American Airlines

American Airlines

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 5.6.2 Jul 26, 2010 Apr 17, 2018 173 MB iOS 10.3 or later 4+
New in version 5.6.2

To make our app better for you, we make ongoing updates to improve your experience. Thanks for choosing American Airlines.


With the American Airlines app, you’re covered with the information you need exactly when you need it. Curious about traffic to the airport? Need a mobile boarding pass? Wondering where the closest Admirals Club® lounge is located? All of this info, and more, is available at your fingertips.

- Dynamic home screen: Knows where you are in your travel journey and gives you easy access to the right tools at the right time.

- Mobile boarding pass: Check in for your trip and retrieve your mobile boarding pass. No need to print, and it’s updated along the way.

- Flight updates: Get the latest flight updates by simply retrieving your reservation and allowing American Airlines to send notifications to your mobile device.

- Interactive terminal maps: Navigating airports is a breeze with our interactive terminal maps. Find the closest Admirals Club lounge or get directions to your connecting gate.

- AAdvantage® account details: Review all the details of your AAdvantage account right from the app. Not an AAdvantage member? Sign up today.

- Upgrade your seat: Request and purchase upgrades with ease. Want to see where you are on the list? The app displays the upgrade standby list within four hours of your scheduled departure.

- Seat selection: Select or change your seat within the app. Just pick the one you’d like and change it on the spot.

- Track your bag: Know exactly where your bag is from the time it leaves your hands to when you extend the handle at your final destination.

- Save your reservation: Your recently viewed reservations are automatically saved in the app so you can easily grab the details for your next flight in seconds.

- Quick interactions: The American app utilizes 3D touch and is Apple watch compatible, giving you quick access to the most important info.

- Wi-Fi access in the air: Don’t forget on flights with Wi-Fi, you can use the American app and at no cost.

There’s a new group of flyers out there – The World’s Greatest Flyers. They know that having the right travel tools contributes to a great experience.

New with iOS10, the sky’s the limit with the American Airlines sticker pack! Let friends and family know that you’re traveling, headed to the Admirals Club® lounge to take it easy before taking off, snapping photos at 30,000 feet or that you’ve arrived.

