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It's better, faster, stronger!

The app is now better because we've made it faster for you to see your "go to restaurants" on the My Seamless tab.

We did not stop there. Our restaurant partners are offering new deals all the time. In this release, we made it easier than ever to see new offers available in your neighborhood.

And not sure if you made plans or not, but we’ve made security stronger too. So go ahead, go nuts, go order it and don't act like we never told ya.

*mic drop*


Order food for delivery or pickup from a huge selection of restaurants near you. Dine with Seamless and get local menus, fast, easy online ordering service and the best places in New York, where and when you want it.

With no hidden fees and exclusive deals from nearby restaurants, it’s no wonder Seamless is how New York eats.

Top 5 reasons to download Seamless:

1. Explore the local food scene with Seamless — all 5 boroughs, no hidden fees

2. Discover exclusive food delivery deals you'll only find on the Seamless app

3. Reorder favorite meals faster with Express Reorder

4. Track your order with real-time delivery updates

5. Preorder your next meal up to four days in advance

Easily search by cuisine or dish & view ratings of Seamless restaurants from other New Yorkers for no nonsense, honest reviews

Never be without your favorite eats again.

Seamless has a huge selection of delicious restaurants that deliver wherever you are — Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, or wherever you’re hungry.

Got a go-to sushi order that’s never let you down? Tap "Express Reorder" to quickly bring a previously ordered meal straight to checkout. Craving pad thai? Just type “pad thai” into the search bar and a listing of the nearest local Thai spots will pop up. All you’ve got to do is pick your place, choose your noodles, and place your order. That’s a three-tap pad thai — it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Seamless has numerous ways to pay — Apple Pay, Amex Express Checkout, PayPal, Seamless eGift Card or a good old-fashioned credit card. Whatever is fastest for you works great for us.

Searching for the tastiest tamales in the Bronx, spiciest hot pot in Queens or the freshest pasta in Brooklyn? Download Seamless and see how New York eats.

