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Free Travel 11.15 Dec 15, 2010 Apr 16, 2018 74 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 11.15

We update the app pretty regularly to keep things running smoothly. Occasionally we'll update with something really exciting. We promise to tell you when that happens.


Amazing hotel deals for tonight, tomorrow and beyond! Hotels give us discounts on their empty rooms. You get the best rates and deals, whether last minute or in advance. HotelTonight makes it incredibly easy to find and reserve a sweet deal at a great hotel. Three taps, one swipe, you’re booked!

From top rated luxury hotels to tried-and-true favorite rooms to cool, revamped former motels, we work with great hotels across the globe (and only partner with hotels where we’d wanna stay, too)

• Book a room for tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month and beyond – up to 100 days in advance in our most popular locations
• Great for spontaneous vacations or planning a trip in advance. We’ve got the hookup for discounted last minute hotel bookings wherever you want to be around the world: North America, Europe, Australia and more!
• Search by city, attraction or map location
• See ratings, reviews and photos from fellow bookers
• Score extra Geo Rate savings off our already-discounted rates, based on your current location (find these deals marked in green in the app)
• HT Perks program - the more you book, the better our deals get! Level up to score even bigger discounts
• Hotel descriptions that boil down the top 3 reasons why we like the hotels we work with – and why you will, too
• Simple categories (like Basic, Hip and Luxe) to make it easy to find the perfect hotel, inn, bed and breakfast, motel, resort or other lodging for you
• 24/7 customer support (from real, live, nice people) for every booking
• Access to HT Pros, our in-app concierge (a real-live person at the ready to make your stay great, from grabbing you an extra toothbrush to making a dinner reservation at a hot restaurant or bar near your hotel)
• Supports paying with Apple Pay!

Some ways you can use us:

• Surprise your BFF with a weekend in Vegas (leaving tonight!), or take your mom on a last minute vacation
• Lock down that business trip in 10 seconds, at your soon-to-be-favorite hotel (or add a vacation day for play before or after)
• Summer weekend road trips - hop in the car and reserve a room wherever the road takes you!
• A mid-week booking or staycation at that retro motel you’ve always wanted to check out… just because
• Score a luxury holiday in Paris on the cheap
• Book a last minute birthday or anniversary trip (we won’t tell anyone you forgot)
• Book a spontaneous summer weekend getaway on the fly

In the Press:

• “The app made its name with last-minute deals, but you can plan as far as 100 days out and even score baller rooms for way less” - Conde Naste Traveler
• “HotelTonight what did I do without you?” - Kelly Osbourne
• “You can get great, cut-rate deals on hotels… including luxury hotels.“ - Jeff Rossen, Today Show
• “My fav travel app.” - Samantha Brown, Travel Channel Host
• “I love saving on last minute bookings using the HotelTonight app.” - The Points Guy

Let’s connect:

• Facebook:
• Twitter: @HotelTonight
• Instagram: @HotelTonight
• Got feedback? We’re all ears. Hit us up at:

Hotels we love. Deals you’ll love. Tonight, tomorrow and beyond. We are the excuse to travel as much as you’ve always wanted. Travel doesn’t have to be out of reach... we help you reserve discounted last minute or advance rates at awesome hotels. Weekend holidays, summer vacations, last-minute trips… open up the HotelTonight app and you’ll be on your way to a great stay. Whether you’re looking to find a last minute holiday on the cheap, take a road trip and see where you end up, hit the town and see where the night takes you, or just plan less and live more, we’ve got your back. Download now to get in on these sweet deals at great hotels!