Contact Us: 1-800-222-2377

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Love the bag tracker!
Girliefromthed on 4/21/2018
I consistently find this app best in class. My flight landed late due to weather and the app helped me navigate the quickest path to my connecting gate and reassured me that my lugguage made the connection. Doesn’t get any better than that! 👏🏼👏🏼
Crashes before open
Lruskseries3 on 4/21/2018
Does this app actually open on the watch? App works great on my phone and Apple wallet works great with my boarding passes. The app on the phone however has never worked. I tap it and it force closes. I’ll delete it soon if it’s useless.
I freaking love this app!!! and yes I
eyes so blue on 4/21/2018
Ok I Love American Airlines Bc they finally understand that people make mistakes okay!!! yes I admit it!! I miss almost every durn flight but I’m loyal to them and this app! Love you guys and this app! Ps would love to get free flights tho
Please copy the United app
mmp621 on 4/21/2018
I am a loyal frequent flyer. Have always checked in using the app and iWallet. I thought the app was OK. Not intuitive at all but OK. After a 12+ hour delay on my flight home yesterday, I ditched American and got on the last center seat on a United flight. Not only were both planes I rode on the most modern, clean, and comfortable, the United app was AWESOME!! So easy to find the on flight entertainment, food options, automatic maps showing how to get from one gate to the other, shows where your plane came from and when doors are closing, etc etc, etc. All that on the very first landing page. Get with the program American. With the high costs of your airline tickets you have absolutely no excuses as to why you would not invest providing ia great app with a great user experience. SMH
I am going in the middle.
Mbgaskins on 4/20/2018
The app has definitely improved greatly with ease of use and intuitiveness over the last few updates. It still has a long way to go however. My list of wants. See the seat map for the entire aircraft... not just the class we are in. Tell us how many seats are available for upgrade so we can judge our chances. It would save the poor gate agents a lot of time in answering the question. Greatly increase the size of the flight number, gate, seat, and departure time. I can’t read the info without my glasses which I only wear for reading. The to/from is certainly big enough.
Nice features - but never works so worthless
ZavNico on 4/20/2018
Have to go to all the time to do anything. I dont even bother with the app anymore.
Can’t get Boarding Pass
Ken-Kinja on 4/20/2018
5.6.2 Release - I can’t access the boarding pass. Really an inconvenience at TSA security. Had to get a paper pass. This defeats the purpose of the App.
Works 50% of the time
vickisoup on 4/20/2018
Can never find my boarding pass Always makes me choose seats Not intuitive
Update horrible
itchn2go on 4/19/2018
Cannot retrieve boarding passes easily
fadsrewquiophg23()$34 on 4/19/2018
Doesn’t work properly on my iPhone. The app freezes when I try to type in my first and last names.
Apple wallets update is horrible
Bobo3020 on 4/19/2018
Take it out immediately! Surprise can’t get my pass...
Watch Complication is Horrible
Usair h8er on 4/19/2018
The associated watch complication with this app works sporadically at best. Every time a new update to the app is released I end up having to delete the app from all my devices and after several reboots the watch complication starts to work usually only for a few days and then its back to the delete scenario again. This is extremely frustrating!
Forced update
JPWTX on 4/18/2018
Don’t make me update to check a flight status.
Boarding passes
Spidermonkee143 on 4/18/2018
Before the update I could get my boarding passes on my phone and Apple Watch now if I have more than one I can’t retrieve it and have to find a kiosk to print!! I travel for a living and try to spend as much time home with my family so this has really put a kink in that thank you American Airlines..... I guess now I get to stand in line at American to print a couple boarding passes new airline maybe?
Free in flight entertainment??
KC1974 on 4/18/2018
Per the AA site: “All entertainment is free...” “On most flights, you can stream our library of movies and TV shows to your phone, tablet OR LAPTOP - without buying WiFi. All you need is the American app.” I highlighted LAPTOP as there is no such thing. An OS X app doesn’t exist. Entertainment is not free on laptops - you have to buy the WiFi. Other than that, this mobile app isn’t too bad. Award bookings would be nice though. You can do them on the mobile site, just not on the app for some strange reason.
Chrissy1261986 on 4/17/2018
Not able to book flights from the app. Randomly crashes. Constantly has “server communication errors”
Easy App
ssskkk on 4/17/2018
It’s easy to use just not complete, does not have to buy with miles or multicities, which is a hassle. I hope you think about this for your next upgrade, otherwise it’s a very nice App
Love the new boarding pass updates
Disappointed74368643 on 4/17/2018
Have used the app for long time. The latest update I think is one of the most useful to me. Like being able to get my families boarding passes along with mine, and really like the ability to add multiple boarding passes to Apple Wallet with just 1 click. Thx!
Upcoming Trips
Brianm910 on 4/17/2018
I have a trip coming up in 5 days. How do I add it to my upcoming trips? Right now is saying “0”
The app gets an error and “can’t retrieve information”
shelaynec on 4/16/2018
In the last few weeks, the history actually gets “lost”and it looks like you’ve lost miles. I’ve had to reload the app on my iPhone and iPad several times. The usability is fine once you get used to it and it is 100 times better than British Airways app.
Hands down the worst app I have
uglybuf on 4/16/2018
Is unable to generate boarding passes at least half the time. Is unable to accurately track AA initiated changes to my itinerary (two times in less than a month). It shows weird stuff like an ORD destination when I’m not going anywhere near there. It tries to force payment for an upgrade I don’t want. I invariably have to to a browser or to a phone representative to sort of the mess. I have other airline apps, some good, some not so good. This app is junk!
iFrag001 on 4/15/2018
Often the app does not refresh. So frustrating
State never populates prevent signup on 4/15/2018
State never populates prevent signup
Where did the upgrade requests go?
Needremote2useremote? on 4/15/2018
Latest update no longer has upgrade requests or status. I have 4 upcoming trips, all with requests, and cannot see if they’ve cleared now.
