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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Entertainment 18.05.0 Nov 12, 2013 May 22, 2018 42.7 MB iOS 9.0 or later 12+
New in version 18.05.0

This update includes fixes and performance improvements.



Take your PlayStation experience with you wherever you go! Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, see who's online, and discover the latest titles on PlayStation Store.

With PlayStation App, you can:
• See which of your friends are online and what they're playing.
• Receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations.
• Customize your profile.
• View progress and compare trophies.
• Keep up with the latest activities from your friends and profiles you're following.
• Get games and add-ons at PlayStation Store, and push them to your PS4 so they're ready when you get home.

A Sony Entertainment Network account is required to use this app.
A PS4 is required to use some of this app's features.

Use of this app is governed by the license agreement at the following URL: (

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Add clip management
bsst music downloader on 6/23/2018
Make a way to import clips to the mobile device . Like adding a PS clips app or something. because it would be very useful for lots of people. Right now I have to post my videos on YouTube and download them with another app then delete them off of YouTube. And it would be useful for lots of people using i movie.
Not working
s.a.altmimi on 6/23/2018
This app not working. It only opens the loading window
Capture gallery
kvmuiii on 6/23/2018
Need to add the capture gallery to watch replays!!!!
Just take my money!
aqesters on 6/22/2018
For some reason, whenever I try to buy an item from the PlayStation Store using my credit card, the order never goes through. The app asks me for the 3-digit security code on the card, and after inputting the code, and app asks for the code again. This cycle repeats until I’m locked out of purchasing items because of “too many attempts”. This is the one part of the app that shouldn’t be malfunctioning. I’m trying to give you money, just take it!
hpt🍔🍩 on 6/22/2018
Great app to see what sales are going on and good to see your achievements. Would recommend this for anyone with a PlayStation. Needs to be able to see the videos and screenshots on it from ps4 please!!! After that best playstation app!
User name
dondondondon on 6/21/2018
Unable to use app because my username is already in think so? Of course it is, by me. So if you already have a psn account you don’t get to use this...what a joke. I’m only writing this because you can’t contact Sony to let them know directly.
Cant login
Mroahr on 6/21/2018
Cant login. Error C-82E07216.
So many errors
cruzer1005 on 6/21/2018
Not good
fffjendiebdbfjdbdic on 6/21/2018
It used to let me sign in now every time I do even with a new account gives me a error terrible
Great App, One major thing missing.
Mattera Circus on 6/21/2018
This app is very convenient and easy to use, however one of the main reasons i downloaded it was to access my capture gallery to watch clips I’ve saved. However, there is no Capture Gallery feature, or at least i haven’t found it yet.
Asia1428 on 6/20/2018
I tend to get a error message whenever I try signing in on the app or online.
Me Stinson dude on 6/20/2018
The app does not work AT ALL on my iPhone X
Playstation Parties
ConcussionWave (ps4 gamertag) on 6/20/2018
If not in this app, they should make another app where you can talk in parties from your phone, so if you’re not with your ps4, you could still talk to friends and listen to funny commentary of Fortnite or something, you get my point. Besides, it would be nice anyway👍😂
Doesn’t Work Unless Connected To WiFi
0102sych on 6/19/2018
The app is great when it works but it never can connect to the PSN when my phone isn’t connected to WiFi. I do have my date turned on for the PS App it just never wants to work for no reason.
Broken App
servoss21 on 6/19/2018
Does not work even after deleting and redownloading
F***ING S**T
Outlawed Inc. on 6/19/2018
So all I have now is I can’t connect to network even though my mobile network works just fine and along with my WiFi. Problems!
abbaskheel on 6/19/2018
خفه شو بابا ....
Moonlight156 on 6/19/2018
When I put sign in it crashes then, I tried it in the safari and I put everything but it won’t let me sign in and this there’s a big blank space and a type bar on top of the sign in
It won't let me sign in to my new account it's locked on my old account
Hacker45Ak😎 on 6/18/2018
Is a good app is just locked to my old psn account xDavidgaming69 were I was gamesharing with someone in he changed the password. Now I got a new account in it won't Let me sign in it keep saying sign in to xDavidgaming69 account in like😡😡😡😤😤😤😤👊🏾👊🏾🤔
DarkShawdo on 6/18/2018
Love my psn app and psn messenger very helpful when away from home
abdalla alamery on 6/18/2018
The app is as stupid as the ps4 internet browser, THANK YOU😡
What’s going on
laggggggggiiinnn on 6/17/2018
I’ve been trying to sign in for the past 3-4 days and it won’t let me. Keeps giving me a error code. ( C-82E02716 )
