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The best selling Xbox Live Indie Game comes to iPhone and iPod Touch - it's quite possibly the world's hardest game!

With just one control, tapping the screen to jump, guide your orange square over spikes and jump onto blocks to get to the end of the level. Any mistake will result in instant death and a respawn at the beginning of the level. With an awesome soundtrack synced to the game you’ll quickly become addicted!

Also included is a Practice Mode, allowing you to lay checkpoints along the way. Try and unlock medals throughout the game, including beating the game with no flags. Check out the Stats page, where you can show off to your friends how far you got!

Praise for The Impossible Game on iPhone:

"The most original platform gaming I've ever experienced... A ton of fun"
- Touch Arcade

"Insanely addictive"
- Destructoid

"Lovely, clean graphics and addictive music"
- Gizmodo

"Words can't describe how 'right' this feels."
- DIYgamer

"An incredible ride. High-tempo, life-or-death, and completely seamless. 4/5"
- 148 Apps

"A great boredom buster. 9/10"
- NXT Gamer

"A minimalistic yet very stylish design that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more"
- App Advice

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Really fun needs a save feature
You are moreeeeee on 2/16/2018
Like the title says it’s really fun but it needs a save feature so when you delete the game it won’t get rid of your progress but great game
🍙🍘🍘🍙🍘🍙 on 1/28/2018
This game is okay.. but if I bought the game for $.99 why do I need to pay extra for more levels? This is bullshirt
Won't let me play
Turtwig -/ on 1/15/2018
I've had this game for about 3years and it has never messed up on me but I clicked into it and it backs me out and so I delete it and re download it and it still backs me out
Cr4zyG4mer22 on 11/26/2017
This is a good game but it’s a rip off of geometry dash but it’s a pretty good rip off the thing that I don’t like is that you have to buy more levels but in GD you buy the game and you can play any level you want even make your own levels
What is going on?
HarrisUchiha on 10/5/2017
My game is running super slow. It’s like slow motion but the music is running at normal speed? Also why can’t we save our progress to the Game Center. I deleted and downloaded the game over to see if it would fix the slow motion but it didn’t and now I lost all progress? Great game when running correctly!
A good challenge
RetroGaming77 on 7/27/2017
This game is the father of Geometry Dash. I also think it is 10 times better than Geometry Dash. Just wish they were more levels though
Great First And Only Level
Paulymer on 7/13/2017
I can't believe I paid to play one level. Sure it was fun, but for something that costs money it should have more gameplay.
Love it, but...
Watchnohn on 7/2/2017
I love this game but ever since I reinstalled it there hasn't been any sound. It's not like a game killer or anything but I really liked the music that played during all my failed attempts :)
Cuccocute on 6/28/2017
App crashes upon startup ever since I updated. I've had this game for five years and have never encountered a problem until now. I always appreciated how this game still runs on Ipod 4th gen, as 99% of other apps and companies have moved on to minimum IOS requirements of like, 9 or 10, and we're still stuck on gen 6 over here. Please provide another update to fix this problem!!
No sound
Pontiacfreak on 6/24/2017
Dude I've been playing this game FOREVER never gets old but I just got a new iPhone 7 and downloaded it and there is no sound 😔 hard to play without it hopefully they can fix it 🤔
Volume issues
brolyuchiha on 6/14/2017
I love this game but the volume doesn't work on my phone
Sadd llama on 5/25/2017
Game crashes as soon as I open it. I emailed them and got an automated response saying they were to busy to read it...
New update ! new hope !
Notforthechatacters on 5/12/2017
Great game enjoyed it through my high school years, still play here and there but I would love maybe a new level update :) !
When I open the app it crashes!
Bored to deTh on 5/6/2017
Please fix
7 years and still supported
Nooon on 5/5/2017
They just updated the game for 64-bit devices, even after releasing the game 7 years ago
Perfectly perfect
iPhone16tr on 3/5/2017
Perfect soundtracks perfect hardnesses... Please update... Your condencension as always is much appriciated...
No sound.. no fun
Alleyeah on 3/1/2017
