My Verizon

Verizon Wireless

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Utilities 6.4.0 Feb 03, 2011 Jun 28, 2018 133.3 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 6.4.0

• It’s the end of the one-size-fits all family plan. Now you can mix and match the best Unlimited plans for everyone in your family - right in the app.
• Verizon Up has even more rewards — no credits needed. New Local Offers let you enjoy up to 50% off dining hotspots and fun activities every day, any where you go in North America.


***The My Verizon App works best if you are on one of our newer plans. Don’t have a S, M, L or Unlimited? Switch now.***

The My Verizon App has a new look! Use this app to manage your entire Verizon account from anywhere, in style.

Features include:

The Feed
All you need to know about your data, plan, and bill in one seamless Feed, personalized with products and content just for you.

The Data Hub
Your data control center. Clearly see how much data is being used, who is using it and how to get more the second you need it.

Plan Management
Review and manage your plan from anywhere. Easily switch to a different plan or go unlimited at any time right from the palm of your hand.

Simplified Bill
A clear and simple bill that explains what's changed from month to month. Understand and pay your bill with just a few taps

Verizon Up Rewards
Rewards you really, really want. Just for being a Verizon customer. From amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences to tons of good stuff from the brands you love. Because, thanks. Simply, enroll today, exclusively in the My Verizon app.

On-Demand Support
In-app support that’s there before you need it. Instant access to the answers you want without having to call for help.

Shop Tech
The fastest and easiest way to browse, buy and customize the latest devices and accessories, all without leaving the app.

In-Store App Experiences
In your settings, set app location services to “Always” prior to your visit and take advantage of customize in-store experiences. Optimize your visit by checking-in for appointments upon arrival, scanning accessories for self-checkout, and much more.

One app. Total control.

***The My Verizon App is now also available to conveniently serve all prepaid self-service needs.  Make payments, enroll in Auto Pay, monitor usage, add data or change a plan directly on your prepaid device. Managing your prepaid account on the most reliable network has never been easier.***

