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Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. Created exclusively for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Numbers includes support for Multi-Touch gestures and Smart Zoom so you can create powerful spreadsheets using just your fingers.

Start with one of over 30 Apple-designed templates for your home budget, checklist, invoice, mortgage calculator, and more. Choose from over 250 powerful functions. Tap to add tables, charts, text, and images anywhere on the free-form canvas. Touch and drag your finger to reorder columns and rows and to resize tables. Double-tap a cell to bring up the intelligent keyboard that helps you enter text, formulas, dates and times, or duration. Animate your data with interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts. And with an all-new calculation engine, Numbers is faster than ever before.

With iCloud built in, your spreadsheets are kept up to date across all your devices. And with real-time collaboration, your team will be able to work together at the same time on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch — even on a PC using iWork for iCloud.

Collaborate with others at the same time
• With real-time collaboration, your whole team can work together on a spreadsheet at the same time
• Collaboration is built right in to Numbers on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch 
• PC users can collaborate too, using Numbers for iCloud
• Share your document publicly or with specific people
• You can easily see who’s currently in the document with you
• View other people’s cursors to follow their edits

Get started quickly
• Over 30 Apple-designed templates give your spreadsheets a beautiful start
• Double-tap a cell to access the intelligent keyboard to add text, formulas, dates and times, and more
• New action menu keeps most common tasks one tap away
• Reorder columns and rows, and resize tables, with a touch and a drag
• Import and edit Microsoft Excel and CSV files using Mail, a WebDAV service, or iTunes File Sharing
• Quickly open password-protected spreadsheets using Touch ID on supported iPhones

Beautiful spreadsheets
• Place tables, charts, text, and images anywhere on the free-form canvas
• Update tables, charts, text, and images using beautiful preset styles
• Insert photos and video with the Media Browser
• Create a form to quickly enter data on the go
• Edit down to the pixel with rulers, alignment guides, and powerful graphics tools

Data uncrunched
• Choose from over 250 powerful functions
• Get built-in help and sample formulas for each function
• Sort columns in ascending or descending order
• Hide or unhide rows and columns
• Turn filters on and off in imported spreadsheets
• Insert gorgeous 2D and 3D charts
• Animate data with new interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts
• Change values in cells using sliders, steppers, checkboxes, pop-ups, and star ratings
• Easily add stock information to spreadsheets
• Use Undo to go back through your previous changes

• Turn on iCloud so you can access and edit your spreadsheets from your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and
• Access and edit your spreadsheets from a Mac or PC browser at with Numbers for iCloud
• Numbers automatically saves your documents as you make changes

Share a copy of your work
• Use AirDrop to send your spreadsheet to anyone nearby
• Quickly and easily share a link to your work via Mail, Messages, Twitter, or Facebook
• Export your spreadsheet to CSV, PDF, and Microsoft Excel
• Use “Open in Another App” to copy spreadsheets to apps such as Dropbox
• Print wirelessly with AirPrint, including a single tab, or all tabs

Some features may require Internet access; additional fees and terms may apply.
Numbers does not include support for some Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input features such as vertical text.