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Sleek design, but poor CRM
Grandpuhbah on 4/22/2018
These guys seem to be more focused on the hotel partner acquisition side of the business than the customer care side. Getting a resolution to even the most basic questions can be a nightmare, and they have little ability to positively affect your stay other than in the room rates they’ve negotiated. They should stick with that, and maybe stop trying to do more than offer discounted rooms. The HT Pros thing is a gimmick without any teeth, and as a lvl 8 member perk person, I can say that they’ve not delivered on their promised rewards (you get a voucher for money off once you hit each level, but at lvl 8, I’ve never received a thing, and customer service starts off well with lots of promises but no follow up). I used to book a lot more with this app, but now I check the hotels’ AAA rates and the rates at HT Tonight, and just take whatever is’s about 50/50, so make sure to shop around.
Great App!
elizabeth o on 4/21/2018
I love this app! It is very easy to use on the go. It tells you everything you need to know regarding the hotel and makes booking extremely convenient and quick. It’s a must for a frequent travel with ever-changing plans!
Useless - no deals at all
N05fera2 on 4/21/2018
Found cheaper prices on This app is useless!
chrwebb on 4/21/2018
I’m the laziest person on the planet and this app makes it too easy to book a room instantly. I will never call a hotel again unless it’s to order steak frites from room service at 1am
Very poor customer service
very poor customer service! on 4/21/2018
I have used this app many times and have had great experiences with it. However, recently I a very bad experience staying at a hotel in which The hoteltonight App had described as a suite. The room was a box with a broken phone and stains all over the comforter. The Hotel was booked so there were no other rooms to choose from and when I complained to hoteltonight they simply offered a $25 coupon when the room cost $388. The hotel itself was going to cut my price in half (because I initially was charged from both places). After going back-and-forth for hours, over the course for 2 weeks in the chat section of The app, I got nowhere. Finally, I was able to speak with someone on the phone who spoke little English and couldn’t understand my complaint. Once I think she finally did she asked if I would prefer a phone call or email back, I requested a phone call and of course I received an email. Something about read the terms blah blah blah. It’s unfortunate being a long-time customer that has booked many rooms with them, the first time I have an issue they did not handle it properly. It turns out if you contact hotels directly most times you can negotiate the price to lower than what hoteltonight is offering since they take a $50 cut of what you pay. Save your money and don’t use this app. You’ll also be saving yourself from a headache if you ever have an issue with a booking.
It’s a scam, It was an extra $40 upon arrival.
Qigong Master on 4/21/2018
So they lure you in with a low price, non refundable billing. Then when you get to hotel they tell you it’s another $40. And you can’t cancel because Hotel Tonight is non refundable. Big scam, call customer service and the read some script saying they are not responsible. Be weary!
They booked the wrong date
bzaya1 on 4/21/2018
I was looking to have a weekend with my family since we barely see each other due to work. so a friend recommended hotel tonight and it was going good until they responded back with them confirming the wrong date. contacted customer service “there’s nothing they can do” is what they told me what am I supposed to do with a reservation I didn’t request and can’t be there for?
Thank you hoteltonight
mockingbirdyeah on 4/21/2018
This is the best app for hotels I’ve ever used! Hoteltonight never disappoints!
Best app for great rooms for tonight.
Jhg5 on 4/20/2018
I love this app. It is my first app to go to to find a room for tonight. Just shows the good to great hotels. Have used it 10 times in the last year and had nothing but excellent results. Only problem is if you need a special room requirement. Prices are always the lowest you can find for tonight.
Flexibility needed!!!
dr_abghazy on 4/20/2018
This was my first time to book by this application, I booked for 2 nights in LA (for me and my friend),after get done for reservations and payment, few minutes later I got a call from my friend who was happy to get a good deal from hotel tonight , and he booked immediately and done with payment, didn’t know that I’ve already done with the reservation, and payed for everything. We both shocked, and I called the hotel to cancel one of the rooms, they said we can’t do anything since your reservation done by the application, so you have to call them. I called to tell. Them that two rooms have been booked mistakenly the same day and same time , and want to cancel one of them, after few minutes of conferring the information and answering questions, the guy apologized about what happened by saying “it’s a policy and we can’t break the rules “ and he offered me to get a discount next time if I want to book from the same app.i was frustrated and told him to call him back. When I called them one more time, it was different guy, I explained to him everything, and was the same answer “ policy” , then I told him about the deal “a discount next booking “ The answer was “sorry we don’t give this offer now” I was like what the heck!!! So I ended up paying for two rooms at the same time in the same hotel. Wasting money I’ve been using several apps to book for hotels and all of them were so flexible . I’m not gonna use hotel tonight application anymore , we are people not robots, so we make mistakes, and the mistake was my friend book the same day same time, didn’t know that I was booking at that you have to change you policy HOTELS TONIGHT, and be flexible, I’m so mad the way they deal with my issue.
