21st Century Insurance

21st Century Insurance

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Finance 11.2.0 Nov 29, 2010 May 15, 2018 27.3 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 11.2.0

Improved features and bug fixes, including:

* Local ID card - After each login, we'll save the latest copy of your ID card so you can access it from the homepage without logging in.

* Improved login - You can now enable Touch ID from the homepage. We also made changes to reduce login errors.

* iPhone X Support - You can now use Face ID to login.


21st Mobile App: Simple, Easy & On-the-Go Policy Management

Get access to our most popular self-service features directly from your mobile device – no matter where you are.

Features include:
*Pay & Manage Your Bills - Quickly view your insurance bill and make payments with ease.

* View Your Policy Information – 24/7 access to your policy details.

* Instant ID Card – Easily access your insurance ID card from the 21st app.

* Call Roadside Assistance - Get help on the road with 21st Roadside Assistance.

*Contact Us - Have questions or need to speak with someone regarding your policy? Easily contact us via phone or e-mail. We are here for you and look forward to hearing from you!

* Touch/Face ID- Securely login to the app using your fingerprint or face verification.

Don’t have an online account yet? Register for free at www.21st.com to get started.

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Update needed is false.
Likewatr on 8/4/2018
It says we need an update but when you click on the “update” option there is no available updates.
Frustrated Policyholder on 6/7/2018
App says there is a new version and won’t let me access anything (documents, ID card, etc.) unless I upgrade to the new version. However, when in the App Store there is no new version available and I am left in policyholder limbo. Very frustrating.
Lamest Insurance Ripoff
GR8Ripoff on 5/19/2018
I’ve been with this incredibly ignorant company for over 9 years and am waiting here online trying to pay my bill while they figure out how to update their website and am sure I’ll get charged a late fee in the process.
New version
Trolling-faded on 5/9/2018
The app telling me to upgrade. I click the upgrade button send me here where the new version????
Opsguy99 on 3/24/2018
App for the past 2 months has not allowed me to make a payment.
rbsedan on 2/9/2018
I’m writing this reviews and sharing my experience with this insurance company during by over five years membership experience with everybody out there trying to purchase insurance from them ,my advice to all of you is research more about this insurance company (21 century and farmers )apparently they are sister companies very simple bad experience I have is (1) they keep jacking your price up pennies by pennies every month this price are not very visible unless you read 50 pages of documents!(2)when you get a accident with somebody who is also a policyholder with this company they will deny coverage to one of you automatically and they going to bring he says she says subject to the conversation so your chance of being deny now is 50% unless the other party has a different insurance company policy that’s the service they have that happened to me my card was rear-ended It happen to be same insurance company. policy that person was 83 years old didn’t stop at the traffic light and hit my car and then lied to claim representative that vehicle at front backed up in his suv !company listens to him and deny my claim . can anybody explain me how is that possible that being rear-ended at the same time being denied ! I’m going to stop to review here for now but I’m going to have more reviews in the near future.
Can't file a claim on the app
Lexw21 on 1/21/2018
The "submit a claim" button on the app just sends you to the website. And then the website doesn't even work and I had to call and deal with it over the phone. This app is useless.
Something is wrong
Obamaonetimepresident on 10/25/2017
It tells me that I don’t internet connection when every other app is working fine online
Works rarely
Idon't have one on 4/7/2017
When this app works, it's great. But most of the time it will not accept the log in and the app or system is down.
Hshdhehdhdnkejdj on 1/21/2017
Wouldn't let me view ID cards because of not being updated nearly got me a 700$ ticket
Great Insurance Horrible App
iCal Queen on 12/26/2016
It asks for cc info but only has space for cc number. Then says please put in expiration date but no where to put it. Really? You have go on line to pay every time. Please fix this again.
Login Issue got fixed.
SubhashChandraBose on 11/12/2016
Login issue got fixed. Love the app.
pizzatruck14 on 11/11/2016
App was good months ago when you could actually log in! Do you actually try the app out before you release? Please fix!
Alksion on 11/11/2016
Broken. Barely updated resolution after years. Now can't even login. What a joke for a company. I know kids at my brothers college who can write a better app than this with their eyes closed.
Can't log in on app
Ppacheco78 on 11/8/2016
Very disappointed good and reputable company but can't even fix the log in issue. Haven't been able to log in through the app for months. Have to go to main website. They claim for our convenience we can use the app, more like an inconvenience to me.
Cant login cant get insurance card
Txgal78 on 11/7/2016
