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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Food & Drink 5.7.7 Nov 02, 2010 Apr 20, 2018 156.9 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 5.7.7

We refreshed the design and made it even easier to save and access your favorite recipes!


Rated as one of the *top recipe apps* in the App Store, Food Network’s In the Kitchen app is your one-stop shop for all things food. Get instant access to our most-popular recipes from Ina Garten, Ree Drummond, Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis, Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri and many more. Need help figuring out what’s for dinner? Or looking for a recipe that's on TV now? Our app will help you do just that! Finding delicious recipes from your favorite Food Network chefs and shows has never been this quick and easy.

Step into Food Network's virtual kitchen where you will become a pro cupcake decorator in augmented reality. Then snap and share your crazy confection with friends and family. All without getting a single bowl dirty.

Our newest feature is a slideshow where we’ll share new and crave-worthy recipes, videos, hacks and food trend how-tos. Come back every day for new inspiration; anything you have viewed will slide to the back of the line so you’ll have fresh content at all times.

With this app, you can:

- Instantly save recipes from your favorite Food Network shows, even ones that are *on TV right now*.
- Search for the perfect recipe to satisfy your meal-planning needs. Narrow down your search by chef, course, cuisine and *recently aired* recipes.

- Browse over 70,000 recipes from your favorite Food Network chefs.
- Looking for a decadent dessert, a healthy meal or want to learn about the latest kitchen hacks? Find a variety of daily story categories, including:
The Basics
Weeknight Warrior
Sweet Stuff
Wake Up
Lunch Break
The Dinner Bell

- Hone your cooking skills by watching our how-to videos and step-by-step guides.
- Get creative by adding your own ideas and substitutions on each recipe with the Notes feature.
- Add ratings and reviews of recipes that you’ve cooked, right within the app.

- Save recipes *instantly* and organize them into your very own collections, listed under My Stuff.
- Share recipes with your friends and family via text, email, Notes, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

- Save recipe ingredients directly to *Notes* and collaborate with your family and friends while you shop.

- Decorate cupcakes in augmented reality with colorful cupcake liners, frosting and wacky toppings. Then snap and share your sweet treat with friends and family.

- Enable push notifications to receive our favorite delicious recipes every day.
- Enable the iMessage extension to search for and share recipes with friends and family without having to leave the Messages app.
- Customize your In the Kitchen app icon with an image of your favorite Food Network chef.
- Start your day off right with irresistible food facts, cooking tips and related recipes with our Daily Bites widget, available in the Today View.

