player. This is your music journey. Every song you discover will be kept in your own personal history.

Still curious about SoundHound? Here’s everything you need to know!

• Tap the SoundHound button in the app, in the notification center widget, or via 3D touch on the app icon to discover music playing around you! We’ll let you know everything about the song including title, artist, album, and lyrics!
• Have a song stuck in your head? Press the SoundHound button, sing or hum the tune and we’ll do the rest!
• To add the SoundHound widget to your notification center, swipe right on your iPhone’s lock screen. From there, scroll to the bottom, tap ‘Edit’ and then the ‘+’ next to SoundHound. You’re now ready to go!
• Keep track of all your discoveries in your own personal history
• See the hottest new music across Genre, Global, and Popular charts
• Find out what’s being played near you and around the world with our Music Map
• Use the Apple Watch app to quickly discover music and sing-along with LiveLyrics. Users with a cellular connected Apple Watch can use the app without being connected to an iPhone

• Songs you discover can be played back for free via our built-in YouTube player
• View lyrics when playing back a song from YouTube
• Simply say ‘OK Hound....’ from any screen or tap the microphone on the play page. Once you see the listening panel, you can follow up with commands including:

App Navigation: ‘OK Hound… Show me my discoveries’
Help/Questions: ‘OK Hound… Show me what I can say’
Music Discovery: ‘OK Hound… What’s that song?’
Song Playback: ‘OK Hound... Play Hello by Adele’
Lyrics Search: ‘OK Hound... Show me lyrics to Castle on the Hill’
Top Charts: ‘OK Hound...Play today’s top songs’
Playlists (Spotify account & registration required): ‘OK Hound… Play my Discover weekly playlist on Spotify’
Add to Spotify Playlist (Spotify account & registration required): ‘OK Hound… Add this song to my playlist’

• Build personalized playlists through Apple Music or Spotify (SoundHound account and music subscription required)
• Access Spotify playlists for a richer playback experience through SoundHound
• View and interact with real-time, moving lyrics for your songs with LiveLyrics(r)
• Keep all of your discoveries in sync across multiple devices

• Share your music discoveries to Facebook, Twitter, messaging services, and email!

• Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps - Bob Tedeschi, NY Times
• Best Music Engagement App - BILLBOARD Music App Awards
• "Genius, isn't it?" - B.B.C. World Radio