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Never got my order
A-smash77 on 2/19/2018
If it’s late and your hungry don’t use seamless you might not get your food and you might find your self with everything else closed after your done waiting two hours for your food you thought was coming.
App and website are both terrible
retired Cathy on 2/19/2018
Seamless has a number of really irritating bugs and idiosyncrasies that will drive you nuts. Example: add a new credit card and it automatically becomes your default card (and your friend who treated once with their credit card will unwittingly buy your next three orders). If you have more than one address saved, good luck choosing one - they make it nearly impossible to pick an address once you’ve selected your order. And they do a terrible job categorizing their restaurants - I don’t care if the Chinese place serves one Thai dish; if I search for Thai, I just want to see Thai restaurants!! Why is this so bloody difficult??
Love it
tiny eyed ghost on 2/19/2018
Makes ordering and delivery a quick and painless process
Vinny Hooliganz on 2/19/2018
Great App!
Frecklez26 on 2/19/2018
I love using seamless. It’s easy to use and I enjoy the status update feature.
The best app
Betty Cevallos on 2/19/2018
This is an amazing way to get the best food around you, wherever you are... Os very convenient and easy to use... thanks.
Convenient food app
Adote2 on 2/18/2018
This app definitely fills a need as a quick, no hassle way to get fed. The only drawback is not all restaurants are listed, and very little commercial places like chipotle are on it; that would be a huge boost if they can land these food spots. Especially the ones that don’t deliver.
Very useful!
zkatz on 2/18/2018
Works great.
App works, service doesn't
Erika51 on 2/18/2018
Horrible service. Don't use if the weather isn't sunny with rainbows! Placed order, restaurant had order ready quickly, no driver ever showed up. Called customer service and they sent an instant message to dispatch, no reply, asked for them to call dispatch and there is no contact number for dispatch. Apparently drivers are sent requests via instant messaging and they pick and choose which ones they want to deliver. No guarantee your order will actually be accepted by a driver and delivered. Such a waste of time.
Delivery ETA way off...
Alejandro-San Ramon on 2/17/2018
Promised delivery within 30-40 minutes; food arrived 1h 25min later. Called the restaurant and Seamless - no help. Will not use this service anymore.
Best app ever!
mc noisiere on 2/17/2018
Everyone I know who lives outside of NYC can't believe the options we have at our fingertips.
Great app on 2/17/2018
Seamless as a service is a lifesaver for those who just don’t feel like cooking. Customer service has usually been very good in my experience, and the app has always worked very well.
Linear A on 2/15/2018
Functional, but blames user error for Seamless's mistakes, leading to countless fruitless attempts to fix the unfixable. I had been sent a promo code; when I tried to use it, it told me I had missing fields. I tried repeatedly to locate the missing field, and finally reached out to tech support, only to be told that the problem was that Seamless had sent me the code in error. This isn't the first problem of this kind, ui-wise. (It also probably constitutes deceptive advertising on Seamless's behalf but...)
Not working for months...
rodya raskolnikov on 2/15/2018
Will not allow me to order. Jumps to address screen after initiating order and repeat. Same problem reported here from several others. Knock, knock.. is anyone there?
Great app!
emrehabdoc on 2/15/2018
I love the app. Plenty of choices but wish the restaurants follow the instructions. I always include not to put plates, utensils and sauces but always are put in my orders and have loads of stuff that don’t need.
Restore the Cash option
greedychipmunk on 2/15/2018
Please restore the cash option. The delivery service can be bad when the delivery person already has the tip
Great App, Terrible Customer Service
MiRockinstar on 2/14/2018
If my food was sitting for 30+ minutes because of a glitch in the app, and I tell you that I want my food (a seafood dish) remade (you know, to avoid food poisoning) the answer is 110% NOT, “Well, we don’t know that they didn’t remake it.” I’m irritated and I’m hungry, please don’t threaten me with salmonella with your bad attitude.
No Food delivered
lindasetch on 2/14/2018
Ordered food at 6:30. Called at 7:45 when order didn’t arrive. Was told it would arrive soon. It’s 8:35 and we still don’t have food. The vendor has four and half stars but when you read the reviews there are multiple related to delivery issues. Seamless needs to monitor this rating and let users know when this rating tanks.
F***’ em
seamless is 💩 on 2/14/2018
you need to be savvy about when and where you order from Else your food will arrive super late and no good (soggy/cold) Or you’ll end up having to cancel it because no one will deliver it. I mean there should be several disclaimers about these things instead of claiming they were good Very frustrating to use many times
Use the app for menus, then call yourself
rbodgers on 2/14/2018