شين مررره
الشعيبيبي on 6/17/2018
امزح معكم لا تصدقون
Able to log in once and never again
Tan Wei-Ming on 6/17/2018
See title. Unusable.
Ps app
Cassie hong on 6/16/2018
Keep getting error message box when activating playstation mobile also keep getting DNS server error message when updating email address on profile.
Crashes when redeeming codes
Ph1975 on 6/16/2018
I’ve tried entering a redemption code manually and every time, the app crashes back to iOS. Seems like the app is less reliable than in the past.
Can’t even use it
caseywin6 on 6/16/2018
Literally open the app to it saying I have a network error and I just got it
Doesn’t work for me
Aspiring pilot on 6/16/2018
I have a PS4 Slim 1TB, every time I open the app, I see the blue screen, and get a message saying “network connection lost”.
Lost Network Connection
Lawn Islander on 6/16/2018
This message is all that's displayed when I try to open the app since the update. I've never had this before, everything else is working fine.
Tiny adjustment
😂Lengendarygamer🤣 on 6/15/2018
When I download this app I couldn’t help but to notice that this was no “Create an account” on the sign in screen
lord_farquaad69 on 6/15/2018
مايشتغل عندي ايفون X
جاسم خالد on 6/15/2018
مايشتغل عندي ايفون X
Accessing capture gallery
Tyler1520666 on 6/14/2018
It would be awesome if I could just pull my phone out and show friends videos from my gallery but sadly you can’t. This would be a great future update.
Not starting up
TRWB Brett on 6/13/2018
Every time I open the app it say no connection
Belchingwarlord6 on 6/13/2018
It’s awesome to be able to see what my friends are playing and check on my trophies real quick view all my friends games as well!
PlayStation does not work
Daddy Ibarra on 6/13/2018
Giving this app 1 star due to the fact that it won’t open. I deleted it and downloaded it several times, but nothing changes. It’s stuck on the same picture, the PS logo!
Easy to navigate and great to use
Flamur A on 6/13/2018
Big improvements from the last layout, and it fun to use. Access to the store and other functions make it easy to use.
Indigo jv on 6/12/2018
Let us watch our clips on the app !!!
Ps app
Jhmarquez81 on 6/12/2018
It’s not letting me open the app. It keeps saying connection lost. If you guys could please fixed that it would be great.
boyyoumayknow on 6/12/2018
To be honest why can’t you add a library where you can see your videos you guys just need that for the app to be ok
Benjamin-Thor on 6/12/2018
This app is amazing and I love how it allows me to keep up with which of my friends are online and who aren’t along with what games I can see and are interested in getting one day.
Gamer tag Name change
Cjisfoxy97 on 6/12/2018
I hate that you can’t change your gamer tag name I’m being called names because of my gamer tag and I wish you could change it
What’s wrong with this app
Hellpaulo on 6/11/2018
Hello good day I don’t know if anybody else is having this issue but my play station app hasn’t been working for a good while now, every time I start to login it keeps telling me “an error had occurred. (c-82E02716)” can you guys fix this problem because I really do like this app it helps a lot when I’m on the go
Haven’t been able to use the app in months.
Rabearrrrr on 6/11/2018
Every time I try and open the app I continuously get an an error message. It’s quite frustrating to say the least. I’m using an iPhone and the latest iOS update. I’d really appreciate this bug getting fixed!
Big Problem help me
Ggvvjghgjcgvjxkdnficbeicnfkf on 6/11/2018
Whenever I click on the app it says network connection lost even though my internet is working for my Playstation and I have data
Sony secretly disabling ”Players you may know”
NickerPL on 6/11/2018
The ”players you may know” functionality is no longer working, at least for me, both when using my ps4 & ps app in Europe. It used to always suggest around 40 people I might know but all of a sudden they all disappeared and now I’m hearing there isn’t anyone I might know. My guess is it has either something to do with the GDPR regulations being rolled out or with Facebook being under fire recently over privacy concerns (I’m assuming the ”Players you might know” feature worked using Facebook’s API in some way, and it’s now blocked) and having to bend on some policies to the European Union. It’s ridiculous a useful feature like that could go through I could best describe as a dark-deprecation in some regions and players aren’t informed it’s happening. It makes PSN and this app worse. Sony Twitter support wasn’t helpful at all and was elusive in their answers when asked about this. Shame.
jpulla on 6/11/2018
Ever since they departed psn messenger to the messenger app this app has been horrid. No need for two apps. It doesn’t remember login credentials, slow login time, just bad all around. Xbox has a better mobile support platform.
No games
sLiptowN91 on 6/10/2018
PS4 have no games
Awesome but 1 thing
DevvTheDerp on 6/10/2018
The app is amazing Playstation if you’re reading this or anyone else. You can’t make a new account like you used to. So yea :(
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