Fruit Ninja®

Halfbrick Studios

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 2.6.7 Dec 20, 2010 Jul 11, 2018 217.3 MB iOS 7.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.6.7

Minor game tweaks and improvements.


Slice fruit, don’t slice bombs – that’s all you need to know to get started with the addictive Fruit Ninja action!

No matter how you like to play, the free version of the game is packed with features to satisfy your fruit-destroying appetite.

Challenge yourself and see how long you can last in Classic mode, set a high score in Arcade mode or simply practise your fruit-slicing skills in Zen mode. A wide range of blades and dojos are at your disposal to help you cut your way to the top. Want more fun? Take a break and experience a new way to slice your favourite fruit with minigames, or test your mastery of the game and win prizes in the daily Challenge event. Go head-to-head and show off your skills as the ultimate ninja against your friends with leaderboards and local multiplayer.

Up for a real challenge? Play Event mode and do battle against other ninjas for the chance to win unique blades and dojos.

That’s not all though - give yourself the edge by logging in every day and be rewarded with daily prizes, including rare blades and dojos that you can use in other game modes!

There has never been a better time to play Fruit Ninja, so unsheathe your sword and get ready for an addictive, action-packed gaming experience!


This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.

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It’s not working for me.
🍉Sofia🍉 on 7/19/2018
Hello Halfbrick Studios. I was loading up Fruit Ninja ready to play it. I had a game circle account also. It would normally log into my game circle account whenever I went in the Fruit Ninja app. This time, it did not log into it. It also lost all my data I think. I tried to find ways on how to get back into my game circle account but nothing worked. May you please fix this? Thanks.
Takes forever
jabmilla on 7/17/2018
I think it a great game the only thing is that it take forever to download
Lost progress
samoore17 on 7/17/2018
Every few weeks I lose all progress I have made and it starts over on me.
ardi141 on 7/16/2018
Fruit ninja was always a simple fruit game, but now with all these upgrades and new blades it’s become commercial and also these stupid ads pop up at the end of every game!! Fix this
UPDATE- problem resolved!
a sad ninja on 7/16/2018
I left the following review a month ago and since then received the help of the fruit ninja support team! They were SUPER helpful and friendly and helped resolve the issue quickly. Thank you for turning this sad ninja back into a happy one!! 😁😁😁 I don't know what went down in this last update but I've been bumped down to level 1 and all my blades and backgrounds are gone 😭😭 I can't even access any levels other than classic. What's happened?!??
I do not like it
drevyi on 7/14/2018
When I am doing a challenge my opponent gets points for every single fruit that I slice
Addictively good
gracey_22 on 7/13/2018
This game really is a lot of fun it keeps you entertained and levels and fruits are every changing. I really enjoy playing multiplayer and being able to switch between blades and modes. I would say though that sometimes it can be pretty laggy and sometimes it does give you the correct amount of point. Other than that I really enjoy the game
concerned123456789 on 7/10/2018
Too many permissions needed. That’s a no no.
Fruit ninja glory days are long gone
New Doji Fan on 7/9/2018
Used to be such a simple pleasure to slice fruits on a phone. Now the main menu is an overblown visual and UI atrocity and there’s just too much in the game. it’s lost all its appeal for me, and i say that as someone who used to be hooked on this game back five years ago.
Better than I thought it was
FantasyFollower4 on 7/9/2018
Okay, so I don’t normally write reviews b/cuz they don’t really help any1 except for the people who obsessively scroll through the reviews to make sure that their app is AMAZINGly PERFECT, but JIN (just in case) I wrote this anyways... Pretty good app, actually. Better than I thought, WAY better, but that’s not a compliment to any1, b/cuz there r a lotta things that bug me about this app...😒😒😒 First of all
HAK Keck on 7/6/2018
