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Amazing last minute hotel deals for tonight, tomorrow and beyond!

HotelTonight makes it *incredibly* easy & quick to find a great deal at a great hotel. Three taps, one swipe, you’re booked! We’ve been downloaded millions of times and work with top hotels across the globe (we only partner with hotels where we’d wanna stay, too).

Here’s the deal:

* Amazing last minute deals
* Book for tonight, tomorrow and beyond (up to 100 days in advance in some locations and 7 days in advance everywhere)
* Top rated hotels you’ll love
* Seamless booking in 10 seconds flat
* Search by city, attractions, nearby hotels or on a map
* Ratings, reviews and photos from fellow bookers
* Access to HT Pros, our in-app concierge
* Exclusive location-based discounts (GeoRates) save you even more!
* HT Perks program - the more you book, the better our deals get!
* Add Favorite hotels and see whenever they’re available
* 24/7 customer support

Some of the many ways you can use HotelTonight:

* Adding a day for play before or after your business trip
* A last minute birthday or anniversary surprise (we won’t tell anyone you forgot)
* Spontaneous weekend getaways
* Road trips - hop in the car and see where the road takes you
* A mid-week booking or staycation at that spot you’ve always wanted to check out… just because
* Summer afternoons by the hotel pool
* Luxury vacations scored on the cheap
* Summer weekend holidays booked on the fly
* To turn tonight (or tomorrow... or next week) into an adventure

People are talking:

“HotelTonight what did I do without you?” - Kelly Osbourne

“You can get great, cut-rate deals on hotels… including luxury hotels.“ - Jeff Rossen, Today Show

“My fav travel app.” - Samantha Brown, Travel Channel Host

“I love saving on last minute bookings using the HotelTonight app.” - The Points Guy

“Book the destination of your choice and enjoy your time there – without breaking the bank.” - Oprah Magazine

“Delete all your other hotel apps.” - App Store reviewer sdraymonds

***Got feedback? We’re all ears. Hit us up at:

Let’s connect:

* Instagram: @HotelTonight
* Twitter: @HotelTonight
* Facebook:

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Dramatically Improved My Hotel Experiences
HaileKofi on 11/18/2017
Nicely curated set of hotels with excellent deals
Hotel Life
Epiclife on 11/17/2017
Traveling and having access to cool apps such as Hotel Tonight has always proven to give me great rates along with great options at cool hotels. As more hotels assign themselves to this app, travels/Business people, and those who just wanna play and or relax will have great selections🏪hours/7days a week.
uber-like view of the customer
Christian415 on 11/17/2017
when a customer makes a reservation in error or needs to cancel, they make it a big hassle to change plans. when Hotel Tonight cancels on you, their view of a solution is hotel options that are 40 miles away and otherwise not their problem. So when your fault, your problem; their fault, your problem, too!
Dangerzone0796 on 11/17/2017
This app was fast and easy, kinda like the girl i took home last night ;)
Used to be good
AEFBirder on 11/17/2017
After 8 hours of driving we were more than ready to find a nice hotel. But the Inn we booked turned out to be more than 20 miles from the city we were searching. I don’t know why they can’t give you miles from location in the Apple App. They do on the android. Grrr It took too long to get it canceled, and by then it was dark and we ended up in a Red Roof Inn, complete with a sticky wet rug. Yuk! Tired and road weary, I deleted the app.
Phootshoot on 11/16/2017
Had fraudulent charges and they wouldn’t help. Luckily my credit card made sure they didn’t go through.
Credit card updates
Dallen201 on 11/16/2017
Need to be able to update expiration dates of cards and delete cards as needed
Always check, lots of legit cool deals to be had
G$ I-6 on 11/16/2017
We always check with Hotels Tonight when traveling - we have used them almost every time we travel last minute -
Best booking app.
tcbueti on 11/15/2017
Easy to use and offers best rates.
Always the best rate in Vegas
Lives in Trenton Area on 11/15/2017
Use this app when you go to Vegas every time best rate ..just book that day(remember Vegas always has rooms ,always ..always ..hundreds of thousands) don't be worried that you won't get a room..
My go to
Drownout on 11/15/2017
Arrive at airport. Open HT. Tight, great selection. Do it.
Convenient and easy
Amelia1982 on 11/14/2017
Absolutely love this app! It’s convenient, easy and hassle free. LOVE!!
Nofacebookpls on 11/14/2017
The service I received when calling in, was absolutely disgusting.
leany machine on 11/13/2017
Not what it used to be. Have no choice as my husband is in Hosp. SS. Arline Gidion
Awesome service
Gwe995 on 11/13/2017
Great app, huge lifesaver at times. If you're a traveler in any capacity it'll serve you well.
Not ready.
LOL-POP on 11/10/2017
Great idea! We do last min trips all the time, this is the perfect app for us if it works. But the app is super buggy!!!!!! Tried to use the app for road trips from LA to NY and NY to Atlanta and Miami, either no hotels available or doesn't have any hotel in the areas at all!!! No selections in HK. Very limited selection in Amsterdam. Google maps’ hotel function works much better! Then we just call the hotel and ask for better rates.
Used 3 times since September and each time better than the last
RockyCOSD on 11/10/2017
Three different locations, very different properties, thrilled with each one. Not using "bargain basement" hotels/prices but having said that the rates are still better than on anywhere else for same room
Do not download this horrible business attics
J Rothe on 11/10/2017
That is not a one star it represents way less . Sure this app will save a few bucks but wait one little glitch and the app locks you into the wrong date and you just spent money you WILL NOT get resolved from the Cust service even if you call within minutes of the booking . Absolutely no customer care User be- ware
Awesome App
bronxdj322 on 11/10/2017
Easy to use, super helpful for last minute lodging.
iPhone x
Xxxxxlpppppppp on 11/9/2017
Iphone X support
Watch out for smoking rooms
DJ YAZ on 11/9/2017
Don't smoke?! Well watch listings VERY carefully because in tiny print some say in really vague terms that smoking rooms may be what you get. Spent $140/night for a disgusting smoking room, no refunds or apologies from anyone involved.
Great app!
DJWFLORIDA on 11/9/2017
Great app. I’ve used it many times and the hotel descriptions have always been accurate.
A Traveler’s Best friend
bluestmisr on 11/8/2017
As an avid traveler this app is a NECESSITY!! Sigh* I’ve now settled. Nonetheless, while in London a few years back I’d booked a room through the app *whilst nursing my barely functioning digestive system* (stomach flu) only to be told in the lobby that my reservation would not be respected, thus, ordaining me and my poor gastrointestinal tract to doom. In comes HotelTonight saving me from bowel hell! Criag and Erica, this being in 2014, practically stayed on the phone with a sickly, frantic me until I was squared away to cause mayhem in another 4star London bathroom. Love this app. Hope those two still work there!! They were so great!
Always the best deals
DragonBones on 11/8/2017
Never fails to get a great rate on a top hotel.
Thank goodness this app exists.
lotsatravl on 11/8/2017
So easy to use. Great deals. Last minute booking has never been so easy.
zandpr86 on 11/7/2017
Went on our honeymoon and had to schedule a last minute hotel stay. Had just downloaded the app and figured we’d try it. Found a nice hotel for $133 and stayed there. The hotel billed us $113.xx the next morning for their “Standard” rate along with the $133 from the app by accident. Contacted the app about the discrepancy and why the hotel was cheaper to book through normal routes than through the app. Was told would get. Refund for the $113.xx but never got an answer back about why the normal price was $20 less than the “App discounted rate”. Would not recommend.
Love this app
Alix V on 11/6/2017
My first ever review, of any app...heck of anything. This app saves my ADD constant Last minute trip self. Thx HT
surfinallday! on 11/6/2017
Best App EVER!!! If you like to travel and love great hotels- HotelTonight is a must !!
ari saal on 11/5/2017
This is a good app. Innovative when it first arrived. Decent in a pinch. At this stage it needs to offer more and better options. Every discount travel site has easy night of bookings. So this app needs to evolve or just fade away. I love this app... but now it is just “solid” at best, like most of the hotel options.
Room selection
StacyFamily on 11/5/2017
If I'm paying roughly close to the same price I should be able to choose my room type.
It’s a trap.
3alamaT2012^ on 11/4/2017
