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Amazing last minute hotel deals for tonight, tomorrow and beyond!

HotelTonight makes it *incredibly* easy & quick to find a great deal at a great hotel. Three taps, one swipe, you’re booked! We’ve been downloaded millions of times and work with top hotels across the globe (we only partner with hotels where we’d wanna stay, too).

Here’s the deal:

* Amazing last minute deals
* Book for tonight, tomorrow and beyond (up to 100 days in advance in some locations and 7 days in advance everywhere)
* Top rated hotels you’ll love
* Seamless booking in 10 seconds flat
* Search by city, attractions, nearby hotels or on a map
* Ratings, reviews and photos from fellow bookers
* Access to HT Pros, our in-app concierge
* Exclusive location-based discounts (GeoRates) save you even more!
* HT Perks program - the more you book, the better our deals get!
* Add Favorite hotels and see whenever they’re available
* 24/7 customer support

Some of the many ways you can use HotelTonight:

* Adding a day for play before or after your business trip
* A last minute birthday or anniversary surprise (we won’t tell anyone you forgot)
* Spontaneous weekend getaways
* Road trips - hop in the car and see where the road takes you
* A mid-week booking or staycation at that spot you’ve always wanted to check out… just because
* Summer afternoons by the hotel pool
* Luxury vacations scored on the cheap
* Summer weekend holidays booked on the fly
* To turn tonight (or tomorrow... or next week) into an adventure

People are talking:

“HotelTonight what did I do without you?” - Kelly Osbourne

“You can get great, cut-rate deals on hotels… including luxury hotels.“ - Jeff Rossen, Today Show

“My fav travel app.” - Samantha Brown, Travel Channel Host

“I love saving on last minute bookings using the HotelTonight app.” - The Points Guy

“Book the destination of your choice and enjoy your time there – without breaking the bank.” - Oprah Magazine

“Delete all your other hotel apps.” - App Store reviewer sdraymonds

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Let’s connect:

* Instagram: @HotelTonight
* Twitter: @HotelTonight
* Facebook:

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Great deals in undiscovered gems
8 upgrade bug on 3/17/2018
I’ve used hotel tonight a few times for last minute bookings in the Detroit area. They have uncovered hip converted motels I wouldn’t have found on other sites
Read before you give them your $ and time
Docsikorski on 3/16/2018
App gives you variety of lower tier hotels, pretty much similar price to any other regular app or website like Expedia or kayak. Deceiving listings. I needed a hotel in Des Moines (and so it was saying in the app) but it turned out to be in a town next to Des Moines 30 min away. And thats after I paid. After talking to rude staff in their customer service, they were able to cancel booking and give me credit for another booking through their app. Credit only applied to some hotels and not the others somehow. Please be advised. Be careful and compare hotels between this app and others before paying.
Yo soy contenta on 3/16/2018
As they say, extremely mobile friendly. Have cross referenced a few deal comparisons and these seem to be as competitive as any other booking site. Easy for business and personal travel.
Worst service I have ever experienced
anonaanon on 3/16/2018
I attempted to book a last-minute hotel through this group. For some reason, it did not process - the website kept telling me to log in even though I was already logged in. I eventually called them and asked them to sort it out, which the person on the phone told me he could not do. I tried to email the address he gave me, only to have it bounce. I eventually found a different address, and the reply stated that not only could they not re-activate the account, they would not allow me to ever create a new one in my name. Basically, they have treated me like a criminal despite the error being one from their system. I am offended and appalled by the way I have been treated.
So convenient
Sha❤️D on 3/15/2018
I have had the hotel tonight app for quite some time but have just recently started using it more. I was stuck on Airbnb for a while but then I had a bad experience. On that day when I had a bad experience and was not able to get into the house that I had booked from Airbnb for the weekend, hotel tonight was there and allowed me to get a great rate in a matter of minutes! Hotel tonight always gives me great rates and an option of great hotels! I am so happy there is an app out there like this because I am usually a spare of the moment type of gal and this just works!
Life saver
Josh Neuroth on 3/15/2018
Life saver for last minute business trips.
Do not use the book ahead feature!!
reneeindallas on 3/15/2018
I’ve been using this app for a couple years and have told so many people about it. HT just came out with the feature to book up to 100 days in advance. Unless you REALLY need the peace of mind staying in a specific hotel and are willing to pay hundreds more go ahead but if you want to save $$ WAIT!! Also don’t be lured by the “one room left” because most likely they’ll get more rooms from the hotel. I booked a room about 3 weeks ago. The app said “1 room left” and I snagged it. The next day I was in the app again and guess what!?! More rooms! And now it was $100 leas. In 2 days we are staying in the hotel and guess what....more rooms again and now it’s $300 less!! I’ve called before to see if they’d even give us a $25 “good will” credit to apply towards future bookings and the customer service was very rude and all they said was its company policy as it states in the app - no refunds!! And they did nothing. Unless it’s last minute I’ll book somewhere else that has a refundable rate.
Search isn’t user friendly
snowrockette on 3/15/2018
Two stars. They have great prices but if you need specifics like double beds the search isn’t easy to use. The support tech gave me directions but the “secret work around is clearly not ideal” (her words not mine) when I said it doesn’t work.
Good if....
bdipi on 3/13/2018
I am a first time user. Be forewarned and rad the fine print. This is not, where you are able to cancel your reservations up to a certain point. There are absolutely no refunds or cancellations regardless of reason.
Multiple problems
nDimensions on 3/12/2018
Hotel Tonight will not refund you even if they send you to a hotel that was not advertised accurately. I went to a hotel that did not show how seedy the hotel was in the photos. The lobby was full of exploitative images of women. The company would not refund me and then failed to apply the credit they promised.
Great deals on mostly high end hotels
Peelage on 3/12/2018
I’ve been using this app for 6 years now and it seems like yesterday that it just launched. At first I was able to score some pretty sweet deals in New York City and San Francisco at some very nice establishments, but it appeared that once the app became really popular the prices were around the same as what the hotels themselves listed on their websites. I tried using the app in Dallas and found nothing, so their whole concept of ‘hotels tonight’ seems to have drifted away. Unless I’m planning to splurge at a 5 star hotel for $300/night in a ‘Luxe’ city, this is not a budget hotel app by any means. If you’re okay with dropping a few hundred on a world class room, then by all means, spend away, there are some great deals.
Smart, fast & trusted
JPierson on 3/12/2018
The app itself is terrific - few travel apps seem to anticipate the user's expectations as well as this one. Add to it, the hotels are accurately represented - no surprises. It's the perfect workaround when the corporate travel dept can't get it done.
Love this app!
doccol91 on 3/11/2018
Great hotels at great prices. What’s not to like?
Booked room was not available
Dradjr on 3/11/2018
I booked a room using this app and as I was arriving at the hotel I was called and told the room was not available. The process for getting a refund for this was unreasonable you long. On the basis of this negative experience I must advise against this app.
An absolute disaster
Alden Guy on 3/10/2018
This app is an absolute disaster. I reserved a room in Morro Bay California. The app indicated the hotel was dog friendly. When I went to check in late at night the proprietor told me that, “oh we’ve got one room that doesn’t allow dogs and that’s the one I was going to put you in.” Unfortunately, my young son, my dog and I were turned away and it was late at night. I called Hotel Tonight customer support from the car and they kept me on hold for half an hour and refused to reimburse the charge on my credit card. It’s two weeks later and I’m looking at my credit card bill and they still are charging me. Avoid this horrible app like the proverbial plague!
App lag
ArtJewel on 3/10/2018
App was laggin pretty bad today
Worst experience!
travelallmylife on 3/10/2018
Maybe the app is good but what matters is how the service works at end of the day!! Really a bad experience and gone through some customer support that was not helpful..
Great UX and rewards
Billstunk on 3/10/2018
I didn’t even know I was earning rewards with all my hotel purchases through Hotel Tonight until I started receiving better rates than my gf when we would be looking at the same hotels at the same time. Love HT!
Easy user experience
Mateo88888 on 3/9/2018
I bough a hotel in 5 minutes. Easiest UX. Thanks guys!
Griffin40 on 3/8/2018