So when my family got that first iPad, you know the thick charger one. We were all pretty excited. We got a few games, one of them being Fruit Ninja-it was an amazing game, we all loved it. Updates came, it was still great. New iPad, still fun. On my birthday I got my own iPad and just recently I remembered Fruit Ninja! I got it, I was super excited-THEN the whole temple thing came. I was still fine with it-until I had to slice the fruit a totally new way! Don’t get me wrong the 1, 2, 3, point Stuff is good, you can challenge how quick your brain is-BUT the instructions are horrible. It never ONCE tells you about the point stuff so I kept losing and had no idea why! I kept re-reading and reading and it made no sense. Just yesterday my friend figured it out; but seriously, please fix the instructions.
Nice game but.......
mr.pug467493837 on 7/5/2018
I give this game a 4 star rating because, I think that it should add status, more BLADES!!!!!! And, bug fixes. Other than that, it’s great!!!😃 To other fruit ninja fans(I’m one too), please don’t get angry at me! So it’s a 9/10.(not trying to judge). But I’m just saying we need more blades. Anyway it’s still a app to have fun around friends
Jado132 on 7/4/2018
Bought the game back in the day when it was two versions. Obviously I bought the full version and everything was unlocked. Now I see that there are crappy pay to win items like some golden blade you freeze fruit and get double points? Why? So to beat certain scores you’re asked to pay 10$... well game is ruined from its original. Not to mention I had most of the older blades unlocked along with most backgrounds. Again... pay to win with your bonus powers. (Thanks for the info, the game is nice but an ad at every turn along with pay2win mechanics still takes a game from a 5 star to at best a two star. I do appreciate the response regardless.)
Content zoo is a lava great zombie game and a lava cake ninja and zombie
jsime718 on 7/4/2018
The game golden armor on fire with fire a lava fire is a fire game that I have can
UNIcorn-XD on 7/4/2018
eecc14 on 7/2/2018
The game made me start over. I was on level 30 or so...
New Updates are Anti-Customer
LH Justin on 6/30/2018
So I used to play this game a lot and it was good. When they added microtransactions and locked all the things you already unlocked and added a grindy paywall system it was one thing. They’ve taken it to a whole new level. Keep in mind I purchased this game when it first came out and wasn’t free. Now they’ve added advertisements in between games. Really? Also, there’s a new update to their privacy policy that lets them collect and sell your information. This is NOT okay. This game is trash now and I feel abused as a paying customer. I will not buy anymore HalfBrick products until this nonsense is reversed and I advise everyone else to do the same.
I love this
bubbles_0523 on 6/29/2018
I really love this game. However, I wish more fruit was involved like cherries, grapes, raspberries, plums, or even blueberries. I would definetly like it.
Ads, man....
Fihdhkbv on 6/28/2018
Once you reach level 15 you HAVE to watch advertisements after every other round. I was pleasantly surprised when I picked this game back up after a few years when I saw that you had a choice to watch ads or not. I don’t use the power-ups when I play and don’t need the extra star fruits because I can earn the ones I want on my own so I thought it was wonderful I didn’t have to see any ads. And then I got to level 15 one popped up, I thought I accidentally clicked one, so I didn’t think anything of it, but it happened again and again and again. Super frustrating. Plus, I don’t even get anything out of watching those forced ads. I say it’s not fair to the players who don’t want the extra stuff from the game. The developers should really reconsider this because I’m really reconsidering this game.
Bring back old one
shark_n_mini on 6/26/2018
I remember when it was just one option which was classic I liked that way better this is just wierd
Taylor swifts girl on 6/26/2018
I loved this game, but... it kept resetting. I had downloaded this app for the plane, and it was fun, and I played it for like a week after the flight landed. But I was off for about 2-3 days and it reset. Then I got back into it... and it reset again. I just deleted the app.
Rplantfght on 6/26/2018
Let me get this out of the way- this game is actually pretty decent. But, if you are looking at the reviews to see if you should download the game or not- strap in for a middle school sized essay. The first thing I would change about this game is the main menu and how you unlock modes. When I first started on this game, I thought that I would get every mode at the start of the game, but I had to unlock all of them, (except classic) and that led to me being extremely frustrated and took me about a month to unlock all of the modes. It explains everything in the description of the app, including how to play the modes, but failed to mention how long it takes you to unlock all of these modes. And every mode (except classic, arcade, and zen) were epic fails. When you unlock another mode, a message of,” THIS MODE IS CRAPPY, SUCKER,” should appear. The second thing I would change is, get rid of the fruit fact saying that apple seeds are poisonous. When I was little and I played this game (I was like 5) I was very close to not eating apples, but my mom told me the truth. And I think that this game appeals to younger kids, and apples might be the only healthy thing they eat. Other than that, home run! Good job developers!
