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Netflix has something for everyone. There’s even a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment.

How does Netflix work?

• Netflix adds TV shows and movies all the time. Browse titles or search for your favorites.
• The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies that you’ll love—just for you.
• You can create up to five individual profiles within a single Netflix account. Profiles allow different members of your household to have their own personalized Netflix experience built around the movies and TV shows they enjoy.
• Instantly stream on iOS devices or on the web.

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iPad Screenshots
RamonaEliza on 7/21/2017
OMG, The Elevator Music Is Killing Me!
PagodaGirl2 on 7/21/2017
Please give us an option to turn OFF the very irritating Muzak that accompanies the new Netflix screen saver, or better yet, the option to turn the promotional screen saver off entirely which, by the way, has jacked up my internet bill significantly! Are you in cahoots with the internet providers?
River.Byrn on 7/21/2017
Why is Pretty little Liars 7B not out yet, Netflix?? I don't know but it's ticking me off because it said it would come out on July 20, 2017. It's July 21, 2017 and it's still not out yet. Please add it. I'm dying in here and everywhere when I don't have PLL.
When is pretty little liars coming? on 7/21/2017
Hi Netflix I was waiting for "pretty little liars" season 7b to come out since yesterday and it still haven't come out. So when is it coming out?
Connection Issues
BMW122093 on 7/21/2017
This is the only app I struggle to get connected to my chrome cast. It usually takes 4+ attempts, if it connects at all. I know it isn't my wifi or chrome cast having the problem, because Hulu always connects right away. I hope Netflix fixes this issue, because it seems to get worse with each update.
Chrome cast isn't working
Carolm1 on 7/21/2017
Please, fix it asap.
La mejor
BUDDYGLASSES on 7/21/2017
Esta aplicación es muy buena a la hora de ver películas, obviamente si se tiene una cuenta que es lo que se pide principalmente, pero en si toda su estructura como App es genial! No sé porque la gente no le da una buena calificación, de pronto puede ser porque ojalá se pudiera ver muchas más películas y series pero como no se torna aburrida, pero en si es excelente !
Idkrandomusername on 7/21/2017
Lot of bugs
H,S,J on 7/21/2017
Who does not love app where you can watch your favorite shows and movies at anytime you want does even matter I love this app
Loving it but please change some things
Madcurlyfry on 7/21/2017
I am currently loving Netflix but I would love it even more if you added some new shows and movies. Some things that I recently looked for but couldn't find were: iCarly, Hannah Montana, and Victorious from Disney and Nickalodan. Some movies I looked for recently and couldn't find were the Hunger Games and And Catching Fire. I believe Netflix had some of these shows and movies before and then they disappeared. I would love it if you would add some of these back in to Netflix. Thank you.
Works fairly well
Samsquatch1234 on 7/21/2017
There are lots of movies and TV shows to choose from and I have enjoyed many of them thoroughly. However, the app no longer lets me switch accounts which is somewhat frustrating
Like it but they could add
Itaijja on 7/21/2017
I like it but they could add a 10 sec fast forward
Not recommended
Zavros- on 7/21/2017
Netflix used to be fine, but they have removed too many of their good shows & movies, and keep promoting these garbage "Netflix originals". Unless you're planning to have multiple people use the account, don't even bother paying the monthly fee.
achente on 7/21/2017
Ik y'all are very busy but I finished S1 of sao in a single day can you hook me up w season 2 thanks fam 💁🏼
I am old but loves this app
Mayito19 on 7/21/2017
I am old but not too old to enjoy this app it is good for all ages. It's so easy to use and entertains me for hours. So in conclusion this app is amazing 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
The Duck! on 7/21/2017
When the rest of pll coming on
Hdksvalagsfjsgeuehvwriw on 7/20/2017
No Bluetooth
sweetsallyfay13 on 7/20/2017
I love the app for streaming to chromecast. And download content it is easy. I recent was traveling and found their is no way to use my Bluetooth head phones well watching the down load or not down load content. This needs to be fixed asap
Celeste.Rosteet on 7/20/2017
It needs to keep up with all he horse shows especially heartland and it needs more shows I love although
The crusher 32 on 7/20/2017
Chromecast connection
MaryGuz12 on 7/20/2017
I have the last update of the app, however, this doesn't work with my Chromecast... It doesn't have the icon to connect to it! My friend hasn't update the same and still works with the Chromecast... Please fix it as it isn't a Chromecast issue!