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Can’t even open numbers now
Jfinj on 1/20/2018
I am not sure if it was lost with the collaboration portion they were trying to implement. I can’t even open my own file across devices. It seems like it likes my iPad and that is it. If I want to open on one of my iPhones it’s a crap shoot. Sometimes it will, most of the time it won’t. What’s the deal? Notice my use of Apple devices. This is what I loved about Apple. It was seamless across everything. Now just buggy like Microsoft.
iPad 2
Markdzn on 1/20/2018
I'm using an apple produce, iPad 2, and apple numbers app is not compatible? Using google sheets again, I know that works fine.
Please add Arabic language
عزيز ابو محمد on 1/20/2018
Please add Arabic language نرجو اضافة اللغة العربية
A-12 924 on 1/20/2018
This application is broken again. I am unable to access my spreadsheets from my phone this week. Last week I could access but could not make changes. Each week a new malfunction. Broken.
Failed Basic File Download
Mitini on 1/19/2018
I use Numbers on my MBP. Works fine. Tried to use the app on an ipad mini to download a checklist in xlsx format to take into field. Checklist in Dropbox. App was unable to download and open the file. Went into endless spinning circle on file. Unable to halt and exit failed process. App deleted. Will use pencil and paper to get the work done and do data entry on MBP later. (Numbers has no problem opening same file on MBP)
aLqUi84 on 1/19/2018
Won’t let me create a spreadsheet
Nathan99999999999999999 on 1/13/2018
When I first open the app on my iPad after downloading it and I select “create spreadsheet” and then select a template all it does is sit there and have loading icon spinning. I’ve left it sit there for hours and nothing happens. Then I close it and re open it, and click on the plus icon and nothing happens. I have re downloaded it about 6 times and the same thing happens every time.
no stars should be an option ....
jfkilbi on 1/12/2018
this app has become absolutely worthless!! since the new update, i can't open ANY of my documents. some were new, some were old but it doesn't matter, can't open any them. now i'm going to have to try to redo ALL of them with another app that actually f*cking works!!! to add to that, it won't let me share any of the spreadsheets. been getting the same bs 'check your connections' box for three days ....
Glitchy sheets
Rob in sj on 1/10/2018
Glitchy with multiple sheets. When u are working on sheet 1, and go to sheet 2 tab, then click down to enter data, sheet will jump back to sheet 1. You will have to click sheet tab multiple times before actually being allowed to edit other sheets. Waste of time
Where you expecting Excel?
B0C12 on 1/9/2018
This is not Excel. Excel is the best by far. This is for native iOS feel and abilities for quick and easy spreadsheets. It works wonders with iOS and smart device form factors. Use it for basic native tasks, but don’t expect Excel
Lost , can’t depend on numbers any more
FL no name on 1/9/2018
All my work is missing. It’s a treasure hunt now😩
Jbfurey on 1/9/2018
I’ve set up personal budgeting on this app twice. After two years - everything is gone. I rebuilt the spreadsheet last month with 3 years data - this morning it’s gone again. Apple your Numbers app is ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS.
Vulgar demos on 1/8/2018
Despite not having the same functionality as the macOS version, this is a great way to make simple edits.
Work grayed out
djivan on 1/7/2018
All my work is greyes out and is asking to update but I am running the latest version of app and IOS. No Access to All of My Work.
Not good anymore.
Mama Inday on 1/6/2018
This app used to be easy to use. Unfortunately the update has actually made it difficult and confusing to use. I guess they never heard the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Please, please, please, change it back so I don’t have to switch to quick books.
Where’s my files?
S-do-crazy on 1/6/2018
It seems like there is a decline in program quality from apple. And since its founder cannot not get them out of this one, i feel like this company is heading for failure. GET WITH IT! Apple is not just about its hardware, its about its software as well. Regarding Numbers... it has failed miserably. The files I once had on my IPad are now un accesible. FIX IT or drop out of the software business. DO NOT GIVE OUT AN UPDATE IF IT WILL CAUSE MORE ISSUES THAN IT SOLVES!
Loss data.
falj51 on 1/5/2018
For two years I have been placing data in NUMBERS without any problems. All of a sudden I download and update 11.? And BINGO no more data I cannot open or place data in NUMBERS. What can I do to retrieve the lost data.
Needs an update!
Graciej31 on 1/3/2018
I loved this app. I used it to manage my bills payments and dates they where due. After the update it stopped loading my spreadsheets! This need to be fixed!
Lost years of data due to version update
DW9433 on 1/3/2018
