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*Introducing audiobooks! Now available from Google Play Books
*Pick up where you left off on iOS, other mobile platforms, or the web
*Choose from a huge selection of audiobooks on Google Play


All the books you love. On the page or out loud. Anywhere you are.
Meet Google Play Books for iOS: the one app to enjoy ebooks and audiobooks from Google Play.
Dive into a great book today with millions of titles from Google Play on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Download your book to read or listen on the go. When you’re finished, find your next favorite from recommendations personalized just for you.
●       New! Audiobooks are now available on Google Play
●       No monthly subscription required
●       Navigate chapters with real chapter titles - not track lists
●       Pick up where you left off on all your devices
●       Preview free samples from our catalog of millions of books
●       Read your books, comics, and textbooks even when you’re offline
●       Take notes that sync with your Google Drive and share them with a group for easy collaboration.
●       Use the Night Light setting to automatically adjust the background color and brightness to make it easier for you to fall asleep

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Persistent indicator bar on iPhone X
squalamack on 1/23/2018
I appreciate the X support, and the app makes much better use of screen real estate than iBooks or Kindle. But, unlike in iBooks, Instapaper etc, the indicator bar at the bottom is persistent in full screen.
We need an update for iPhoneX
Gilbert8198 on 1/21/2018
It’s been a few months now google!!
natevan2012 on 1/19/2018
I love my collection I have accumulated....when I can read them. Without fail, I can begin to read and suddenly the app will freeze. So I move off my iPad to my iPhone and it does the same thing. It’s only certain books. Please fix this. I already prefer Nook but I enjoy using both. I may have to drop Play Books all together.
Not working for iOS 11!
NikkiSheehan on 1/19/2018
I’ve had this app for years now and every 3 updates it stops working then fixes its self! As of this moment it won’t even open! Please fix this! I’ve paid for my books and I’d like to read them.
Needs update for iPhone X
elementzero on 1/19/2018
Screen size is still formatted for previous model iPhones
Can’t highlight only on iPad
Swim'n Bird on 1/19/2018
I just feel like if I can’t highlight stuff, this is kinda trash lol. Am I wrong though?
Error Fetching library, not working on iOS 11.1.2
on 1/18/2018
Thank God for this app!
Luap9876 on 1/16/2018
Since iBooks started shifting parts of my library to the cloud by some means I can’t control, I’m never confident of my access when traveling. Play Books is the answer. Easy to use and fast. Best of all, I control which books are available on my device
App missing key things
Joshua Sean on 1/15/2018
App is ok but missing some key features. 1. Not able to change page style when on landscape. Will only do 2 page instead of 1 page. 2. No auto night mode 3. Would like scrolling feature instead of just page turn. Will have to go back to Apple’s iBook until these features are addressed...
I love reading
FirmGraphics on 1/11/2018
This is the best cloud book app ever.
Crashed. A Mess first open
RCB99 on 1/11/2018
Downloaded app selected some books. Error messages, crashed, app a mess. Deleted app. Joke. Waste of time.
Deletes the wrong books
JATX120 on 1/9/2018
Be careful when deleting books.
Randall King on 1/8/2018
The app works perfectly and does what you'd expect.
iPhone X
iReviewit2foru on 1/7/2018
iPhone X support please. I love Google Play books, but I would love it even more if the app supported the iPhone X’s display.
Play Books Great, EXCEPT...
Azimi on 1/5/2018
... that though I PURCHASE a book, I can’t even loan the dang thing to anyone. Would be 5 Stars if I could loan something I own. Quite ridiculous if you ask me, or anyone I’ve talked to about it. I get you can’t let people turn into book dispensaries, but come on.
Only works sometimes
Nog13R on 1/4/2018
As title states this app only works sometimes I try opening a book to just get the spinning wheel as it try’s to load my book
Doesn’t support iPhone X
NDLVid on 1/2/2018
It doesn’t support iPhone X which is a real pain
Doesn’t support iPhone X screen
NickGTV on 1/1/2018
Would be much better for reading
Cross-Platform a Plus
Ed The iPad Fan on 1/1/2018
This software does the job, though I don’t like the interface as much as Apple Books. I use this one almost exclusively though because I can open my books on almost any tablet or phone, not just Apple ones.
Blackie Sleaze on 12/28/2017
It's great to find a place where you can find all the interesting things you want to read about! And mostly for free. Did I say that out loud? Oops. Fantastic app!
Favorite reading app
ASL Shannon on 12/26/2017
Great app! Easy to use.
Flawless User Experience
Sethzo on 12/25/2017
Reading experience is flawless on iPhone. Syncs reasonably well when I switch back and forth between reading on Android to conserve battery on the iPhone. Most of the books I buy are cheaper from Google than from Apple.
Loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads
Gordy912 on 12/25/2017
Cant access my books. Just shows that little spinning circle thing.
Seriously, the worst app for reading
Dazaf on 12/23/2017
I just used this app because I had 5 bucks back to get a book on Google play. But Truth be told, the 5 dollars don't worth the lack of quality of this app. Highlighting text is very limited, and it does not sync properly when you are reading in multiple devices. Furthermore what you highlight in one device does not show in the other. Useless app
Great but needs to be optimized.
Chood99 on 12/20/2017
Please optimize for iPhone X screen!!