Chromecast stopped working after last update
xenale94 on 7/20/2017
Not seeing cast icon anymore on iOS fix it
iiKemosabe on 7/20/2017
Every time I shut down Netflix on my iPad and then get back on it doesn't save what show or episode I was watching I watch supernatural all the time and I'm on season 12 ep 1 but every time I boot it up it makes me pick what season and what episode to watch it keep taking me back to season 10 idk what the problem is but it's kind of annoying.
More shows please
Purple star kitty girl on 7/20/2017
Please add dog with a blog, gravity falls, Elena of avalor, A.N.T farm! Like seriously add them back please they are my favorite shows. Also It wont let me go into my account, it goes to my moms. I want to go on MY account
Hannah Montana
Camisgayaf on 7/20/2017
Add back hannah montana 😭
App can't start itself
Bananna1357 on 7/20/2017
Netflix gives me an error every single time I try to play something. The only way to make it actually work is open the app and press play, wait for the error, close the app, use Hulu or something, and come back to Netflix again immediately after. Maybe the only solution is stick to Hulu? I've uninstalled and reinstalled, turned my wifi off and back on, turned my iPad off and on, and none of that helps.
Kittykat12120 on 7/20/2017
Pretty little liars was supposed to come out today and it still hasn't please release it soon
I deleted this because...
Bruh11305🙂🙂 on 7/20/2017
So I used to love Netflix until about a month ago,I updated it and it just wouldn't work like whenever I would tap on the app it would say 'Netflix' show the tiny circle and load and then it would take me out of the app! I didn't understand it because I was constantly powering my phone down and powering it back up! I was also resetting it! But it wouldn't work so I had to delete it. It was sad but it wasn't working and I had no idea what to do plus I have YouTube and all this other stuff now so BYE NETFLIX!!!!!! (Sorry)🙃
Doesn't sense Bluetooth anymore
Neoguardian on 7/20/2017
The latest update does not sense my Bluetooth x7 headphones when they're on and connected.
Needs a spoiler-free option for shows
Westheswitchfootfan on 7/20/2017
I wish there was a way to turn off the episode synopses and screenshots from episodes of tv shows. When you finish an episode, the next episode name and synopsis pops up often telling you crucial plot info that you might not want to know until watching the episode.
🌸pinkteears🌸 on 7/20/2017
Plss don't remove seasons from Glee
Kussely on 7/20/2017
Plssssss Don't remove any of the seasons of glee that's my favorite show to watch i love it to much for you to take it away plss don't remove any of the seasons plsss it's to important for me and meaningful so plsss have a heart and plss don't remove the seasons any on them just plsss don't if u read this help because this show is important to me so just don't remove it.
Gotten rid of its best shows
Funfunok on 7/20/2017
I really do like Netflix but I ahve gotten very upset with it recently because it has gotten rid of its most classic, famous, and begs shows like friends, the office, and American dad (and even more) They are now adding in new shows that aren't even funny/good. Disappointing.
App works well
Benosam123 on 7/20/2017
Lots of bad reviews for no good reasons
bobonewton on 7/20/2017
I love using Netflix I like watching the flash and supergirl
Netflix is my life
Katiecheerblue14214 on 7/20/2017
This is everything I need but I would like to have more shows that are the earlier years of Disney and nick for example the beloved kid shows that we all grew up with and some never got a chance to watch. For example Zac and Cody, I Carly, Sam and cat, zoey 101, drake and josh, Hannah Montana are a few examples of shows I think people who like a little tb would like. Also I see in the reviews that Netflix has not worked with chrome cast in the past but it works with mine almost all the time.