They got rid of the soundtrack and said I need to download it. I did and it just was not happening I shouldn't have to go through that. You should've kept things the same! I used to speak highly of this addicting game. Now I'm uninstalling it and not mentioning it to anyone.
The main reason I love this game
Enderman Pro on 2/10/2017
It's amazing. It inspired geometry dash. Thanks
Zacharytheboss on 2/2/2017
I bought the game only to find that you only get one level and you have to pay again to get the others! And there are only 3 others! Waste of money!
IAMRAVEN624 on 1/12/2017
This game is more of a challenge against geometry dash which copied this game
Can't get the Level Pack
Skid past on 9/28/2016
For some reason, I can't get the level pack. Whenever I tap on it, it exits the app, and doesn't do anything. Please fix this! I would love to be able to play those other levels!
Pretty fun
Chet224 on 7/30/2016
Spent forever trying to beat the first level and it was really fun, but after you beat it there is no reward. Instead of beating a level to unlock more levels you have to buy the other levels. Pretty lame
Minetymine on 7/8/2016
Personally, after playing this for 5+ years and beating the main levels, I'm going to say that this is one of my favorite games that I own. The soundtrack is amazing to listen to, the levels themselves are simple and fun. Sure, they're not easy, but all you need to do is practice and you will prevail. Now, let's talk about the people who say Geometry Dash is better. In my opinion, it's better. You don't have to pay for levels and you get a great selection of online levels to choose from, but even this game has problems: the community (mostly). I won't go into too much detail, but the community is mostly trash. I know people are entitled to their own opinion, but at least give this game a chance. The original came out in 2007 and Geometry Dash came out in 2013. Things have changed. In terms, Geometry Dash was inspired by the Impossible Game, not the other way around. Thank you for your time.
Annoyed & ripped off
startrek7777 on 6/4/2016
This is a rip off DO NOT GET - You pay for a practice level & 1 more level then wants more money for 3 more & probably more for others. For 1st 2 levels Took all of 5 minutes - so much for impossible - what is probably more impossible is to get a refund -
A Huge Rip Off
Jtsanmateo on 6/4/2016
In GD, you can get 9 COMPLETE levels free. In this s't game, you can only get 1 INCOMPLETE level. In total, the impossible game only has 5 levels, for the same price as 20 levels in GD, plus a billion user levels. Also, this game has horrible graphics. There is also block clusters and you can't change icon or create your own level. Do not download! I don't see why anyone would give it 5 stars.
Great but...
ًpilot on 5/10/2016
I am a geometry dash gamer so this game is pretty simple but this game is awesome.This game is great but needs a little bit of fixing : Please fix the graphics The game needs more space to see what is coming
Waste of money.
CX2K on 3/28/2016
This game was fun at first, but honestly got extremely annoying after a while. The gameplay seemed unfair and impossible. The soundtrack was also horrible, as there really WAS no soundtrack. It was literally one song. For every level. Waste of 99 cents, could've used it on another game or a song.
Halo6528 on 3/27/2016
All the developers want is money. The lite version gives you 20 seconds of a level then makes you buy the full game for a dollar. Then after that, the full game has only two levels making you buy more with another dollar! All these people want is $$$$$$. I do not recommend it, i wasted my money and you will to
I want a refund
Millerd235 on 3/12/2016
Enough said.
Best version by far...
Infinityball on 3/8/2016
Best version of the game is the iOS one, needs an iPhone 5 and iPad update, but other than that it's amazing.
VERY GOOD!!!! An old still good game
George_M10 on 3/6/2016
This game has been out for years and years. I've been playing this game on the PS3 for the the longest until I got my ps4. I don't know why people say geometry dash game out first but they are retarded. The impossible has been out way before geometry dash. I still love this game!!!
Waste of Money
SëaLöd on 2/5/2016
This game is terrible. I wasted .$ .99 on JUNK! If you want to throw $ .99 out the window on this guy and his not to mention ADDICTING AND HARD game, be my guest. In shorter terms: GAME IS CRAP!
Geometry dash rip off
Bain s I is bus mis on 1/18/2016
This game is a gemometey dash rip and a very dull and boring game
Geometry Dash
Snydesfamily on 1/7/2016