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Viedo not playing
Aim467 on 4/18/2018
The app is a very good but when trying to run the videos included with some of the recipes it dose not work for some reason. Hope this can be fixed.
Freezing and crashing
emynchlsn on 4/15/2018
It was working fine and then all of a sudden it started freezing and going to a black screen before crashing.
Won’t update
Mellokitty85 on 4/12/2018
The Pioneer Woman’s show profile has said its showing the same recipes for a week. Even though I could be looking at it on tv and it’s not. I’m not sure what’s going on
Great app
Wommack on 4/10/2018
This app is really great but I would like to note that when you open it the on air now portion doesn’t match up with what recipes are being done. It has had the same recipes for the past two days for pioneer woman. Please fix
Difficult to copy recipes too Notes
ddedeggyklgdk on 4/7/2018
Extremely difficult too copy recipes to Notes. When I go to the market prefer not access the internet.
Battery hog
gtuvawm on 4/7/2018
Never even run the app but the app was using 47% of my battery life by having the background refresh on. What the hell Food Network?
Nothing but PROBLEMS with new update!
draggintale on 4/7/2018
Have been totally booted out when trying to use app several times. It also has just stopped working on at least just 3 occasions. I just updated last night. Wasn’t having near the problems I had since this new update. Have been a user for quite a long time & this latest update needs to be walked back & get rid of these problems. Boots one out of My Recipe Box as well.
Yes, get this app.
PiperSaysI on 4/4/2018
Love this app, I use it constantly. I hate the last update. I feel like it was easier before to see recommendations that were grouped together. I will still use it but I’ll have to search for what I want. So I can still recommend it.
Very good recipe
Dealwitit1 on 4/4/2018
This app works just fine and the shrimp and grits are awesome 👏🏼
Too many ads
Nog13R on 4/3/2018
New UI is a step backwards with way too many ads. Used to be better before much easier to use and navigate
Newest format
midwestnana on 4/3/2018
I have given this format much time. I simply don’t care for it.
Love that it exists but it is the dumbest app ever (with updates now!)
Kat-ish on 4/3/2018
You can’t search through your own saved recipes and pretty much all items have a name you won’t remember. Can’t search “lemon chicken” to find “general Isaac lemon chicken.” Also the collections option is ridiculous. Really, really poor design. You should be all levels of embarrassed Food Network. Update: now my app will open and automatically close. Can’t search, can’t access saved recipes, can’t use it. Update: 2018 - love the new search feature in saved recipes. That makes it sooo much more user friendly. The update stopped the app crashing too! Now - let’s get the collections part functional and we party.
Would give like to give 5 stars
Parkgate 504 on 4/2/2018
It crashes too many times, and the option to add a recipe to a collection is not efficient. You should be able to delete from your collection without having to delete from your saved recipes and vice versa.
Love it
R.Teran on 4/1/2018
Easy to navigate, and love that you can save or send recipes!
Recipes- A+++
Sgt.Stacie on 4/1/2018
This app has the best recipes for anything you want to cook, bake, grill, etc...
Good recipes, but uninspiring program
Big, Big John on 3/26/2018
I wish there were more filters when searching, such as preparation time (a slider would be ideal), meal type (e.g., breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, etc.), major ingredient (steak, pasta, rice, etc.) or sometimes in the negative (vegetarian dinners that are NOT pasta), recently added recipes, or even user uploads.
Saved Recipes
Mrs Rainwater on 3/23/2018
I have so many recipes saved in My Stuff now they are all gone. Can this be fixed?
Needs worked on
Alilannoyed on 3/23/2018
I love this app, but I haven’t been able to use it for months because any time I try to, it crashes on me! Please fix this so I can give it a better rating!
Bossbeau on 3/22/2018
The overall appearance of the app is nice, the little add on was cute. Performance wise this app is a thumbs down, what happened to the update of recipes, from the chefs shows. All the shows Example Farmhouse rules it should be at least 10 recipes new add to that shows slot on the app but instead same recipes, add some emoji for us, how about a section we can load picks of food we cook, a question and answer forum would be cool...please fix this app
Loved the app right until...
Cubb0612 on 3/20/2018
Review Edit
WolfDreamer5 on 3/14/2018
I went from 4 stars down to one. Since the latest update, the issue with crashing has gotten much worse. I can’t access my collection now without it crashing. I love this app, but not of much use now if every time I try to use it, it closes itself out.
Updateding is broken
EagerDragon on 3/13/2018
Around and around but does not complete updating. All other apps updates come down fine. The one for this apps does not complete.
Love but crashes way to many times when using
MadamsOrgan on 3/11/2018
I have to edit my review from below, this app now gets two stars because I literally can't even access my collections anymore because the app crashes every time I do. You guys keep adding new features without actually addressing the crashing issues. It's such a great app, but it's too frustrating to use at this point. I really don't understand what the developers are doing that's making them not realize how severe the crashing issue is for those of us who regularly use this app and try to take advantage of all the great features. Previous review: I really love this app, but it literally crashes at least three times every time I use it. When I'm watching videos or trying to write reviews it crashes even more often than that. I really have never used an app that crashes as much as this one does. It's really frustrating and I don't understand how the developers have not found a solution. But I really do love how easy it makes accessing recipes that are on the shows.
Finally got the app right!!
BillyTheGreek on 3/8/2018
Nice job!
Can’t watch the videos