Chloe Tucker
ctucker23 on 7/20/2017
Great quality
I like this app
A person with a thought on 7/20/2017
Hey i currently live in Korea I'm am going to go back to the states in 28th of July and we do have Netflix here now but the internet in the apartment that I live in doesn't have good internet so most movies are tv shows I can't watch beacause I have slow internet i have to go on the internet and every time I do that I don't get as much shows and movies as I do with out the internet It does not allow me to watch some of the shows/movies if you can't do anything about it I understand. When are they going to have season 2 of Anne with an e
Bring them back
Neon_Softball_ on 7/20/2017
Since one of the previous updates some of my favorite shows were deleted. I would appreciate it you would bring back shows such as Hannah Montana and Wizards Of Waverly Place. Also, my current favorite show, Greys Anatomy, isn't available for download. I would really appreciate if it was because I go on a lot of road trips etc... Thank you for your time!
My only issue is.....
👉👈🙌👋✊👇👊 on 7/20/2017
My only problem is I would really love for teen wolf to be on Netflix all of the seasons please!!! Other than that it's great!!!
Ihateeveryonekaylie on 7/20/2017
I'm sick and tired of Netflix . I am honestly going to cancel my subscription. Netflix recently added a bunch of great movies , I even saved a lot of them to my list . I wake up this morning and all of a sudden they're gone?? This is nonsense , now Netflix is just it's boring old self again . Horrible
I like it but not
Pink pup 62234233 on 7/20/2017
You keep taking good shows on like bobs burgers and amarcan dad or full meatle acumast but u do put good stuff on but I like the good ones and up date ur tv shows
Add shows?
Shhejjneja on 7/20/2017
You should really add ER to Netflix I loved that show when I was younger and I want to binge watch it but now I can't. Also you should add Hannah Montana, suite life of zach and Cody, suite life on deck, icarly, drake and josh, and zoey 101..?? All of the good and funny shows aren't on Netflix and I really wish you could add them especially ER
RayBubba7 on 7/20/2017
They keep deleting my reviews that shows that they don't care. Had so many problems with the app, but they don't care to fix them at all. After few shows pop up saying are you watching, and get error most if the time even if the shows been downloaded!!!
Nice but want more shows
1 thing i hate about this game on 7/20/2017
I like it but you don't have a lot of the shows I like for example Pokémon it has only three seasons and two movies but some shows has all there seasons but ok anyway
I'm upset
LIV THE STAR on 7/20/2017
This app isn't five stars because they took away a couple of my favorite shows and movies so I think they should re add Hercules and hole in the wall because I can't get them anywhere else. If that didn't happen the this would be five stars so re add hole in the wall
Won't let me sign in
ClaireNichole on 7/20/2017
I can sign into the website, I can sign onto my tv, but the app won't let me sign in and it won't let me watch anything from the website on my phone. I use the same email and password on the site and seconds later try it on the app, "incorrect email or password" is all I get. Complete crap.
Movie ratings disappeared
Mikeeee14950201 on 7/20/2017
Netflix removed the star rating for movies and shows which has really made this streaming service less useful. One of the great things about Netflix is the opportunity to watch movies or shows you would have never gone out of your way to find a watch. But now that I can't see the ratings of a program, I don't watch things that I don't already know will be enjoyable. Even if I had never heard of a movie, if it had at least 3 stars, i would most likely give it a shot. Now that the stars are gone, I have no way of finding the good programs therefore I use the service much less.
rcadet02 on 7/20/2017
Keep deleting all the good movies and shows
New update doesn't work with chromecast on iPad
Mt. Madoriamus on 7/20/2017
The last few weeks the app has not worked on my chromecast. It has never been an issue before the update a month or so ago, but now it will not move beyond the "connecting to chromecast" before telling me there is an issue with Netflix and tells me try again later.
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