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Thanks for choosing the Amtrak app. We continue to fix bugs and improve the experience. Please check for updates frequently to take advantage of the improvements.


Discover the convenience of traveling with Amtrak. With the Amtrak app you can get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it.

• Show your eTicket while onboard, including multi-ride and monthly passes.
• Purchase one-way, roundtrip, multi-ride and monthly tickets
• Check train status
• Search for station information
• Send your eTicket to Apple Wallet
• And so much more

All this, without the hassle of your laptop, making calls or printing your ticket.

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Gps2340 on 2/17/2018
This version is barely readable on screen. Four or five steps backward from previous versions.
Please improve this app
HNawoj on 2/17/2018
This app is HORRIBLE It is Extremely difficult to do anything due to the pop up ads.
If my assistant books my ticket.....
Diane CS on 2/16/2018
Then it will not appear as one of my trips in the app, despite the fact that the ticket has my name and my AMTRAK guest rewards number. To find my reservation, I have to have both the reservation number AND my assistant’s email address. I will take the American Airlines app over this one any day.
Apple pay
Johndoe1992 on 2/16/2018
I would like to have the option to pay with Apple pay. It would make the checkout process much quicker and efficient.
New app sounds like
Lcagee on 2/16/2018
I began to download the new app but then began reading reviews. It sounds crummy. So I cancelled the install. I like the old app. But now they've made it unusable.
Lost reservations
Hula 123 on 2/15/2018
I bring up reservations in the app and they disappear once I need them at the station. Also, when I purchased a ticket online AMTRAK did not email my tickets as they promised (twice happened). Also, ticket office could not find the ticket based on my name (agent did not understand why she could not find it). If I had not written down my reservation number I would have been screwed! Entire reservation system is terribly flawed which is a shame - more people should be riding trains. But by making it such a battle, AMTRAK is discouraging customers.
Moving backwards
Fat it on 2/14/2018
Current update messed up a decently functioning site. Now i can’t even get an electronic boarding pass. What use is this ap now?
Practically useless.
Da big bad wolf on 2/13/2018
Great for searching routes, but google is better. Incapable of booking ADA requirements making it an inaccessible app for those with disability needs. Way to stay with the times, Amwack.
big time papi on 2/13/2018
Monopoly on rail transportation leads to mediocre and crappy service at every level including the app
To Amtrak app developers
GoMichie on 2/13/2018
This is an improvement to the previous app. However there are TOO many bugs to list. My biggest frustration is that I have to call Amtrak to cancel my ticket. Previously that was only if I had a voucher and if was with a credit card I just had to hit. E cancel button. Now i have to find the cancel button (which is hard to find in the new platform) and since the new release i can push the button and it never works. Instead it says call Amtrak and I sit on the phone for 15-20 min and the first 5-7 min is “Julie” not understanding me. Second. I’m a AAA member. On the screen it says all of my info. Why do I need to type it in when it’s clearly in my account? There are more issue but I think other people have covered a few on this page. As a frequent user and advocate of Amtrak, these are the ones that I find weekly and wildly frustrating.
Formerly great, currently terrible
hallidayny on 2/13/2018
Why why why, why destroy one of the best and easiest and useful reliable apps for this overly popped up, poorly designed, buggy, slow, extra step requiring crap.
Hard to Buy Tickets
Soba Abos on 2/13/2018
I wish the app could save my personal info to make it easier to buy tickets quickly. Can't figure out how to do this on mobile site or app. Lots of glitches. Too painful.
Can’t get it right
Imnotnice on 2/13/2018
- app only remembers the first pass purchased as long as its valid (even if fully used) - app will not remove a fully used multi ride and refuses to show new rides - app user interface does not allow for the checking of trips over a day - app signs out for no reason. Ps: see I’m an iOS developer who is more than willing to help, for free, just ask.