This has been the case for MONTHS. Why have a app if you don't keep it in working condition. So frustrating
Can't log in
Bobby2792 on 11/7/2016
Love the app but haven't been able to log in for quite a few months please fix
Still bad
Celbrylina on 11/4/2016
Can't log in... it has been bad for months, now a new update, and still can't log in. This must be a joke...
Sign in
joel abreu 12 on 11/4/2016
Not letting me sign in
One star is one too many
Vega Sills on 10/31/2016
Doesn't work. Can't send my proof of insurance to Uber
Not working
Alaboosi on 10/27/2016
Is app not working for long time ??????
Did work
Memito30 on 10/23/2016
I remember when it worked fine. Doesn't let me log in and it hasn't in months.
Worthless, can't login on iOS 10.2
EATatMAXS on 10/19/2016
App is currently worthless, can't login using iOS 10.2. Also, login with Touch ID would be nice.
Broken App, don't waste your time
RussianGuyovich on 10/6/2016
Does not log in with iOS 10.
Not working
AlexFTWmon on 10/5/2016
App is not working at all
Can't log in
MelMarie90 on 10/1/2016
Cannot log in using iOS 10. I hope they are able to fix this.
Vict on 9/26/2016
Unable to login
Doesn't work at all
Marshall.willinholly on 9/20/2016
Doesn't work at all since IOS 10 update, can't even log in
Doesn't work
T-Shifty on 9/17/2016
Pay bill doesn't work. Won't load account. Pointless app.
Not very useful
newmusicmark on 8/9/2016
All it does is let you pay bill, show billing history and an electronic version of your proof of insurance. Why can't I look at my current coverage? Also doesn't support touch ID.
Great app
Venty1987 on 6/2/2016
Have been using for few years, never have to carry ID cards. Very simple and works great.
Don't bother
Aprilbaby744 on 3/10/2016
Worst app ever. Have never and still can't post a payment. You're better off just calling. Waste of phone space.
Zander_Zone2015 on 4/28/2015
I think it would be wonderful if 21st could have an app for claims. Like some other companies have.
21st century app
bestman50 on 10/19/2014
The developer needs to fix the account so those of us with only an 8 digit account number can make payments online. I give it one star. Any one else have problems should complain about it. Bestman50
Bill pay
Mike usmc 06 on 9/4/2014
Has never worked to pay my bill using the app...always have to go online
Useful app
Costco fanatic on 8/12/2014
Works great. Makes it easy to pay my bill anytime.
Had to reinstall after last update
Sonic Bodhi on 1/29/2014
The last update broke the 'pay bill' function on my iPad 3 and I had to delete the app, thinking to re-install it. Lo and behold, when I went to my list of purchased apps, IT WASN'T IN THERE. I had to put it in the search engine for iPhone apps just to get it back. Reinstalled it, which fixed the pay bill option, but STILL DOES NOT LIST in my purchased apps. Something broken with this app. Please make a version for iPad, will you?
Marlen Qaqi on 1/13/2014
21st Century Insurance
Elvirpvk on 1/5/2014
Great Aplication very handy and easy access when information is needed right away. Would recommend it? Yes
Bilingue20987 on 12/13/2013
Very poor app
can't proceed payment by this AP
estorus on 11/30/2013
works OK , beside online payment option, sad- can't proceed payment at this time..... pay with main site with no problem
Don't waste your time!
Retired LEO on 11/27/2013
Don't even bother. Only good thing is to have access to the insurance card. Everything else is useless and completely worthless. What makes it worst is when the majority of the feedback is negative and they still do nothing to fix it. Is anyone reading from 21st? Don't think so.
Tried 5 times on 11/8/2013
I've had insurance with them for years. Have never been able to pay bill on this app. End up having to call customer service which is automated also. Frustrating !!!
What is the point.
Jacobjvw on 11/6/2013
Can never pay bill. This app is useless. Went to website and just as bad. They probably don't even care cause u get penalized for late fees not them
Worst app I've ever used.
Epic907 on 9/23/2013
Every time I try to use this app something goes wrong. Right now all I want to do is pay my bill and it keeps giving me errors. This app is terrible and should be removed from the App Store. Just use the web version.
Love this
RiaG91 on 7/27/2013
Very useful, glad an app was made.
21st Century app review
Michael3905 on 7/26/2013
Great insurance & service but terrible app! It's never available after I log in. I've deleted & reinstalled the app several times but get an error that its unavailable each time I log in.
Too much higher
Alfredcsjr on 6/3/2013
I was on tv it says save $534 THAT NOT TRUE!! Better going to be Esurance is very very lowest price 21st century $1700 Geico $1,600 Progressive $1500 State Farm 1300 General $1200 Esurance $902 Which is fine lowest price thank you. You watch tv 21st is saving lied to you thank you
Doesn't work on 4s
muna0001 on 5/27/2013
Why would you release an app that doesn't work? I can't log in even though the same user name / password works online. Waste of time.
IPhone 4S
Psyllicon on 4/9/2013
Disregard the previous posts about iPhone 4S being unresponsive, I was about to ignore this application because of them. But I decided to give it a fair chance, and I'm glad I did. The newest version of the software is co-operating well with iPhone 4S. Still has its limitations, but what can you ask for? This looks like a very good mobile app to have!
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