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App last updated Oct 31, 2017
New in version 6.2

This Sudoku update includes improvements and bug fixes


▻Sudoku is Sudoku with Point System, Runs, and Online Leaderboards. Discover the next evolution of Sudoku with amazing graphics, animations, and ease of use. This is a Sudoku like one you have never experienced before ;)

...Thousands of puzzles, all free. Top class puzzles with selectable level of difficulty :)
To the classic Sudoku, we added:

=> A smart point system, wherein your score is based on 1) the value of each number multiplied (at the time of its match) by a multiplier that decreases in time and 2) the value of each block, row, column multiplied (at the time of its completion) by the decreasing multiplier

=> Thanks to Game Center, you can now rank and compare Sudoku scores and achievements against friends and strangers

=> ▻Sudoku also counts the runs, that is, each uninterrupted sequence of games won, and adds them to the online leaderboards
In ▻Sudoku, you win a game when you solve a puzzle with 3 errors or less (we used this threshold to give a bit of slack for mis-tapping :) Also, you have a number of hints to help you play (more at the easy, less at the hard level). To fit any taste, you can choose between a lush tile look or a more classic board look :)
You gain access to medium level after you win the easy level 2 times consecutively, same for hard level (3 times)
What our testers are saying:

• "The game is perfect! I am really loving ▻Sudoku. It is very addicting and fun, absolutely the best sudoku I have ever played."
• "Fabulous! You turned me into a ▻Sudoku fan hook, line and sinker :)"
• "The gameplay of ▻Sudoku is great, very smooth."
• "Great app - love it! Well done! Love the start up sounds/music!"

