Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 4.1 Apr 01, 2010 Jun 14, 2018 459.3 MB iOS 11.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.1

• Easily record, edit, and play audio directly in a spreadsheet.
• A new option in Settings > Numbers lets you use Apple Pencil to select and scroll
• Give charts a new look with rounded corners on columns and bars.
• Add mathematical equations using LaTeX or MathML notation.
• Enhance your documents with a variety of new editable shapes.
• Add gradient and image fills to shapes and text boxes.
• Easily browse templates by category.


Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. Created exclusively for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Numbers includes support for Multi-Touch gestures and Smart Zoom so you can create powerful spreadsheets using just your fingers.

Start with one of over 30 Apple-designed templates for your home budget, checklist, invoice, mortgage calculator, and more. Choose from over 250 powerful functions. Draw and write with Apple Pencil on supported devices, or use your finger. Tap to add tables, charts, text, and images anywhere on the free-form canvas. Touch and drag your finger to reorder columns and rows and to resize tables. Double-tap a cell to bring up the intelligent keyboard that helps you enter text, formulas, dates and times, or duration. Animate your data with interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts. And with an all-new calculation engine, Numbers is faster than ever before.

With iCloud built in, your spreadsheets are kept up to date across all your devices. And with real-time collaboration, your team will be able to work together at the same time on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch — even on a PC using iWork for iCloud.

Collaborate with others at the same time
• With real-time collaboration, your whole team can work together on a spreadsheet at the same time
• Collaboration is built right in to Numbers on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch 
• PC users can collaborate too, using Numbers for iCloud
• Share your document publicly or with specific people
• You can easily see who’s currently in the document with you
• View other people’s cursors to follow their edits
• Available on spreadsheets stored in iCloud or in Box

Get started quickly
• Over 30 Apple-designed templates give your spreadsheets a beautiful start
• Double-tap a cell to access the intelligent keyboard to add text, formulas, dates and times, and more
• New action menu keeps most common tasks one tap away
• Reorder columns and rows, and resize tables, with a touch and a drag
• Import and edit Microsoft Excel and CSV files
• Quickly open password-protected spreadsheets using Touch ID or Face ID on supported devices

Beautiful spreadsheets
• Place tables, charts, text, and images anywhere on the free-form canvas
• Update tables, charts, text, and images using beautiful preset styles
• Use donut charts to visualize data in an engaging new way
• Add an interactive image gallery to view a collection of photos
• Insert photos and video with the Media Browser
• Enhance your spreadsheets with a library of over 600 editable shapes
• Create a form to quickly enter data on the go
• Edit down to the pixel with rulers, alignment guides, and powerful graphics tools

Everything adds up. Beautifully
• Choose from over 250 powerful functions
• Get built-in help and sample formulas for each function
• Sort columns in ascending or descending order
• Hide or unhide rows and columns
• Insert gorgeous 2D and 3D charts
• Animate data with new interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts
• Change values in cells using sliders, steppers, checkboxes, pop-ups, and star ratings
• Easily add stock information to spreadsheets

• Turn on iCloud so you can access and edit your spreadsheets from your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and
• Access and edit your spreadsheets from a Mac or PC browser at with Numbers for iCloud
• Numbers automatically saves your spreadsheets as you make changes

Share a copy of your work
• Use AirDrop to send your spreadsheet to anyone nearby
• Quickly and easily share a link to your work via Mail, Messages, Twitter, or Facebook
• Export your spreadsheet to CSV, PDF, and Microsoft Excel

Some features may require Internet access; additional fees and terms may apply.
Numbers does not include support for some Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input features such as vertical text.