App changes causing higher prices
Doesn't seem to have anything anywhere near my location on 4/20/2018
This used to be the best app! Ever since they changed the app the prices have skyrocketed. On average prices were anywhere around 85-140$ a night now there is nothing really less than $220!
omar the beautiful on 4/19/2018
Quick to help me with finding the comfort and convenience of a room at the last minute.
Poor customer service
VinD8 on 4/19/2018
The representative I spoke with was unable to fix my login error or reset my password. After I did all the work and attempted to reset and re-upload the app without success he said sorry and just keep trying. Lol wow
This app is unclear on what rooms you will get
jaydubb21 on 4/19/2018
If you’re going to book for more than 1 person and you’re not a couple be prepared to sleep in the same bed hotel says the site only covers 1 bed but the site says it’s up to the hotel so basically they blame each other so now I have to share a bed with 1 other person and 2 dogs...not what I was expecting my first trip to New York to be like.
Always a deal
Tcost63 on 4/18/2018
Saved me money every time.
Guido36 on 4/18/2018
We consider Hotel Tonight to be an indispensable tool for serious travelers. We are Platinum members with several chains and Hotel Tonight beats even their best deals. We have stayed at luxury properties that have been way above our budget and have some amazing memories. As they say, ‘Do not leave home without it’.
Fav app ever
davejack1989 on 4/18/2018
So easy, best UX ever, the best deals ever. IF YOU TRAVEL DOWNLOAD THIS APP and experience a new tier of travel!
Great help when in a jam!
NYdmb on 4/18/2018
I’ve had to use hotel tonight for a hotel in my home town due to emergencies and I unforeseen events. It has always been reasonably priced and nice hotels!
Convenient with assurance of value and reliability
wml59 on 4/17/2018
Fantastic way to get last minute bookings at a low cost. Easy to use and the value and quality is reliable!!
Go-to for travel!
iPodlover33333 on 4/16/2018
I travel a lot for work and for weekend trips, and I’m constantly nervous about AirBnBs falling through (which has happened) but I swear by HotelTonight. Not only do I use it constantly, but I literally look for excuses to travel with this app. I recommend it to everyone I know to the point where I should be a brand ambassador.
Search filter
Pitt '60 on 4/16/2018
Can you add filter by price in search?
Great app
other name taken on 4/15/2018
I’ve been using this app for about two years now. I don’t travel often, but when I do, it’s so much more convenient that logging into one of the internet aggregator sites. I really like the map feature that shows you where the hotel is.
Ridiculous “customer service”
LovelyGal5 on 4/15/2018
This app is such a joke! As I was proceeding to make a booking the hotel disappeared entirely from my selected option. I contacted customer service and she literally did nothing to help, asked the hotel my name three times and said I don’t see anything in your account with your email. Obviously I knew that much as that’s the reason why I contacted in the first statement I wrote was the booking didn’t go through and I have a screenshot of the price to see if she can find it for me. Anyway WASTE OF TIME and unreliable — lots of other apps to use!
Easy to use !!
PrettySpecial on 4/15/2018
Locate pick a place and book !! Super simple 😍
Greatest app
mehdgit on 4/15/2018
This is the easiest app to use for booking a room. I book rooms about once a month and use this app all the time and it takes seconds to finalize. It’s really the greatest app to use.
Not the Best Deal
MrMaDMaN on 4/15/2018
Booked a room for them for a Military Conference. Called the hotel to check be their rate was $150 cheaper. I called to ask for my reservation to be canceled to be told that my email confirmation stated that it was non-refundable. They said they could send it to their team but I’d be penalized for half of my stay. The extra $150.00 that was charged doesn’t include the $100.00 in resort fees in which the hotel quote was including. Definitely will express my concerns to the resort and will never use the service again.
SCAMMED!! Do NOT use this app!!
Travelsss1 on 4/14/2018
First, and LAST, time user of app. We were charged by the app to secure our room, upon check out it appeared the hotel ALSO charged us 5 separate times to the tune of almost $600!!!! For a ONE night stay of a basic room!! Spoke with front desk who only made the problem worse and could not explain why night clerks charged us when we arrived. They were supposed to refund the difference and only ended up charging us further!!! DO NOT USE THIS APP OR STAY AT THE SHORES RESORT IN DAYTONA BEACH!! You have been warned!!
Just another app
Sundown Forest on 4/13/2018
Hotel prices are not competitive at all.
Don’t do it
GrfnRae on 4/13/2018
Sure, the app is great. Discounts on hotels. Super. Just make sure you don’t pre-purchase for an upcoming (within 3 days) trip and have an unforeseeable emergency with your 13-month old and be told not only can you not get refunded (expected) but that you can’t even just change your dates to a different weekend.
Easy to Use
JBravoZulu on 4/13/2018
Descriptions seem accurate, so far. Best hotel travel app I’ve seen.
Awful experience
MIKEL2018 on 4/13/2018
Awful experience and helpless customer support.
Great rates for travel on the fly
Easy Ruma on 4/12/2018
I travel short-term for work and typically find great prices for boutique hotels that have quality amenities and solid locations. Just booked one in Miami Beach for $75+ same night. Drinks on me!