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My Verizon
Tanks For Nuthin' on 7/20/2018
We used to have good service in this area, but as of the last month service has been horrible at best! Practically nothing at times. Many people here have the same complaints, and we’re paying for nothing. Looking at going to AT&T if this doesn’t improve. We’re composing a complaint to the PUC as well.
Awesome service!!!! Good quality cell phone !!!Iphone 8
Dxc6138 on 7/20/2018
I purchased the IPhone 8 !! Love it !!
Data plan
Keelietullygracie on 7/20/2018
I signed up for unlimited plan. And half way thru every month I get a message that I’m out of data. Unless I pay more money. What a rip off.
Vonta1527 on 7/20/2018
Thank you
Kingosabe on 7/20/2018
Service has dropped a lot around the island! Dropped calls from 5 miles away and I can see the cell tower! Spoke with Version Rep in Hilo and he wouldn’t help he just told me to call 612🤬🤬
wrw1962 on 7/20/2018
It’s really sad you have no discounts for senior or disabled. Even being a long time. Member you can’t even help when I lost my dad and everything got behind now I know why there is so much hate in this world. I would love to have great health and have a job but because of people like you that can’t give a break, I now have lost my car, cable, during the funeral processions I was robbed I don’t have insurance can’t afford it so we lost both our computers, 2 I pads, a small tv, jar of money but people don’t care Try to talk to your people no one can give you the same answer cause all you care about is as much money as you can get piss on the poor and what they go throug.
WiFi and calling
Bimbo7249 on 7/20/2018
Two bars are not sufficient to use my devices
Good App
💸💸Mulla Baby💸💸 on 7/20/2018
Easy to use.. No hassle or fees required to pay through this app
Easy pay
majortom831 on 7/20/2018
Excellent app easy to use
Best wireless carrier
Shifter23 on 7/20/2018
Loved Verizon from they day I got the service NEVER had a single issue with them.
Muy bien
gallaso2 on 7/20/2018
What a breeze!!
Gonzo1260 on 7/20/2018
Got a text reminding me of my payment and I clicked on the link provided and went through the site without a hitch. Thanks for making the site user friendly (idiot proof).
Bad data
AFoolIGuess on 7/20/2018
So, I’ve been using this app on my phone for months. Put it on this phone, my wife’s, on the same plan, and the bill for this month is $45 higher on her phone than it is on mine!!!! Great app👎👎👎
No service
dmprwp on 7/20/2018
For the last several months our service has declined. Over the last 2 days we have had more times with no service than time with service. We have a cell tower that we can see from our front yard & another cell tower within 5 miles from our home and yet our service still declines. We cannot make phone calls without them dropping. When my husband is at work he has no problem with service but at home no service. I am handicapped and at home alone most of the time & it is worrisome that if I need assistance my call will not go thru or will be dropped. I need this looked in to ASAP or I will be looking for a new carrier!!
I ❤️my VERIZON APP.....
WrenSTL on 7/20/2018
I get to do pretty much everything I need to do with my app, it's right at .y finger tips. Now just to get it to do the dishes.
Only one complaint
25SantaHats on 7/20/2018
When I am in safety mode and am trying to buy more data, Verizon treats its own app as any other app instead of allowing customers to have good speed while trying to make a purchase or otherwise using the app.
wwttuu on 7/20/2018
I love the way we pay our bill
One bar service
wkga on 7/20/2018
No service! In East Hartford tried to report but lost chat connection. Had to purchase AT&T hot spot to get our email. Reported this last year and no improvement in a year.
Troutman11 on 7/20/2018
The service is good, but it’s just soooooo expensive.
Beaker802 on 7/20/2018
Had some issues during a hard time in my life and NOT ONLY was their CUSTOMER SERVICE PHENOMENALLY AWESOME but has been nothing but the VERY BEST since. Will NEVER go with another carrier!!
My phone 1 on 7/20/2018
It would be nice not to have to log onto an app to do call forwarding. Just put it in the setting like att does for the iPhone
sg3850 on 7/20/2018
I am primary account holder I pay the bill, I got a new number and new phone requested account access through website and app weeks ago and still can’t view bill or data useage still waiting to become account manager
Hmmm what’s this for again? Oh you want to sell me something
Fgoff24777 on 7/20/2018
Want to check your bill? Ya? NO! Trouble loading with full LTE COVERAGE literally every time I try to check my bill
Toooo expensive
Vettszone on 7/20/2018
The services are tooooo expensive looking to change my provider soon
Verizon is the best.
theoz 68 on 7/20/2018
The people at Verizon are so helpful and especially the lady I talked to today at Verizon support. You can depend on Verizon.
Starlito1983 on 7/20/2018
I really like this app because it is more convenient for my lifestyle Thanks Verizon for the app
Simple request yet can’t deliver
teresascheil on 7/20/2018
I want to see a bill in itemized form
I believe I pressed only two stars!
sconcem on 7/20/2018
After downloading current app I’ve been asked how I like it so far twice in two minutes. Please allow a few minutes of use before interrupting my learning process! The format is significantly different! Just to be clear, it’s not a picnic! Two stars is a generous!
No signal
clyvie on 7/20/2018
No signal at my home
Very reliable
whydah1716 on 7/20/2018
No matter where I am even out on the water I get great reception
el rey1992 on 7/20/2018
Very bad service no matter were I go town state horrible service
Great bill pay feature.
jduedjsjdjdkdpocf on 7/20/2018
Very smooth. Simple. Effective. FAST.
Easy to Use
sparkswolverine™ on 7/20/2018
This is an amazing app. It’s very easy use and easy to navigate. I also love that it runs very smoothly on all my Apple gadgets.
Lacking substance
Transporteye on 7/20/2018
The app is missing phone numbers for calling support. Also no way to drop devices from plan.
Unknown data use
hgfhgfjk on 7/20/2018
No one can explain what chat data is and why my phone uses more of that than anything else. I do NOT chat. Therefore, I have to TURN OFF CELLULAR when I am not on WiFi. NOT ACCEPTABLE!
belinda515 on 7/20/2018
Verizon service is very SLOW. As soon as my contract is up I’m going to another carrier
It’s the worst
sorinos7 on 7/20/2018
It’s really a lot off money for nothing
Easy to use
TheNERDZ on 7/20/2018
I love how easy it is to make your payment on the new app!
Mrs CATHY Tielemans
cathy tielemans on 7/20/2018
Love Verizon service!!!!
Verizon App
Home skillet 104 on 7/20/2018
It hardly ever works when I try to use it.
No data usage history
Dave10800 on 7/20/2018
Unable to judge how much data is being utilized by current devices
Thank you Verizon
AEscobar_92 on 7/20/2018
Makes maintaining your account like so so so easy recommending Verizon to all my girlfriends
“Free Data”
victim of a scam? on 7/20/2018
I monitored my data and at the end of my billing cycle 2.06 GB was suppose to carryover but only 1.51 GB actually carried over. The same thing happened the previous month. So ALL my data did not carry over as they claim.
Shanusow on 7/20/2018
Very easy to use. Love that I can pay directly from my phone!
KPKuhns on 7/20/2018
I want to express my gratitude to Verizon for outstanding customer service and dedication to excellence. I especially wish to thank them for their humanity. I was 10 days behind on my payment and there were no harassment or “gentle reminders”. I have dealt with other companies that would have been less than understanding and some would have terminated my service and proceeded with debt collection. Thank you and God bless. Keep up the great work
I ❤️ Verizon!
SandyGirl595 on 7/20/2018
I am so happy with Verizon! I love how simple and transparent they have made it to see how much data I am using and to pay my bill all from the app. I am also obsessed with Verizon Up. I just won Super Tickets for Luke Bryan at Dodger Stadium next week and I can’t stop smiling. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am Verizon for life!!
Verizon is da best
1289446678 on 7/20/2018
Y’all have the best phone service & customer service ever. Thank you for working with me & not shutting my service off.
Difficult GUI to navigate but works as advertised
WrongPlaceRightTime on 7/20/2018
The GUI is not very user friendly in my opinion but the program does work. I have a lot of trouble with: 1) finding the buttons I am looking for on the screen and 2) once found actually pushing the buttons like manage on the devices page or hitting the x to the right of a number when removing call forwarding. It seems I need to tap them 20 times before I hit the “sweet spot” (aka the x button). The app has many features and they work very quickly as advertised. I use the app on a daily basis. If all of the above items were fixed this would be a 5 Star no question.
Paying bill
Sis Fedora on 7/20/2018
Once signed up. It is quick and awesome paying my bill anyplace anytime on my phone
Quit making me update just to use the app
madsent on 7/20/2018
Low on data, tried to add more, but couldn't until I used a bunch of data to update the app just so I can open it. Ridiculous. You disable old versions and we have to use up data to update the app just to open it.
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