Internal Revenue Service

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Finance 5.4.2 Jan 20, 2011 Jan 25, 2018 11.3 MB iOS 9.0 or later 17+
New in version 5.4.2

Thanks for using IRS2Go! This update contains a new security code feature for Secure Access users. We’ve also improved support for new devices and operating system versions.

5.4.2: Minor bug fixes.


Check your refund status, make a payment, find free tax preparation assistance, sign up for helpful tax tips, generate a login security code, and follow the latest news from the IRS - all in the latest version of IRS2Go.

Download IRS2Go and connect with the IRS whenever you want, wherever you are.

IRS2Go is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service.

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Unable to access app at my convenience
GINNYA66 on 8/11/2018
I used to able to access this app at all times why the change? Very inconvenient. Please change it back
CPA perspective - the app is convenient
TDI7964 on 6/21/2018
I tested the app to check my refund and it was super fast told me the exact day it was direct deposited. What to do if I didn’t receive it. The free file information is super helpful. Payment information is easy for users to use. I think it’s very convenient for mid year items. Estimated payments and refund status.
Rdoherty11 on 6/19/2018
You can’t even download the app! Seems like it’s hacked.
My tax
stedie59 on 6/13/2018
This app is trash.i have paid two months of my tax agreement and i just received a letter of no payments where is my money going to?
Worst app ever
the guy who hates IRS on 5/26/2018
It doesn’t even work. It just gives me errors. I mean. If this is the IRS app, it should work right. It shows how incapable our government is. It’s a disappointment that I even have to deal with incompetence from something that could be so simple.
DELTWIT on 5/11/2018
App don’t even work, just like the rich..
No information
Netgurutoo on 5/11/2018
When I check the status it says information does not match. That doesn’t tell you anything about what might be wrong. And I guarantee the information I put in is correct.
Phone Service
Rubygolfer on 5/10/2018
The IRS has blocked personal calls to representatives. My 2017 return was audited beginning on 3/22 and have not received tax return as of 5/10. We should be able to get info on this and should receive interest for each day of delay after 4/17
Piece of junk
Tank999969 on 5/7/2018
Even though it’s a free app it won’t let you install it until you provide a payment method. Seriously? Why should I have to provide a payment method if all I want to do is check my refund status. Useless app
Worked great!
Emilyanne1919 on 4/30/2018
I submitted my taxes not even two weeks ago. I owed the IRS a past debt of 800, this app went above and beyond to not only tell me that my return had been accepted but that my past debt was deducted from this year's return and that my remaining return would deposited to my bank. They gave me the exact date it would even be deposited. Way more information then I expected. I will definitely use this app next year.
David J Moscat on 4/28/2018
Literally useless.
Tax return status
b3nault on 4/23/2018
All I get is an error message when trying to check tax return status. Tried 12 times with the same result.
Unhelpful at best
Dnsukskahdjsksbf on 4/22/2018
I keep putting the information in and get an error each time. Terrible app
A smile to a frown
cGgo87 on 4/18/2018
This year I was excited to see how long the estimated time was til I received my taxes. To my dissatisfaction the apps network is unreachable according to the prompt and been this way for the last two weeks. It worked last year, but what a disappointment this one.
Shows Error message when information is correct
Mz sunny on 4/12/2018
I input the correct information for each question and continuously get error message upon each attempt. Not beneficial at all.
Taxation. Is. EXTORTION.
djanthonyw on 4/12/2018
ex·tor·tion ikˈstôrSH(ə)n/ noun the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.
Frustrating system
Master-Uzer on 4/9/2018
IRS need to be more moderate and provide more informations specially when faxing your missing forms to have proof of acceptance.
Zero stars!! (Even though I show 1 star...🙁)
Arcky74 on 4/5/2018
The app doesn’t work!!! Error messages every time I try to use it! Pay attention, IT people! Fix it!
Where is my refund
rita shafer on 4/4/2018
I filed on line to turbo tax on February 5th 2018 and I still haven’t received my taxes what do I do
Zero Stars
RayofLight79 on 3/25/2018
The app doesn’t work. The website doesn’t work either. I get an error message saying info entered incorrectly but I know for a fact it’s right. Doesn’t matter if I use the .00 or not. You cannot track the status of your refund with this app. You cannot find out the date your refund will be issued to you with the app. This app is pointless and the IRS lied. Deleting.
Does it even work?
Every time I open it it’s either unavailable or just crashes.
Mr Paijo
Novi Effendi on 3/2/2018