Wrong Email address
a_daniel_life on 2/13/2018
My Email is wrong in the App and there is no way to change it. I went onto my desktop and login into both Amtrak and Amtrak Guest Rewards and my Email is correct at both of those locations. Makes this difficult to use the app.
Not helpful
Stagequeen84 on 2/12/2018
Doesn’t save your e-ticket. So every time you want to pull it up, you have to re-enter your reservation number.
Niskayuna500$$ on 2/11/2018
No gate delay info..can’t freeze boarding pass...and more.. Poor!
What a poor app.
avitelli on 2/11/2018
They should go back to the old version. This new version is so poorly designed. Stupid things that clearly were not thought out or tested. You can add a trip to the calendar once. Only once. If you change trains the app will not update the calendar nor will it allow you to add the changed train. It just tells you that you’ve already added the trip to the calendar. Changing a reservation is clumsy not intuitive and takes too much effort. Even booking a one way trip is clunky. They obviously focused on appearance and not function. And the app really doesn’t look that nice anyway. Amazing how poor something like this can be.
Terrible but has potential
spotifyappsucks on 2/11/2018
Can’t save credit cards Can’t cancel rides booked online Hard to apply vouchers
Trip planning
Phoenix2016a on 2/10/2018
Worthless for planning a rail trip; I wanted New York to Boston; the app responded with “station not serviced; pick another station”. Most travel apps identify the closest (station, airfield, port, etc.) to desired destination.
Why? Just why?
PCDude1972 on 2/10/2018
Can’t this app support Touch ID and pull travel information from tickets I purchased online? Many other companies have figured this out.
Invalid expiration
Jake90210Jake on 2/9/2018
Can not book through the Amtrak app due to my multiple credit cards having an “invalid expiration.” Have to go to the Amtrak website in order to book.
How Hard Is This?
TheDill on 2/9/2018
We’re not talking state secrets. Allow for Touch ID entry, remember who I am, load my upcoming trips for me (ALL of them), and don’t lose your mind when I go to another app. Be there for me, be reliable, move me along my route as I travel across the country, and (value add, here – no charge for this idea) tell me what I should be looking for as I travel along!
Worse than before
NY Guy10 on 2/8/2018
The old app opened right to your reservation. Now you have to have memorized the reservation number to find it!
Why does app delete every trip? Very poor design
nellie5381 on 2/8/2018
Someone at Amtrak should try and use the app. They’d be embarrassed.
Cursory use
hiflyercapn on 2/8/2018
So far a semi useful app with a lot of room for improvement. Used it to get fares for a specific trip, have not ventured to make an actual booking yet. When exploring a second trip app froze up in the accommodations section. When looking at information about the Lake Shore Limited, all of the links providing specific information failed to work. Could not look at map or schedule. All very unhelpful. In this age you would think it not that hard to produce a fully functioning app.
When you thought it couldn’t get worse...
Pdr736754 on 2/6/2018
...They release an update🤦‍♂️ I can’t actually purchase any trips. I enter my CC info (each time, bc that’d be just silly to save the info) and try to hit submit but the button does not respond. I used to be able to see (and present) my ticket via the app... maybe I can’t because I purchased it from the website? Not sure. I would test this theory and buy my ticket via the app but oh wait...see above 😒. Lately, not sure which breaks down (or crashes) more... Amtrak app or their trains. Pathetic.
Credit card info
Missyval on 2/6/2018
App makes you enter credit card info with all purchases.
They made it worse!
Dacinlu on 2/6/2018
The app wasn’t great before but now it’s even worse! There is NO place that I can find a general schedule. The app seems only geared for travelers not browsers. Lousy.
bad idea
J.N.H on 2/5/2018
you can’t actually purchase tix or see route schedules with the app so when you do the update it make the app pointless.
Very poor app
Herpderpers on 2/5/2018
The “confirm purchase” button doesn’t work all the app. All the other nav button on the app seem to work, but it’s not actually letting me purchase. I had to use my phone’s internet browser to get the ticket. But now when I open the app it’s still not showing the scan code for the ticket I just bought. I can only see the codes for my old tickets.
