Go 5k (GPS & Pedometer) - Couch to 5k plan

Aleksandar Vacic

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$4.99 Health & Fitness 5.1.2 Dec 18, 2010 Oct 15, 2015 19.9 MB iOS 8.3 or later 4+
New in version 5.1.2

A small stability update for iOS 9 / watchOS 2 while I'm working on proper big update for the both of them.

## Changes

* Removed the option to use Google Maps due to outdated SDK (missing some key iOS 9 support)


Improve your fitness with the best beginner 5k app. Demo videos:
* http://vimeo.com/radianttap/run5k
* http://vimeo.com/radianttap/run5k-watchapp


• Works outdoors, using GPS found in any iPhone running iOS 8
• Works indoors, based on pedometer in iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus
(perfect for treadmill use, during winter)

• Includes Apple Watch app
• Wonderful, detail-rich interface, with day and night theme and automatic switch between the two
• Personal voice coaching during each run
• Clear running view, perfectly optimized for quick side glances during the run
• Supports heart rate monitor devices based on Bluetooth Smart (LE, 4.0)
• Full running history and progress with graphs and important numbers
• Extensive details view of each run, with speed changes over time, average and best pace and full map of the track

• Apple Watch •

Use it as both the remote control and remote view for your runs.


You only need to go out, start your preferred music app then switch here to enjoy the run. Go 5k will tell you when you need to change pace, in plain, easy to understand English.
It will also encourage you along the way to help you finish each run.


You can check your progress during the run with one glance to see current distance, heart rate, pace/speed + time left until the end of current pace unit.

You have a choice of light and dark theme, perfect for use at day or at night. You don't have to choose that beforehand - if you have automatic brightness enabled (which is default on iOS), app will automatically switch to dark theme when brightness is below 25%.

With our Today widget, you can check the run progress even when your phone is locked.


Always challenge your self to beat the previous best pace. Review the entire run history at any time.

You can share either your distance or speed in nice and short snipper, perfect for Twitter or Facebook. You can also export full GPX record of your run and then upload it to your runner community of choice.


Use any other Music/Podcast app and play whatever you want, Go 5k will work great with it

When the voice guidance is played, music fades out and afterwards returns to original volume.

• NOTE • if you like Go 5k, make sure you review it here on the App Store - it helps others find the app and it gives me incentive to develop it further.
Thank you for your time.

Problems, suggestions, feedback?
Visit our site and leave us a message - we aim to respond to every email in 24h.

Final note:
This app uses GPS tracking to measure speed and distance. While the run is in progress, it will continue to measure even with the app in background; for ex: if someone calls you during the workout.
Prolonged use of GPS can significantly impact battery life. Since some of the run sessions can go for 30-40 minutes, make sure you have good battery charge when you go out.