mbelb on 3/5/2018
This app looks great, with so many recipes to try; however I can’t watch the videos. Is it necessary to have some other app to watch them?, they do not load.
Love it but has a bug
yasurefineokayleave on 3/3/2018
I can’t find the daily bites videos. These videos are shown in the widget and even open the app. But there is now way to save it, or to even know the title. The one I’m looking for is the stuffed French toast. I know quite a few people that would love this video and I also want to save it.
Mortar & pestle on 3/2/2018
Love this app, recipes, and chefs. Wish you included cooking channel chefs and shows. Kelsey is one of my faves. Love the recipe box. I wish I could enter my own or share with other apps. I always have to go to the web and cut and paste the same recipes in this app to share. Just updated and I can't even open the app. Major crash. Totally useless now. March 2, 2018...I just saved a recipe from the on tv now DDD. I went to my stuff to make some notes and every time I try to open the recipe it takes me to a totally different recipe in my box. Always the same recipe. The app has crashed a few times lately. Please fix.
Why the change?
Dmcg123563 on 2/19/2018
I love this app but in the most recent upgrade, they took away all the various options for looking at new recipes. Now you kind of need to know what you want to cook and search that way. Before I could get inspired by researching the various tabs and find something new. Seems like it's the same recipes in each tab. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't like the new upgrade.
See it on TV, save it to your profile.
Tunereview on 2/18/2018
A ton of quick recipe references live in this app that we use often. Save em after seeing them on TV, come back to them whenever you need to.
Food network is amazing
CelestialPalkia on 2/16/2018
I love this app it makes me happy whenever I’m on it
USED to be great
SunnySkies 2013 on 2/15/2018
This app used to be great, easy to use, easy to save, it's so riddled with ads you can barely find the recipe in amongst it and format is very cumbersome. I think I'll just go back to googling recipes.
Don’t like the new update
kimbomn on 2/13/2018
I preferred the old format with the tabs at the top. This new version is too limiting. 5 for original app -2 for update
The update is not so up-to-date
Shela M. on 2/10/2018
The updated version of the Food Network app is terrible! It has less user friendly functions. They eliminated their tabs for top pick, drink recipes, healthy options, and just about everything else that was good with the app. I used the app multiple times a I plan to delete it as I can look up recipes on any app. I used Food Network for all the extra thought that went into their app. I expected more from Food Network.
stdi on 2/10/2018
I would have given you at at least a 4 until the update 3 days ago. The square for “show on the air now” no longer works properly.
sereynolds on 2/10/2018
Please fix. Wrong show on air now!!
Great App but which you can change serving size
LawofFashionInc on 2/7/2018
This is a great app but I wish you could alter the serving size and the measurement changes according to the new serving size. Other than that it’s a great go to app for cooking.
One star
N328KF on 2/2/2018
One star due to useless update summary.
augustgirl69 on 1/28/2018
Boo! It no longer allows you to save the recipe link to another calendar app. Which renders it completely USELESS! no longer using
Food for thought
Kennedy Ty-niya on 1/28/2018
I love all of the recipes and ideas
Scraping rams on 1/27/2018
App crashes every time I try to view my saved recipes
Pretty great
Alskdjfhg98765 on 1/24/2018
The food is pretty good and you can see the reviews on each recipe which I really like, however I really think you should be able to filter your feed based on dietary restrictions. For example I'm vegetarian and I keep having to scroll through a ton of meat recipes or check to see if a recipe even has meat ingredients. I also think that there should be a little 🔥 in the corner of each recipe to indicate that it's spicy, because I know that I'm not the only person who can't handle spicy things well! I just think that this would greatly improve this already great app!
Seems like a great app
SaraLei on 1/23/2018
The app seems great. Would love it if you could make the videos available when the app is being used in Europe.
Great cooking inspiration
jdtunes on 1/21/2018
I love using the app for new ideas on recipes. Now some have videos attached as well.
Doesn’t Work
Zadumu on 1/21/2018
App was stuck on splash screen for over a minute and then completely crashed after declining notifications.
I don't want this app but it snuck on my iPhone
kathys opinion on 1/20/2018
How do I get rid of it?
New version update crashes
I'm very angry refund now on 1/20/2018
The new update crashes when you open it so I can never use it now. Even with an updated phone it crashes.
Mickey-Stun on 1/19/2018
Love this app. Any way to adjust the amount of ingredients or number of servings?
This pasta dish was amazing
ViolntStrm on 1/14/2018
I doubled everything because I was having company. I also used chicken broth instead of white wine because we ran out!! But it came out delicious!! Everyone loved it and asked for the recipe which I showed them in The food network magazine I got this month. Love it!
Nice, but with a huge flaw!
Larry.McJ on 1/14/2018
Overall, this a great app. However, the inability for me to add my own recipes is insane! Yes, 75% of the recipes I prepare are on Food Network, but I’m not tossing the other 25% so I have to use a second recipe app, in which I just add my Food Network recipes. This means I only use this app as a holding tank for recipes I see on TV or when surfing Food Network. Allow users to also store their own recipes and you’ll keep them in your advertising and for moving them to other parts of the app and your network.
Great Meals Again! Lots of variety.
myswanstyle on 1/13/2018
I’m having lots of fun with this app. My family enjoys the variety of meals they think I make upon my own (like I used to). My top 3 fave chefs so far: Alton Brown, Giada de Laurentiis and Ree Drummond.
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