Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 4.1.33 Feb 19, 2010 Jul 11, 2018 87 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.1.33

We're always improving our app to ensure you have the best experience on your journey. Thanks for your feedback - we're always listening!


Travel light at each stage of your journey with our companion mobile app. Explore options, book trips, check in, and move hassle-free through airports. Find all the flight information that matters to you, as you need it.

Features of our travel app:

• Book a flight and select your seat
• Shop one-way, round trip, and award travel
• Shop using our calendar feature
• Shop using your percentage off discount code (more coming soon!)
• See your trips in a list for easy access
• Purchase a seat upgrade using Apple Pay (before check-in only)
• Change your seat prior to departure
• Check-in up to 24 hours before your flight
• Add your precheck number during check in
• Access your mobile boarding pass—no more paper
• Add your boarding pass, Mileage Plan and Lounge card to Apple Wallet
• Pre-select your meals in Main Cabin and First Class
• See your flight schedule and boarding time
• Share your travel itinerary by email with friends and family
• Sign in to your account to sync your trips saved in your My Trips
• Track your Mileage Plan balance & view your account activity and tier status
• Keep an eye on First Class and Standby wait lists
• Receive push notifications for flight delays, gate changes, and more
• Change to an earlier or later flight when you check in
• Add flight details to your iPhone’s calendar
• Add your Alaska Airlines reservations to the app
• Track flights taken by friends and family

You can find additional information about the Alaska Air travel app by visiting

Thanks for sending us feedback at We are listening, and welcome your suggestions.