The first time you may feel you got a good deal but it will bite you. In my case the first booking was all right but the second one was in a major prostitution area that they refused to cancel when I called. I am left with no choice but to dispute it. And on the second attempt I searched for a hotel in the city that I was in but the listing not showing the location clearly displayed a good option that they picked and booked just for the touch of a button only to find out it was 35 miles away. I tried to cancel it immediately but they refused and charged my anyways. I have to dispute the second one too.
App incredibly difficult to use
Miss_EMAD on 11/4/2017
App is not intuitive. Different hotels listed depending upon whether we enter New York, NY or Murray Hill, New York when the latter should be a subset of the former. Sending links to email is inefficient and unnecessary. Scanning new credit card did not work.
Always on point
Thematt91 on 11/4/2017
Don’t usually rate apps, but, I️ have to say hotel tonight has made finding and booking last minute and now even a week or two out, hotels a breeze! Been a member for over a year and wouldn’t turn back. Thanks!
Easy to use!
Lexstasyxx on 11/4/2017
First time using this app, happen to come across it by accident! Booked the same day of our trip, very last minute. We were driving from Pittsburgh to Florida and got a great deal!! We were going to arrive at 5am on Saturday morning but paid for Friday night so we would have a room available to check in and sleep in the morning. The pro’s through the app helped us so quickly!! They called the hotel to let them know we would be arriving late and called to confirm that they received our reservation. I am very grateful! App is easy to use. I was able to find a promo code for $25 off online too! Will use again and recommend.
Super convenient
Peanut1716 on 11/3/2017
Brilliant app to use for people on the go who can't -- or don't want to -- book ahead.
Great for last minute room needs
Spawn and team switching on 11/3/2017
Great app with low last minute rates at quality hotels.
Kyle 2617 on 11/2/2017
Very easy to use!
Jacqyjo1234 on 11/1/2017
I love this ap, I have been using hoteltonight to book rooms for 2 years now and I have never been disappointed.
App with Best Rates
Danny Dolce on 11/1/2017
My wife and I are newly weds that have an adventures spirit. We like nice things, but try to stay within budget. We traveled to L.A. for our honeymoon and winged it. I can confirm that Hotels Tonight was at least $30-$40 cheaper than the other competitors. The going rate for our room was $229 and hotel was able to get us booked at $169. If you are frugal like me, it is definitely worth giving it a shot.
Terrible customer support
Solomon Dentigo on 11/1/2017
The app apparently won’t allow google phones to be used for reservation verification because their numbers are considered “invalid”! I spent 40 minutes on the phone with their tech support staff, including a supervisor, only to be repeatedly told a google phone wasn’t “a supported device” when used with the app on an iPad. Finally had to use a fake phone number (with the permission of the tech support supervisor) to get it to work. TERRIBLE, pointless security mechanism!
Reps too Arrogant
Snoop_22 on 10/31/2017
My app booked the incorrect room twice today and the reps were very adamant about the fact that it wasn’t the app but user error instead, even after confirming with me that the hotel name was not showing up during my checkout process. Going back to Expedia. After almost 2yrs of passing HT up for Expedia, I’ll happily return and spend my money where the customer service is open to the fact that their technology isn’t perfect. Don’t waste your time with this.
He's a nice mayne on 10/31/2017
Best I've ever used for wonderful places to stay. Especially if you are a person that likes adventure!
Their only a middle man and don’t fix problems
Mk7311 on 10/30/2017
I was an avid user of the app. It’s good for a last minute booking but there are other sites you can get the same rates on. When it comes to customer service if there’s any issues they don’t stand behind you as they are the middle man. Look around before using this app. There’s longer running companies that work with you.
Best in Class Customer Service
lloftin on 10/30/2017
After already having paid for my hotel reservation, upon arrival I was disappointed in several features of the hotel, including the fact that the bathrooms only had showers. Via the app I was able to immediately start an SMS conversation with a HT representative, who within 40 minutes had spoken with the hotel and gotten us upgraded to a better room with a tub. I was blown away by the instant access to a rep and the fact that they actually made a change happen! I will certainly be using the app in the future.
HT does not have your back
Sean Casa on 10/29/2017
I was checked into a dirty hotel room with hairs on the bed. HT customer service rep Kathy was very rude. Charged $330 even after requesting HT make things right. I am a HT Level 3 Perks member since 2013 and just deleted HT app. Travelers beware when booking with HotelTonight. PROS: good last minute deals. CONS: you’re on your own if you have a problem. Poor customer service.
Efficient way to make reservations at great prices!
laurheel on 10/28/2017
We’re always impressed with the selection of hotels and discounts. It takes the worry out of last minute travel! It’s quick and hassle free.
Keep asking for ratings on 10/28/2017
Was gonna five 5 star but they kept asking and it got annoying
Useful App!
Anne705 on 10/28/2017
We took a two-week cross country road trip and used this app often. It had better prices than Trivago and hotel loyalty apps. I would highly recommend it for any traveler who doesn’t like to plan way ahead of time.
Not a gem anymore
Dimitrifromparis on 10/27/2017
I travel a lot for business. 2 years ago this app used to be great with super findings, huge discount and a great quality of hotels overall. NOT ANYMORE! My last business trip was a COMPLETE Failure. Since I travel by myself with no luggage I can normally take advantage of the last minute reservation system.Not this time: Not only the discounts were ridiculously low (10% average) but you also get a hefty 60$ usd fees each time you book a room, and some hotel were so bad I couldn’t stay there. Moreover if you book last minute you have to wait another 30 minutes in a lobby until their system synch with the hotel reservation system. The receptionist told me it was only the case with this app. Thank you NOT Thank you HOTEL TONIGHT. Your customers are not cash cows!
It just works
P-Slim on 10/27/2017
Not too fancy, not to slummy. I found a deal and confirmed t was only available on the app(not the hotel website). Works for me!
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