Or use Eat24 (they have outstanding customer service). This is a story about mediocre customer service. And remember: I’m just ordering take-out Chinese food. Seamless is attempting to take something that is already trivially easy and make it easier. But then this happens. Placed our order at 10:01pm, 30-40 minute delivery. At 10:55pm I called the restaurant for an update. I was told only the manager handled online orders, and would have to call me back. Someone called back at 10:58pm to say my order was on its way. Tried calling again at 11:27pm, but no answer. Called Seamless at 11:28pm. Was told that they wouldn’t issue a refund until they spoke with the restaurant — which was now closed. Was also told that the food was delivered at 10:55pm, three minutes before the manager called me to tell me it was out for delivery. Seamless was not able to reach the restaurant, as expected. Despite the fact that I specifically asked Seamless to call me back with the update, they managed to go straight to voicemail. I tweeted Seamless with my frustration and complaint. They reconfirmed all of this, and said they would issue a refund immediately “as a one time courtesy”, and made it very clear that they don’t trust “claims” until they speak to the restaurant. As of 1:00am — hours after the restaurant closed — the Seamless app still reported that my order was out for delivery. Seamless took a frustrating delivery experience and turned it into an angering, insulting mess, holding me and my money hostage. They made it clear that issuing refunds promptly and without a complicated discussion across multiple channels is something they consider a “one time courtesy”. Having spent a lot of money over the years with Seamless, without issue, this is insulting. I should have just ordered from the restaurant over the phone and avoided all of this, except the missed delivery. At least then the only thing I would be missing would be my food. Lesson learned.
Add some features please
Nspins on 2/13/2018
This app really needs a feature where I can log I’d I liked a place or not. Not a formal public rating, just some way for me to track my experience. Also it’s been exactly the same app for a very long time. Do something new Seamless. Anything.
icidro_ on 2/11/2018
This app always seems to have bugs. Hire better developers Seamless!
App is lit
LeifTLG on 2/11/2018
Don’t want to see humanity because you went HAM 2 nights in a row, but you need to eat for survival? Say no more fam
The desktop version is better
Diligent Reader on 2/11/2018
It would be helpful if there was a “block” button for restaurants. Also, the desktop version has better options than the app. The desktop version allows users to see what’s ordered most in their neighborhood, what will be delivered the fastest, select “free delivery” locations only, among others. The app needs to step up its’ game.
i can’t live without it
daztack on 2/10/2018
she’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s seamless™️
Ralphiep on 2/10/2018
Good clean fun.
Apple Pay checkout not working
Perisheroy on 2/10/2018
Serious serious bug here. Don’t want to give away my credit card info so always go with Apple Pay or Paypal. But none of them works properly on this version of the app. Very frustrating. Not going to stuck in this nonsense. Too many good apps out there.
My rating - now stop asking me!
RubenJimene2 on 2/10/2018
This is my rating - I would give it 5 stars but had to give it 4 only because I desperately want this app to stop asking me to rate it multiple times while I’m logged on. 🤨
I don’t use any other food apps
Constantine mavromoustakos on 2/9/2018
Seamless has nailed it with this app
Truly Amused on 2/9/2018
Delays, later deliveries...don't bother using this app
Seraish on 2/9/2018
Not quite a seamless experience when ordering from this app. While the customer service is great, getting your food seems to be the challenge. Called to check up on my order that was 30 mins delayed and was told the restaurant was so busy they wouldn't start on it till now and would get it an hour later, which would be 3 hours after I placed the order. Seems to be the trend here and give me a credit in my seamless account doesn't solve my current problem.
Seamless is the best for big cities w/ cold winters
Moved to NYC a few months ago & I love using seamless, especially because I live so far the subway. They have a great selection of restaurants. My only complaint is they don’t do fast food places or coffee shops. Postmates is not super reliable for stuff like that. I would trust seamless far more.
Used to be better, no insight into drivers
anabolico on 2/7/2018
I used to be a fan of this app, but a recent experience left me baffled. Apparently I missed the call from the driver by 6 minutes, but was confused because it said the order was still being delivered (the driver is ordered to leave after 5 minutes). After checking with customer service, they claimed they sent out an SMS and an e-mail that the driver was there — neither one received on my end. Also, the order was marked as delivered — when it should have been marked as failed or something else. Get it together guys, and fix your laggy e-mail and push notification systems.
Freezes my iPhone
TheOGKC226 on 2/7/2018
I love this app, but it frequently freezes up and sometimes causes my phone itself to freeze and I have to restart it. Happened with my 7 and now continues to happen with the X.