iPad Screenshots
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Only slightly better than 4.0 (fixed one and broke another)
ExcelFan on 6/19/2018
They finally fixed the catastrophic bug in text entry and time macros (between 3.xx and 4.0), but have created an export that is no longer Excel workbook compatible. The export now creates an “Export Summary” Tab that unlinks synched worksheets on a global basis. In addition, the Excel export generates an extra row in the original Tab1 which is now positioned as Tab2. I am not sure which patch generated the export problems, my group was not able to update from 3.xx to 4.xx until the text /time issues were fixed I am a heavy Numbers and Excel user supporting multiple iPad users. Requesting iWork to consider Beta testing. Their poorly thought out “enhancements” are killing us!
Malcolmsur180 on 6/17/2018
Apparently I cannot open ANYTHING AT ALL!!! There is something wrong with this app and I don’t understand why it’s not cooperating and needs to be fixed NOW!!!! When I go to open something from my iCloud or from my phone it will not let’s me open anything!!!!
Fix this bug please
ericmontana on 6/17/2018
I use this app on a daily basis, it’s great once you’ve figured it out but lately I’ve had problems opening pages. The only way to fix it right now is to restart my phone
From simple to complicated (update)
Good but needs ... on 6/17/2018
Update: Developer, I sent the feed back via link provided. Thank you for taking the time for reading our reviews. ————- Numbers used to be very simple and easy to select months, days or years, now you have to tap, tap, tap, tap... until you get to the month or day you want. You might say, we can enter the dates by numbers, but why? When in previous versions I could with 1 tap select January or December. Now if I want to go from, let’s say January 01, 2018 to December 2018 I have to tap “month” button 11 time! When in the past I would select “December” and done. This example applies to the the time as well. Apple has gone from making software as simple and as few taps possible to over complicated.
New update terrible
Mintbill_lover on 6/17/2018
Before the update I could easily press and drag objects on iPhone X to move them in the spreadsheet now it wants to do everything but that.
So happy I downloaded!
Sempil on 6/16/2018
Now if only it would allow me to make a spreadsheet
Solid feature set, responsive developers
Selvius on 6/15/2018
I’m happy to update, and say that the Apple Pencil works again as a fine selection tool, the “mouse” of the iPad, with just a flip of a switch in the Settings app. Thank you to the development team for listening and adapting! If you’re looking for an office suite that meets the majority of content creation needs, and aren’t locked into MS Office for one reason or another, then you can’t do better than the free, Apple iWork suite. It does what it is designed to do, and does it well. While MS Office is utilitarian at its core, iWork’s design embraces creativity and presentation at every level. It is much easier to create something that looks good in iWork than it is in Office. I’ve created simple advertisements in Pages on my iPad Pro, and sent them straight to the printer. On the flip side, some feature omissions limit iWork from being a five-star product. Most, you’ll likely never run into, as they’re useful to a small group of users. Others, though, like Numbers not having a hide/unhide key command, just don’t make sense. Ultimately, I recommend you give iWork a try, if you haven’t already. It’s free, so there’s nothing to lose, and you may well find you like it better for your uses than some of the paid alternatives.
Not wanted or needed, Apple doesn’t care
other choice was taken on 6/15/2018
This program takes forever on updating and I don’t even want it, but Apple doesn’t care as it can’t be deleted. Instead it stays on the phone using up Apple’s overpriced memory.
Several days to download
JDTYSON on 6/15/2018
The latest version finally installed on my iPad mini
Update / New Feature Nags an annoyance
cinderbike on 6/14/2018
Popups every few hours when an update is available are aggravating, but what is worse is the obnoxious ‘new feature’ highlighting that cannot be turned off. Very un-Apple like.
Perfect (Iraq)
احمد سعدي on 6/14/2018
5 stars for arabic language
Useless Just Like That
GreenShoop on 6/8/2018
Can’t change or add error bars to charts in the iPad version. Why not? Such a small feature, but not having it makes the app useless for me. Yet you can add ridiculous shapes to your spreadsheet. Yippee. This app is basically a toy and not something you can use seriously.
Broke the pencil
DWChristopher on 6/7/2018
I spent $100 extra for pinpoint accuracy and manipulation in HUGE spreadsheets and complex documents. Now I can draw in crayon on my spreadsheets but I have to zoom in super close to go back to awkward finger detection again. REALLY? Have you ever tried to extend a data reference block using those tiny dots and your FINGER? Maybe I will go back to excel after all....
Love the update
Deebrownman on 6/7/2018
I use numbers daily for business and personal use . Love the fact conditional formatting was added . Apple please give us pivot tables , pivot charts and the ability to create templates . At the moment I only have an IPAD which I do most of my work on . In the near future I hope to get a IMAC. Great release Apple I am pleased with what I can do . Regards Derek
Pen And Paper is Easier Than This...
G6plays on 6/5/2018
This is terrible. If your making a app for spreadsheets, you should make it so it's easy as pie to add a graph. After minutes of frustration, I couldn't find any way to edit data on a graph! It even says on the pictures on the app store, something like create graphs in just taps. This is not true. You need to step up your game Apple.
