5-0 Radio Police Scanner

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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Utilities 40.0 Feb 18, 2010 Nov 29, 2017 28.5 MB iOS 8.0 or later 9+
New in version 40.0

- Support for iPhone X screens
- Added listener and bitrate count to each listed station when browsing stations.
- Added ability to edit Favorites. Just tap Edit on the top-right of the main menu and then tap on the favorite you want to edit to do so.


The largest collection of live police, firefighter, aircraft, railroad, emergency, news, and ham radios. Be the first to know about weather, news, and crime updates.

Thanks for making us one of top 100 most downloaded iOS app since 2009. 5-0 Radio has been downloaded over 25 million times!

- Listen to feeds in the background. You can run other apps while listening to the police. Pause the feeds via the media controls on your device.
- Automatically attempts to reconnect the feed if you lose the connection.
- Listen to feeds on your desktop/laptop computer. Email yourself a link to the feed, and open that link on your browser or with your favorite mp3 player.
- Ability to add custom feeds
- Chat with other users
- The web browser also automatically detects feeds and integrates it with the radio. Now you can add feeds from the web by simply tapping on the feed's link via our browser.
- Share feeds with your friends by email. They do not need to buy this app to listen with you. They can listen in on a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, Android, iOS, and more.
- Worldwide coverage. Listen to feeds from the United States, Canada, Australia and more. Our app is always expanding and looking for new police radios to tap into.
- List scanners by county. Don't just list all feeds in a state, get only the ones that are from your city/county.
- Integrated map that finds your location and the location of the feed. Now you can find where the action is happening and follow along.
- Built-in police/EMS/fire/military codes and phonetic alphabet for easy interpretation. Good for any beginners who do not have the proper training and have trouble remembering what the codes mean.
- Save your favorites to the front screen of the app for quick one-tap access.
- This app will dynamically grab a new list of sources so that you will always be the first to get any new police feeds out there.
- See the popularity of each feed. Each feed lists the number of listeners who are following the action along with you.
- Choose new skins or make your own. Skins can be any photo you choose from your photos library.
- New police feeds and others are added on an hourly basis, so keep checking if we added yours recently.

*Note: Our paid app called 5-0 Radio Pro adds even more feeds - Search for "5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner" on iTunes to find it.

It is legal in most countries to listen to police feeds. However, it is illegal in some places to use this app to aid in the commission of a crime or to pose as a police officer when you are not. It may also be illegal to use it while driving. Please consult your local laws before using this app outside of your home.

Is it fake?
It's very real. Each feed comes from a person in that region with an expensive police scanner sharing the signal with you via the internet.

The delay between the real radio feed and this app is only a few seconds depending on buffering and internet speeds.