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So fun
Ch18SG22 on 2/17/2018
It’s great! Try it
Great app!
ProfessorRaceFan on 2/17/2018
Addictive fun and easy to use.
It’s sudoku
MadaBooka on 2/17/2018
I like sudoku, so I like this game. It’s plain and simple. There are patterns you can change, so it’s nice to have a different layout. If you’re getting stuck, there are some hints, too. If you like sudoku, you like this game. Of course, if you're wrong, it’ll reject you. In a sense, that’s “cheating.” But, you can get more/less points based on your speed and accuracy. There’s different levels of difficulty, with flash being beginner level (I think), then the rest are explanatory.
Great app
leelizarraga on 2/16/2018
Best companion
Great app
Watigbi on 2/16/2018
Super exercise for the brain while passing time....
Sudoku Review
Ickthoid on 2/15/2018
This is one of the best Sudoku games played. I treasure it and play it nearly every single day. I like the challenge. I suggest you get this game downloaded and play it for yourself and accept the challenge. If you do not play how can you find out how much fun and challenging it is.
Nice game BUT
earbuddude on 2/15/2018
I had this on my original iPad. I paid for the ad free version. Bought the 2017 iPad and now I have a distracting banner ad at the bottom. Is it greed? Is it a glitch? Is it deliberate? Who knows? Just glad I was asked to update my review from 5 to 1 star. I hate ads.
Schizoid75 on 2/15/2018
I always come back to this game. Very well done.
Great game
PikaKika on 2/14/2018
Love this game not only for the fun it provides, but also for the mental challenge.
Treat me Rough on 2/13/2018
Great game. Hate to put it down!
Sudoku was good at first but than nothing but ads
Michael Doelger on 2/13/2018
Keeps telling me I have won $1000.00 gift card from Amazon and it’s all a lie. Fuc You Sudoku.
I_M_DONE on 2/13/2018
Great and lots of skill levels One the best and most consistent games that I've played
Great game
GTJS 7027 on 2/12/2018
Hard enough without being impossible, easy enough without being boring. I have never had a problem with loading on freezing, graphics are pleasing. This is everything I could ask fo in a free game. Thanks!
Bigger, more frequent, annoying ads😳
Pandabear62 on 2/12/2018
I could accept the ads at the bottom but these full page ads that appear in between games are a bit much. Deleting app. It used to be fun and challenging to play.
It’s awesome!!!!! ,!!!!!!
1800Sekou on 2/11/2018
Its the most awesome game ever
Glitchy, clutchy
Walela777 on 2/11/2018
Would love to give all 5 stars but not happening. Been playing this game/app ever since it came out. Still has same problem of ‘refusing to allow the correct tile to be seated’. Ex: game down to final slot - only 1 tile left, usually a ‘2 or 3’ tile. Highlight spot, tap tile - get an X, second tap - another X, third tap - X again, fourth tap - broken run. Then 5th tap seats tile. Have spoke of this before and was told ”you are too fast” by developer response. Sorry but am not moving fast. IF THERE IS ONLY ONE TILE & SPACE LEFT WHY DOES IT NOT RECOGNIZE AND SEAT THE TILE? Have been laid up for 2 weeks, playing game for sanity’s sake. This problem occurs at least twice a day. Any chance of this glitch being fixed in my lifetime? Frustrated AGAIN!!!
TCLion1976 on 2/11/2018
I wish they would space the numbers further apart so that there is less of a chance of hitting the wrong one.
JnTnMnMnJ on 2/10/2018
Awesome and addicting!
Great game, but
Lornfjndgsisn on 2/10/2018
Placements of ads next to game controls is super annoying. I click on an ad by accident about every other game. Turning off wifi while playing helps, but still...5 stars if not for that.
Only reason I can’t...
Foohahjiusbahh on 2/10/2018
Only reason I can’t rate this 5 stars is that on numerous occasions, I’ve experienced extreme difficulty puzzles with multiple/impossible solutions where there were 0 clues for number placement. Usually comes down to puzzles that are have 3 incomplete numbers spread around the board in a way that there’s no viable option for number placement without guessing.
Foff!! on 2/9/2018
Calms my anxiety simple and easy
Great game so much fun!!
Sparky lil devil on 2/9/2018
Such a great game easy to work, a good challenge, But not two hard definitely one to try!!
No logic to score
Debra V on 2/9/2018
I love sodoku ago I've just been playing to beat my time because the scoring system makes zero sense. I could solve a puzzle in 2 minutes and get a low score while solving a puzzle in nearly 3 minutes with a mistake my score is higher. So frustrating. For the longest time I don't trying to beat my score until I realized it was impossible
Great game
4Florida4 on 2/8/2018
Fun to play
Great app!
MiamiMax on 2/7/2018
Never gives me any trouble. Great because it lets me set the skill level before each game and it is the best app I have ever used!
Lots of Fun
Ellen's Game on 2/7/2018
Great Brain Food.
Poor performance
Cellsminions on 2/6/2018
This game took my pressing 8 as a 7 twice and then a 9, breaking my 130 streak. Do but download if you do not constantly use a stylus. Frequently reminds me how to play the game as I’m trying to hit numbers as I have the square selected, reminds me to have a square selected before selecting a number. 0 stars.
Sudoku 2
Doll Nice on 2/5/2018
Great thinking game, truly enjoy figuring out number placement.
Great, only 1 minor gripe
Lappenlocker on 2/5/2018
I have been playing this game for several years. I really enjoy the implementation. I do wish that it was clearer when you are in pencil mode vs. commit mode. But that wish is not enough to knock it from 5 stars in my opinion.
I am god
Raeeway on 2/5/2018
Test me hoe
It's so worth it
Waddle waddle clap clap on 2/3/2018
My favorite game of them all ❤️. Beautiful graphics, nice and organized. Fun 😁
Avoid! Too addictive.
Dr Purple on 2/3/2018
Can’t stand the hours I waste on this!
Right turn Clyde
Meley99999 on 2/1/2018
This game is my nemesis... It taunts me.. When I think I have it figured out, it shows me how little I know with a thrust thrust through the heart... back to zero fool... put your glasses on because an error is punishing. Oh how I want to delete your whispering summons...
Enjoy using
Carla09lake on 2/1/2018
I really enjoy using this app for Sudoku. It highlights the numbers, for easier viewing and keeps track of numbers that you have used completely. I used to do Sudoku with pencil and paper, never again.
Best Game Ever!
Kramzee on 2/1/2018
Love the different options of levels. Keep me challenging myself.
Too easy
Llarsen190 on 1/31/2018
Even the expert level games are too easy
Love this game
Brownfarmer on 1/31/2018
Found out I can do this and have fun plying
PennyK61 on 1/30/2018
What happened to the eraser? You use to be able to erase a number when you discovered it to be wrong.
Rose On Books on 1/30/2018
Helps keep the mind sharp. Addicting!
Love Sudouku
jilliank1967 on 1/30/2018
Love this game! So many options and settings. Great way to unwind.
Love it
Kendall and lily9 on 1/29/2018
Love the game. Never get bored.
Great Fun!
Inspirational Information on 1/29/2018
If you enjoy a challenge......give this app a try!!
Klh77865 on 1/29/2018
Love the challenge and choosing board textures!
Khalidiscool on 1/28/2018
The only format of sudoku that I really enjoy playing, it is clear and the highlight and the colors are perfect, the expert section, though, is very difficult and I feel there is a wide gap between the difficult, which is relatively easy and expert level which is very hard
Tired of all the promos for other games
German reviewer on 1/27/2018
I like the sudoku, but all the promos for other games are getting to me. Sometimes I can find the X to lose the promo
Best Sudoku app ever!
Greek reset URL on 1/27/2018
I've been playing this game for over 5 years. I love that you can choose a number and it will light up that number all over the screen, making it easier to see where it goes. I also like that you can "pencil in" a number you're not sure of. This app will give you many hours of enjoyment!
I Love It
Tonnysuak on 1/27/2018
Good apps, game for killing time
Very good game
Fixcinater on 1/27/2018
Great game but could have more options for graphics.
ShobbyDoo on 1/25/2018
I play this game a lot and it always challenging!
Whoo hoo!
n3rdy h4m5t3r on 1/24/2018
I love the way you can change the type of tile, the scores, and the game itself. yayyyyyyyyy....
Fact Sheet
  • Publisher: Finger Arts
  • Category: Games
  • Released: May 07, 2010
  • Current Version Released: Oct 31, 2017
  • Version: 6.2
  • Size: 80.7 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: English; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Chinese; Spanish; Castilian;