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This app was last updated on: Jul 15, 2011
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New in version 1.0.4

Updated to support Mac OS X 10.6 or later.


Play the next episode of the peg-busting phenomenon from PopCap! Shoot and clear the orange pegs from 60 wild, dreamscape levels and bask in Extreme Fever glory. Meet the Peggle Masters’ alter egos and wield 11 Magic Powers, then try the ultimate Peggle test — 60 Grand Master challenges!

The fun doesn’t end there. Take a brain break in Quick Play mode, compete against friends or the computer in Duel, and add to the action with downloadable Bonus Levels. Plus, you can celebrate your Peggle prowess with Instant Replay and a Trophy Room!

Fun, educational physics, all ages
freezer41 on 10/2/2016
Easy game to just sit down and play. Some educational value as it teaches physics. My 4-year-old saw me playing it and now started his own adventure mode on it.
please update it
ER&BR on 4/9/2016
it would be really cool if you could update it like you could create your own character and levels! please do it. also love this game! me and my dad love competing against each other. we also love plants versus zombies. thank you. this is also one of the coolest games ever! me and my dad play this almost every knight! (did you get the pun?) its also very addicting and never ending! me and my dad love this game we could play it all knight long! (back with the puns) ime and my dad love popcap games and we love you! and we love the style of the game, the charcters, and the music!
Dosen’t work on OS X 10.10
ZGALINEC on 7/3/2015
This application along with Peggle doesn’t work on Yosemite. Wasted $20.00 on the two of them. Although it states that it is compatible with 10.4.4 and above, it most certailnly is not. Apple should verify compatibility before listing.
hu liangkai on 3/10/2012
Once I begin to play, I can't stop it. Have a desire to pass all the levels in one time!
Perfect except for 2 things
Faragaut1945 on 3/10/2012
Never having been a fan of 'casual gaming' (maybe its just the way it sounds), I've tried a few and always felt they lacked depth. Popcap has changed my mind, they may call thier games 'casual' but thier effort at putting depth into games of this genre is anything but. From the graphics and sound to the UI, leveling system, and rewards I was truly impressed at the imagination & effort put into their games. Having tried all of them (you can play an hour of any of thier games for free at Popcaps website) I found Peggle more addictive then Bejeweled 3 AND Zuma's Revenge; Plants vs Zombies is in a different category altogether but a definite classic defense game. I almost bought the first Peggle after trying it but figured I should try the sequel before I did and……Peggle Nights is ADDICTIVE…..even better then the original (more of an expansion of the original), this is the Peggle to get. There are 2 problems however, first of all, the game doesn't fill the entire screen (about 80%) and while this doesn't ruin the game, it is certainly a strange thing to do considering the all the TLC that was put into this game and also when considering the price to buy this game. That would be the second problem, and a problem for every Popcap game on the Mac App store, this game shouldn't be more then 5-7 bucks the most, 10 is pushing it; I paid the 5 dollar sale price and thought it was a perfect fit. Don't get me wrong, you WILL get your money's worth in playing time no matter which price you pay, but if I paid full price for this and saw it didn't fill the screen, I would be a little ticked off……an easy 5 stars when it fills the screen.
Granny 2 Three on 2/4/2012
My 5-year-old grandson and I both love this game. There's a lot of levels, and you can go back later and try to beat your best score at every puzzle. Entertaining and fun.
prettylittleliarxo on 1/2/2012
this is an awesome game! it has tons of levels for endless fun! DEFINITELY worth it!
All Bow Down To The Peggle.
debrisdodger on 5/16/2011
Peggle truly is a game to be treasured. Almost everything about this game shines. Why not 5 stars you ask??? I'll tell you why. The develpers did not offer us the opportunity to change the resolution at all, and it looks kinda blurry on my 24 inch iMac running full screen. In the new world of HD, this screw up is inexcusable, especially since at least half the games out there allow this feature. Even Pixel Pig. Please fix this on the next update developers, and then easily 5 stars.
Awesome fun!
spectralExophthalmos on 3/12/2011
Great audio and visuals. A joy to play!
You can enable fullscreen.
luckyshirt on 2/19/2011
There is a fullscreen option in the settings. Great game, as I'm sure almost everyone already knows.
Not working
Luka Dimitrijevic on 1/10/2011
Not working for me-.- Just gives me white screen, I can hear music from game but can't see-.- Hope that soon will be an update to fix this :D I loved this game on Windows, I'm gonna love it on Mac too :D
Great Game, Window Too Small
Palutheni on 1/6/2011
Loved this game on the PC and the Popcap version for MAC. I cannot figure out why I cannot resize the window on my 27" iMac and the game is only 4" square, it is kinda lame!
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Fact Sheet
  • Publisher: PopCap
  • Category: Games
  • Released: Jan 05, 2011
  • Current Version Released: Jul 15, 2011
  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Size: 39.4 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.4.4 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: English;