Geometry Dash made a faster, brighter and more variety filled game. However comparing it to this classic is unfair. This game invented this style and deserves some respect. While 1.99 for 5 different levels is a bit pricey its not a good reason to give the game a low rating. Overall Flukedude did a great job with this game and i suggest anyone who has played Geometry Dash to try it and appreciate were the game came from.
I can't say my name 🤘😆 on 1/1/2016
Why can't I buy the pack??
good game
the best epic man on 12/29/2015
ive played for 3 years (i know right! ) and have had a blast playing it people say its a copy of geomatry dash but this game was made way before it
Piece of shot
Chima170 on 12/27/2015
This game is horrible hardly impossible and very dull. Geometry dash is only $1 more with more levels and better soundtracks
BriMarieClem0930 on 12/26/2015
Great game, sue geometry dash
JDWRIGHT7465089123 on 12/24/2015
Honestly, this game is stupidly addictive. It is a great game, and geometry dash copied it.
DaraTheSloth on 12/24/2015
Game is too easy.
That one guy 1002 on 12/22/2015
Why do people always bring geometry dash into the reviews? I hope you all know this game is the original and came way before robtop introduced geometry dash. I remember years ago I'd play this. It's a great game
Born to swim girl on 12/22/2015
First, I would like to say that in this poor, wretched game, u can't even customize your character and build your own level and play user levels!!!!! And... U ONLY GET TWO LEVELS!!!!!!!!!!! How poor is that! Robtop made this game look really poor, and Roptop made BETTER levels AND better quality games!! The "impossible" game is possible, and horribly easy! Just know that if you are HATING impossible game , then buy Geometry Dash, it will make your life SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!! How poor is the impossible game?????😏
The Level Pack is Insanely Hard!!!!!!
Qwaserty on 12/5/2015
Played on Xbox 360, same outcome.
Peanut McNizzle on 11/16/2015
Still proceeds to piss me off.
Geo dash is better
Jr. Educated rich kid101 on 10/23/2015
That's all
Great game
BirdythePhoenix on 10/19/2015
Okay, for all of you people saying that geometry dash is better, take note that this game was created 3 years BEFORE geometry dash. I like this game and enjoy the soundtracks. Although I do believe that more levels should be added, this is still a fun game and it takes up very little space.
Vince & shaine on 10/11/2015
After the first jumping parts with the spikes on top, HOW DO WE GET PAST IT????!!!!!!
Triple Spikes
SniperCrow1337 on 10/3/2015
If it weren't for the triple spikes, the game would be a fun yet challenging experience. But because they're in the game, it devastates the whole experience trying to make an almost unfair jump. I've beaten every hard game I've come across, but in this game, the challenge comes from that poorly implemented challenge. A great game is reduced to garbage because the developer thought that it would be an interesting game obstacle. It's terrible game design, and no matter how much experience you have you're gonna fail those constantly.
Mine craft mike on 9/19/2015
Copy of geometry dash DO NOT Buy this game
Not impressed
Person9905 on 9/8/2015
If you enjoy a boring soundtrack, sub-par gameplay, drab colors, and a price of $.99 for 2 levels, then this game is perfect for you! I have played geometry dash for about a year now, and I am so impressed with how well Robtop put together that masterpiece of a game. I have always kept my eye on the impossible game, as it is very similar. So, I had some iTunes money to spend and thought,"might as well try out the "impossible" game." (I put impossible in quotes because I almost completed the first level on normal mode in 12 attempts) I was extremely disappointed to find that there are only 2 levels, and YOU NEED TO PAY TO UNLOCK MORE. Seriously, it doesn't make sense. When I bought geometry dash, it was 3 bucks for 18 default levels, and an infinite amount of user-made levels. It has now been updated to 20 default levels. This game has wasted my $.99 that I probably would have used for an app that's actually worth my time. Overall, I would recommend spending an extra two dollars and buying geometry dash instead. Practically the same game, but way better.
Fact Sheet
  • Publisher: FlukeDude Ltd
  • Category: Games
  • Released: Apr 19, 2010
  • Current Version Released: May 02, 2017
  • Version: 1.6.1
  • Size: 14.2 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: English;