This is useless apps. After I put all my info, they asked me to call 1800 number for status. What’s the point to build this apps??
W t f is going on?!?!?!
Diddiledum on 3/1/2018
Neither this or the website works for me, I just simply want to figure out why the hell have I not gotten my tax refund yet!! I keep getting the “refund status error”. ITS BEEN A WHOLE MONTH SINCE I FILED THE TAXES!!!......
IRS app
nataliedillon on 2/28/2018
It keeps telling me error in refund or something like that
Says my info doesn’t match....
mitchbenyahu on 2/26/2018
The app is a good idea, but simply doesn’t work.
Not working
Ms_ambitious21 on 2/26/2018
Didn’t work for me at all
Keep getting error
LolMadeYouLook on 2/23/2018
It keeps telling me my information I entered is wrong, I know for a fact it’s not, I’ve triple checked. I even added .00 for “change” and still the same message saying it’s entered wrong.
Not working
kim_ann05 on 2/21/2018
It’s not working for me I put all the correct information..
Refund status isn’t current
iceicelady on 2/16/2018
My refund was direct-deposited today. The app says still shows “Return received” status. Looks like what we have here is a failure to communicate (and an app that doesn’t succeed in its primary function).
J. Patton on 2/10/2018
It won’t work!! I enter all my info and hit “Get Status” and nothing happens.
AntMania87 on 2/9/2018
Tried using this app to check the status of my refund every attempt I made to enter my refund amount was met with an error message saying incorrect info.... this app is not good.
John739468204 on 2/7/2018
Info doesn't match. What a waste of time.
Good app
MikeZo6 on 2/6/2018
drina703 on 2/5/2018
I’m not sure, it keeps telling me I’m entering the wrong info, and I’m pretty sure it’s accurate.
It stopped working
dillnelle on 2/4/2018
When I select see refund it won’t do anything. I’ve used in the past and it worked the first day I used it this year. I deleted it and reinstalled and still nothing
Gets the job done
Shaneatha J on 2/2/2018
Been using this app for a few years and it does what it’s meant for so no complaints
bossdonny89 on 2/1/2018
The app does what it’s supposed to do.
Eagle looks like a vulture
Coldbyte on 1/31/2018
Is it me or does the app look vulture like?
lele🌸 on 1/29/2018
First time doing taxes. Was anxious to see how long refund process was. Downloaded the app and Bam! date was given for my refund, also great resources that i will keep in mine for next tax season.
Useless app
Unit 435 on 12/28/2017
If you just want to check the status of your tax return and have no refund due, this app will not work and you will be left to call, wait on hold forever and receive the same lousy customer support the IRS is famous for. This outfit is a national embarrassment.
Perfect App
J. Rosado on 10/19/2017
This app is most excellent! I especially like the social media links to the YouTube and the twitter. Thanks!
Please help!
Heaven bellies on 8/6/2017
I had to resubmit my taxes due to an omission. Thought I would use the app to check on the progress and to be sure they received it. I keep getting the return error information. I used the suggestions from other reviews and still nothing I even entered the refund I already got and nothing! What am I doing wrong please help.
IRS 2 Go
D. Hill on 6/19/2017
This is a simple yet extremely helpful application for those who want tax preparation assistance, those who want to check their refund status, those who want to make a payment for their taxes getting done and even for those who just have questions regarding the process. Navigation around IRS 2 Go is simple as can be so older people who may not be use to using applications can find the information they want without getting lost. The app also has a support link for those who have questions that are not addressed as well.
Scifiwifi on 5/24/2017
I never commented on a app. First time!!! But this is a darn good app!!!! VERY accurate and no issues at all. I would def advise people to use this. And I will definitely be using this next year.
I recommend
Hou-Tex Dynamo on 4/3/2017
Doing my own taxes. Very fast and accurate. I've shared this app with family and they state the same.
Tax return yr
Alicia62594 on 4/1/2017
The tax return yr hasn't been updated when I put in my information it says to try again
Does not work
BeingTooPatient on 4/1/2017
I supplied the 3 requested item of info, and nothing. Get Status button remains Grayed out.
Great job US Gov
Jaredaggie on 4/1/2017
Really solid app that does what it's supposed to. No issues at all and told me exactly what I was needing to know.
TrickyRick01 on 3/23/2017
Refund status error' message is all I get when I use the tool. I've already spent hours on the phone trying to get hold of an IRS agent. Worthless tool
Nice little app
Max Goldenstein on 3/23/2017
Makes checking status of refund a little easier on the iPhone than using the web site. Same ID verification on both, but entering it via the app is easier because the fields are expecting numeric entry and automatically bring up the numeric keypad. Also the text is formatted for the mobile device so it's easier to read.
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