Numbers most recent update caused ipads to lose access to spreadsheets. I called Numbers and they have no fix ECD and no plan to undo the update. Numbers work around is for me to buy a PC and somehow down load my data from Numbers to the PC and then reload from the PC to my ipad. I lost years of financial data.
Do not trust your data to this app - Lost my spreadsheet!
KDL & MSS on 1/3/2018
In addition to the frustrating UI and keyboard changes, I updated 2 days ago and my main spreadsheet is simply gone. I’ve lived out of this spreadsheet for years, all my work is gone. Absolutely demoralizing. Do not trust your data to this app, it’s no longer viable.
Always loved it.
MattAAron1 on 1/2/2018
Always loved numbers, nothing beats seamlessly using 1 program across any device I’m using (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV, etc)
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Or, is there?!
AstroPaul on 1/1/2018
Yay! They brought back the Duration-Time entry keypad— spiffily, too! The Today entry returns, but needs only one step; hours and minutes are here again, but, alas, require typing h and m! But, at least, the keypad is back and shows up when one has tapped a cell with a duration. The previous “new and improved” version was a disaster— see old review below. I include it here, so you can see I was a bona fide critic. Given recent improvements, I upped my rating from 1 to 4 stars. Not 5 stars because floating buttons are still not a great interface; there STILL is no trend line (!) (see #7 below); and Fill and Create Chart are still not back in the pop up menu, but hidden inside Cell Actions. As I go through the old review, I’ll post again as to what has been fixed and what overlooked! In the meantime, though, I rescind my do not upgrade warning! —- P.S. Sadly, I must drop the rating down to 3 stars. Bizarrely, when one is entering formulas, one is still shown an alphabetic, QWERTY keyboard and NOT the numeric keyboard! Really, Apple?! Come on! Don't any of the Numbers developers use spreadsheets? (See #3 below.) Hint: After tapping the = sign to enter a formula, we want the numeric keypad, not the QWERTY one, so we can enter NUMBERS —Numbers, get it?! :-) We want one-tap access to each number. We do NOT want to do a counterintuitive, *drag down* action to enter a number that is barely visible (faint grey) and is *above* the letter! Other issues remain (see below). Please fix! Note: Given you are responding to reviews here, we should NOT be asked to resubmit our critiques to a feedback page! Just fix what's been described in the reviews! -— Old Review I made the mistake of upgrading Numbers on one of our i-devices. We will not be upgrading it on any of our others! What is going on out there in Cupertino?! 🙇 I wrote a long detailed review to post, but I'm not going to bother. Instead, I'll post a couple of the worst changes. If anyone at Apple still cares, they should contact me for the full review. Tim, you need to get someone in charge of software design who knows what he (or she) is doing. Instead of Numbers looking like a classic, elegant piece of Apple software, this reeks of a middle-schooler's failed programming attempt! 😰 Numbers was always a bit quirky, but this upgrade fixed none of the problems and instead introduced a convoluted mess of an interface! Here are the major issues: 1. The floating buttons are a distraction that cover up charts and cells. Worse, they disappear and reappear haphazardly in gelatinous animations that are visually distracting. Numbers has turned into a game of Whack-a-Mole -- where one is perpetually trying to figure which button to press! 2. The standard, marvelous pop-up menu with Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Fill, Create Chart is gone! Now, those functions are scattered about, making it hard for the user to remember what is where or find them. 3. Tap a cell now, and up comes a TEXT entry keyboard! Yet, most of the time we are entering *data* -- as in numbers (get it? Pun intentional!) -- or, merely wanting to copy the cell's formula. Making things worse, if a cell is already formatted for data or dates, you still get the TEXT keyboard. 4. Sending away controls is even more inconsistent than before. In some cases, it's a down arrow; in others, it's an out-of-the-way Done button in the upper left corner. In still others, it's unclear what is happening! In places where one expects a down arrow, there is a left arrow! 5. Gone is the spiffy, all-in-one formula, number, date, text, data entry keypad. A stripped down version is buried, but good luck finding it. 6. The Duration keypad is gone! In fact, there is no longer an easy way of entering days, hours, minutes. That has broken several of our spreadsheets! 7. After more than 6 years, you still haven't added a Trend Line for charts! Yet, that's such a fundamental, invaluable feature of spreadsheets, it's now hard to take Number seriously. It's an insult to your users. 