Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$2.99 Games 2.2.1 Jun 10, 2010 Mar 31, 2017 75.3 MB iOS 9.1 or later 4+
New in version 2.2.1

- UPDATED: Minor fix for iPad3
- iOS 10 ready
- Optimized for 64-bit
- User interface graphic update, ready for iPad Pro


Multiponk Featured by Apple: App of the Week June 2010 / iTunes Rewind 2010 / Game Starter Kit / Huddle Game / iOS original

"This game is absolutely amazing, it has polished and extremely smooth and addicting game play. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND" by ANFLU

"Great graphics, fun and surprising features. Must-have multiplayer fun" by AkzoMonakzo
"It's a hit!" by HMD08

"This is exactly what the iPad should be about, multiplayer games to take advantage of the large multi touch screen. My Favorite app." by LolPad

Multiponk graphic designs and ultra-realistic physical engine will make you feel like playing on an real wooden board. A classic already !
Up to 4 players on iPad and up to 2 players on iPhone & iPod touch.

One finger to control your paddle. Give your ball smooth effects and thwart the traps to win the game !
In Multiplayer mode, catch the bonuses, use the bumpers and beat your opponents.
In Solo mode, try to beat A.I computer and defeat Mr Monster, from standard skin to 8bits skin, or try to beat your score and share it through the Game Center.

-Solo to up to 4 players
-Immersive HD design / Retina Display
-Realistic physical engine
-Game center: Leaderboard & Achievement
-Universal binaries (iPad / iPhone / iPodTouch)
-7 game modes : A.I. revenge, classic, baby, crazy, flash, dual, death ball
-11 bonuses: Multiball, Power, Big ball, Gravity, Autopilot, Time warp...
-5 ball sizes
-Paddle slice effect
-Game statistics
-4 skins ( Standard, 8 Bit, White, Pop)
-14 Original music themes by KingQ4

