Bluetooth & Wifi App Box - Share with Buddies

Rise Up Labs

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Utilities 3.0 Apr 27, 2010 May 31, 2017 4.3 MB iOS 7.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.0

- Brand new easy to use UI
- Redesigned the technology
- Optimized for all iOS devices
- Best Photo Share, Video Share, Contact Share & File Share features


# Best utility tool for your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad using Bluetooth & Wifi #

An easy to use app and great collection of all the must needed Sharing features (File Share, Photo Share, Video Share & Contact Share). Use all of these features with other iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) using Bluetooth or Wifi.

And more features will come regularly with timely updates.

● Share Photos with other iOS devices from your Photo Library
● Receive Photos from other iOS devices in your Photo Library

● Share Videos with other iOS devices from your Photo Library
● Receive Videos from other iOS devices in your Photo Library

CONTACT SHARE (Available in Pro Version)
● Share Contacts with other iOS devices from your Contact List
● Receive Contacts from other iOS devices & Save into your Contact List

FILE SHARE (Available in Pro Version)
● Share Files with other iOS devices from your App Document Directory
● Receive Files from other iOS devices into your App Document Directory
● Store Files (Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, PNG & Others) in App Document Directory using iTunes (Mac or PC Version)

● Must have this app in all your devices (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) & open together to get connected with each other
● Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON or all devices are in the same Wifi network
● Download the latest version of this app in all your devices