8. Instead of Numbers being intuitive, you now have to stop and think first about what you are doing -- and where and how you should tap. Am I doing data entry? (Though, which type of entry?) Am I operating in a cell or on it? (Though that's different from formatting it!) If I'm doing a fill, is that entering information or operating on a cell? 9. Even then, there are problems! The Cell icon is a mishmash. It includes data entry shortcuts --and those more readily accessible than under the Keyboard -- which is where data entry takes place. Why does the Cell pop-up not have short cuts for Bold, Underline, and Borders? 10. One now gets trapped in confusing cycles of different commands and different display interfaces, with overlapping or buried options. Before, you just tapped the same place to bring up controls. That made sense. You shouldn't have to keep moving your attention back-and-forth, having to deal with ever changing displays and choices, especially with the same control showing up in different places and represented by different symbols or text. Jef Raskin, Andy Hertzfeld, Steve Jobs, and Bill Atkinson would know exactly what I'm taking about! As I said: What is going on out there in Cupertino?! 🙇 Apple, you should learn and take the Hippocratic oath to heart -- and apply it to all your software redesign efforts: "First, do no harm!" Then, dig up a copy of the venerable Human Interface Guidelines and memorize and follow them! Transparency, consistency, simplicity, focused field of action, sensible location, and intuitive controls, among others, should define the experience. Overhaul the various OSs and apps! Bring back the magic and joy! Fortunately, as I mentioned, we upgraded Numbers on only one of our devices. We won't be upgrading it on any others and, sadly, will start looking for another spreadsheet.
Getting worse all the time
Marise silva on 12/31/2017
It is only me who is having trouble with this app? I have used it for years and now I cannot open anything at all! To work, print, edit, etc... either difficult or impossible! Please fix it!
superlarry on 12/29/2017
Please let me install on my iPad Mini, even if it's an older version!
Doesn’t work
Frankie Bernardo on 12/29/2017
Blank screen. I’ve reboot, I’ve deleted app and reinstalled. It loads up and goes blank. Waste of time.
So after years of frustration
3MacMinis on 12/28/2017
I will get an inexpensive Windows laptop and run Excel. Numbers could have been, and should have been, much better by now, especially given the power of the latest i-devices. I don’t know what Apples logic is here, but it seems that they want this app to die on the vine. Sad. And it still doesn’t find a number of stocks by ticker (ex: PCM Fund) or prices for others (BGX) which are all easily found using other apps. Numbers is a “dogs breakfast...”! Pitiful! It’s apps like this that make others call the iPad a “toy”.
Update Erased File
teemley on 12/27/2017
The recent update seems to have erased my budget document so that it doesn’t appear in browse. It appears in recent, but can’t be opened.
Can’t open documents!!!
Njkrz84 on 12/26/2017
Since the new update I have not been able to open any of the documents with in the app. Do not update yet!!
Never play it not a fan really
Porglover:3 on 12/26/2017
It’s a great helper but I can’t stand it! It’s so glitchy when you click on search it kicks me off! Please fix the glitches in this app but it’s for a good use sorry about my rating.Also I’m not educated kid yet I’m not even in middle school!!! I just have to delete Sorry but I don’t use😑😑😑
Regret x 1000 on 12/25/2017
Latest version makes it impossible to collaborate if you have an older device. Glad I spent $800 on a new iPad in 2013 for it to be totally obsolete and incompatible with default Apple software four years later. Great demonstration of Apple's unethical business practices - entice people with sleek new products, only to render them useless by slowing them down and refusing to add backwards compatibility to new products. One can rest assured that their Apple device has a maximum shelf life of a year before planned obsolescence kicks in. GFYS Apple.
Horrible user interface
johnnydangr on 12/24/2017
Apple has no idea how to design a user interface for a spreadsheet. First they hide the formula bar. Seriously. You cannot see the formula in a cell until you go to edit it. There is no way to copy anything but numbers and formulas. You cannot copy a format for example. The interface elements are scattered, nonsensical and not useful. But is suppose it may be considered pretty, if useless. There isn’t even a trend line option. Feedback to Apple is largely ignored. Unless there have been a lot of people asking for Numbers to be dumbed down and lose as much functionality as possible.
NikCubi on 12/21/2017
Please add the fonts that are on my computer to work on my phone
Moest64 on 12/21/2017
I did love this app now after latest update I can’t open any of my documents. Apple isn’t maintaining their reliability with this update. Fix this update Apple. Now I can only open documents through the files app but can’t access them though numbers app.