Reservation doesn’t go thru
CHISPAS! on 3/7/2018
Last 2 or 3 times I’ve used this app the hotel doesn’t receive my reservation, real headache waiting for them to confirm I actually reserved.
Go for finding places - prices kind of good
jcrip on 3/4/2018
Liked the app for giving me a idea for the prices for a date or time. Usually could find the same price or better with the hotel. Tonight I booked by accident and they said no refund. Booked and a hour latter realized that it was mistake. Support said tough. No lost to the hotel because it was within hours. High risk. Low reward.
Double check before booking
Thed92 on 3/4/2018
When you first login, the start page will show you hotels for today. If you adjust your date to tomorrow for instance, the hotel chain you like may still pop up at the top but it could be a different location. Example, the Aloft. But you’ll have booked a location almost an hour from where you need to be. The Hotel Tonight staff will just copy paste their fine print that hotel stays are non-transferable instead of trying to assist you in finding better accommodations. The reason I’m complaining is I travel a lot for work and if I had had this issue with a different provider it would’ve been easily resolved.
LunaFalo on 3/4/2018
Just got 12 dollars off a hotel room I planned to book by downloading an app. Is this for real?
Great with 1 complaint
Zincolo on 3/4/2018
Love the app. Great user experience and concept. My one complaint is that the help line — which promises to be 24/7 — was never answered when I needed it (tried A LOT one night and it just rang interminably)
Sammus Synthesizer on 3/4/2018
Cool app just wish you could book multiple rooms at a time
joel love on 3/4/2018
Best service ever
Recommended if you’re a traveler or hotel enthusiast
LinkII08 on 3/3/2018
Amazing discounts for travelers
Absolute scam
Shaun Johnskn on 3/3/2018
Zero integrity and will steal your money.
Great rates
J3n000002 on 3/3/2018
This site has the best deals for last minute booking. Saved $100 using this app, compared to Orbitz and others.
Bait And Switch At HotelTonigh on 3/2/2018
You would think that if a company posted/maintained a prominently displayed promotional code their website that it would be honored and adequately outlined. However, in the fine print the company sets a dollar threshold that I just missed on my reservation. This was unapparent from the aforementioned page and of course all sales are final. To make matters worse customer service was not of any assistance. Why would I continue using this platform???
Making a painful set of steps super easy
MuchoMaas on 3/2/2018
My previous process to book included time on TripAdvisor and sites like Tablet to read hotel reviews before then looking for the best deal on various aggregator sites. Hotel Tonight has replaced all of this research and booking complexity with a super simple app and booking process.
gponia on 3/1/2018
Super Appli ! J’ai pu dormir au Parker Hôtel de NYC pour un prix dérisoire avec surcallement en Junior Suite et vue sur Central Park - INCROYABLE !! Merci HotelTonight
Shady, be prepared to pay more!
TPNor on 3/1/2018
This app has so many hidden fees. The price you see and think you will be paying is no where near the price you will actually pay after all their hidden BS fees like a $20 “booking fee”?!?!? And you find that out after you pay on Hotel Tonight and show up at the hotel and they ask you for the additional fees that this app doesn’t tell you about. When asking at the desk, they said we would have actually saved $10 if we didn’t use the Hotel Tonight app and payed the hotel directly.
Poor Poor customer service
Madeleine casamento on 3/1/2018
Booked a night on the App but it was difficult to navigate and I realized immediately it was booked one day late so called to move it up to the current day. After multiple calls and delays I was told nothing could be done. Had to book another room and pay for both. When I disputed the charge and received the customer service notes in response it was clear lack of communication between Hotel Tonight and Hotel caused refund to be approved but delay in communication resulted in a no show on the reservation which caused a denial of the refund. Very frustrating and poor service. Deleted the App. Will book through Expedia or in the future.
Clean & Convenient, A Travel Necessity
Lynaemc on 3/1/2018
Great app design, easy to use & excellent selection of hotels. Ive used hoteltonight for years, and they’ve never failed me. It’s always been a great experience with excellent options in every city. I also really appreciate their member rewards program & Acorns partnership
Our Go To App
JohnBonnes on 3/1/2018
Simple, fast, fun. It’s become our go to app when traveling. Especially fun when traveling towards a city in a car; like playing a game that always ends in a win.
Payment problem
Miyakm7 on 2/28/2018
I was going to make a payment and it just took too long. I had to call to my bank to see if there’s any issues an i needed to call to hotel tonight after... some errors gave ma a hard time for making a payment :(
Excellent service and price
Anthonybserna on 2/28/2018
I just spoke to a representative for Hotel Tonight regarding my booking and I will say that I am 100% satisfied by the excellent service provided by their representative, Adoria. I highly recommend this app for your next lodging.
Awesome app for lay minute booking
L the Hulk on 2/27/2018
So far the best rates for last minute hotel deals
# One It’s Top Drawer
Vinnyjoe on 2/27/2018
What this app does is finds you a top of the line Hotel untouchable hospitality flows down hill Take the challenge and book with
Best booking app
The me 24 on 2/27/2018
Customer service is awesome! Better deals then what other booking apps offer.
Best customer service
Sdro3 on 2/26/2018
We called because we needed help! They showed us the way in a time of need. Highly recommend.
Love this app
nadiagenevieve on 2/26/2018
On-demand, instant bookings, good choices. Cheaper than Expedia. Great for last-minute trips and business travel!
Forever the best
Prance around on 2/25/2018
Hotel Tonight is my #1 recommended app. I love this app so much. I owe so many great trips and stays to hotel tonight. So grateful 🙏🏻
Love this app!!
meromalley on 2/25/2018
I’ve been using this app for awhile now and always get the best deals compared to ALL other discount sites! Love the geo deals!
This app booked me room at full hotel
Lexxcee on 2/24/2018
First time using it and it books a room at a hotel that’s full. I drove down here and I’m being sent somewhere else..... it’s almost 1 AM. This is a poorly made app.
Friendly customer service
Rachel1995rachel on 2/24/2018
Rebecca was very helpful, patient, polite and a pleasure to work with. Will most likely put this hotel at the top of our list when looking for a place to stay next time we are in Santa Cruz. Thank you
Thank you
Bootyfulkelsea on 2/23/2018
Thank you for making it easy to book a hote
Great Customer Service
amystravels122 on 2/22/2018
I had to cancel my reservations last minute due to a family emergency and the woman from customer service had it all sorted out within minutes and were able to get me a full credit for the amount I had paid. They made everything super easy and were really friendly and willing to help.
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