Wrong game???
mninja1244 on 6/25/2018
I downloaded this game on my phone today and it is not the same at all that my sisters phone and my iPad have. It is making me do levels on a “journey” that involve beating waves. There is no home screen for me to play the regular game! I tried deleting and re downloading and nothing will work. I’m stuck on this journey that I don’t want to be on, I just want the regular classic, arcade, and zen mode game!!
Fun Game 💯
Pokemonfan1112 on 6/24/2018
This game is really fun! I’ve been playing it since I was younger, and even though this app has all these negative reviews on the starfruit and the leveling up for the new blades and themes, I respect that. Even though you gotta spend starfruit on themes and blades, it’s still the same Fruit Ninja we all know and love.😉
Great game
CrstalClear on 6/24/2018
It’s. A fun and weird game and I have to say it’s just a fun game to play when your bored
Great every time
OnVenus on 6/22/2018
I’ve always loved this game, and play all the time. There’s a lot to do in the game, which is always a great quality. My only criticism is that there are constant ads. After every game, ad. I don’t mind the occasional short one, but these are long and constant. Overall, this is a great game!
Game has became to fast
Monac136 on 6/22/2018
Idk why it somehow just to fast and I miss nearly all fruit please fix it back to normal and I will rate 5 stars please fix it
Unlocking levels is EZ
Asthf on 6/21/2018
First game on classic.after that level up and immediately get zen. Then first zen game and immediately arcade. So every unlock haters are wrong. I unlocked every level bested durian geprey(aka rinjin) on first try so trust me on this one.
Fruit Ninja is awesome!!!!!
Sethmendez275 on 6/21/2018
Halfbrick , I really love what you have done with fruit ninja and the graphics are just outstanding and is one of my favorite games ever , keep up the great work
Way overmonetized
Ivan256 on 6/20/2018
So many ads. I’d pay $15 for an ad free version of this game. But there are pathetic amounts of currency priced at double that. Forget it. Leave it for the whales they’re hunting.
Cagc3 on 6/20/2018
I love Fruit Ninja I play it all of the time but every week or two all of progress gets lost and it completely restarts! I have to unlock all of the modes and get all of my blades and my high score back. It’s so frustrating there is nothing I can do! It’s connected to my game center and everything PLEASE FIX IT! I don’t want to keep playing if I know I’ll have to restart from nothing over and over again.
Good but...
hdjdyujdhxh123 on 6/18/2018
It was an amazing game but when I updated my phone, all my progress was gone! The same thing happened to my friend and one of my other friends couldn’t even open the game! If this hadn’t happened, I would have rated 100 stars!
Boring!! 😕😕
Cali.Dogs on 6/18/2018
For like a week this game is fun but it is just the same stuff over and over and gets boring 😕😕. It takes forever to unlock new levels and it repeats the same challenges again and again. This game is boring so don’t bother getting it.
Erased all my progress
jlaine11 on 6/18/2018
I’ve been playing this for years and today all my progress and high scores were gone I refuse to start over bye fruit ninja so disappointed
Soo much fun don't listen to the other comments
Sevhani18 on 6/17/2018
Hi I wanted to tell who ever is reading this and wants to get the game, GET IT it is the most funiest game I ever played and I'm only 10 yrs old so I am very critical when it comes to like cringeworthy games and boring games and this game is NEITHER I love it soo much the only thing is that I want to know how to link it up to my keyboard. If HALFBRICK can plz tell me that would be so helpful. NOW GO GET THE GREATEST GAME EVER
Cheating game
Evilspoonz on 6/15/2018
It purposely doesn’t recognize when I swipe the screen. This game cheats like a motherlover
Nice some people were freezing and gonna download this.
Zenbenbenbenben215ben on 6/15/2018