Great app
Superlative app on 2/7/2018
Love love this app I use it at work in Manhattan and home in south ozone park! The best so far very loyal and satisfied customer!!!
Where have you been all my life
cdvh5150 on 2/7/2018
Great app!!! Love how you. An order food and tip before they come to your house, cause as we all have probably ordered something and when the delivery person comes he has no change, so you give him a $20 for only a $11 order.
Sh0t Colin on 2/6/2018
Restaurant health codes would be a smart addition
RayHughes on 2/6/2018
Think each establishment's health code should be posted when searching for your next meal. This would support safer eating from your users, who might be at a health risk if eating from an establishment that didn't have an "A". Think it'd be better to support users instead of food establishments that aren't clean! Had a bad experience after finding out a local favorite on Seamless (over 4 stars, over 900 reviews) turned out to have a B rating, which then dropped to a C. No good! Just a thought. Otherwise, Seamless is the best.
Newest update breaks the app
Flanglee on 2/6/2018
Needs better error handling
joeuser14234 on 2/6/2018
This app would be really awesome if it had better error handling for spotty cell connections. I've tried ordering while underground in the subway. The app will sometimes time out while trying to add a menu item. No problem, it will try again. But it hangs, and keeps hanging. After trying to create my order, it may have trouble during payment and say, "an error has occurred." At that point, I have to log out of the app and log back in to be able to put my order through, because something is gummed up about my account. It would be cool if I could place my order 15 minutes before arrival, but I spend all 15 minutes fighting with the app and I end up placing my order in front of the restaurant. Kinda meh. Sure, I could place my order in advance and save myself the trouble of working with iffy cell service. But ordering on the subway, because a Seamless ad is string me in the face and inspiring to order dinner right there, is one reason why Seamless would really rock.
I love it
Dontinstallthisappitsstupid on 2/4/2018
I've been using this app for several years and it's awesome.
NIkki B….. on 2/4/2018
Never using this again. First they sent me a first time users coupon that didn't work...I had never used the app before so it should have worked. So I went on the customer service app chat to get the credit manually entered, and that took forever. Then I get a call saying the resturant doesn't deliver to my area an hour later. Absolutely ridiculous.
No eco option for skipping plastic utensils etc??!
Iamonlyoneguy :) on 2/4/2018
Why can't they put in the box you check off at checkout to not receive napkins or plastic utensils? It's on the desktop site and it is such a simple thing to add! Please, Seamless, do the right thing. Help us save the ocean and the earth and reduce the unnecessary plastic & trash that's the polluting it!!! This action alone can reduce SOOO much waste. Update: 7 months later, STILL NO OPTION for this.
anita60 on 2/4/2018
Very user friendly app to navigate all positive experiences here so far so good
Could you live without it?
Jizzle1970 on 2/3/2018
So great
Love this app
kenny strong on 2/3/2018
With my line of work and a busy dad this app is amazing all I have to do is look up what's around me and order and you can pay with paypal which helped me out one day when I didn't have cash and only had money in my PayPal account
2 hrs to get food (if at all) - technology crashes
No_Reservations on 2/3/2018
After 1 hr and the food hadn't arrived, I callee the restaurant and they said seamless/grubhub hadn't sent the order. I talked to a GH rep and she said she would take care of it....2 hrs later, no food! Call the restaurants directly or use uber eats! This app doesn't work and the customer svc people just dont care!
DawgTideMom on 2/3/2018
Mostly good options. I have at least a few local favorites available (most of the time). I don’t love that the referral credit is no longer available though.
When it works, it’s perfect
megagain on 2/2/2018
Often exhausted, returning to flat, hungry. Seamless is my go-to ap. When it works, couldn’t ask for better service. ... only once in a while, not so good (eg, can’t proc credit card, order disappears, need to redo). But I plan to continue to use. Great when I’m just too tired.
Screwing over customers
E in NYC on 2/2/2018
Seamless has usually been good to me in the past, but their recent updates to make it harder for a customer to see that a restaurant is going to tack on a $3 fee is very upsetting. I can’t even filter things by this. This is so easy, but this would be focusing on the ultimate customer instead of the restaurant who pays their fee. It’s not the end of the world for one order, but if you get takeout, have to pay a delivery tip and a fee for a salad or sandwich, it would anger you too. Or if you have to say yes to four restaurants before you find one that doesn’t try to gouge you, you’d be angry from that as well. I’ll instead walk to my corner deli and skip seamless altogether I guess, maybe there’s a competing app I’ll switch to instead.
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