It kind of works
Booknoir on 12/19/2017
Some times it works other times it just fails and fails badly. Google still doesn’t seem to understand ePub or support what is possible. Interaction is clunky and slow or non responsive. Doesn’t always render correctly and swear they’ve been sending PDFs that don’t reflow and look horrible.
Thank God for Google
MrsEvilBrooks on 12/16/2017
I'm so thankful that Google decided to digitize and preserve the writings that may have been lost in this digital era. Their work has been a treasure trove for people like me who feel that the only true way to have a complete picture of our past is to continue to read the writings of those who have preceded us. And if we don't know our history we are sure to repeat the worst parts of it. Thanks, Google. Now I can take thousands of interesting and thoughtful people with me in my relatively tiny purse.
inksdy on 12/15/2017
I get to read books yay!
Slow and impossible to use
Himerax on 12/14/2017
In some reason some books shows spinning wheel for a long time after page flip. Device: ipad air 2. Isbn of ‘bad book’ 9785496029513
It got jammed when i open particular book " Indian Polity by M Laxmikant "
WikiBhati on 12/13/2017
I think this is the problem with that book because this same problem comes in my google playbook app also . The book is Indian store " Indian Polity - M Laxmikant fifth edition "
Was confusing to get a book via this app on an ipad
Kindlejunkie on 12/12/2017
Nothing was explained when I purchased the book, it almost looked like only available for Androids. Finally googled something to find out what to do to get the whole book, not just the preview.
Gabbydiaz97 on 12/11/2017
Wished the highlighter feature worked better !!!! And that I could see the a full list of books a could purchase right from the app. I hate the recommended section and the articles.
Great on both platforms
Praetorian farce on 11/29/2017
I've had this on both android and iPhone. Excellent experiences on both.
Great App
MenzaMenz on 11/29/2017
Have Play Books on all my devices. A must have.
Works when it works
Tqwertyhffjgagjjfsfgschgc on 11/29/2017
Minus a few glitches that happens every so often: 1when I remove a downloaded book and the app doesn't open until I uninstall and redownlaod the app (rarely) 2. Doesn't handle embedded footnotes well. (75% had issues) It works great for reading books on the go. Would like to be able to buy books from the app but I guess that's a limitation of running on an iPhone instead of a google phone.
Not good for text books.
jdgubert on 11/29/2017
After purchasing two text books on Google Play Books for the current semester, I’ve come to realize that this is not a good app for students. There are good things: the search is powerful, as one would expect from a Google product, and the navigation is easy. Unfortunately, problems make the app unusable. The syncing of those highlights from the web version shifted by a word or two. The highlighting process is slow and resets the view to the top of the page after each highlight. But most frustratingly, the app regularly freezes and shuts down when navigating notes and highlights. This particularly frustrating when attempting to reference notes that have already been taken. This is a well-reviewed app, and I’m sure it’s great for casual reading, but if you would like to have your textbooks on your iPad, don’t rely on it. You’ll only be left angry and wanting to throw your iPad out the window.
I use this app instead of iBooks
Nyatan on 11/29/2017
Robust and versatile app.
Great and...
DVW70 on 11/26/2017
Wish you could rotate the page on IPhone
LittleStar8 on 11/25/2017
App doesn’t save my place where I left off in the book when I exited out of the book. The highlighting feature works like crap and they don’t even have yellow highlighting. Amazon Kindle app is much better.
iPhone X
Wiley50 on 11/24/2017
Staying one star til it’s optimized for iPhone X. Been a month, no excuse.
mahmoodtala on 11/23/2017
better than iBooks, especially for scientific books.
Bad on iPhone
the google book lover on 11/23/2017
The text is not clear on iPhone. It's fine on Android. the experience on iPhone is just awful.
Great on a large screen
Shoes NYC on 11/21/2017
Most of my reading is on my tablet which has a larger screen than my phone. I think the tablet is just mix of size and weight. The google books app is well set up for that usage. I recommend it. I use it for textbooks, novels, and the occasional graphic novel. I've had no problems with any of those formats.
App crashes every time
Polymailrules on 11/20/2017
Crashes every time I try to use it
Very useful
timestorm0 on 11/18/2017
I love the format it displays the books and pages with many good features
A Lack of iPhone X Support
ParmvirC on 11/14/2017
I loved using Play Books to read as it has all of my books in one place, but the lack of iPhone X support has me looking for better alternatives.
Aaron Casey on 11/12/2017
This app is amazing
Wonderful Reading Experience!!!
William071234 on 11/12/2017
I enjoy the Google Play Books selection, variety, and prices. More specifically, I enjoy being able to save my notes and highlights in my Google Drive for future referencing. The Google experience is simply the best.
Give us some Android features
RafoskyOsky on 11/10/2017
My only complain is that it doesn't have all the features that it has on the Android platform. I would love to have the option to organize the books that I'm currently reading and the ones that I've read and the ones that I haven't started to read as I can do on Android. Please Google, give us that option too.
Google Needs To Improve
Cvcded2324 on 11/9/2017
This app is terrible. The text in some of my books is blurry. Some of my books are clearly scanned in and I am not talking public domain books these are recently released. I am done purchasing books in the Play Store. There are also times when books disappear from my library and need to be downloaded again. You would think they would put a little more effort in user interface too. Google needs to focus on what they do best SEARCH ENGINES !
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