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You can’t beat apples in the fall. Apple pies, apple donuts and, of course, Apple iOS. Check out these fresh features that will make your Seamless app for iOS better than ever:

More flexible preorder: Change your order up to 4 hours before the scheduled delivery time

Streamlined order settings: Switch between delivery and pickup as well as ASAP and preorder right on the restaurant menu page

Menu page refresh: Browse through dishes even more easily with redesigned menu items

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Order food for delivery or pickup from a huge selection of restaurants near you. Dine with Seamless and get local menus, fast, easy online ordering service and the best places in New York, where and when you want it. It’s how New York eats.

Top 5 reasons to download Seamless:
Explore the local food scene with Seamless — all 5 boroughs, no hidden fees
Reorder favorite meals faster with Express Reorder
Track your order with real-time delivery updates
Preorder your next meal from two hours to up to four days in advance
Easily search by cuisine or dish & view ratings of Seamless restaurants from other New Yorkers for no nonsense, honest reviews

Never be without your favorite eats again.

Seamless has a huge selection of delicious restaurants that deliver wherever you are — Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, or wherever you’re hungry. Got a go-to sushi order that’s never let you down? Tap "Express Reorder" to quickly bring a previously ordered meal straight to checkout. Craving pad thai? Just type “pad thai” into the search bar and a listing of the nearest local Thai spots will pop up. All you’ve got to do is pick your place, choose your noodles, and place your order. That’s a three-tap pad thai — it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Seamless has numerous ways to pay — Apple Pay, PayPal, Seamless eGift Card or a good old-fashioned credit card. Whatever is fastest for you works great for us.

Searching for the tastiest tamales in the Bronx, spiciest hot pot in Queens or the freshest pasta in Brooklyn? Download Seamless and see how New York eats.