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This is a GREAT APP !!!!!
JesusWoman777 on 4/21/2018
I absolutely Love this Sound Hound App !!!!! It’s absolutely GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless You !!!!!!!!!
Better than Genius
PattyInOhio on 4/20/2018
SoundHound nailed it on the last line of the last verse. Genius couldn’t pick up the chorus.
Amazing matching technology!
BenArk on 4/20/2018
I couldn't believe an app could possibly match my humming but Sound Hound did on the first try. BAM! We live in the future, y'all.
Good SoundHound
seanie sammie on 4/20/2018
Love This App🤗
jillb4da on 4/20/2018
Have been using this app for many, many yrs and it only gets better! It's great for trying to remember a song and can't so you just sing it to Sound Hound and it gives you Artist and song name. So much more but too much to list! 💯
Kingwjordan on 4/19/2018
Finds everything
Chriscbr600# on 4/18/2018
Finds everything I’ve only had it not be able to place one obscure folk song.
Halimony likes it
Halimony on 4/17/2018
It’s just fun and amazingly accurate!
My go to
Jim slim Tim on 4/16/2018
This app always does the right searching for me in moments of surprise!!
Not what I was looking for
Taco dog of wonder on 4/16/2018
I love the concept, but sometimes it doesn’t get it. I hummed “Paris by the Chainsmokers and Someone like u popped up
Adrian Mullen on 4/16/2018
I’ve seen some pretty good ratings for this app so I’m not sure why this is the case for me, but it doesn’t work at all! Every time I try to search for a song it says there is no connection although I am in fact connected to the internet. So it’s useless to me!
So hope for for those senior moments when you can’t remember the song!!!
Wendyv59 on 4/16/2018
I use sound hound all the time to remember the name, artist and lyrics of all the songs I’ve forgotten over the years!!!
Says “no connection”
RockTheProject on 4/15/2018
I use SoundHound regularly, but for about three weeks, it hasn’t worked. It just says, “No Connection”, no matter if I’m on WiFi, LTE or 3G. I’m getting pretty fed up, it’s the only app that’s having connection issues.
Older user
MajazzHome on 4/15/2018
Sometimes slow for classical or jazz
Useless after the last update
Daniel_Romero_RW on 4/15/2018
After years enjoying this amazing app, it becomes useless since a week ago on the last update. Customers doesn’t mind on AD’s but there is no even a buy option . Anyway doesn’t work, has no connection message continuously
Doesn’t identify songs anymore.
fins2lr on 4/14/2018
For years it was superior to Shazam; now it listens indefinitely or takes multiple tries in order to identify a song. This has been going on for months. It used to deliver immediate results. This evening it incorrectly named a song, so I reinstalled Shazam and almost instantaneously had the song identified. Sad. I think overall it’s a better app. Too bad it can’t ‘name that song’ anymore.
Convenient and saves arguments
Momaliscious on 4/14/2018
When we have a get together with friends and family Soundhound has saved numerous arguments by verifying who’s singing the song. It’s also fun to be the one who knows the right answer! Thank you Soundhound!!
Complete fail - “No connection” - no solution
RicardoSwe486 on 4/13/2018
I used to use SoundHound but now it fails everytime. It gives an error message saying there’s no connection, which is not true. Connection in multiple locations is fine. SoundHound help re Connection says yeah, there’s a problem but they have no idea why. Literally - no idea why. They suggest deleting and reinstalling. Did that. No change. Worthless.
Worst application
fjjfjjuuwjwooodjbva on 4/13/2018
Doesn’t work. Too much “announcements” it’s a nightmare and stop the application
Lawmom220 on 4/13/2018
I Love This App!!!’
Outstanding music-finder app
Ushuaia1962 on 4/13/2018
I have used this app for many years, and it has never failed to impress me. Whether the song is right at its end, or distorted because of radio transmission, it has always been able to identify the song!
Great App to Find New Music
Robotbeto on 4/12/2018
Its quick and easy to use. I also love that it put all the songs in a playlist on AppleMusic for me. Only downfall is that some old rare songs or live music won’t be recognized.
Love it❤️
Hornygirl😍 on 4/12/2018
I I’ve been having this app forever! And it always knows the song or should I say recognize the song and rarely does it not. And when it does not know the song it’s because I’m low on data but it will save the recording and if you play after when you have good data , or good connection it’ll pick it up fast
Easy access!
Knj_0617 on 4/12/2018
Very user friendly and automatic!
Acidresistant on 4/12/2018
The best music app ever!!!
Great app for the forgetful on 4/12/2018
I’ve had this app for a long time, I love that it adds to my Apple playlist now. Great app.
Works well most of the time
WhistlerEC on 4/12/2018
This works well most of the time. It is very handy in identifying songs. The developers do listen to feedback too. A must have app for music enthusiasts.
Lysh Koz on 4/10/2018
I used to be able to hold my phone up in a busy store and it could tell me the song. I’m alone in a Chipotle and the music is blasting and it can’t find the song. And this isn’t the first time it couldn’t find the song. Even in my car, holding my phone next to the speakers. I don’t know what changed, but it’s not running as well as it used to.
Good app
Big ern72 on 4/9/2018
Works every time
Love it!!
Howie0906 on 4/8/2018
I absolutely love sound hound! Easiest and fastest way to grab a song when you hear it.
Classic N8
TCN8 on 4/7/2018
I’ll give the hound some prompts, it’s pretty reliable, I’ve got some three thousand searches between 5 or more phones and maybe 10 songs that were wrong they turned out to be good finds. Super new stuff occasionally takes awhile to get figured out but it doesn’t take that long. Overall not bad. It’s needs work on live music presentations on both radio and at the show.
Great app
Brian.imagine on 4/7/2018
This is a fantastic app! Amazingly accurate. Has helped me to refine my downloaded music collection. Thanks!
Sound Hound
GoGreenTony on 4/7/2018
Easy and accurate
Great app
Tikambenji on 4/7/2018
I track most music love to hear again. Tltambenji
What Happen
LQROC on 4/6/2018
When this app first came out years ago it was awesome. It was able to find it starts songs that Shazam could not do ever sense and for the past year and in the updates in the search engine is not functional. App over Shazam but now it can’t at times pull the most recent songs or artists. The response time of the search engine is Eva slow. There is no doubt in comparing the two apps that Shazam has gotten an edge over this app. You guys know from experience that your app is not up to par with Shazam please make me a believer in next Suzanne wants the better search engine music app and I will go back to reading this a five star
Love this
Vivified143 on 4/4/2018
It makes it so much easier to make playlists
Spotify integration does not work
Mehhem on 4/3/2018
Spotify integration does not work. Soundhound help desk has been unable to solve issue.
Jendanbury on 4/3/2018
Microphone will still not work—used to love this app but now it is worthless! 😢😢😢 Have deleted and reinstalled numerous times but still no microphone!!!! Grrrr
Love but where's my history going?!
AnnnnaChop on 4/2/2018
I love love love SoundHound! It's always so accurate and very quick. However, recently the songs haven't been saving to my history and it's very frustrating. It's not all of them and it's just once in a while and I'm not sure how to resolve this. I've never had an issue like this up until recently. I just hope it gets fixed soon ):
Useless For Classical Composer Info!
ProfessionalMusician on 4/2/2018
SoundHound, Apple (Siri), Shazam, etc., all assume we’re all mindless idiots listening to the latest rap crap, or pop slop. These services, SoundHound included, are WORTHLESS when you want to quickly find out the COMPOSER of a classical work! NO, people, that symphony, sonata, quintet, etc., is NOT “BY” the PERFORMER! FIX THIS JUNK!!! Give us a COMPOSER/WRITER data field! It’s not rocket science!!! 😡😡😡
TANDOS MOJO on 3/30/2018
Fantastic App
Aarfemo on 3/30/2018
I don’t know how you do it but it is always right finding the song I am listening. My music collection has grown a lot since I found this app
mjcon5 on 3/30/2018
SoundHound works much better than Shazam.
Great utility entertainment app!
ED3-1959 on 3/30/2018
Sound hound is amazing and has worked every time I have used it. Wonder how it does it 😁
MilleiBangs on 3/30/2018
This app is so great, especially the auto add!
Victor378 on 3/30/2018
Easy to use app, very accurate and with many facts and information.
Amazing app
Sk_sarath on 3/29/2018
Lightning response and very happy with this
Latin music
italianwifeabuser on 3/29/2018
I love it
Love this app
Cynthia PA on 3/28/2018
This app is so awesome and never fails to tell me what I want to know about songs I hear...
Great app
Roobadenov on 3/28/2018
Does exactly what it should. Always
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