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Wallet support
hdock19 on 7/18/2018
Why is the airlines wallet page being combined with my shop rite wallet barcode?
Love Alaska
Yerified Traveler on 7/17/2018
I’ve flown all over the world. To and from many different cities and countries on too many different airlines to remember. When I travel domestically in the US, Alaska is my first choice. On those occasions when I must use another carrier, the experience is usually not as good. I don’t need a cute catchy song to learn about the emergency exits, or the complete bar scene of the pilot’s recommendations for dinner in the arriving city. I want a clean cabin. Courteous attendants. Professional service. Alaska consistently provides those features at a rate that I haven’t experienced with other airlines. Oh...and I’m neither an Alaska employee nor have I been paid for this.
Love it!
aRSotzen87 on 7/17/2018
So simple an quick. Thank goodness for these apps.
Love it
westridgeNF on 7/16/2018
Great application and easy to use
Love the App Love the Airline!
Grannysolo on 7/16/2018
App is super easy to use and read. Took me about 30 seconds to check in! Bought extra legroom, enjoyed free movies. I arrived at my vacation destination relaxed and happy after a great experience with Air Alaska start to finish. Thanks!
Easy to navigate
I love Boomie on 7/16/2018
Love your app
Please add a complication to the Apple Watch Siri face
kapowWAStaken on 7/16/2018
Solid, attractive and easy to use! Please add a complication for the Apple Watch Siri face
Been flying with them for years !
KoontaKoonta on 7/15/2018
The app isn’t anything great but it works and it is easy to use. Not much more to ask for.
MartiWashington on 7/15/2018
Great App. So easy to navigate. Looking forward to flying Alaska Airlines. First time traveler.
Clean App
Acts2:28 on 7/14/2018
Very easy to use.
Easy to use
GWP907 on 7/14/2018
This app is easy to navigate and and user friendly.
Another Top Ten Day !!
The Flying Steele Garrity on 7/13/2018
Booked the flight on the run!! Alaska Airlines is Number🥇 !!
So useful
Twerp12 on 7/13/2018
Although occasionally this app gets a bit wonky, which requires just a reboot, using it while traveling is a must. Gate changes, reserving a meal, checking in, updates on flights, etc are all part of its repertoire-- this is an essential app for AK AIR passengers!
Love this app!!
Kimmi7000000 on 7/13/2018
Never hard to use and always very convenient!
Terminal number
1217 rossmoor on 7/12/2018
Cannot find which terminal for #1176 T on 7:13/28
Payment process more inconvenient than it has to be
M3libra on 7/12/2018
Why do I need to type in my credit card? You should support Apple Pay for ticket purchases. Why do I need to type in my address? You have that in my profile, along with my phone number and email. Just pre-fill it.
Great app
jdoshi4 on 7/12/2018
Very intuitive and user friendly.
Check-in was a breeze
lionfan on 7/11/2018
The easiest check-in I have had with an airline app.
App crashing
Amfgo on 7/10/2018
This past week I was traveling and trying to check in on the app. Every time I got to the part when I was going to check a bag it crashed. This happened and to and from my destination. Very frustrating!!!! Please fix.
Annoying crashes
Hschnibs on 7/8/2018
When using flight status feature the app often crashes before displaying list of flights
Very helpful
traveldoe on 7/8/2018
The Alaska Airlines App is fast, easy to use and super helpful when you don’t have the opportunity to print out a boarding pass
ex-virgin america customer on 7/8/2018
Alaska should have kept all of Virgin’s customer experience. Such a downgrade.
Good but......
dussy☺️ on 7/8/2018
Everything about the app is awesome and quick however when I track a flight; it takes a long time to show me the arrival/departure gate
Intuitive. Responsive and User-friendly.
Mr.Mojo on 7/7/2018
Full featured app that does what you expect and does it without an overly complicated UI.
Great flight. Loyal customer
Rubiconmallard on 7/7/2018
Las to PDX for family event. Easy purchase, easy check in, on time depart, good service, not too full, on time arrival, and good movie choice. WiFi for fee was a disappointment. Alaska has been my airline of choice for over a decade because of good service.
ALArmyWife on 7/7/2018
I couldn’t add my known traveler number or Alaska Airlines frequent flyer number.
Best App & Customer Service
ca$hclan on 7/6/2018
Top notch customer service. Love dealing and flying with Alaska!!!
Love it
Natedog889 on 7/6/2018
Been flying with Alaska for years now the app is easy to use easy to make last minute changes and very useful for skipping past the stress at the airport knowing I got everything right on my phone.
App is better than talking on the phone to a representative
j;dsufdrsa on 7/5/2018
The app is so much easier to use than talking to a live person on the phone. They are not that knowledgeable and they are very slow plus they charge you $15 for booking
Hyphenated Last Names
eco9er87 on 7/5/2018
Alaska is my top airline to fly with however one recurring issue has made my experiences less than satisfactory. I have a hyphenated last name which the Alaska system is unable to recognize. And as active duty military I fly with a known traveler number for TSA Pre-Check. However, since Alaska’s system cannot process a hyphenated last name I am unable to gain Pre-Check when I fly with them since their system does not match my military ID exactly. This is not a problem on Delta, Frontier, Southwest or others. I would love this to be fixed. Numerous clerks at airports and on the phone have tried very hard to make the fix but, it is a system/software problem. Please Alaska, help me love you even more.
Not Intuitive
Azermerlinn on 7/5/2018
I like the app interface, however, some of the additional features are confusing and they do not use naming conventions similar to other airlines. For instance when picking a seat the map is not clearly defined with a $ for a premium seat. I also do not like the lack of functionality for dual card holders for the Alaskan Airlines credit card.
Very convenient
Cocoa@5 on 7/5/2018
Would be nice to see your purchased ticket receipt on the app? I couldn’t find it?
Can’t book with miles in app
Mt Rainer John on 7/5/2018
The app is overall well functioning and handy. However, I recently tried to book a flight with miles and the app would only show the cost in dollars, and doesn’t allow booking with miles that I could see. Fix that and my rating will change to five stars.
Good to use
Hansondarin on 7/5/2018
Intuitive and simple
Checking in
Schmi880 on 7/4/2018
I checked in on a computer to due limited options of selecting military bags on application. After doing this I signed into the app and it didn’t show my boarding passes and still showed I needed to check in. If the app would sync correct and also give you the same options for checking bags it would get a better rating.
amplisah on 7/3/2018
I like it so much so easy too access the information and prices and dates
Easy and efficient.
Ballllinnn! on 7/3/2018
Downloaded app, checked in for flight, changed my seat and paid for checked bag ....all in about 60 seconds!
General review!
Kenzie 364 on 7/3/2018
I love Alaska Airlines, the food, the soda, and the lovely smiles of everyone giving service to all of us! Thank you for everything you do!
Alaska Airlines App
A-6 Ironworks on 7/2/2018
Great app that’s user friendly & fits nicely with a great airline.
Jules Anna on 7/2/2018
What a awesome experience i had at my check in his name is Kevin and helped me and was very helpful!
Canceled flights with United, bought Alaska Tix!!!
timpirisino on 7/2/2018
Such a great app, solid company with clean(excellent!!!) UX. Refreshing to see companies who CARE about having a GOOD experience from purchase to touch down!
Actually useful flight app
esqben on 7/1/2018
Well done, team. Nice interface, good functionality. Lots of things I'm used to having to do at check-in or over the phone.
Alaska is very disappointing.
Limosteve on 7/1/2018
On my next trip I think I would rather walk on my knees backwards to our next destination. My son and I flew out from SFO to Orlando for vacation. It was a special trip planned. Our flight was slightly delayed because the plane was late arriving. After taking off I was eager to get a movie playing for him to keep him calm and focused. I asked for head phones and was told the crew never loaded any. So no head phones just lip read. This caused a very stressful 5.5 hour flight. A few days later my wife and daughter fly out to meet us and they are delayed for mechanical failure for almost two hours right before take off. After getting up at 4am to arrive at sfo. Then arriving in Orlando they have to sit on the lambs because of lightning storms. I understand this is beyond their control. I’m so worried about our flights back. I have always been a big fan and travel a lot with Virgin America but since the merge I will find a new airline from now on.
M Kam
feedbak makes perfect on 7/1/2018
All around, you have a much better airline than the bigger airlines. From your easy to use mobile app to not nickel and dime-ing the pax. Keep it up. AK.
Shuts down when I check in.
kjoylee on 7/1/2018
I love Alaska airlines and up until recently I loved this app. But now, every time I try to check in it shuts down when I'm putting how many bags I have. I never get to check in on the app now. Bug???
More Features
dtsang91 on 7/1/2018
Nice clean app UI. Can 3D Touch icon shortcuts be added soon? Can  Pay also be integrated into the app and desktop website?
Really easy
KellyC44 on 7/1/2018
Really easy app to use
Shaaay2018 on 6/30/2018
Very easy to check in and navigate through the app.
Great App Not Great For Booking
Dorian Gray Reduex on 6/30/2018
This is my 2nd favorite airline app. Booking a flight is easy and I can get to information which is nice. United,Singapore, Southwest, JetBlue and others are about the same but I find the interface better. I will say though the best in the market is Delta. I am sure tons of people have tons to say about Delta but it’s true. The one thing these apps can add is calendar views and better ability to look up awards with partner airlines. I also don’t like the coloration but I am being nit picky. Also if you track airline fare codes etc. Alaska isn’t quite and up front about it as other airlines. If you credit Alaska mileage it’s no big deal but if you credit other airlines it can be a bit annoying. Again minor things but it keeps it from 5 stars as to me on the Delta app I can easily get that information. Some other things like checkout can use help and saving to a wallet can be easier but these are very minor and things most people probably don’t care about.
Easy to use
Iwilltakwhatverisnottaken on 6/30/2018
Easy and simple
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