Getting worse
iprada on 4/15/2018
Since January I’m not able to check in international flights using this App. Now I’m forced to use the web page!! It’s full of glitches
Won’t work post update
PaddyJay on 4/14/2018
Won’t let me search for flights and asks me to get an update I’ve already downloaded
frustrated in pdx on 4/14/2018
Worst app I have ever downloaded. The find my trip feature is useless. Tapped on it and then was ready to enter the required info in each field to find my trip. Touching each item, first name, last name, trip ID.... none of it worked. I expected tapping on the field would bring up the keyboard to enter my info, but instead nothing happened. Impossible to search for or get my trip info into my phone. I hope AA takes better care of its planes than it does this app. Otherwise crashes are on the rise.
Says “On Time”
Paul A K on 4/13/2018
Evidence indicates this is a lie. Scheduled to take off at 12:12, plane arrived at 12:35. We won’t depart for another hour, yet the app continues to say we are on time! Ridiculous!
Linking to Apple Wallet
DL@DFW on 4/13/2018
Hate the latest update on iPhone. Each time I try to open a boarding pass, the app links to Wallet. The Wallet boarding pass gets rejected at TSA and I get sent to AA ticketing for a printed ticket. Please kill the linking to Wallet! Was a very good app before the recent update.
Deletes wrong passes
Sox fan ga on 4/13/2018
The current update in the area that allows you to delete boarding passes from your wallet... is deleting valid boarding passes instead of the expired passes. Please fix!!!!
mi2x on 4/12/2018
Tried to join AAdvantage thru the app, spent too much time typing in all the info required, and then when I clicked Submit it did nothing. Aaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhh!!!
Wallet Passes
Gameshow97 on 4/12/2018
Dear American: I live by this app, as I travel a lot for business. However, currently the "delete expired passes from wallet" feature deletes current, not expired passes. Please fix that.
Boarding pass disappear
hvahishtha on 4/12/2018
Boarding pass disappear from locked screen 30 mins before scheduled departure time. That’s when you need the most as you are trying to board.
Little Hayes on 4/12/2018
Funny. In order to get in flight entertainment on an AA flight, had to pull up my United app to get to the right website. Time to update your in flight instructions. It doesn’t always just “come up” when you open the browser
Can’t get signed up for account
Oliver'sgrandma on 4/12/2018
With an upcoming flight in May, I’ve loaded the app on my phone hoping it will be as easy to use as my Delta app. Unfortunately, it’s not. After repeated efforts to sign-up and log-in the app tells me I have to call. Who has time to spend time on the phone to simply activate and use an app?! I don’t even really know what’s available within the app because I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m hoping when I get it figured out that our boarding passes and everything else we need will be readily available, but for now, I’m frustrated!
DeLyJa on 4/12/2018
I’m fairly new to the app and love the booking flight feature. I have problems error messages, not being able to check in and boarding passes disappearing.
Can not access boarding pass
SukMaj on 4/11/2018
Used to be able access boarding pass from the app very easily. Adding the add to wallet probably messed it up. I tried rebooting my phone and deleting app instance. Nothing helped. I had to return back to check in counter from security check and get boarding passes printed. Please fix it.
In flight entertainment
orangeirish on 4/11/2018
Supposedly you can use this app to access inflight entertainment. NOT SO! About as unfriendly as possible. There are no entertainment tags. Haven’t been able to access in flight entertainment with an iPhone, iPad or android.
Unable to join
Svrhino on 4/10/2018
States won’t load for me to choose my state. Can’t join as it is required.
JW502 on 4/10/2018
Like their service in general, customers will notice some bugs and annoyances in the AA app that make it second-rate. Seat selection interface needs work. Cancelling selection of seat for a single segment should not cancel all selections! After using the Delta app, you will see how things should work.
Doesn’t Work
vangiej00 on 4/9/2018
Since getting this app, nothing works! I have been unable to pull up flight information as it does not allow me to input anything on the app. The WiFi set up to view programs during the flight is also not accessible. Overall, I have found this app utterly useless.
Gonna be a long flight on 4/9/2018
I have a first generation iPad which does not support the latest software. Therefore, the app is pretty much useless 😔
It does the job - very well
Laboettcher on 4/8/2018
I travel 6-8 weeks per year. I love this app for tracking my bags, seeing flight status and managing my flight and seats. Highly recommend!!!
Not awful, not great
flyastrojets on 4/7/2018
OK, it works. However, I would think a large company like American would have an interest in leveraging mobile in an increasingly mobile world. The fact that most functions on this app just port you over to the website is telling. I’d look at selling upgrades. Again, it’s fine for basics and getting a boarding pass. Otherwise, meh. Three stars.
No good for check in
tork20 on 4/7/2018
No user friendly and pretty much not functional for checkin. It’s best to go to the website via safari.
Figured out the issue
Go Kayak on 4/7/2018
Editing original review. Figured out the issue. Desktop interface and App interface handle data differently. Too long a story to post here.
App has come a long way
TechSavvyDad on 4/7/2018
Initially I hardly ever used this app but as AA has added features and made the app more intuitive I find this a go to resource when I travel. Flight info is updated often before I even get a text about delays or gate changes. I love the dynamic aspect and the bag tracking. Can’t wait to try the passport scan. Keep innovating!
New App Update is amazing
eSamp41 on 4/6/2018
This app update is awesome. I can now retrieve multiple boarding passes. I’ve been waiting on this feature!!
Needs Apple Pay - Delta did it....
El amigo lindo on 4/6/2018
Needs Apple Pay to purchase tickets in-app. Would make things easier. AND MORE SECURE.
Connections to Reservations Error
Patuxent78 on 4/6/2018
The latest update is clunky and full of errors. It had an old reservation I had canceled weeks earlier, wouldn’t pull current reservation. I had to input the confirmation number to search for my reservation. It’s workable. But it definitely needs an update for the update.
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