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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Utilities 2.5 Sep 21, 2010 Oct 30, 2017 7.3 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.5

Updated for iOS 11 and iPhone X along with other minor improvements.


KitchenUnits is an intuitive and easy to use unit converter for the kitchen. Is your recipe in grams and milliliters and you need it in pounds and cups? What if your recipe tells you to set the oven to 177 degrees Celsius and your oven uses Fahrenheit? KitchenUnits helps you convert your recipe to the units you need. You can even save your favorite or most used conversions to find them easily next time.

- Converts 27 distinct units across temperature, time, volume, and weight categories.
- Displays common conversions for each unit category.
- Saves and displays user selected conversion favorites for each unit category.

iPad Screenshots
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DRK-47 on 4/12/2018
evendumb on 4/9/2018
It doesn’t do anything.
Horrible do not download!
Doc Hudson! on 2/26/2018
Not worth your time!! Doesn’t convert!
Dam good!!!!!!
LpKelley on 1/8/2018
Dam good
Conversion app
larkby12 on 12/13/2017
Very easy and straightforward. Everything I need to convert recipe measurements.
Jaimbo's iphone on 11/12/2014
Easy to use and just what I need!!
FCD Player 10 on 8/6/2013
The app is always here when I need it!
Great...but Ads!
BuffsFan14 on 2/23/2013
Great, simple converter that's exactly what it sounds like. does have a banner ad at the bottom. Not a big deal, and the app is free. Just an FYI.
Adoptdontshop on 2/4/2013
I had an app on my Droid that was more useful and had more options.
Sadly pretty useless
greyecho on 4/15/2012
Better conversion tables in most cookbooks
Coolstuffinabox on 1/16/2012
Awesome app! Very useful and easy to manage.
Really Great App!
Oa$i$ on 8/27/2011
Love the app. I cook a lot of Asian recipes and always need to convert them into American measurements and temperatures. I had to go online and search a long time before i find a site that has a close measurement or temperature, but with this app, I just select this and that and hit done in less than a minute. Best app I have used!
Great App!
NicNac1286 on 7/13/2011
I downloaded and used this app in an Asian market. It's quick, easy to use, and does exactly what I was looking for...and it's FREE!
Vanessa_B_W on 6/6/2011
Just what I was looking for!!!
Works great
Kila.Malia on 5/9/2011
Great app
Kitchen Units is GREAT!!!!
65368833784389747greg on 4/23/2011
It never crashes for me and it can convert just about anything. This works so good that I bought Metrebug it converts anything that kitchen units can't like miles to kilometers. I Highly recommend this app and Metrebug also.
A Keeper!
The D'05 on 4/14/2011
Just what I needed. Works great!
Fix the description!
hamutama on 2/15/2011
Old Johan, Motu007 may have said that because of the confusingly worded description; actually that's what I was looking for as well. Just because one measurement is a volume and the other is a weight doesn't mean you can't convert between the two; provided you know the volume and weight of a unit of an ingredient, you can of course calculate it to at least a general degree of accuracy, and there are websites that do this and/or have tables with these measurements listed. Unfortunately this app does not. It does look better than the very not free competitor though (although its icon does not), and seems to execute the functions advertised smoothly enough. But... The wording of the description was a cause for disappointment on my end... I'd recommend revising it (or better yet, adding weight-volume conversion!).
Crashed constantly
SheliaMac on 1/16/2011
Tried to open 3 times-crashed 3 times. Finally deleted.
Works great
Sail jumper on 1/16/2011
Uploaded the latest version onto my iPad. Doesn't crash for me. Works great.
Always crashes!!
Jillcp on 1/15/2011
It crashes everytime I try to make a measurement. Has potential to be a very app if the bugs are fixed.
Crashes everytime
Cameronlazzari on 1/15/2011
Everytime go into the measurement or weight page it exits out of the app. Please fix and then I can give you a good review.
Can't complain
kick_r0ckz on 11/28/2010
Does the job, simple enough
On the SPOT.
Old Johan on 10/2/2010
This program can't convert OZ to CUPS because one is a WEIGHT and the other a VOLUME...but for just about everything else, in the really real world, this is a SIMPLE and COMPREHENSIVE measure conversion program!
Not so much
Motu007 on 10/2/2010
The first thing I wanted to do was convert oz to cups or tablespoons for a recipe. This app couldn't do that!!!!
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