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Great app!
rpg23 on 10/18/2017
Simple to use, remembers my previous orders.
Gone downhill!
jen.... on 10/18/2017
I used to use Seamless several times a week for a few years without any problems. The last year I've ordered from it less, but something must have happened with the company during that time (maybe the merge with GrubHub??) Three (!!!) of my last 4 orders were cancelled after I placed my order. At least tonight they texted me after about 20 min; the first two times I didn't even know it was cancelled until I went looking into why my food wasn't here yet. In all cases, customer service told me there was 'no driver available.' Well, if that's the case, then don't make the restaurant available to be ordered from! Something is broken with their process. I'm done with Seamless for now.
Paypal payment issue
krolex11111111 on 10/18/2017
When ordering through the web site, payment goes through, but order doesn't. Because of that money is on hold for 30 days. In the app also issues with paypal payments, card is being charged, but the order is not received on your side...
Does not work
andrewrocks on 10/17/2017
It doesn't work, locks up and crashes. It also makes my iPhone 7 lock up. I've stopped waiting for the app at 3 minutes. Confirmed on both iOS 10 and iOS 11 Update: confirmed it also happens on a 6S plus on iOS 11
Terrible customer service.
DunderMuffins on 10/17/2017
Awful and poorly trained customer service, refuses or can not resolve issues -- one agent talked in circles with me, having me send screenshots, restarting my phone, and other things until the restaurant literally closed, then acted ignorant when I brought this up and was frustrated and asked me to just restart my phone, (aka hang up.) Also, I ordered food which never came and they have so far not reimbursed me in any way. Go with another food delivery application.
All it needs is pictures of dishes
Starlin- on 10/17/2017
I definitely like ordering through seamless over making a phone call or going on a restaurant’s website. All this app needs is to require restaurants to take pictures of their dishes and post them on their seamless menus. I find myself having to check restaurant menus online before I can order and therefore I order online through some occasions.
It works but the UX is not great
Rokorella on 10/16/2017
It’s not very user-friendly, but at the end of the day it works ok.
Love them❤️
PrincessJulii on 10/16/2017
I order a little to often and never experienced bad service nor technical malfunctions thank you guys keep up the great work ☝🏻💯
The app is really glitchy since the last update
abassin on 10/16/2017
I really like seamless but they really took a few steps back with their update. The app constantly freezes my phone and doesn't allow me to order. I have to use the web version.
Love this app!!!
Viol8or on 10/15/2017
Waited 2 hours for food
-Jrubes- on 10/15/2017
Food was delivered an hour after it was picked up by the driver. The restaurant was 3 miles away.
Mike hawk lug on 10/15/2017
prune time service. Great with conversation
A lifesaver
BKMike448 on 10/15/2017
Living in NYC without Seamless is like a day without sunshine.
jghyatt on 10/15/2017
Very easy to use!
sculpey on 10/14/2017
As with table service, tipping is based on expedience and service and should be assessed AFTER the order has been received and not before. Seamless should consider changing this aspect of their app.
Unusable since update
Scruff365 on 10/14/2017
It just doesn’t work, at all. I can’t open it.
Great app
kingverus on 10/14/2017
Very convenient. Never has an issue.
Great app
Mmmmmuller on 10/14/2017
The express reorders make it easy to order food I like in seconds.
Horribly, consistently inconvenient
FrequentC on 10/14/2017
Crashes nearly every use. Often need to close the app at the point of checkout, reopen, rebuild the order, resubmit and hope it goes through. Average ordering process takes over 10 minutes. Faster to call the restaurant.
Freezing my phone
Anon21212121 on 10/14/2017
Hi. I use Seamless a few times a week and lately the app has been crashing and freezing my phone. I open the app and start to place my order, half way through it just freezes and I can’t do anything. I try to close the app with the home button (iphone) and it doesn’t work for a few minutes and when it does it freezes my whole phone and the other apps won’t close. I have to reboot my phone and start over. You may say it is an issue with my phone but this only happens when I use Seamless. Please try and fix this. Thanks
Reliable and convenient
Dohman on 10/13/2017
Enough said
Thumbs up.
SILENTHILLL on 10/13/2017
Love it!!!
Awesome when it works
daHongsta on 10/13/2017
Used to be an awesome app. Now it crashes 8/10 times I try to use it. Very aggravating especially when you're hungry AF!
It’s GrubHub rebranded
jacoviacartwright on 10/12/2017
This app is useless if you have the GrubHub app. The only difference is the name. Same restaurants, same UI, what a waste.
Great app
El lector on 10/12/2017
As others have pointed out you’ll forget to boil water ordering food from seamless all the time. I’ve had excellent customer service experience with them as well. I’d love it if you could favorite restaurants and if you could have a map of restaurant locations because sometimes restaurants are listed that are simply too far from where I am.
Love It!
_guyanesedoll on 10/11/2017
I love this app! I use it majority of the time when I am ordering food and it makes ordering food easy, the food is still hot & comes on time. I definitely would recommend it!
Good App Overall
Saki Suzuki on 10/11/2017
I've used Seamless back when it was called Seamless web and we ordered evening dinner during busy season. I like the app, but I'd like to see better dispute-resolution features if a restaurant forgot something or made a mistake on the order. Can't just be one-way eCom anymore.
moosikfan on 10/11/2017
Glad to have it
BigBoi1289 on 10/11/2017
Awesome app—hot food from the hottest restaurant around your area. Two thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻
Unwisely Chosen on 10/10/2017
Best app of its kind for me!
New version freezes
Rothyman1 on 10/10/2017
Works about 3 out of 5 times, then totally freezes up. Freezes the whole phone - I have to actually restart my iPhone to get it running again. How can you release something like that?
Handy tool
Spacewaitress on 10/10/2017
Great for pulling up delivery, even when you’re not familiar with the area.
Love it
pattyhearstsgat on 10/9/2017
Thanks for helping me avoid the public!
Great place
AuntNichole on 10/9/2017
Love this place that have great food and great delivery service.
Better food description !
SpaghettiandMeatballs on 10/9/2017
I would like a better description of what is in the food.
Service is convenient, app is not good.
Alxnderclark on 10/9/2017
Pretty terrible app. And why is there still a GrubHub app? They're the same service... 1) Constantly asks me to reenter my home address. The same address is saved 10 times now. 2) Switching between tabs doesn't save location, so I have to spend more time than needed just navigating. 3) Notifications rarely appear on time. I get one saying my food will arrive at a certain time, after its already been delivered.
Works better than desktop!
Claire Bear 911 on 10/8/2017
Works better than the desktop website - super convenient!
New version is broken
a44100Hz on 10/8/2017
Update, Oct 2017: seems to be working again; thanks! Usually the app is great but it's become progressively slower and the newest version (as of Sep 20, 2017) is constantly freezing or crashing when doing things like adding items to the bag. It loses my stored address. I had to use a laptop to make my last order as the app crashed three times, forcing me to start over each time until I gave up. This is happening on both an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 6+. Please fix the app, thanks!
Great App
EasyGirl237 on 10/8/2017
I use it often and I love it. Menus are easy to read and I love the convenience of ordering food. Thanks to this app I have become a shut in! I don't have to deal with people ever! Thanks Seemless!
October 1st update is a mess
Tammy3542 on 10/8/2017
In the past week the seamless app has been incredibly annoying. It freezes and shuts down in the middle of transactions, and today was even making my whole phone freeze. Please fix this. (I have an iPhone 6s with iOS 10.3.3)
BklynMelFoodie on 10/8/2017
The updates are awful. I no longer receive email confirmations. There isn't a way to contact seamless through the app. And basic things like press on a restaurant's number and be connected are no longer in use. It used to be a very user friendly app. It looks nicer, but less functional.
Nikki maji on 10/8/2017
Every time they try to improve the app, it adds glitches! They offer you credits to order more food when the app is the problem. My order was doubled by the app and all that their customer service would say is have $20 in credits. No! I want my $35 back that was stollen from the app duplicating my order! Now I have to chase it down with my credit card company instead of Seamless acknowledging their mistakes. This is the first time they offered me credits for glitches. Use a company with better programmers! Seamless is error prone
Has everything but good restaurants
Be Heston on 10/7/2017
Simple as that.
KENPIFF on 10/7/2017
Its user friendly awesome and convenient. Only way I order delivery.
Elcolla06 on 10/7/2017
The best app of all its easy its simple its seamless.
Late and cold order
Jerome Morrow 111 on 10/7/2017
While they offered a refund for the order they refused to extend the expiration date of the 1-month credit so that I could use it after several contact attempts with CS. Use instead.
Love it tons :)
iColex on 10/7/2017
I love the app.
Update to my long-standing 5-star review
dermatologist on 10/7/2017
Oct 2017: Much better. After screwing around with the customers for months, the developers finally got their act together. This is a usable app now and once again, I am spending all of my money on takeout. Crazy. Sometime in 2016: It's unfathomable that the last bizarre update wasn't yanked immediately. This app went from a 5-star rating to 1-star overnight. Any reviews extolling its virtues are probably padding and should not be trusted. What are you thinking, Seamless? And why aren't you listening to your customers? Weird glitches with orders, missing menu bits - what else could you possibly get wrong?? I've deleted this app and moved on, after 8 years of loyalty.
Great resource
Claire Kincaid on 10/7/2017
Have never been disappointed with vast selection.
Would definitely order again!
Eljaz Markasevic on 10/7/2017
The seamless app has been amazing and easy to use! It makes ordering food such a breeze. The app also runs pretty well without any bugs or problems.
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