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Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes—day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit or cash in select cities.

Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s an Uber for every occasion. Uber is available in more than 500 cities worldwide—download the app and take your first trip today.

Requesting your Uber is easy—here’s how it works:
- Just open the app and tell us where you’re going.
- The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pick you up.
- You’ll see your driver’s picture, vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map.
- Payment can be made by credit card, cash in select cities, Apple Pay, PayPal, and more.
- After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receipt by email.

Need a simple way to get from A to B quickly? Take uberX, our most affordable individual option.

Want to save money on your ride? Take uberPOOL—you’ll travel with other riders headed your way and enjoy a lower fare.

Want to elevate your experience? Take a high-end vehicle with UberBLACK. And there’s still more options—whether you’re traveling with a big group, or need a vehicle with accessibility features.

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Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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What could I do without Uber?
Shahadsoangry on 2/20/2018
Very professional, very reliable, And best customer service ever, thank you Uber
Very nice guy.
Tigran Hayrapetyan on 2/20/2018
Confutable drive and nice ride.
Easy and Convenient Transportation
jdoden on 2/20/2018
The app is great at pinpointing your location and dispatching a driver quickly. I use it on all my work trips and when I travel. Definitely try it out if you havent yet.
Worst I’ve ever seen!
foxusmc on 2/20/2018
Out last weekend never got the ride!
Peter Pann on 2/20/2018
Excelent driver great person
Important question
Mohammedtheclasher on 2/20/2018
Hi I want to know if I requested an Uber can I drive the car instead of the driver. For example: when my Uber driver comes to pick me up can I ask him if I can drive his car to my destination and he can sit next to me while I drive.... please respond to me with an answer Thanks for your service Uber ......
Update GPS
Kt238 on 2/20/2018
Both myself and the drivers think Uber GPS is a POS. Puts a delay in being picked up because I can’t always be located on the map
MFD BAHRAIN on 2/20/2018
They stole my money twice without refunding at all, am in Bahrain and I ordered to picked me two times without anybody coming to me and when i sent email to refund, website ignored me at all. Cheaters
Customer service! BLOWS
do whats right... on 2/20/2018
Sent several emails to get my phone number and old account canceled and haven’t heard back from them in months and can’t even use the app!!! Cause my phone number is locked up on my old work email that was canceled. I even have gift cards I can’t use!!! Had to start using LYFT because they can’t get back to me or help me out
App very difficult to navigate
Scooterific1962 on 2/20/2018
Couldn’t locate a Wheel Works tire store 9 miles away. Didn’t have the address and the location got messed up. I had to cancel the driver who couldn’t take me there and order a Lyft which had no trouble taking me where I needed to go.
This app made my Paris trip awesome!
JohnnyStrife on 2/20/2018
I never had to worry about finding a taxi. Extremely convenient and cheaper than taxis. (The drivers are nicer and better smelling, too).
Great rides
Jogger gal on 2/20/2018
Timely pick up. Courteous drivers. Love uber!
Wait times. Lol.
Johnprotap on 2/20/2018
I had to write this because all the reviews I read about people having to wait 5-10 minutes for a ride. What do u think this is ,your personal chauffeur service ? If u normally wait 8-10 minutes and need to be somewhere. Try requesting the ride 8-10 minutes earlier. Or hire a personal driver. Some areas yes. U will get someone really quick. But for most areas b prepared to wait at least 5 minutes. I'm sorry. It's just ridiculous some of these reviews complaining about waiting.
Daisy55499 on 2/20/2018
It is sure expensive. Just to get to you job 7 mints away. It like 11.00 dollers for it
Dd3454763 on 2/20/2018
Great service music and highly recommend!!!! Thanks!!!
dr.horacio on 2/20/2018
u turns evry where, late to pick you up, late to dropp you off, speeding, no sense of route,cheap pay, you guys dont pay your driver good money,drivers want to pick up a block away, some of them give you attitude,no chargers, no candy, no water.👎🏿👎🏿
Thank God for Uber
cobham Rich on 2/20/2018
I just think Uber is the greatest way to travel. I use Uber as much as I can.
Scheduled rides and safe travels
E. Silver on 2/20/2018
From coast to coast my family and I enjoy the Uber ride. It was a tremendous relief when my mom was ill and I could schedule her rides for her while I was traveling.
I have had numerous drivers cancel on me
bobby salmonn on 2/20/2018
I live in Denver and have had the worst service known to man. I had a driver last week gave me get in their car, gave me cancel, and then refuse to re-accept my ride. I then had to fight Uber to get my money back. I was then late for class because the next driver took 15 minutes to get to me.
Kitvid on 2/20/2018
I had prescheduled a car to pick us up between 6:30-6:45. If I hadn’t ordered another car, we would have missed our air porter. Does anyone review these preorders?
Love and hate relationship..
grtgsgbgfbfgn on 2/20/2018
Took an Uber to prevent getting late to my destination and then Uber made me get there late🤦🏽‍♂️
Blackwingwzrd on 2/20/2018
These serge’s make me late to work I’m not about to pay $40 for something I normally pay $12
Need better car selection
csolsen2 on 2/20/2018
Uber works but I find I do not have the selection of cars such as Lyft offers. I also find that Lyft costs less. Thx
Camera Card For adding new payment option
Melissa Nest on 2/20/2018
The camera for adding the new payment is not working. I am an iPhone X owner and it is not working with this app. I’ve tried 3 different cards thinking it was the card that the camera didn’t like.
Restart PR on 2/20/2018