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Av1dR3ad3r on 8/2/2015
Love the app, the vocal encouragements are good and makes it easy to use. Still lose the vocal coaching every once in a while
Apple watch app isn't great
julip927 on 7/14/2015
First time I used apple watch with app worked great. I blue toothed headphones to my watched turned app on then it told me in my headphones when to walk and when to run. Since the first day app will not tell you when to walk or run so I have ended up holding my 6 plus in my hand.
Voice prompts failure
Tenacious TD on 1/26/2015
Voice prompts quit 1/2 way through run (week 2, day 1). Was fine before last update.
Best C25K app out there
kch2009 on 12/21/2014
Highly recommended.
New version is fantastic.
fletchlol on 11/20/2014
Even more beauty on top of a streamlined and functional experience. So happy.
Great App but....
Snap1908 on 7/4/2013
I pretty much like the app... I'm just getting started and headed out to my third workout... It has definitely helped me to start running as I really hate running in general. I would love to be able to save more than one playlist... I hate sorting through songs before a workout. Also, in the first week right after the halfway point there is a run segment that the say will last for one minute... It lasts for well over two minutes. That is discouraging for us new runners bc we are not at a point where we can run that long... Plus it is annoying bc it breaks up the rhythm.., can you please fix this?
Stopped working
ReddGrrl on 6/22/2012
It just stopped working. I would open the app and it would automatically close. This was super frustrating as I was outside about to run. I sent an email and the site said they would respond within 24 hours. As of now, there has not been a response. It's a shame, I really like this app for the one week it worked.
Great running app! Only minor complaints.
jemmons on 6/18/2012
UPDATE: This was originally a much more critical review, but the 2.2 update addressed many of those concerns. I feel like it should be noted this seems a trend with this developer. If you look through the reviews here, you'll see many concern themselves with bugs and features that have long since been fixed. Kudos to the developer on their responsiveness! There are a number of great things about this app. It has, generally, a nice and usable interface. Its post-run map is a great bragging/motivating tool, and is pretty accurate for a phone. I find Its (close to realtime) while-you-run stat page is particularly useful. It contains a fairly full-featured in-app playlist manager that's great for building an ad-hoc soundtrack for your run. It also plays well with others if you'd rather play music from iTunes, Pandora, or some such in the background. There are small problems. The dark grey theme they use is very visually pleasing, but is very hard to read in sunlight. The start, half-way, and goal messages are announced in Siri's simulated voice. Which is cute, in its way, but not very motivational. I also wish it had the ability to specify a "power song" or sync your music with your run in some way. But those are minor nits to pick.
Very encouraging
Merry Hornton on 5/24/2012
This is very cool app. Looks nice, easy to operate. Really, can't be easier than starting it and tapping "Start next run", right? I have yet to examine the details though the map is great to show off with friends. I pass few of my friends' places while running and it would be cool if they could somehow be notified when I'm approaching and can cheer me on. Or I could do that with them…something for the devs to think about. Anw, great app, keep up the good work.
Loooove it!
Jadd.not.taken on 5/24/2012
Whoever this lady is - that says "Great, all done" at the end of each run - I looove her. :)) Such a cool app, I'm so proud when I drag my lazy…behind ;) to the end. I love the little details these guys added, especially the animated update of the overview screen when I finish the run. The distance count going up, man does that makes me happy or what. I hope to post an update soon, after I'm done with few weeks worth of running. I see that some people reported issues with previous versions, this one looks rather good to me, but I'll let you know as I go along.
Awesome app
I. Mike on 5/23/2012
A friend of mine notified me about this app and man, what a cool app it is. I like how it maintains best pace on the main screen so I know what to beat (lousy 10:38min/mi so far). I mostly run after my kids :) so I'm not totally out of shape, but I'm looking forward to finish my first 5k sometime at the end of the summer. Tips: use the female voice, it's much better than male. Prepare your music playlist at home so you don't waste time picking songs on the go. Totally recommended, this is great app.
Don't waste your money
S&JWELLS on 4/9/2012
The first two weeks worked fine. But after that the app has frozen with 5-10 sec remaining. Contacted tech support they said an update is coming Very disappointing since I chose to pay for this app instead of using the free or .99 apps.
voice over
george cassello on 10/31/2011
Cannot here the trainer voice over the music. I have another running app where the music fades quickly, the voice over is done with no music, then the music quickly resumes. Am I missing a setting here?
Beautiful App- Needs Basic Features
QuickOrbit on 3/27/2011
A lot of time and care went into the GPS tracking, stats and design. However, there is notification of your "half way" mark, so I will have to switch to another app. Voice cues could be a bit louder, too. Will keep on my phone, hopefully an update will come soon.
Where's the running time
n8thegr8r on 3/14/2011
Nowhere can I see the total amount of time I have been running/walking in the current session. Also the distance unit is set to miles, why is the distance in yards? It shows 1675 yards instead of .95mi. Beautiful app, misses on usability in a few places.
Looks good but lacking
Rachlove on 2/18/2011
Looks great and I love the GPS tracking and music integration. However I was hoping to start on week 3 and there is no way to skip ahead to different days. Would be nice to choose instead of being forced to so the workouts in order.
Don't purchase
Corymartin on 1/15/2011
Had 3 great runs with full use of program then it stopped giving stats. I asked for help. They asked a question and then failed to resolve the issue. I wasted money.
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