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This isn’t a police scanner app. It’s a game
Jms703 on 4/18/2018
Launching this app launches a Final Fantasy game. You can’t get out of the game.
Great tool for the job
djstevie on 4/18/2018
I work as a Paramedic, and though we do have a scanner for Fire department traffic, we have no ways of scanning for Sheriff, PD or CHP. This works very well for us, and helps us to have knowledge of danger or other issues when we get calls that involve Law Endorsement.
New to 5-0 Radio
Ccsnana on 4/18/2018
I'm fairly new to 5-0 radio and enjoy listening. Just learning the ins and outs. Any hints are appreciated! I want to have both 5-0 Radio and my TV going simultaneously. I'm glad to have this available. Thank you for the service.
Best scanner app around
Ben N Yomama on 4/18/2018
Check out the Chicago PD.....its nonstop action 24/7.
Great app!🤯
HatieKull on 4/14/2018
Great app for hearing police, fire, EMS, public safety, etc. Usually we turn this on at night and listen for awhile and then fall asleep. I remember as a kid using my dad’s old school police scanner and just being fascinated and trying to learn the different codes. Of course with today’s technology and this app combined they offer the same experience: scanner for pretty much any station (even my small MI hometown of 3,000 people) AND it lists the codes for each department so you can look at what the situation really is.. it’s cool, I probably would pay for it if I had to.
Thank you!
catlaide on 4/14/2018
Great source of information, God bless our men and women in blue.
JTproduc on 4/14/2018
It great
Great app
Psyched 24 on 4/14/2018
Very informative and ...fun. Even though I don’t always understand what is going on, I like to be informed.
Slap_\/inC3_cH0p on 4/12/2018
constant ads even if you click back into something you're listening too. screw you, monetizing broadcastify streams.
Love this app
Grandma got 11 on 4/12/2018
Keeps me updated on what is going on in my neighborhood. Sometimes it is scrambled but that is understandable at least I know if I have to lock everything up or stay away from an area.
FullPageRubbish on 4/11/2018
Nice app that works very well. Unfortunately it comes with ads that block the whole screen on startup and are very difficult to close.
Great app works greats lol could just use It
SCARANOID on 4/11/2018
Worth it I'm amateur but it's great feeda
GeorgeW6 on 4/10/2018
Most of the time I could not understand what was being said. Often I'd hear only bits of an ongoing communication. Sometime communications are from different senders, making all unintelligible. Finally deleted app and recently my city/county police began encrypting all their communications since bad guys were using scanners to evade police. Sounds far-fetched to me. This is in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. Of course we can watch Live PD on TV. They do follow Sherif in Nye County, NV.. Mostly seems to be wise guys driving ATVs in the hot desert while DWI
Great aid for volunteers
ReikiJim on 4/9/2018
As a firefighter without a pager, this comes in very handy in an emergency. Plus when something big is happening elsewhere in the USA just click on the city and here it live. Priceless!
Great App
Ivory0709 on 4/8/2018
Great app comes in clear
Great app
jms9038871234 on 4/8/2018
Great app
Works good
Brucelee64485 on 4/8/2018
Like it
Pretty Cool
Krablips on 4/7/2018
Works good. Pretty cool being able to listen to police channels. App does close sometimes by itself, not really a big issues. Opens right back up. I was surprised that there really isn’t much chatter on the police channels. I thought the cops would be much busier here in NJ. Cop, not a bad job, sit around all day, retire young with good benefits. But then you would have been a cop.
Retired Chief
EazyV on 4/6/2018
Helps me keep up on everything. I really like it!
Great app
ScienceGirlx on 4/6/2018
Used this app on and off in the past. Never had problems - accurate reporting from the cops.
MizStang5.0 on 4/5/2018
This is a great app to keep track of all the activity occurring around your neighborhood for safety purposes. My husband and I love this app. We have it on every single day when we are home or even away from home. It’s very convenient.
My county not included
Dacnbsu on 4/4/2018
So, I was excited seeing all of the positive reviews, but of all the counties covered in FL, mine is not one of them. So disappointed.
Fun to listen to!
Haybale57 on 4/3/2018
It's great to be able to listen to emergency calls from around the world.
Great app
Sam Libby flats on 4/3/2018
This is a good app need looking for one like this for a while I had one like this one before but it did not work with the new iOS 11 so this one is the same one I had but but better like the weather on here to If I here the cops with there Syrene’s on I just put my app on to here what’s going on this great
WL, IN on 4/3/2018
We really like this, very informative!
Works good down here in Florida
Bsmitch62 on 4/3/2018
Comes in very clear love to hear what’s going on in New York, Onondaga co.thanks
Awesome App!
Midnite Mystress on 4/1/2018
Love being able to listen to all the things going down in Juneau and Douglas. 😊 Keeps me up to date if any thing nefarious things happen in my neighborhood. Would definitely recommend. Especially with all the crime sprees around town.
Handy, easy to use
DanDVC92 on 4/1/2018
Great app, pretty much delivers what it offers, works real well with connections in our Metro Detroit area, will get Pro edition
Pretty Good
Fleetwood Gearbox335 on 4/1/2018
I’ve listened for years kind of off and on. It’s the best way of knowing what’s going on around you at all hours of the night. Here in Middle TN things aren’t as safe as some may think. There’s a lot of violent crimes. Seems like some departments have digitalized therefore this app didn’t pickup a lot of departments I once’s listened to. Since then I’ve been hearing them again and stay informed.
jori lo on 3/26/2018
I love this app. Listen to it daily. Fascinating. Reminds me of my blessings. Reminds me to pray for others. Reminds how brave our police officers are aNd to pray for them. But does scare me about our world. All that said I can’t quit listening. Love it
GeerSa on 3/24/2018
Location is accurate.
Good to have during emergency
Rocket Riley on 3/22/2018
I’ve been evacuated for fires and I’ve had family members in peril before. This app has helped me get information when no news agency was reporting good tool to have in the toolbox in case of emergency.
Homeboy Rus on 3/22/2018
I don’t know if this is real but it is cool to keep people informed about serious crimes if people were to get hurt about ongoing in different cities. If you see something, say something. Kinda feel nervous to be able to hear this app for too long tho.. if it is real and not just for entertainment purposes.
Area coverage
Brenshan14 on 3/22/2018
It’s too bad that I can not pick up the city that I live in. It only picks up the county
Love the App
cops dad on 3/18/2018
My sons is a P.O. in the Bronx a very busy precinct I might add. So I like to listen in on calls he responds to him and his partner.
Horrible w ads
Cool666oakland on 3/18/2018
Use to use this for emergencies....now riddled w video ads every 2mins.
Jpanvil on 3/18/2018
It’s good to know what’s going on in your area this helps
galmas on 3/18/2018
I tried to find my local police department and it is not there but the most annoying thing was the ad that popped up right after I started a station. I tried everything to close the ad but couldn’t. I wanted to see the station and/or go back to the app to look for a different station and I couldn’t. I had to completely shut down the app and go back into it. I will be deleting the app.
The Best!!!
PimpNerd on 3/18/2018
By Far The Best Scanner on The App Store. Gladly To Update To The Paid Edition.
Great little app. Better than expected.
Nipper314 on 3/18/2018
Works just like I hoped it would. Picks up everything I want to hear. Gives you access to other states which is at times is interesting.
Fatboyvtwin on 3/17/2018
A+...Great App!!!!!
Great app!
Mario8mycka! on 3/16/2018
This app is the best! Absolutely love it!
Stephen0905 on 3/11/2018
Great App
Tags 1962 on 3/9/2018
The best scanner app I’ve had so far
Police Scanner
Obama must go on 3/8/2018
Love it
Grandpa Greene on 3/8/2018
I’d like to be able to save my settings on my iPhone but I have to hit USA then state then County each time. Just to be able turn it on and start listening! Thanks.
Good app with a little extra
RRB2013 on 3/8/2018
This is more than just a police scanner. It has extra radio channels as well, which was a pleasant surprise. Recommended
An app that really exceeds expectations
DSB1107 on 3/8/2018
Compared to old days when you bought a scanner at Radio Shack for $50-100, had to spend another $20 for book that was always out date to find the frequency for your locality, this app maintains current frequencies for you. So it all the guess work out finding the right frequency. And in old days you could only listen stations in broadcast range, this one allows you listen any where in the world! Awesome app.
Cpr dave
C P R DAVE on 3/7/2018
Works great
Great app
ledhed5717 on 3/6/2018
Works really well. No issues on Gen 3 iPad.
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