Derek from Orange County,CA on 2/4/2018
App works pretty good but it needs the ability to add a bicycle to my trip from the app. Currently I have to buy a ticket from the Amtrak website to add a bike, seems like silly functionality. Amtrak also says I must include a bicycle reservation, so they are really strict about it.
Couldn’t get my eticket into my ewallet.
bbynyp on 2/4/2018
I kept getting some domain error. I made the res online (nonmobile) and I couldn’t get the eticket from there/email into my ewallet. That was the whole reason I launched the app.
Bordering on great!
JoeSafety on 2/4/2018
Works well with iPhone. Much better with recent updates. Would like to see it in landscape mode for iPad. Excellent ride Amtrak thank you.
Lionel train lover on 2/4/2018
Not at all a good app. Much less convenient to check a day ahead. Long delay on starting. Does not “remember “ previous entry ( often always checking same train- typical for many riders) .
Useful to useless in one release
jalpher on 2/3/2018
Update Feb 3, 2018 Version 2 (also 1 star) refused to let me login and said I needed to upgrade to v3. Different skin, still cannot see reservations, so really isn’t any worse. Kept the old app because I could reliably buy tickets and put them immediately in Wallet app. We’ll see if I can pull the same magic off in the new app shortly. BTW the website has been broken for months, so if the app doesn’t work I’ll have to go back to the 80s and call them. Ugh. What a fright their dev team must be. Update Dec 26, 2017 All my reservations disappeared from the app again. New reservations made IN THE APP don’t show up in the app. Still using old version, newer one seems worse. Amtrak staff is apparently beyond shame in putting out and maintaining such a lousy app. Makes the DMV look functional, not an easy task. :-( Update Oct 31, 2017 V2.2.13 Finally, everything is working. The ‘trips’ even defaults to today’s journey if you have multiple tickets. I see there is a new update last week, not willing to upgrade until I see some positive reviews. Update: July 9, 2017, app still broken. Amtrak actually called me and I explained in detail how the app is broken. Once again I uninstalled and reinstalled per support's instructions, still no trips show in the app. Interestingly, I made a change to a reservation on the website and the change appeared in the app, but only survived one login and was gone again. The workaround is to find each reservation in the app as I make them online and then move the reservation to the Apple wallet, where the ticket sticks. I'd rate the app zero stars if that were possible. Apparently they did not take my advice and fire all the developers. Update: April 26 2017, updated version. More broken than ever. Reservations made online or in app do not show up in the app. Horrible beyond measure. Suggest staff raid the local community college for developers. Older review: I take Amtrak frequently. The app used to display all my trips, then a few, then none. Just now I launched the app to see if my ticket for tomorrow was lucky enough to display. All my tickets displayed for next few weeks. Then just as quickly, they disappeared. Restarting app no help, all tickets gone. The most basic functionality has disappeared from this app. Fire the programmers, they are a useless lot.
Crashes and will not open on my iPhone
Joevet on 2/2/2018
What used to work now is useless.
Amtrak Fail
tunesquid on 2/2/2018
Amtrak's app is ridiculous. I don't even know where to begin. Leave it to a federal holding to mess up a simple travel app. I take the Acela twice a week and am an Select Executive Amtrak traveler, so I see a lot of what Amtrak does, almost none of it is good. Let's start with the option of being able to store your credit card information, but why would I since I don't trust the site?
Can’t find trips
TF 333 on 2/1/2018
Used to be able to look up trips without memorizing a long string of numbers for reservation and check reservations.
Rock n Rail 14 on 2/1/2018
Amazing. No, not the app ... But because of the fact that an organization the size of Amtrack could put out such a worthless, useless piece of manure. It reminds me of the Obamacare website botch. Did they use the same guys?