Do Not Use App
EAMNYC on 4/12/2018
I was referred to them by a friend with a discount code. I was not allowed to use the discount nor did my friend receive his discount. The practice is deceitful and should be discouraged.
Worst room even worse service
Trodgers0729 on 4/11/2018
I stayed at the hotel on April 6th booked via hotel tonight. It was the worst experience. First it took over an hour to check in and then I was put in a room that still had old used soap in bathroom and soap stuck on the wall and seat. The room had a horrible odor and broken furniture under cabinet. When I called to change room I was left on hold for around 10min and called back and was told they didn’t have time to handle it. When I stopped down I was told that they weren’t going to move me and I could check out if I wanted. When I contacted hotel tonight about the issue they said that the only way to get refund is if hotel agrees. So basically I could just wave bye to the money!! Don’t use this app or you run the same risk. They put you in the leftover rooms that they wouldn’t give a regular guest!!
WVMojica on 4/11/2018
Ex military service men love this app. Thank you for forgetting us NOT! Love you guys! God Bless America!
Worst company to deal with
addikate123 on 4/10/2018
Stayed at a hotel in Orlando. Booked a 3 night stay. After the 2nd night, we couldn’t take the loud partiers in the lobby and hallway. We went to check out a day early and the lady at the front desk gave us the ok, yet Hotel Tonight is still charging us for the 3rd night. I will only book directly thru a hotel from now on. You can’t check out early no matter how bad the stay is.
Johny BoiEi on 4/10/2018
The app is showing Error on Sign up and even when I try to Sign In through Facebook.
Booked on the road
Misszlizz2015 on 4/9/2018
Always great rates and great reviews on the places. Definitely great for when trips get long and you can’t drive any more
My stay at this hotel
Miasnanny on 4/9/2018
The staff is very accommodating and nice...will stay here again.
Great app!
AWright87 on 4/8/2018
In the Los Angeles area and needed places to stay. Helped me find great hotels at great prices. Would recommend the app to anyone looking for great or last minute hotel deals.
Super easy and quick to book
BuildingUpwards on 4/7/2018
Love how quickly and convenient this hotel booking app is!
Easy, breezy, beautiful.
banrachi on 4/7/2018
I love this app. Best prices and great service if needed.
BEWARE shady app full of loopholes
customer TL on 4/7/2018
BEWARE of any promotions they advertise (example: Refer a friend and get a discount!) they will hide the rules and regulations and straight out not tell you about things like your credits expiring or that there even is an expiration. When I contacted their customer service chat, their representative, Chandler, didn’t even know the policy herself and misquoted it as 90 days expiration and then had to correct herself later and say it’s actually 120 days. They never even told customers there was an expiration policy and I’ve been using the app since 2016. Good luck clicking through different links on their app to try to find info yourself! If your staff can’t even find the information, maybe that says something about how well you try to hide things. I’d recommend using something more transparent like Airbnb or which also has a point accrual system (that doesn’t try to cheat you out of using your credits and CLEARLY posts your points directly on your profile page).
Easy as pie!
fashionista barbie on 4/6/2018
Great to locate excellent spots last minute or week of!
Terrible Cust Service
AppachRoad42 on 4/5/2018
Nice looking app, but don’t try to get help managing any issues with your booking. They won’t stand by their customers, will tell you why you were wrong for the start, won’t say sorry and won’t remedy the situation. Sarcastic chat bots aren’t a great addition either
axbreemxrtin . 💀 on 4/5/2018
So excited!
Beware of hotel charges
JakeLeneva on 4/5/2018
We booked one of “only two left at $50” rooms at a Red Roof thru this site Checked in, they asked for a cc for “any incidental charges.” When bill came thru they claimed they needed another $39 or so, no explanation except “that’s our policy” and that charged was backed up by Visa after a complaint. Go directly to hotel website to book and avoid scams like this. They promise one rate then upcharge.
Love it
SpontaneousVacationer on 4/5/2018
I love the hotel tonight app. I’ve accumulated points to reach level 2 and get exclusive discounts and get the best nightly rates I’ve seen around. It’s super user friendly plus the app gives me all the hotel information and amenities to help me choose the right fit. :)
Helpful for frequent travelers
Dr Ed Kilbourne on 4/4/2018
I frequently take long trips and don’t know where I’ll be when I start to tire and know about how far I can reasonably expect to be when I need a hotel.
Dapperchap on 4/3/2018
April 31, 2018 I go to check in at the Hyatt hotel in Quincy, MA after booking about three days prior on Hotel Tonight. The have no reservation and are sold out. They offer me a refund and a $25 voucher only good at selected hotels on their site. I was very frustrated and angry; plus my family is waiting for me. It was a huge inconvenience and I ended up spending approx $50 more at another hotel. (the $25 voucher could not even be applied to that hotel stay). I had previously used the app to book hotels approx 15 times, so I really thought they would try and make it better! However, I felt Hotel Tonight’s attempts to “make the problem right” were pitiful, and I was given the same lame responses over and over. I have no choice but to dissuade anyone from using this app. I will never trust it again, and obviously will not use it.
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