Lost spreadsheet
AmherstGuy on 12/19/2017
“Someone” updated the software and my spreadsheet is not longer there. Not worth the problems.
marvelousdarlng on 12/19/2017
I had been using this app for work and when I updated it erased all my work I would not recommend this app for anything important
iOS update the worst ever.
Roddy C. on 12/19/2017
Just wanted to say here since I don’t know where else I can review this. Your iOS 11 update is the worst thing ever. Everything has slowed since I downloaded the new version but everything was so laggy and not functions properly. I keep downloading the minor update of this version hoping you’d fix the problem but never did. Seems like Android is catching up watch out Apple.
Crashes on startup
raved on 12/18/2017
Just crashes on startup. Also Pages and Keynote. reply to dev resp: ok that suport page (PH25420) was for macos sierra and had nothing to do w/Numbers on iOS
Andtant on 12/16/2017
Every update makes this worse. A simple function such as making type BOLD has been ruined. Thanks
Can’t access old documents
dfoxmi on 12/15/2017
I’m trying to open a file from a couple of months ago and I can’t. I can’t share it. I can’t do anything with it except rename it.
Can no longer open documents
cjshwee on 12/14/2017
I recently posted a 1-Star review about this very same issue happening to me with Pages. Well now I can no longer open documents on Numbers. I’ve spent a lot of time working on my spreadsheets and now I fear they’re just deleted. These “iWork” apps are garbage. Stay FAR away. I hope they issue an update soon.
Where are my files?!?!
Pkinla on 12/13/2017
What happened to my files?? They’ve disappeared. New update screwed everything up. Fix this. Extremely upset.
Once was very good
rdp50 on 12/13/2017
Finally, I thought, a spreadsheet program / app that was fairly straight forward and easy AND it worked through the cloud on my tablet and phone. The latest iOS update killed all the functionality and ease of use. Apple: Are you listening? This app has dropped significantly in user stars.
Lost usefulness with recent revision
Jrb1jrb on 12/12/2017
I had finally got to point of learning and using this app. Then they changed it all up. Completely unusable on an iPad. Much better to pay Microsoft 7$ a month to use excel. Numbers is worthless. Job’s would have fired a bunch of folks.
This is BS
HollJR on 12/12/2017
My iPad mini will no longer let me update the software and now I can't even download this app at all because my iPad apparently isn't *NEW* enough. It's a catch 22 way of trying to force people to buy new devices. I would love to be able to download an older version of the app that IS compatible with my iPad or to be able to update the software on my 2014 iPad mini. I mean I've only had it for 3 years. It's appalling that this $800 tablet is already becoming unusable. To make things worse, I can't put this app on my iPad from my computer bc iTunes no longer manages apps. Shame on you Apple!
Numbers no longer useable
Ts Williams on 12/12/2017
Not sure what Apple did but this app no longer functions on an iPhone after the last update. Somebody missed the mark on this. Unfortunately seems to be Apples forte these days - poor execution. Disappointed.
Force touch
Heather7936 on 12/9/2017
On the old version I would force touch and my recent file would be there to click. Since the new update and iOS 11 it’s not. It was literally the only thing I used force touch for and I miss it. Now I have to wait for the app to open to click the file and the wait again for it load. It used to just be the one step to load the file.
Spreadsheets won’t open
JennCritchley on 12/8/2017
The app open just fine and I can see my spreadsheets on my iCloud but it won’t open the them to view/edit them.
Don’t fix what isn’t broken!
Jazzernaut on 12/8/2017
This was a simple spreadsheet app that I used frequently and had a lot of information in. Since the last update, it’s harder to navigate and I’ve lost all my spreadsheets! Where did my documents go?!!! Update: The provider sent me a link with help to use the iCloud drive and recover my files. Thank you! That didn’t help at all!!! You still get one star! I have icloud set up and my documents still aren’t showing up. The point is why does it have to go to the icloud anyways? I don’t want my info just floating around on the internet. I want it on my hard drive where it is secure! Was a great app, but now is still an awful app! How about this time you send me a phone number to talk to a rep instead of a link you ignorantly assume will help?!
App keeps freezing losing work!
Rvs2280 on 12/8/2017
I’m not a big tech person, but I use this app often, after all the latest “updates” this app keeps freezing and doesn’t save work, sometimes I have to turn off the iPad Pro. It’s starting to get frustrating with all the apple products.
Completely useless
Jp0916 on 12/7/2017
Hope you’re not planning on doing any actual data analysis on this app
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