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Ihor Kozachuk

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Food & Drink 4.0 Sep 19, 2010 Jun 06, 2014 19.7 MB iOS 7.0 or later 4+
New in version 4.0

- new UI
- bug fixing


Smoothies are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get an abundance of essential vitamins and nutrients that help keep you feeling great! The best part about these recipes is that they take just minutes. In 100+ Smoothie Recipes you’ll find a wide variety of delicious smoothies, from Apple Banana and Berry Good to Kiwi Strawberry and Nectarine Blush. You’re sure to find one you’ll love. Not only are smoothies a great meal, but they are also proven to help speed up weight loss, reduce the risk of colon cancer, and improve cardiovascular health. So what are you waiting for? Let's get blending!

In 100+ Smoothie Recipes You'll Find:

- 128 easy and delicious smoothie recipes from Banana Blast and Cherry Almond, to Mint and Fruit and Orange Slush
- Optimized for iOS 7 for a fast and convenient browsing experience
- Print your favorite recipes with AirPrint to save for later
- Save your favorite smoothie recipes with the touch of a button
- Managing your favorites is as easy as a swipe
- Save time by searching through recipes by ingredient
- Ads can be removed in-app by tapping on the "Smoothie" header in the recipes list

If you have any suggestions or technical issues, please contact us as support@socialmasonllc.com.