anar123 on 6/4/2018
I did the update and now I cannot access my files.😡
Love!!! Use for EVERYTHING
MissDarkness on 6/4/2018
I use this for every aspect of my life. Who needs “productivity apps”, when this thing is powerhouse and totally customizable for your every need!!! Similarly online apps that provide statistics cost $10 a month and more!!! I’m floored by this app and can’t recommend it enough! It can do so much more than you think! It will pay your taxes, clean your house, and bear your children: it can do all this and more!!! Just use it and use nothing more and you can actually be happy and make all your dreams come true (ahem this app is a great helper that is)
Worse update ever
Pressure Suit on 6/3/2018
4.01 no longer allows you to navigate with the pencil. Instead is permanently fixed for drawing without any way to turn the feature off. I use this app all day everyday for my small business and this is truly crippling. 👎🏻
Worser and worser
SheerQ on 6/2/2018
Typically with each iteration and update, a software program becomes better. In the Tim Cook bizarro Apple world, however, Numbers gets worse and worse with each update. Currently it is borderline unusable.
Doesn’t work at all on mobile
Jpaul25 on 6/1/2018
Thought I had a good thing going when using online, but nothing is working on the mobile device. I tried emailing the spreadsheet to my phone, but it will only pull up a non-writable image. Tried cutting my losses and using the app to write my hours of work again on the phone, but the app won’t even allow me to generate a new spreadsheet. What changed?! This use to be very simple and easy to use across all my devices, but now is only available online using chrome or safari
Torfanmex on 5/29/2018
If the language of your iPad is set to English and you want to write something in Spanish all the words will be underlined as misspelled even whe the keyboard is in Spanish.
New update faulty
d.guig on 5/28/2018
Cannot open files with the new update
Garbage app designed by idiots
Joe123#45#67#89 on 5/24/2018
This app occasionally has a usable format. Once you finally make the app somewhat usable. Some idiot does an update and turns it into garbage and you cant go back and use the old, better version. I used to think cancer was a tragic thing. Now I think some people have earned getting cancer.
Where’s my stuff?
Peter jalapeño on 5/22/2018
Update deleted my work spreadsheets.
Apple pencil
Don Benson on 5/22/2018
Can’t understand why they took away the Apple pencil. You can still use it for drawing but who does that on a spread sheet. A lot of users upgraded to the Ipad pro because of the pencil.
Needs adjustments
Timinater on 5/15/2018
The app is good, however its not the most intuitive. I was just trying to edit an average by adding another column to the equation and it was way too much work to do so. I ended up nixing the whole column, which is unfortunate. That’s just one example of Numbers not being the most user-friendly and simple to figure things out.
Most uniform spreadsheet app
a1n2d3y7 on 5/12/2018
You can tell somebody put a lot of time into this app. It’s consistent between iPhone, iPad and Mac — but it’s uniform and feels nice when switching devices. It’s uniformity blows me given it’s so clean across platforms
MACK 2 on 5/12/2018
The Fastest TO DO / TASK LIST out there. Sort: Numerically Alphabetically and/or Manually, at any location on the list. Use any Font. Type each Entry as long as you want. Color Code any Text or Field. I’ve used 5 of the top selling To Do Lists and now prefer the “latest” Numbers. Who would’ve guessed this would have happen?
Horrible. Complete Redo needed. This is like worst than Microsoft Works
E Wash on 5/11/2018
Everton I click with the Apple Pencil does not mean I want to draw. Maybe I or another individual need to use the pencil but can't. Take a few notes from excel. This was rough. But you needed to hear it. Good luck.
D.gable on 5/11/2018
Worst app ever! I thought it was great my first day creating a spreadsheet. Then I opened it the second day and now I am unable to open the spreadsheet I created. It will not let me create a new folder. It will not even let me navigate back from the location window. I have to close the app out completely!! I think they let a few newly learning middle school kids develop this app!
New version is unusable on iPhone 8+
Mr. Cesium on 5/7/2018
If you write a lot of formulas stay clear of this newest version! Writing / editing new functions are impossible on an iPhone due to all the options getting stuck behind the keyboard. This went from my million dollar app to useless in one update!!! 🤬
Numbers update
CaVeBu on 5/5/2018
The update won’t upload to my IPhone 6. Not a good start
I feel pretty confident but
TheAutoAlly on 5/4/2018
Why is this app so hard to use. I shouldn’t need to google how to do something
Better than nothing
Sharm_020 on 5/4/2018
I love this product. I was able to do simple calculations for my travel planner and budgeting. Once you get a hang of it, this product is very easy to use. Easy access on my planners and it doesn’t take minutes rather than using something else on the computer. I’m really enjoying this app on my tablet and I’m definitely keeping this. I recommend this to people who are adapt in using modern techs!
Latest version not downloading
Dave the duke on 5/3/2018
Tried to download latest version today. It’s stuck halfway downloaded, so now I have no Numbers.
Does integer math when I need it to do floating point math
Sheldon N. Disguise on 5/3/2018
Does integer math when I need it to do floating point math
User Review