good info w/ drivers picture, make, model and license plate #- all critical info to make you feel safe- and avg ratings very helpful. Maps are far superior to google- particularly in on a island that is terribly confusing with all the little streets and one way only.
Nickel and Dime: Sly practices to squeeze the most money out of you
TheRyanHue on 2/20/2018
Uber has been a TERRIBLE experience for me the past few times I’ve used it. I was originally quoted $11.50 for my ride. It was upped to $16.50 when I entered the vehicle. Then, the GPS took us on a route that takes 20 minutes vs the normal 12 minute route. IT EVEN TOLD HIM TO MAKE AN IMPROPER TURN ON A ONE WAY. The trip ended up costing $21.50, $10 higher than originally quoted. What a frustrating service. I am unable to add a tip because of this. UPDATE: The developer thinks refunding me $4.66 has resolved my issue. LOL
READ!! will rob you!!
sayceeee on 2/20/2018
man dont get me wrong i love taking uber over lyft most times. and i work at the hospital every morning at 6 am so i take my ubers at around 5:15-20 because its no more than a 20 minute ride NEVER costed more than $17+ in the mornings. last week they put out 50% off 10 rides ( amazing ) and after that they started making my morning trips for line running $25-$34.. for uberx $55. i got the receipts. so ill be using lyft till this is fixed.
My favourite app for mobility and travels.
Zymorian on 2/19/2018
Provides a Better experience than the other apps around.
Don’t ever need a ride when it’s busy
Wastintime on 2/19/2018
Not a fan of the pricing policies when it’s busy, and I don’t understand why when I set both my pickup point and destination the Uber drivers magically have no clue where I am or where I’m going.
Uber vs Lyft app
1337squints on 2/19/2018
I find Lyft’s UI considerably better.
Don’t want my drivers rating me
rachel383871717 on 2/19/2018
I have a 4.2 star rating, so I’m not complaining because I trashed someone’s car and they took action against me. However, I don’t like that drivers can now rate their riders. What happens if someone has a low rating but they’re drunk and have no other option? What happens if your driver tries to flirt with you and you don’t respond and they get offended? Drivers are already protected if you puke in the car or damage it in any other way so I don’t see a point to this. I will be using Lyft from now on.
Wrong address!
Neg 5 stars on 2/19/2018
I scheduled a ride the night before. Following morning I was ready to go. Got a message saying driver was 8 mins away. However his destination was a block away! Only then did I realize it; no way to change it that I could decipher. Had to hoof it to the pick up place. The annoying thing is, I had manually entered my address. Why the F did stupid uber change my location? I was nowhere near there.
Software bug on shorten trip
Joejoe432109873 on 2/19/2018
Uber wants to send another driver and charge cancellation fee when shorten trip. App has issue check app at end of trip or ELSE!!!
Schedule a ride
BellMartin on 2/19/2018
Just did an update. Don’t see the , schedule a ride area anymore.
No support
burnhart on 2/19/2018
Won’t let me tip with any payment method and wi not work with me to fix the issue.
Shanshaygundy on 2/19/2018
Very great man!
Uber in Miami
Olikeyou1 on 2/19/2018
Uber hasn't been my favorite in Miami to be honest... I always get creepy drivers or someone that doesn't speak english. The uber drivers are not the best drivers in general either and scares me on the road.
Jay23802 on 2/19/2018
Uber driver will drive you through tolls just to get an extra charge off the customer
IGOGW on 2/19/2018
This app is dangerous. They are professional scammers that take money in sneaky ways.
Visa gift card
Awesomewolf01 on 2/19/2018
You should add a feature where it allows you to use visa gift cards.
Uber App
Miguelblanko on 2/19/2018
Great app with timely screen view. Uber needs to revisit fees when a driver somehow charges more because they get lost. Happened last year from Karl’s in San Diego to 525 B Street.
caravan208 on 2/19/2018
The app needs a better way to resolve complaints. I recently had to cancel a ride because the driver couldn’t find the airport pick up point. After 25 minutes I gave up. There is no way on the Uber app to tell them that, so they charged me a cancellation fee which I am still trying to resolve.
Love the app
Reyna520 on 2/19/2018
Very convenient and easy to use
Can’t get the car icon to scheduled a specific time
LishyLou1124 on 2/19/2018
I just got the Uber app yesterday and need to schedule a pickup to the airport at a specific time but no matter how much I try the car icon does not show up in the upper right hand corner to let me put in a pickup time. I tried to find a contact number and all I get is going around in circles to the website and help features which do not address my issue. Too bad. I’m going to download and use Lyft. Can waste anymore time.
Uber is a SCAM
UberSCAM11111188888 on 2/19/2018
The driver cancelled my drive four times and collected $5 each time. Come to find out this is a huge problem at Universal Orlando. There is no contact phone number for Uber. They will not credit my credit card. I am making a complaint with the BBB. Do not use Uber. Go with Lyft.
Ajbellocco on 2/19/2018
Every single driver I’ve had had been helpful and friendly. Also, most importantly I always get to my destination in one piece. So download the app haha.
I LOVE CHOIR MUSIC on 2/19/2018
Love the service! I’m a frequent rider a few times during the week & weekend! In the 2 years I’ve been riding I’ve only had 1 bad experience. I travel a lot and I use it while traveling as well. Very convenient! LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!
Easy app
rangers08 on 2/19/2018
Quick. Easy setup
Efficient, informative.
TXAggie979 on 2/19/2018
Efficient, informative. It does the job of locating a ride and easily sharing the ride status w others if one wishes.
Terrible service
:Leti1990: on 2/19/2018
They charge for problems that never happened and some of their drivers make up things in order to charge cleaning fees ,when you appeal to their things they wash their hands off the problems and tell you they can't help
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