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iPad Screenshots
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great game
557474 on 11/25/2017
great game for multiplayer or to kill time in single player. If you like paddle style games this is a must have on ipad for the 3-4 player functionality. great layout graphics everything about this game is cool.
Mullti ponk
nov14 on 11/25/2017
Just downloaded did not like it. Would like my money back. Tku
I like it
crazylover337 on 6/15/2017
I've played it before and it cool!
Good game
Lazytech on 5/12/2017
5 star game
Really fun
Sschool on 2/24/2017
Really good game for two or more people. Excellent on the iPad Pro especially. Thanks for the update!
It's back!!!
Cpt.WhatNot on 2/23/2017
Yay! An iOS 10 update for one of my most favorite games ever! Was phenomenal when it was first released years ago for its use of Skeuomorphism (made to look like real-world objects). Still something I like to play every once in a while! Great game design! Go play it! And thank you to devs for giving Multiponk much needed attention!
Good Game
Ali Alreefi on 1/19/2016
It's a fantastic Game
Amazing app
Gus H on 8/3/2015
We all loved it as a family
This game is good
giovannacoelho on 7/21/2015
I LIKE this game A LOT U should get it 🌋🌋🌊🌌🌊🌀🌊🌀🌈⛄️🌈🌈⛄️⛄️🌊🌈🌏🌠🌎🌠❄️🌁❄️🌏🌎🌏🌎⛄️🌏🌀🌀☁️🌈☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☁️⚡️⚡️☀️☁️🌊🌠⭐️☀️⭐️⛅️🌊🌋📣🔉📺🔊📺🔉📻🔈⌚️🔏🔅🔒📺⌚️⏰📺📺⌛️⏳📢📣⏳📣⌚️⏳🔓🔋🔅🔅🔋🔌🔌🔅⏰🔅🔅🔏🔒🔐🔓🔒🛀💸💸💸💶📏📥📧📧💶🔫🔫💣🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🚬💣💣💣💣💣💣🚪🚬🚬📤💳✂️📛📌📐📎📏📐✒️📗📉📕📚📕✒️📛📛📛📛✒️📛🎱🃏🎳🍈🍇🍯🍨🍏🍦🍦🍦🍮🍓🍯🍈🍓📌📧🃏🃏🎱🎱🎱🃏😝😒😝😌😜😃😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😟👶😈😯😕😏😮😧😐😦💩🙉🙈👺😾👹👹💫👹👺👺🙏👏🙏🎽🎽👉👫✌️👅✋👏👏💪💪✊💖👤💘💘💗💔💙💗💋💔💙💌💞💬💬💓💓💓💓💗💔💘💍💍💎💎💌💞👥💖👥👥💄💞💔💄❤️💛❤️💙💛💚💚💜💖🌂💛🌂💛💙💄🌂💙💄💙💄💌💞💙💄💄🌂💄💋💞💖🎀💕👡🎩🌄⛺️🏤🏰🏪🌇🏰🌇🏰🏬🌄🏯🏬🌆🏬🏬🌅🗽🌅🌇🏰🌆🏰🌆⛺️🏦🎠🌇🌇🎠🌇🏰🌇🏰🌇🏰🌇🌇🏭🏭🏰🏰🏰🏭🏭🏰⛺️🌆🏤🌇🏰🏣🌆⬆️🔡⬇️↕️2⃣➡️#⃣8⃣🆙🔀🆙🈁🈺🚻🈺🚻🉐🚻🉐🚻🈲🈺🈲🆖🆕🆕🆕🈲📶🈲🆙🆙🆖🆖🆙🆖⏪ℹ️🆕🆕🆕🆙🆙🆙🆕🔂🆕🆕⏩🆕🈶🆙🆒🆒🆒🆓🆓🆓🆓🆖🆖🆖⤴️📶🆗🎦🎦📶🎦🆗🆗⏫⤴️🆒🆒🆙📶🆙📶🆒⤵️📶⏩⏩⤵️🆒🈺🛅🆑🚯🛄🔞🔞📵📵🔞📵📵📵📵🚯🚷🚱🚷🚱🚳❇️🉑🆔🛂🛃🈶🈯️🆖🆒🆒🆒🆙🆒🎦🎦🈲🆒⤴️⏩📶⏩⤵️⏫⤵️⏫📶⤵️⏫⤵️🆒⤵️🆓🆙⤴️⏪⏪🎦⏪🆙🔀⤵️📶📶🆖⏬⏪⏪🆖⏪⏪⏬⏬⏬⏫⏪🆖🆙🆖🆕🆙🆖🆖🆖🆖📶🆒🔀🔀🛂🛂🛂🛂🆔🉑❇️📵🈲📵📵🈲🈲🈲🈲🈲📵🈲🈲⏬🚱🚳❇️❇️🚯🚯🚷❇️🈶🚯⤵️🚱❇️🚳🛄🚷🆕⏫⏫🔞🈯️🔞🚷🚷🔞🚷🛄🈶🚱🚱⏬⏬🚷🚷🆕🚷🚱🚱🈶🈶🈶🆕🆕🈶🈶🚷🚷⏫⏫🚯🚱
Absolutely amazing😊😊😊😊😊
Might delete /: on 4/12/2015
This game is fun and addictive I played with my nephews and we couldn't stop
sarandah on 10/4/2014
لعبة جميلة وتركيزية وتحتاج انتباه و(ري اكشن) سريع 👍
What else can I say?
Snorlaxing on 10/3/2014
Please, correct the music bug, difficulty level and more multiplayer options; this game needs serious updates. Make more skins too! These are too boring.
Needs to save progress
shhhhhlisten on 10/2/2014
Otherwise cool game
Great on 6plus
Perry1023 on 10/1/2014
Bigger screen helps a lot. Fun game, decent music and sound effects, but game physics could be better.
Multiplayer fun
Lawdog790 on 9/13/2014
Good for same screen multiplayer.
Bfhucubj on 9/10/2014
It's a great game. I think they copied of of other games. Think about it, MULTIponk. But it's still a good game.
Great game!
gk808 on 8/2/2014
Easy enough for anyone to play but gets trickier and trickier with each level you advance to. Like that it lets you continue from the level you just died at or start again from the beginning! Super smooth graphics! Just try it!
Expect the Unexpected!
Larred on 6/15/2014
Lots of twists and turns! A fun way to pass the time. It's not your Grandpa's game of Pong!
Instantly enjoyable
Mr. H. Rocks on 6/15/2014
Had so much fun with this right from the start!
Fix music muting!
GrimmIAK on 6/8/2014
Should save my progress
SensehacK on 6/7/2014
When the game is over it again starts with first level I would like to continue from where I left if that is possible Great graphics & music too spot on..!!
Let me turn the music off!
TenorFan on 6/6/2014
Couldn't get beyond the fact that I couldn't turn the crap music off.
mahjr on 6/6/2014
How long will it take the "Devs" to realize after "testing" this app that every time I shut OFF the game's music and sound but leave ON the iPod tunes that the game's music still overrides that user setting and continues to come through after a round of play???? D E L E T E D . . .
I can't hear you 'cause my music is to loud.
737WingNut on 5/25/2014