Unusable on a phone
Falcon513 on 2/1/2018
Come on Amtrak. You release an app that isn't dynamic? Looks like it's sized for a tablet only. Total rookie mistake. Fire your contractor and hire someone who has updated their programming skills in the past decade. Unusable on a iPhone.
caredtowrite on 1/31/2018
It does not respond- can’t get maps or schedules. I have use the Amtrak app before they’ve ruined it response to nothing. I traveled all over Scotland using the Traveline Scotland app - it was a dream to use. This is an absolute horror show.
Current reservations gone??
Ew85284 on 1/31/2018
With this version my current trips don’t appear. WHAT????
What a rip-off!
BoomShaka57489 on 1/31/2018
It says it’s applying a AAA discount when it’s not! Totally different amount than on the website. How can huge companies like Amtrak get away with morals like this? Hoping it’s just a glitch, but other reviewers have noticed it too. Off to find any other way to travel besides being conned, nickeled, and dimed.
Pretty easy if you’re not disabled
kikibur the king on 1/31/2018
The app is great for figuring out which trains are scheduled for which day, ordering tickets, and keeping track of points but it doesn’t offer disability discounts when it comes time to pay. Frustrating.
AMTRAK: a terrible, unpredictable app.
Traveler 2017 on 1/31/2018
A terrible, unpredictable app.
Can't get it right
Boston Bud on 1/31/2018
Many problems with the app. Removes your trip when you've only completed half of the trip. Doesn't allow you to modify your reservation. If you do modify it online you can't see it in the app unless you have the reservation number then it doesn't even save it so you have to do it all over again. It save some information but doesn't save other information on user so you have to keep inputting it. Still lots of bugs. Cities are missing and can't save my ticket to the wallet for easy access. Every update makes this app worse. It doesn’t keep your stations or list your reservations. If you use a larger font then the text in the app is garbled.
Monthly Pass Won’t add to Apple wallet on IOS 11.2.0
kkomara on 1/31/2018
App was “Ok” until this morning. Could not add my monthly ticket to my Apple Wallet for December 2017. Worked last month. Probably due to latest IOS - 11.2.0 - that I installed over the weekend. I tried uninstalling the Amtrak App and re-installing it. Did not fix it. Please fix Amtrak!!! Update: Upgraded to latest version. Now I get a pop up telling me that my monthly ticked failed to download to Apple Wallet - and to try again. So Apple Wallet still not working for Monthly Passes Update 1/4/2018 Been a month now !!! Come on Amtrak - get the Monthly Ticket upload to Apple Wallet fixed !! Numerous emails and calls to support - no response!!! Very poor customer service!!! Update 1/8/2018 Well I updated the app to 3.0.4 this morning- same old bug. Still cannot add my Monthly Pass to Apple Wallet. Come on Amtrak!!! Get your act together to support your highest paying customers!!!! Update 1/31/2018 Updated to latest version 3.0.5 - and FINALLY after 2 months I can use my monthly ticket in Apple Wallet!!! Thanks Amtrak!! I upped to 4 stars. Will give it 5 Stars when link to App Support in your own app works!
AGAIN: newest version not worth the update
pokota47 on 1/30/2018
This "new" version still takes a LONG time to load. Train status is STILL hard to read, the output is partially obscured by an ad for lyft.
Prosoljack on 1/30/2018
To show that they know the app they already had wasn't enough, they made it worse! Instead of the ease of use of the smaller area, now the app is rated for a full size iPad, and the settings come in so that it's too big to fit on a phone screen, and will not shrink to fit! Just goes to show, if something works, don't fix it!!!
Zero stars if i could
Jonostern on 1/30/2018
Any updates made the app slower which i though was impossible. After loading a ticket the ticket doesn’t stay on the phone- app restarts itself. That makes no sense. Buying a ticket through the app isn’t terrible but why can’t i pay for a ticket using my evouchers. Evouchers can only be used on ( which is a nightmare) The new site is AWFUL!!! Small font, huge unnecessary banners, amount of clicks to get to a final purchase is ungodly. Amtrak needs a complete overhaul of their technology. It’s almost comical if it wasn’t so frustrating.
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