Username is nottaken on 5/3/2018
Loss of important features from earlier versions. Now the next step is to find something better
Apple Pencil is now absolutely useless.
rjusq on 5/3/2018
As so many users have been complaining, beginning with Ver. 4.0 the Automatic (Mandatory?)Drawing feature renders my beautiful Apple Pencil valueless as a precision selection tool. I had hoped it was an oversight and would be remedied in the first update, but alas - 4.0.1 and no joy. It makes Numbers very unappealing to use on my iPad Pro. I use the Pencil often as a drawing tool, but not in a spreadsheet. Give us the option to turn it off, please.
Pranav4569 on 5/3/2018
This app is nice in my opinion. While there are others that are good, numbers is great.
Solid app.. but..
JasonTM1 on 5/2/2018
Solid app but missing several features that keep me from moving to it full-time. 1- Cannot hide rows or columns that contain merged cells, even when those cells are completely contained within the selection to be hidden. 2- No option to print notes from cells to be printed. Other features I would like to see: -Option to print the currently selected area. -After selecting a range, the shortcuts for Sum/Average/Etc should show the result. Sometimes you want to quickly know the result without actually pasting it into the sheet.
Apple Pencil support mangled
sumnerg on 5/1/2018
After recent update Apple Pencil can’t be used as a stylus. It can only be used to draw. After drawing you’ve got to put down the pencil and tap with finger. Virtually unusable now.
What happened
meeee4ee3 on 5/1/2018
Numbers & pages have been SO slow since the last update on my 8 plus. They’re virtually unusable.
Apple Pencil change ruins it!
05Edge on 4/27/2018
I’ve been using Numbers regularly for 5 years and was very excited to get the iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil for better cell selection. The latest update ruins my Numbers experience because I can no longer use the Apple Pencil for anything other than drawing. Who wants to draw in Numbers? This is a spreadsheet application and I should be able to disable this “feature”. I submitted this in Apple feedback a few weeks ago. Hopefully they will listen.
Critan king on 4/27/2018
It is ok but really glitchy I wrote a story on it but the next day it was not there! Also it takes up a lot of iPhone storage😭😤😠😡🤬 nope
Thisgirlstolemyname on 4/24/2018
did not put in the data right & ended up being terribly wrong malfunction ? idk .
Draw crap on it, useless now
mjchap on 4/24/2018
Hate the draw crap on my numbers, cant get it to NOT come up every time i touch the ipad!! Fix this so we have an option at least.. is this foe 5 yr olds or adults trying to be productive?
Too difficult to learn
Simon Ed on 4/24/2018
Another pretty apple product that is essentially useless because it’s not intuitive. So sick of Apple’s ‘half the fun is *discovering* all the cool features we’ve hidden away somewhere because we know you have nothing better to do than waste your time as a loyal devotee of our brand. Not cool in general, and especially in a productivity app. I guess Excel was and always will be the killer app.
Works for my needs
TroLi10 on 4/18/2018
Update: The developer Team reached out to me to provide them with information to analyze what was causing the app’s problems. It was quite a bit of “wrangling” the program on my part, but I understand their need for internal system info. During the days I was gearing up to do this “info dump” to them, an iOS update was released that fixed the app’s issue! Problem solved and I didn’t have to play “techie for a day.” I use it infrequently, but it works for my needs. With this newest update, I can see all of my spreadsheets, but when I try and open them, it says “file not found.” When I try and delete them, it says “file not found.” I’ve tried opening both the Numbers and the Excel versions of each file. I’ve also tried to select and share to my iPhone...that just brings up a blank screen. I have a year old iPad and the latest iOS update and have not experienced problems with any other apps. What is going on?!?!
Looked promising at first.
Madragongirl on 4/16/2018
The app looks very promising at first. I started to ya the ‘shared expenses’ template and everything went well until I tried to enter the dollar amounts for ‘contribution’ and all hell broke loose. A group of people in my family ‘contributed’ towards our vacation expenses this coming Christmas and it would have been such a useful app if it had worked !
Pencil needs a toggle switch
Mewhirter on 4/15/2018
UPDATE: Just noticed that Microsoft Excel for iPad has a toggle switch in the iPad app settings to turn the Apple Pencil always draw feature off. Come on Apple, please up your game. I like to brag about how much better you are than Microsoft, yet they are clearly beating you on this one (and with your own Pencil feature at that). Downgrading my 3 star rating to a 1 star rating until you fix his issue. Please do so quickly. ORIGINAL: For the most part, I love numbers. I use it daily. It has worked great for my purposes. But with the last update, they added the ability to draw on the spreadsheet with Apple Pencil. Nice feature but there is no ability to turn it off and use the pencil as I have been (to click and highlight/drag cells, etc.) Now everytime the tip of my pencil touches the sheet it draws a line. I hate that. With my iPad Pro, the pencil gave me the reach to get cells in the middle of the screen without slowing me down. Please add a toggle switch to switch between draw mode and the old functionality and I will be back to 5 stars. I used pencil the most with numbers and now I can’t use it at all.
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