I love this game even though it is rigged to where it is practically impossible to win. What I love most about it is the music! One question: Is there a patent or copyright on this music? If not, I'm screaming at the top of my lungs with joy because I've always DREAMED of putting something like this in a movie! 😃🎬
Can it get any better
pelicano21 on 3/1/2014
The game is still awesome and the music makes it even better
You need to do camera on ball reflect
Cs46 Yall on 2/21/2014
But otherwise you did great!!!
A LOT of fun
tickbite71 on 1/25/2014
It's challenging and one of the best games in iTunes for playing on one device. I have played countless nights at hotels playing, winning and losing Multiponk. Quick to learn and tons of fun. Unfortunately it has not been updated since 2012. No retina support dampens the fun quickly. Come on, please update for us retina users ...
Thank you
Gmaihagsg on 1/19/2014
This is a very great game!! :]
Grey Kay on 1/3/2014
I'm seriously in love with this game. I still want to play it after I beat it, so I play it again. I've been playing for a few years now. It's fun!
Great game
N1CKNAT1ON on 12/25/2013
A great mix of old school ~ Nu Skewl with loads of twists
Excellent multiplayer
ariiiiiiiiiin on 11/30/2013
Excellent multiplayer. My kids and I return to this one again and again for a few quick and fun multiplayer rounds.
Great multiplayer; add camera view to ball reflection!?
derdeutsche on 11/30/2013
Lots of fun for multiplayer!! More skins would be cool but still 5 stars! A super cool effect would be to have the camera on the ipad feed into the "reflection" on the ball... somehow :D
Cool Hu. on 11/17/2013
It's amazing and all but what would be fun is if u could play against a computer player and if you could play against each other on different devices. But overall a great game. GET IT!
Great game
THA BOSS GO BLUE on 11/4/2013
Love the game. Add more game modes
Sergioangel8 on 10/21/2013
Great game!
Fun, Passes The Time 🎉🎊🎉
_ThaKid_ on 8/14/2013
Check Title.
Great game, worth every penny.
MJHunt25 on 8/8/2013
This game is wonderful: tons of levels, multiplayer, four different designs. This is like the old "pong," but modernized. This game is really worth it - can't wait for more levels!
Good game
ATL1990 on 6/22/2013
One of the best game of the year
I love it
Buggod on 6/20/2013
Great Game
Mister Flister on 6/19/2013
Great music and graphics. It is an ultra modern pinball game.
Please release original game
wattos_deal on 6/18/2013
The original release was fun. You could get the ball enlarged and then trapped in a corner or in the pegs and rack up huge points as the ball bounced back and forth at super high speed. The update has prevented this from happening. Also what's the point of reverse and ghost ball? It's just not fun. Please release the original game. The classic version in the update is not the same as the original. Thanks
Very Good, Fast and Addictive
VP1000 on 6/8/2013
Please fix the music problem. After turning off the music it restarts on its own at the next level.
I love dat game so much
Hzhdhxjsh on 5/29/2013
This is the best game and challenging :). So download it
ed lizotte on 5/22/2013
Lots of fun. But hard nice game. Thank You.
Great fun with friends
Twilight_Realm on 5/21/2013
I play this game all of the time with a few of my friends. We always have a great time playing 4-players, but sometimes games are lost due to slight control issues. I recommend this app regardless, but only if you have people around to enjoy it with as the single-player mode is somewhat lacking after AI are defeated numerous times.
TheHygienist on 5/16/2013
This is an extremely polished game on every level. Plays 4 players quite well. Classic physics married to computer generated power ups/ handicaps. I highly recommend this game!
Matt Lundstrom on 5/15/2013
While this game has decent graphics for what it is its terribly boring as a single player game. It was 2.99 also, which seems high for a simple Pong style game.
_eug on 5/6/2013
The control sensitivity needs work. I have only tried a few levels and already have a blister developing.
Juan Pc Lopez on 5/5/2013
It's a really fun app. Keeps me entertain.
Fourth Place on 5/5/2013
Great fun! Wonderful graphics, fast action. Love it!
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