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Not so useful
ninjaneer55 on 4/22/2017
Hoped to use iPod with phone as a monitor. Did nothing but try to get me to upgrade. Forget it.
Nothing here to test
Green engine on 3/13/2017
This free version offers nothing but advertising eg "prank calling now got even better" and such. Way to small fonts. Useless without upgrading.
Poka1989 on 1/13/2017
This a great app
Meet Patel 👍👍👍 on 12/24/2016
This is a great app because if you were being quiet this is the perfect love you contact the walkie-talkie there is tic-tac-toe games and all that is perfect😍😍💗💗
Badollywood on 12/3/2016
You cannot file transfer with this app unless you pay. You can play dice you can chat everything but file transfer. This is a POS app and company.
Demo app, actual version is $2.99
Cronux on 11/23/2016
All important features are locked upgraded for $2.99!
MFV1994 on 11/3/2016
This app won't download or delete. I've tried restarting my phone and trying to delete it but it won't delete. I even try iTunes on my computer to delete it but this app didn't show up on my computer.
1964905421 on 7/22/2016
Hankhillforever1985 on 11/10/2015
Wast of time everything is locked you have to pay to get it to work there is nothing free don't waste your time
In app purchases.....
Xslife on 10/18/2015
Most reputable apps display "in app purchases" below or in proximity of the "purchase" button..... Very disappointed and feeling mislead
carlos panza on 5/17/2015
Funciona perfectamente y la transferencias de archivos son rápidas!
Wast of time
Expo34 on 4/17/2015
Will not do anything other than advertisement for the full version
Does what it claims.
XweAponX on 1/6/2015
And the only reason I am not giving it five stars, is because the description says that an in app purchase will get you the pro version. Well, it is not an in app purchase- it just redirects you to the pro version in the App Store. So forget it. Don't claim that your app has an in app purchase if it does not have an in app purchase. Now as far as what this app can do, all it can do is share your photos with another device in close proximity you through Bluetooth. But this is a redundant app now because of Airdrop and iCloud photo sharing.
Can't even test file transfer without upgrading
zyme_ on 11/7/2014
A file size limit and amount of files per session would be fair, but you can't try any type of file-share without paying for the "premium" feature.
Not cool
SWEET 👍 on 10/14/2014
I think that it's cool but yet you can't do anything because it has to be connected blue tooth that is on the same network and when ever I'm trying to do something it always says I need the paid version like its crazy why create an app like this when I can keep searching and find a better free app like this.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 that's not cool
Is this app good?
Jello355 on 8/9/2014
Idk ,if this app is good ,is it?If yes.Next time there will be 5 stars for you....People day this app is stupid...Pleade fix it..i want to share music.
Kskshsjskla on 7/29/2014
This app is Truly amazing! People have complained that it does not work,but it does! Trust me,it does! I believe the problem with the others was that in the walkie talkie,between two ios devices,it only lets one talk at a time(of course just like walkie talkies).Basically on each screen,it shows talk,and if you tap talk,it shows stop. The only confusion is that it does this on both devices simultaneously even if you tap talk on your device,your friend's device will show stop then. Even though it show this as though you were both talking together,it really only lets the person who touched talk first talk,that is until one of you tap stop then tap talk. Long story short,literally,whoever touches talk first talks,you can't hear the other,they only can hear you. His is why it gets confusing. Hope this helped :) This app rocks!!I reccomend this to all!!!!!!!!!!
Worst app i ever used
Piccalo the great on 6/24/2014
Nothing works
SystemsGuy on 5/4/2014
As said in the other review, useless.
Hoglicker on 4/1/2014
Like most bluetooth apps this does next to nothing. About the only thing it does that is useful is transfer pictures. It does not transfer music,or note documents about the only documents that it wants to share is the ones associated with the app. There are no directions as how to use it if you are doing it wrong. Do not upgrade it is not worth the two bucks.....
mohsenemil on 3/4/2014
The bluetoos really has problem for iphone please note
qghdcyiujuy4iotzvhj on 2/26/2014
I just read a review it before that's a shame your friend also have to have it -_- bummer
Peer to peer client
lwaren on 2/18/2014
This is not a true blue tooth, wifi app. You must install it on each device you wish to share files with, that makes it p2p communicating through blue tooth or wifi. Not happy!
Cheap app with most common name. It only allows 1 of 4 file groups
Tired player #2 on 1/20/2014
to transfer. Use "file download" as search term to bring multi list of apps that do what these apps in this search term don't. Seriously a typical iTunes way of thinking. They don't care what gets posted as long as the get there 30cents on the dollar. It takes mo money involved to get the rest and u won't even know if it accesses the right folders or scans the entire rom for files in other apps that you might want to transfer. Poor excuse for a app. Review written and app uninstalled
Contact remover on 12/27/2013
I'm expecting try it not buy then try you guys have to do better!!
The best of the best
Dogeyes on 12/2/2013
The very best there is
it's bad
SnoopyPR on 8/16/2013
this program doesn't connect the iphone 5 to ipod and viceversa. It's doesn't work.
Can u read? Do u know what infer means?
TodazeNews on 3/31/2012
If u can read you would note that: 1) this app is lite version (the inference being that some features are disabled) 2) You can chat via Bluetooth (the inference being that devices normally requiring wifi to SMS or chat, can do so without wifi via Bluetooth. 3) You can transfer files via Bluetooth (files are not the same as images & files are not apps) If you do not know what Bluetooth is, look it up to prevent posting ignorant remarks. Re ads- when you load the app there is ONE ad which has an X to close. The home page shows 5 features. It is CLEARLY marked that 3 of those are available only in the full version. There is nothing heavy handed about that. The app does exactly what is says. Don't post one star ratings because you are not getting something that you are not buying and were not promised.
Does it transfer apps?
Zfffgfhdhcg on 2/8/2012
Well does it?
Does what it Does
Anoadragon453 on 2/1/2012
Alright, sorry you have some bad reviewers under you, but this does exactly what it says it does. of course you can only text and send files, it is the LITE version and it is FREE. Read the description. One thing though that was not covered in the description, if you want to send files... Can you send any file that is currently on your iPad or iPhone? Or do you need to add them by connecting to iTunes and then transferring it through a cable? If you could specify this in the description it would be most appreciated.
Hate it
Jade M. on 1/3/2012
It's boring I can't believe I bought this app it looks boring right from the beginning I hate it hate it and umm I hate it if I were you I would look for another app and delete this trashy his app is just to get people mad-------Makyla Ditty grade 4
does not download
Ben from Reno on 1/2/2012
does not download to my iphone
It's a lie
Anjilu on 11/19/2011
It only leads u to an upgraded version , where u need to spend ur money.. This is not free.
Bluetooth app factory
Aunt Jesse on 8/15/2011
Sucked balls. Won't ever install and crashed phone
Connorp1614 on 8/8/2011
Why does it say free when it's 2$?
andreakristina40572 on 6/15/2011
Um...I'm not sure if I can recommend this app 2 anybody and I haven't really tried this app yet. Any Advice... Or if u no of another app that does the same thing plz let me. Thx (;
Doesn't even deserve a star
RoflTheMan on 12/29/2010
A Piece of Crap
Musician1972 on 12/5/2010
Yes. It is.
Get bump
Melcerm on 12/4/2010
The reason I didn't give 1 is because I didn't try any of them. Same reason why 5. Get bump instead.
Nao funciona
CaiqueR_ on 11/21/2010
Nao sai da tela de inicio :(
PauloVCruz on 11/10/2010
Its a good app and FREE!
This developer
SmartNoob on 11/8/2010
 I hate this developer! All their apps force messages about their other apps in your face  very intrusive and annoying.
Meow907 on 10/12/2010
Don't even bother. It's garbage
Only one worked
Dacbmncj on 8/29/2010
Contacts worked great and fast, but the image transfer terrible and crashes both iPhone 3 and 4 system. Other apps u have to upgrade to use.
What the heck. on 8/9/2010
Don't get it! U have to upgrade it anyways.
Dumb scam
Dsm freak on 7/24/2010
Why have a free version with no option to do anything but to upgrade
Worthless Program
Ronbaci on 7/22/2010
DO not purchase this program! Waste of good money!
codymws on 7/14/2010
Without purchasing the full version it only lets you transfer photos and contacts.
ttim6575 on 7/5/2010
Why do we need a free app which doesn't do anything
iPhoneIsTheBest on 7/5/2010
Title says it all. Useless app.
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