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Good but lots of wrong steps
foodmeupscotty on 3/26/2018
Good app. It helps me a lot to make all types of smoothies. But some of the recipes are wrong. The steps in some of the recipes don’t belong to them. Example: Nobody’s Strawberry Watermelon Shakedown
Annoying ads
jhw56 on 10/21/2017
Too many ads pop-up all the time. Worst app ever for this. Print doesn't work.
Way too much sugar
Sugganaw on 1/22/2017
Oh my God. The reviews were not wrong about the ads, YIKES!! The last recipe is covered by a banner for real and it's definitely unavailable which is a shame because it looks good. There are some really good smoothies on here but they are not of the healthy variety. There is only one (1) green smoothie, it would have been better to have a variety of greens to even out all the fruit (fructose). Quite a few of the recipes calls for sugar which is not good. All in all, these smoothies are "on occasion smoothies", not daily smoothies. These recipes are diabetes waiting to happen.
Too many ads!
ManAnnHop on 10/11/2016
This is a pretty good app. Probably 4 stars, if it wasn't for all of the ads! Just as others have pointed out, there are way too many. After taping on a recipe, a full screen ad takes over. That is in addition to the bottom banner ad on every screen. The bottom banner ad wouldn't be so bad on its own, but it covers up the last row in the table because the developer didn't code it properly. Sloppy design work. If it were just the bottom banner ad, I could live with that. The take over ads are inexcusable! Don't worry. You can't get rid of the ads. The "remove ads" button does not work! So you're stuck with them. If you can take closing an ad every time you look at a recipe, this is a pretty good app. But get ready to be annoyed!
BillyJack04 on 2/21/2016
Seems like a good app, but way to many adds. Make an option to pay, so we can get around adds!!!
Too Many Ads!
KLenoraN on 1/16/2016
Love the recipes...but slow roll on ads. Also, remove ads option doesn't work. Pleas update
Ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, ads.... And more ads!
Miljam123 on 1/8/2016
Enough said
Unusable due to ads
Mommy put on 1/8/2016
I'd love to use this, but I can't even read one recipe without an ad popping up, it's completely obnoxious. I have to delete it.
Too much sugar!!!
100 + smoothies on 1/3/2016
All these recipes have too much sugar! The whole idea of nutribullet is to eliminate crap food! Sugar is one to be eliminated! Also...WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!! Deleting! Glad it was free!
iPhoneRunner on 12/5/2015
Every other recipe has a spam ad for some crappy app. Way too annoying so deleted the app.
Too many ads...
Txlacy on 11/21/2015
I deleted it... Too many ads, couldn't read the recipes!
to many ads
lizsan209 on 10/17/2015
There is way to May ads and the remove ad doesn't work.I've tried one of the recipes recently and it was TERRIBLE!!!
Honest Review
zelkathz on 8/29/2015
Great App. One complaint would be the annoying ads which is really long and hard to skip. 4 stars.
Mason &... on 8/24/2015
Hidden links takes visitor to war-like game or gaming portal - I deleted it for this reason!
Too many ads
Jeff Jobs on 7/12/2015
Ad banner is ok but layers popping up every 10 seconds is annoying and makes it unusable. Also no possibility to rate recipes.
Ad pops up every few seconds
supaflyseanguy on 7/12/2015
Ad taking over your screen for 5 sec kills user experience. Ain't nobody got time for that. Better to have it as banner ad below at most.
Jenny_2123 on 7/10/2015
This app is great it has helped me in so many different ways... TRY IT OUT 😍🙏🏼
I love this app
Horseygril907 on 6/29/2015
It has made smoothie making easy and fun. There is so many choices to pick from, and it's so easy and effortless. I love it. Would not trade it for the world.
Force closes
Aziza_Kristina on 6/15/2015
This app force closes every other recipe-I won't complain about the tons of adds-it's a free app and the devs need to make money somehow-but please fix the force closing!
LornaxDanielle on 6/11/2015
I like it but there are too many ads
So easy!
Leanne29mpg on 6/5/2015
Pick a smoothie, see what's in it. Awesome!
BananaBread! on 6/5/2015
This app is perfect!!!! I love it! The only flaw is the adds
No can do ads!!!
Ballparkmomma on 4/20/2015
Better know exactly what you want. Because 1-2 smoothie browsing is the limit to what you can look at before you are hit with an ad. Then 1-2 later you are hit with another ad. Sad, because otherwise it could be a decent app.
The Ads kill the App
Walksbimmer on 3/6/2015
Love the recipes but the ads kill the app. Hit the remove ads link or whatever and it doesn't work. That blows major. Can't cruise thru the recipes without an ad repeatedly popping up that takes over the whole screen for several seconds. Who signed off on that disaster??? That's a pure fail and why you got two stars instead of 4-5.
So far so good but...
hellobriii on 3/5/2015
Love this app so far, but I wish the recipes included calorie counters! Would be over the top better if you could create recipes and count calories for that also! Other than that, I love all the ideas I am given from this app!
I love this app
Why u should u recommend this app for others on 3/1/2015
Me and my best friend will be working at a fitness gym and we will be selling smoothies and this app really is helping us with what flavors and ingredients we need 🐄🐄🍨🍧🍦🍧🍨🍦🍧
rcsinpgh on 2/26/2015
Recipes look good but not worth the ad hassle. Obnoxious and am going to decommission the app. Lots of other ways to get hundreds of smoothie recipes.
A good app
Khr 8 on 2/21/2015
Has a lot of adds, but a good app and good smoothies😀😜😝😉🍹
Great but...
Lyssa👑 on 2/16/2015
I like all the different recipes but the app itself is kinda boring. I wish it had pictures of the smoothies or something just to add some more appeal. Also TOO MANY ADDS AND POP-UP.
Tttyyyuhhg on 2/15/2015
It was good
It's good
LaahJay on 2/10/2015
Love the app, lot of ads.
Too many ads
David Rocker on 2/3/2015
Recipes look good but way too many ads!!
Lots to choose from
Hg1bbs on 2/1/2015
So many to choose from. Makes my mouth water. Regarding ads....not a big deal. Had a couple. Have a lot of favorites.
Awesome app
Roger's review on 1/28/2015
I have tried 5-10 so far. So far so good.
Bergalicious 48 on 1/23/2015
There should be a way to categorize the smoothies. With or without yogurt or milk. Detox. Energy. Etc.
Ads Out The Wazoo!!!
aprllea on 1/23/2015
Lot of good recipes but giving only 2 stars because the ads are relentless. While looking through the recipes ads pop up with every other recipe. Understandable with a free app there are going to be ads, that I can deal with, but come on this one is insane, not to mention the one constantly at the bottom of the screen which prevents seeing of the last one on the page. Deleting this app and will get recipes online.
Unreal amount of ads
PBreezy22 on 1/9/2015
Has a lot of really simple recipes. Ads pop up every time you click a button
bajsiehahzb on 12/31/2014
i love all the cool smoothie ideas
Blacktie Shinji on 12/24/2014
No image, they all look the same. After couple wipe there is an ad. Annoying.
Amazing Smoothies!
Matt3552 on 12/1/2014
This app has great smoothies and their recipes are very easy to follow! I love this app!
Meh1468 on 11/28/2014
The app in and of itself is great. Lots of good recipes to choose from. The only issue I have is the amount of ads. I understand that with a free app you'll have to deal with ads. But literally, every other recipe I look at has an ad. Not to mention the same ad! I feel I'll be better off deleting the app and searching for recipes online.
Pop ups
KellyB0328 on 11/22/2014
I don't mind a pop up ad every once in a while, especially when a free app is good, but an ad pops up about every 45 seconds. I can't even use the app because there are so many ads. And the remove ads button does nothing.
Love it!
Pbeard on 9/27/2014
Easy to follow recipes that turn out delicious. Five stars!
Awesome recipe combinations
Front_runr on 9/16/2014
I just got a smoothie blender. Easy recipe to follow.
Great app
Lisha5315 on 9/9/2014
Love it!
Got good, but can be better
Flower Soda on 9/2/2014
There are SOOOOO many smoothies to chose from, it's awesome. I would like to see a filter in the future. For instance, I don't eat sugar so I would filter out honey and sugar and juice Etc. Love this app and all that it has to offer but it could be a tad awesome-er
Too many ads
SuzVo on 8/26/2014
I don't mind some ads....but every 2-3 recipes I'm browsing? Really? Makes me go to another app for recipes.
Love it
Isahir on 8/20/2014
This is pretty useful
Remove ad button doesn't work
Jobber4644 on 8/19/2014
Good app with lots of recipes that sound delicious, but I've clicked on the remove ads button and it doesn't work. It would be nice to read a recipe without ads popping up every time. The ad that never disappears at the bottom is annoying too because it blocks the last recipe in the list.
MT30062837 on 8/18/2014
Good recipes. Could be cool to have an option to put in what ingredients I have and tell me which smoothies I could make.
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