This is a very nice game. Expecting all those blades and high scores and dojos. Trying to not freeze yourself in fruit ninja. I also really like this game because it has mini games. All the mini games games have different things. I Think there’s a lot more you can improve because you do you improve anything since March. Except for fixes and improvements. You should add new ones. Anyways this is a fun game. Even though you can improve to make new ones. But not now because you made another one five hours ago. This was all good. Everything will go well. So seriously what is with the hate? I was serious. It’s just awesome freaking awesome. Thank you for downloading the game. It’s very helpful game. And that’s it. I’m serious. Stop the hate. The hate is for bad.
Gamer 1234512345 on 6/13/2018
I used to really enjoy this game, but I’ve been having many problems with it lately. I’ve been restarted on level 1 at least 3 times in the last few months, two of which have been in the last two weeks. I thought problems with my phone and/or phone updates made me lose all of my (unsaved?) blades, dojos, etc.But now I see the last update was 19 hours ago. When I played 2-3 hours ago, I was on maybe level 15, but I’m back on 1 again and have to play to unlock all of the levels. This is ridiculous and very frustrating, and I’m debating about just deleting the game altogether.
Not a bad game not a great game
567525626525262636 on 6/13/2018
Gets boring after a while
Can’t see the fruit.
FrootNinja on 6/13/2018
Overall this is a fun game. I like the powers of the blades and the different dojos. However, while I have only one gripe with this game, it is a pretty major one. When using any blade other than the original blade (the one you start off with), the blade animations begin to gradually appear on the screen as you play the round. For example if I were using the pixel blade, more and more pixels would appear on my screen. And once the round ends, when you’ve hit a bomb or dropped too many fruit or whatever, the animations don’t go away. They’re there for every single game you play after that, and the only way I’ve found to get rid of them is by closing the window. The animations block your view of the fruit and make it really hard to avoid hitting bombs. Why is this feature there? Is it a glitch? I find this annoying and unnecessary and I hope it is removed as soon as possible.
Great game😍 But !
Mehrab4K on 6/13/2018
The game after update to 2.6.6 i have lag and fps drop sometimes please fix it .🙏😳🙁
Big Changes
MonsterLover225 on 6/12/2018
I appreciate that you want to improve the game, and I am not going to yell like the other guy who commented, but maybe make it to where we don’t have to unlock zen and arcade mode. I liked the old version better... maybe cut back a little and try to return it to at least halfway of the normal way... but otherwise it is still pretty good 🙂
Love it 😍
Dracodabomb on 6/11/2018
First of all, people need to stop being so nit picky about this game. It has changed over the years, but that’s just the editors trying to make it better. I feel like you people should give them a lot of credit for creating this amazing game that millions of people love. Getting on to the actual rating... I absolutely LOVE this game. I was playing for three hours straight one time, just because I was trying to beat my score. 😂 It’s very addicting. I love how satisfying it is when you slice the fruit. You should totally buy!!! 😍😍😍😻😻😻
All gone!
tiny.laughs10 on 6/9/2018
I was so far up ahead but when I opened the app today all my progress was gone and the only mode open was classic, along with all the introductions. I restarted my phone. I did everything I could. What happened????
worldsapart7 on 6/9/2018
I just love when a game adds 30 second ads after I play anything, when it didn’t have them before. Hooray for automatic updates. 30 seconds. That’s a great way to get an app deleted off my iPad. Good work you greedy turds. Bye.
They Took Everything
Bonnies biggest fan on 6/5/2018
I was so good years ago. i come back probably five years later and al my blades are gone! I probably had almost all if not all of them.
It is awesome
😎nope😎 on 6/5/2018
It is an awesome game everyone should play it
stinks36637 on 6/3/2018
It is so addictive
It’s just great, that’s all I can say
Excellent game
im really frustrated on 5/27/2018
Hi, I LOVE this game but when you’re in a “dead zone” (that’s the space where your Wifi and LTE go totally dead) you have to spend your precious starfruit that you could be spending on those expensive blades, to get those slightly less precious power ups. Also, you have to spend money on BOTH digital currencies. WHY can’t you just spend gold apples on starfruit? That would be much easier.
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